Our Sacred Mission Part I


                OUR SACRED MISSION                          



         A Testimony of We2 as One for All of HIS Wondrous Creation 




       For precious this Divine Work, unprecedented

March 7, 2016 Tiny Dot Gaia, Local Universe Nebadon, 7th Superuniverse Orvonton, Grand Universe of God

FATHER’s MARVEL was unfolding already, but we couldn’t yet see it.

June 30, 2014, Universal Father, S:

Grids and no grids. 

What is partly in universal substance
holds forth
many manifestations of evil (energy veil),
influences wrought since eons of time to now.

How AM I to claim Mine Gaia’s own?
Through you and you and you, 
who resound My Hosts’ messages 
with untold realms of possibilities,
inherent and reflected in advancing missions 
defined so aptly in your AbundantHope pages. 

How pleased I AM. 

Proceed to dissolve unwanted grids. 
Shape My desires
from no grids form, you, my material beings 
can aptly conjure My desires under My Hosts’ mantle, 
the best of the best for gifting and regifting the best.


Nodes, vibrations, vortex, wave fields; 
global networks, money, control; 
ley lines, ley nodes, harmonics; 

remove a vortex:
then fewer connections;
remaining connections are weaker.
What makes a money vortex?
Leave all that which is good, vibrational reality; 
thought forms, high frequency, low frequency, free floating.

When – what

– not by time or dates. Crashing waves upon Earth’s etheric shores. 
Rip and dramatic tides: soothe these, I say.

How to manifest My desiring into pairs of thinking.

St. Germain,
your son,
relies so very much on all flames.
Induction feeling,
for manifesting waves at high vortices, however long; 
fleeting mercurial fun, 

My Hermes friend, 

to help endeavors from heights unmeasured by ordinary means, 
for plastic time interplays through stars, 
networking its filigrees.

— How much more can we/You all wait? 

— Not at all, for never, ever have you been waiting. 
Longing, yes, but not waiting. Have not your minds always been active?

Circuits abound around heavenly spheres assisting,
no more taking their own movements away.

— How around? 

— Sense quiet moments in centeredness, but not peaceful, nor pax, nor pace; 
the concept no longer applies. 
You must start this so. 
For peace is only the opposite of conflict
​and conflict must dissolve, remain no more.


Mother of many, go among many; say so, SO. We await. 
Accept thine own mantle, fabricated in simple ignorance, a non-easy task. 
Awaken thyself to far reaching influence. 
Are ye not initiated?
Declare the Violet Flame globally from your own centeredness.
Make connection.

— Help, Universal Father. Guide me to know the movement, please, 
while I am appreciating all Source and AbundantHope and friends support.

Universal Father Message, S:

Let Mine own AH, who are set apart for unprecedented participation in this adventure, by many others.

I wait for you to know and reach far afield, 
yet centered within your very own transmitting heartedness. 
Rise and raise from lower sensing!
Read only the non-news, the little unheralded non-events. 
See now the flames? 
Transmute and pass them on to Gaia’s new filigreed finery. 
Ignore the morass. Sludge not.

Universal Father, Eternal Son, Infinite Mother Spirit, Christ Michael Aton, S:

Lift yourselves from human conflict 
to envision desired deeds and places of respite and revelation 
for those ready to receive. 

Discount embrace even with these ones, 
should you need to do so to keep your centeredness in Me. 
Pass along.

Sow your awareness in neutral manner. 
Have compassionate embrace only for My desirings.
Be with Me!

Again, recognize conflicts now as merely contrasts, 
yet tenaciously hold positive resolution for merited ones 
as a place of soothing relief 
in Mine Eye and My Name; 
places that you energetically manifest. 

Even just a few tiny steps of intent will soothe the rampaging tides.

Indeed: who awaits, thee or Me?

How can you wait upon universe action?
Hermes, my friend, 
hear me through Earth’s eons yet so close. 

— Something unheard by me in this lifetime. Guide my hand? I am rather intellectual for that.

— Step aside. Let words flow.

Everlasting continuum lies beyond grasp of human consciousness.

July 15, 2014 Message, S:

Look at what is working to get more working.

Hermes, Our Dear Friend,

Strike again indeed. We are pleased with your offering and wish you to do more.
Strike out for environs unknown.

