The Passionate Jay

  The Passionate Jay   Two-three millimeter, a half centimeter is that sweet tiny gorge of the jay?   A master’s his singing, the spring is he bringing none misses him miles away!        

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Look in the Tulip

  Look In The Tulip   Have you looked in the tulip have you looked in the rose, have you tried to decipher what it stays in your nose?   A Trinity Sacred in the center of it, this is the Holy’s Holy that All Created it!   Look at the six fine nectar staminas […]

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watch well

  Watch Well   Watch well, for tomorrow there is a new day, the day will be here, but we’ll be away!   Watch well,  for the cycles know no time nor day, we think is tomorrow, but is just the same day…    

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  FATHER!   FATHER, the offer of Free Will, You gifted to Your Children works as a Divine Magic possible only in the Spirit of Truth!   Begone! the obscene masquerade  the dark perform.   We, the Children of God in the Truth call for the Divine Justice in this ONE Universe, to mightily dissolve […]

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No Man

    No Man   “No man by the Command of God is allowed to take the life of another.”   A Course in Miracles   .

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Beyond Mainstream

  Beyond Mainstream ​ ​THE MESSAGE OF MOHAMMED THE PROPHETto thePLANETARY ISLAMAnd Its FollowersOctober 22, 2015​“Should I come back and incarnate, I will choose NOTto be born in a Muslim family”Mohammed the ProphetIntroduction by the scribe​I had great difficulty offering space to this telepathic meeting, when I first heard the call. He tried earlier already […]

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Beyond Mainstream

  Beyond Mainstream ​ The Mohammed Message German original October 22, 2015​DIE NACHRICHT VON MOHAMMED, DEM PROPHETENan den  PLANETARISCHEN ISLAM  und seine Anhänger  October 22, 2015  “Wenn ich durch Inkarnation wiederkommen sollte,würde ich mich NICHT dafür entscheiden, in eineislamische Familie geboren zu werden.“  Mohammed der Prophet  Einführung durch den Schreiber  Ich habe mir sehr schwer damit getan, diesem mentalen Treffen Raum zu geben, […]

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