Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal, October 10, 2017

Fortification of Ultra-Dimensional Grids Completes.

DIVINE SOURCE / Prime Creator / Christ Michael Aton, 

Sovereign of the Universe of Nebadon we live in,

has lifted the veil. Has UN-DONE the virtual reality hypnosis 

we all were subject to. 

All God’s Circuits connecting the brothers and sisters in the vastness

of Universes are open FREE as they are meant to be.

The vibrant grids between all the Dimensions are fortified,

to be manifested as the COSMIC LIBERTY by the Hand of God.

Handles of compliance are removed.

The dark lackeys, minions, puppets and servants are removed.


Starships enter the Ultra-D gateways.

The gateways between Dimensions are open now, for our Celestial

Brothers to enter Gaia and restore our planet’s all connections.


Hue-Beings flourish.

A shout of JOY!

All Light-transfigured Beings of Earth pour dancing in the streets.

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