Mettle/Metal places/pieces need you. See in your mind’s eye where this might be. Vortex.

August 10, 2014 Message, S:

Hermes alignment,
merchants of faith.
Traders ye be. 

Alchemists’ flame unwanted dross crucible-teach soothing of resistance; 
select among contrasts. 
Deflect conflict within selves.

Utilize the crucible of Violet Flame. 
Remove dark crystallized dross
form your very cells of physical being.

Make flow the Violet, Pink and Golden flames 
throughout the encasing membranes
from your beautiful anatomic selves 

that connect to the very ground substance matrix 
which in turn
penetrates down 
through the cytoplasm of each cell; 

each and every cell 
that willingly gives up dark crystallization
upon mind-command, 
leading ever to higher vibrational beingness. 

Let this beingness of filigreed light embrace and sooth.

August 23, 2014 Message, S:

Your divine purpose is come to fruition.
Your divine message is come.
Show how to use alchemy in all manner of things.
Show purpose of intent.
Soon will destructive events stop.
Soon will
the silent drift of energies be noticeably felt by all on Earth.

Write it down:
Christed forest creature who wield the olive branch of peace (Bigfoot? Wow!)

Beset upon humankind are occurring many instances of weeping and wailing
and the gnashing of teeth;
some are full realization in final futility and forlornness of last chances.
Some still foolishly
portray a state of denial scene, or as merely another act,
a false performance.

Interspersed are the not-so-kind grins
of the enigmatic appearing/disappearing Cheshire cat [Alice in Wonderland],
​in “told-you-so” triumph.
It is not easy to witness or experience.

By God’s Mercy may there be some fewer because of
delayed timing.

Flames of Mercy.

August 27, 2014 Message, S:

Dance Violet hues.

Spread Life anew,
Swiftly fleeting.

I AM the dance of Violet hue,
Spreading life anew.

I AM the Source of step and song.

Within my chest cries out my heart,
Longing for the camaraderie of like minds
Anchored in the soulness of Infinite Source.

So you view ones who desire Mine own longings.

Vibrational techniques, 
anchored in the physical, 
are the answer to swift movements
to effect calming and well being.

Distribute same by whatever means and mediums (substances).
See by your collective concerted efforts whether effects amplify.
Share sacred geometries
and crop circle patterns.

Make rods.
Charge water with decrees and mantras.
Add to.
Pour into moving sources.

Sing and Dance.
Though the tools are simple, variations are many.
Streaming water from a faucet.

September 2, 2014, Siraya Message, S:

Oh, My Dear One,
Siraya calls. 

You are missed.
How is that possible, even when I can omnisciently look upon you?
it is the interaction that We miss – the spontaneous reaction and input from you.
Even more missed than having to correspond by letter.

​Know that.

7th Master Spirit,
​independent of Trinity Son Ambassador order of things, 
looks upon your works and says ‘well done’.
Rejoicing is the current favorite activity here on Uversa.

— Huh, even though ‘missed’?

Pearls pearl drops.

September 3, 2014 Message, S:

Right, might, bright is the hour
when all things manifest
to those of many creatures who abound here, 

often to make joyful noise
unto many co-creators of Nebadon,

wherein all those who persist in the making of sounds 
over there by Earth and her dominions, 
as raises mortal beings, 
lead friends anon.

Down are those who persist in crafty air/activity arts, high and low, 
to be rooted out.

Infinite Spirit, nurture. 

Universal Father, 

Eternal Son, 
agreement to stand fast. 

Trinity-embraced means
active attributes of all three,
and therefore 
7 aspects of Trinity 
in various forms 
throughout their far flung activities. 

awareness of each of these 7.

Govern momentum of feelings, 
of momentums.

September 15, 2014 Message, S:

Help is on the way.

Surges of boots and booties, determined in light and Light 
surface places unknown.
Dream on.
Search – look:
How do I feel?

How do you feel?
Feel centered rather than ‘stay’ centered off balance.
Retire, in order to tune in.
Anything ‘new’ must emerge from the depths of your own beings.
Sometimes ‘through’ the depths, e.g. Urantia Book.

You are the prime creators who are welcomed
yet privileged stewards to Urantia.

I, Hermes,
proclaim alchemy the key to cleanup.

— Ja, but it’s already being done by Galactic Federation
and other brilliant younger researchers with visions beyond mine.
Look at the Now?
Sure that means processes
of dissociation of toxic,
crystalized atoms
into ultimatons
by gravity manipulation – the kind from Paradise.

October 7, 2014, S: 

I have to admit that one or more messages I had posted on AH 
were really for me, but I simply did not want to be alone. 
You shall see that this message
indeed applies to M/Thoth too, given the following message on October 14.

— Universal Father, 
is this for me personally and can I share with M, should she be willing? 

Is this for AH posting?

Universal Father Answer, S:

You are of a breed unknown on this planet. 

Your mission is for uplifting the globe in all its intended glory, now. 

After 3DD / 3 Days of Darkness
will there be a long session of eternal/ internal/ external machinations 
among those of strong ego orientation, 
which must be attended
and exposed for what they represent 

and who they are. 
Yes, still, yet. 

You are the ones for the exposee. 

Your own exposure is one of danger and possible sacrifice. 
Know now, accept. 

— I accept but I am not convinced.

Measure your effectiveness by the influence you now wield.

— Yeah, that’s pretty small, actually.

Entertain thoughts of grandeur among groups now forming
for influential activity. 

Set up web site. 
In the affairs of men, seek not avenues of employment, 
but stand adrift of returned babble. 
Hand off to others the details of knowings. 
Circumscribe the whole, instead. 
Nice pencils. 

Appreciation for you, My dear ones.

— Let me know more in this current state of consciousness.

— Come with Me to sojourn in high places every night. 

— Of course! Have we not?

— Yes. Continue.

Unspoken consent – always be with You! 

— What is the task?

— Thought you’d never ask. Great. Walk among the unfriendlies.

Soon Universal Father blessed us with this message:

October 14, 2014, Universal Father:

What you both describe is true,
dear ones.
It is time to be known by some ones who would assist you
— yes assist you —
in near opening events. 

Stand strong.
Revelation is upon you soon, despite the seeming normal flow of life.
Stay with Us and your thoughts.
Care not for passing time and things undone.

Affirm Our presence.
See now the wondrous ages come to a head 
— fruition — close.

You are each others’ companions, as you have so chosen.
Your love for one another is beyond mortal ken.
So fear not the warp of flesh.
Write this to M.

Your respective acts of courage
need not be known to your conscious selves
for them to still be happening.

See the coordinated flow between yourselves.
High interchange
with gentle inter-awareness and inter-acceptance,
yet with outward firmness.

We applaud your inter-created team of Victory.
Creation at its best.

Companions? We were both in a state of wonder.

October 16, 2014 Message, S:

J’s birthday. Yes, he is cheering me on.

Oh, meine Freundin, 

Deep feel! 

— We are in joy with you. Is this more reliable than others?
— Much more; hardly matched, ever.
Now I understand about flowers and other gifting of finery.


It is time to learn about gravity; at least get it started while at the current vibratory level.
Important for M.

The gravity substance-oriented controller
assist power directors.
Straight lines.
Time stops. (stops as both verb and noun). Nodes.

— Is that 432 and all that?

Over either here/there come Host of assistance.
Stand by. Ukraine can get messy. Ebola not so much. Gaza will hold its own.

October 16, 2014, S:

“Urantia Book 1:2.7 … Through the presence of his fragmentized spirit the Creator Father maintains immediate contact with his creature children and his created universes. [Personality spark rather than thought adjuster]”

I had searched a little about you previously and could only come up with Morantia Companion within this universe, Nebadon.
I have been allowed now to tap in a little further. My Dearest, you are not of this universe. You are not of this superuniverse. You are an anchor for Trinity & Triodity Sisters, as am I.
You see, I was a little unsure of the likelihood of a long term relationship with you knowing that I am not “from here.”
We both just might have been initially, but had subsequently been through a process called Trinitization.

​Does this ring in great resonance to you? If so, then you may be interested in picking your way through UB paper 22. Here you will find explanation of a Mighty Messenger. I AM of Trinitized Ambassadors, what is called Spirit fused, UB 22:6,1.

October 17, 2014, S:

Receiving direct from deine Freundin, M, now:
Hi! I am still so confused and unsure about your meanings.
Truth to tell, we shall prevail above all adversity anyway. Sleep well tonight, my darling, for I am also with you. I do not doubt the veracity of what you offer and channel but I struggle to know my place.
​Faith I have, and rely on our exchanges deeply, for I know it will bring understanding.


Colors can be frightening when seen from absolute awareness of events causing same.

In great astonishment, we started to receive informations of who we are.

October 17, 2014, S:

My Dear Friend,
We just might, may, be…
The straw 
that tipped the camel’s back.


well, that… was pretty hermetic!
thousand pirouettes scrambling to see through…
while in FACT – it might be!
All day yesterday I KNEW: “there must be a way!”
I LOVED Alexander cutting a stubborn knot with one hit.

October 18, 2014, M:

I bless you in the Name of Beautiful Universal Father Almighty of All There Is!
So delighted to be your Straw-Sister!
And so happy to brake the camel’s back together with you!
Thank you for the lovely letter last night. Please feel free to write me at any time, I ADORE IT!
For I do not go to bed that early.
Feel we entered the most decisive phase in Gaia/humanity’s life.

I love you, sweet Sister!

Hosts of the Lord!    Archangel of Michael Message:

Come, descend in harmonious rebuke. 

I, Michael, call upon All. 

The trumpets are sounding, sounding, sounding.

The unstoppable tidal wave 
is sized beyond your reckoning; 
totally benign to those of appropriate resonance,
for it is resonance 
which is the means of sorting. 
Tune in, 
turn on, 
or be swept into oblivion; 
or into confusion
that requires subsequent able assistance from below, as well as Hosts above. 

The horns, 
curled and sliding, 
high and low, 
from diverse artisans and cultures 
celebrate the sweep, 

paving the way for endless harmonies 
of sweet creations; 
the harps, 
the strings, 
the reed and flutes, 
and then resounding voices, 
reach deeply into all realms
and all hearts of dancing souls. 

Stay tuned. 
Stay in resonance. 
Time is nigh.

I AM, 
Archangel of Michael!


Hey!!!!! You were dancing with AA Michael while I was sleeping!!!!
The tone is so exhilarating, I can even hear the Hosts approach!
And God, this sounds like a Declaration d’amour for you!


Immediately following AAoM last night, Source would not let me rest.

Universal Father:

You have struck critical mass with one another, with a nudge from Above, subsequently added.

M is the one who is placed in danger, a result. It is My Desire that M’s well-being and safety be above those around her, that Mine Hosts can use your combined resonance to full advantage.

[Meine Freundin, upon careful review: our relationship hath no precedence for me in this current mortal setting.]

The scale has finally tipped, and yes, My dear ones, it is because of you. There were/are several anchoring options on Gaia for tipping the scales; it has happened with the two of you.

Anticipate severe chaos in the Ukraine region. Expect continual promptings from Source to hold one another in balance for safety and well-being, and especially M for now. S is correct in sending some small things, carefully selected.

With M near the hot zone and S in the geographic center of the primary perpetrating state, some things might be smoothed over. Simply continue that which you already do. Radiate well-being intent for the down-trodden and dissociation for any perceived evil. 

Again, fear not your interchange of love. I promise you shall hold Love in balanced perfection.

The celebration and appreciation from outer reaches continue.

Universal Father

October 20, 2014, S:

Hello Dear Heart,

Infinite Mother Spirit of Nebadon started knocking at my door yesterday, my first contact. This evening Nebadonia nudged me to find out a little more about you, thus superceding my feeling you are the one to “take the ball” on knowing more of yourself. Paper 22 is not the place for you to look and I am having an “oh my gosh” moment again. Your identity is found in UB paper 23, Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit.

I permitted myself to receive only a little, because it is getting crazier and crazier. If all this is so, for what purpose are we plopped down on Earth for so many lifetimes? Our home base would be Havona, whose standard day is 1000 Earth years. But on Uversa, capital of superuniverse Orvonton, their day is only 30 Earth days.

Your Crazy Magician 


October 19, 2014, Infinite Mother Spirit of Nebadon:

So, SO (my initials), 

You are Inspired Trinitized, of Infinite Spirit creation (in other words, not originally of mortal creation but still descended into mortal lives). Nevertheless I, Nebadonia, have embraced you in my Mothering fold these many lifetimes. M had been your daughter, your sister; and your companion in this universe and elsewhere. Her uniqueness to you has been her perfect record of steadfastness. A Solitary Messenger.

October 21, 2014, S:

My Person of Joy,

I have yet to hit a proper stride with Nebadonia. It looks like she will be appearing for a while. It is important that I sense her style. I think she wants to be more lyrical with simpler words. Nevertheless here is an important message for ourselves.


My Mother love and protection enshrouds you both (with lots of help). There is indescribable investment in your partnership, starting in the upper reaches of the Nile, Mesopotamia, presaging the birth of Egyptian civilization; and yes, it took the two of you to sow the seeds for emerging intellect, wisdom and temple worship on the unknown superconscious level. 

No matter how it plays out Victory is certain, but we prefer it be without your mortal sacrifice as sometimes happened before. Step carefully and  touch one another’s thoughts daily, my precious daughters, in whom I delight in Mothering while your presence is in Our realm.

Therefore, share your thoughts on your newly discovered identities freely between only you two. We commit to protect whatever communication method and lines. You are known to Archangels but are unknown to many other Celestials. It is easier to keep your own counsel instead of trying to sort out who’s aware; they are relatively few. Also, Our strong desire is for you not to share with any mortal being for now. Partnership and sisterhood, yes; specific origin identities, no.

Sing your souls’ embrace to ALL CREATION for many are watching. Clouds and soothing mists bellow forth enveloping Gaia with My Own embrace, gathered and added upon by Celestial beings from all far reaches and near of Nebadon. It is important that you know of happening celebrations. 

Oh, Daughters Mine, how fortunate it is for All, that you successfully completed asked upon adventures throughout Urantia history. To be sure yours is but one of important threads, and all threads are crucial to Victory.  Yours happened to set and successfully pave the way over lifetimes of service to enable a potential choice for Christ Michael’s bestowal.

Dearest Nebadonia wanted to continue, probably because I “did not get it,” some point, but I am a little embarrassed for the moment.

I had still withheld a little about my identity: Inspired Trinity Spirit. Here it is.

Urantia Book:

“19:5.1 I will be able to tell you very little concerning the Inspired Trinity Spirits, for they are one of the few wholly secret orders of beings in existence, secret, no doubt, because it is impossible for them fully to reveal themselves even to those of us whose origin is so near the source of their creation. They come into being by the act of the Paradise Trinity and may be utilized by any one or two of the Deities as well as by all three. We do not know whether these Spirits are of completed numbers or are constantly increasing, but we incline to the belief that their number is not fixed.

19:5.2 We fully understand neither the nature nor the conduct of the Inspired Spirits. They may possibly belong to the category of superpersonal spirits. They seem to operate over all known circuits and appear to act well-nigh independently of time and space. But we know little about them except as we deduce their character from the nature of their activities, the results of which we certainly observe here and there in the universes.


19:5.5 The Inspired Spirits are the solitary Spirits of the universe of universes. As Spirits they are very much like the Solitary Messengers except that the latter are distinct personalities. We obtain much of our knowledge of the Inspired Spirits from the Solitary Messengers, who detect their nearness by virtue of an inherent sensitivity to the presence of the Inspired Spirits which functions just as unfailingly as a magnetic needle points to a magnetic pole.
When a Solitary Messenger is near an Inspired Trinity Spirit, he is conscious of a qualitative indication of such a divine presence and also of a very definite quantitative registration which enables him actually to know the classification or number of the Spirit presence or presences.


19:5.9 We know that the Trinity Teacher Sons are devoted to the conscious enlightenment of universe creatures. I have arrived at the settled conclusion that the Inspired Trinity Spirits, by superconscious techniques, are also functioning as teachers of the realms. I am persuaded that there is a vast body of essential spiritual knowledge, truth indispensable to high spiritual attainment, which cannot be consciously received; self-consciousness would effectively jeopardize the certainty of reception.
If we are right in this concept, and my entire order of being shares it, it may be the mission of these Inspired Spirits to overcome this difficulty, to bridge this gap in the universal scheme of moral enlightenment and spiritual advancement. We think that these two types of Trinity-origin teachers effect some kind of liaison in their activities, but we do not really know.”

Well, whether pompously crazy or fantastic, there you are; at least it makes for a good story — the whole ball of wax.
Be sleeping well, My Sister of the Straw. Love,
The Short Straw

Universal Father:

Watch not the news that still spawn perdition, capture, net, nefarious intentions in budding stages.
Intents, elections, elements, pulse, things concern, work, ArchAngel of Michael.
Hand down the baton.
The work to be done is nigh.
Go forth now.

October 20, 2014, M:

WOW WOW WOW! sweet Magician sweet!

I got out of bed with the CLEAR feeling that a GREAT message is waiting in the computer for me!
You are helping me so much, beautiful Sister from over Havona…You take the brunt of the JOY for me! 
HAVE NO FEAR, MY LOVE, let it be!
It is not getting crazier and crazier, it is getting FANTASTIC more and more!
​Discovering these BIG mysteries makes me sooooooo HAPPY, finally, finally I AM getting home.

Mother Nebadonia The Wonderful One was also staging a little ballet for me in the garden this morning! Otherwise cannot be, for it was VISIBLY dedicated to me!

I got on my small balcony above the little garden, where the Sun rises, to breath the fresh air and thank God for the new day.
There were about 5-6 tiny-bintzy jays, that were dancing already…
They were flying up, in a lovely rotation, like those DNA spirals, one after the other, from one balcony to the other quite close to me. They didn’t feed, they didn’t look for, THEY WERE DANCING!
Totally enchanted by their sweet movements and grace, a new jay was flying from my right to join them, almost under my nose! I was visibly the only human there, but they didn’t care, and they were so close!
By the JOY in my heart I got it that…they dance for me!

Yesterday was a nice, sunny Sunday, I got on my bigger balcony, where the Sun sets, to greet
that beautiful Sun and to absorb his energy. And a quick, brown butterfly just flew under my nose!
Later afternoon I again got out on the small balcony towards the garden, and AGAIN a butterfly flew past me, smaller, faster and quick – but again AT THE TIME I WAS THERE!
What a big Joy!

There must be a GREAT MYSTERY,
the Creation and Existence of Gaia
in the MIND and HEART of GOD The Wondrous Source
and of the GRAND CREATION.

You were pointing that out shortly, and I got to feel it yesterday, as I was reading through your messages.

There must be a Great Mystery,
born of the INFINITE LOVE,
trillions of years ago,
involving the HIGHEST SPIRITS of Creation, into…cutting the knot!

As much as I can perceive NOW, with my limited mind, 
it is GAIA that was created and 
to enable her and make it POSSIBLE for her
to support and OFFER THE STAGE
for the enormous PERFORMANCE of the AEONS

I perceive that the KNOT first came into existence
when the first RESISTANCE to LOVE manifested
on its head!

It is said there is a Central Race
that was sent down to Earth with this MISSION
– a Sacred Mission of Father/Mother God –
all too Sacred.

They came three times.

the AGES do not matter,
but with the

the Actions
and the LESSON here
massively increased in UNFATHOMABLE VALUE.

That’s why the participation of ALL of Creation, big and small HERE
to LIVE and to AWE
and to finally HELP

to UNDO the KNOT.

October 22, 2014, Nebadonia: 

Set meditations in group bundles.
Set a filigree.
Gold-violet threads
replace the oxidized brittle strands
crumbled into scattered space


Dear One,
It  was necessary for us to come into clear realization of our extra-superuniverse origin before Nebadonia could become actively engaged in our waking consciousness, in our lives. Indeed she now has plopped right down into our center and has proceeded with Mothering. 

Understand, Dear One, that Nebadonia’s authority extends to the borders of Nebadon. In actual fact, it is her blanketing diffuse, personality presence that clearly defines Nebadon; omnipresent in space. Therefore, She could not engage with us in current life (for whatever reason) until we recognized that we originated from outside her domain, even though we first came many thousands of years ago.. Now it seems that She has assumed charge of us.

To reiterate (repeat differently) and enlarge that bit about Mesopotamia: We were present with Machiventa Melchizedek during his stay on Urantia. We were contemporary with Abraham who knew us but not our mission. Abraham guided MM’s teachings toward a religion. We, on the other hand, established MM’s teachings on a superconscious level, available only to advanced temple initiates; no ritual religion. (Remember when I commented that you had more presence than what was revealed about your time in Egyptian temples? I did not know just what, though.) Hence evolved the whole Hermes scene. 

And, Nebadonia wants me to correct myself: that we alone carried MM’s baton in establishing the path for higher intellect/wisdom on this globe.

What I further get for now is that we first appeared at the time of Adam and Eve, incarnate in the flesh but somehow independent with the garden in our help; it is vague.

Or you can look at all this another way: fantastic material to choreograph a dance pageant. 


There are 7 superuniverses. Each superuniverse can contain 100,000 local universes. Nebadon is one local universe in the 7th superuniverse of Orvonton. Nebadon is at the edge of the superuniverse Orvonton. Urantia is at the edge of Nebadon.

We hail from Havona, not part of any superuniverse but closer to the Isle of Paradise. Some of your piloting had included the outer space belts even beyond the super universes.

October 22, 2014, M:

I AM thinking of you all the time with much LOVE.
I strongly embrace you in even more LOVE.
Thank you for your beautiful letters, explanations, work.
The messages were STRONG – so I needed time. Forgive.
Try to re-establish my old circuits.
Great responsibility comes back again.

Stand strong. I LOVE you.


as does Nebadonia
Our concerted Great Love for You.

​October 22, 2014, M:

Your quick answers fill me with Joy. 
From each word of yours I learn Wisdom. 

I feel Machiventa of those ol’ times was a very big man. I also perceive a most wonderful, warm, 
greatly balanced and wise man Presence in you, as well as in me.
So if we are two sweet Sisters, remains to be seen.
To put a last straw on a camel’s back, that was light, and we were even the two of us…That was a feminine act, and I AM proud of us.

Funny, when H was reading about my soul Initiations, she said
“and you belong to the Order of Melchizedek”. 
And then quiet.
Quiet again.
She could not say one single word further, explain or something.
Then, she powerfully got into the Schools I attended:
“Ancient Egypt”, she said.
And then nothing. She was kind of lost, looking into her papers.
She turned the pages, looking for answers. Turned them back again and started anew. She could not say a word about it. Then she gave up and said:

“Yes, Ancient Egypt…that’s all I have”.

Not many were allowed to learn about our origin ahead of time.

Last night,
before falling asleep, I just thought that we will need

SET a viable CONCEPT of teaching,
The UNIQUE one in TRUTH,

in accordance with the WISE ONES of this Universe,
with Christ Michael and
adjusted to the LEVEL of the CONCEPT of GOD of the
Humanity of Gaia AT THIS NEW TIME –

and to structure That teaching into smaller chapters/themes, to be offered to HUmans after the big Stasis. I strongly believe that Music must necessarily belong to it…as to flow lighter.

October 23, 2014, S:

Absolutely absolutely absolutely (please add several more) is music and dance to be a crucial part of instruction, by both artists and lay persons.


From GAIA PORTAL, Oct 21, 2014:

“Residences of Energies continues the climb, and will continue through the Golden Sun Emergence.”

Do you know, please, what Sun is that, and when will emerge? (Tonight Solar Eclipse):


The Golden Sun it is not what I thought. As I sent you the mail I felt the answer.
Golden – is the Christ Consciousness.
The emergence of it – is exactly Christ Michael’s Arrival on Gaia.

He is the carrier. And AAMichael has announced that in GREAT Joy!

October 25, 2014, M:
hi, my so very beautiful,
thank you for your brilliant morning thoughts.
We are ONE.
In matter we manifest gender
only to learn balance and perfect the ONE.

You made me laugh.
For the riddle of gender is LONG known to you.



There may be no male gender; possibly we are androgynous. Feels right but against…
Oh, I get it ; I think male -female gender is an aspect of Supreme 3D material universe.

Supposed to send this.


OK, I got it.

Everything created in the physical universe must display masculine/feminine counterparts/polarity/balance. But that does not stop visitation by beings created outside the physical universe.


“Everything created in the physical universe must display masculine/feminine counterparts/polarity/balance. 

But that does not stop visitation by beings created outside the physical universe.”

Each Higher Being that descends into Physical Realm is subject to Physical Laws.

Try sometimes, my love, when looking at things, to step a bit aside and look from a distance. You have a special loge reserved just for you to do this on my craft.
O, how resplendent is Gaia in her wonderful beauty, when looked from up there! And all the concepts, just all, shining as clear as diamonds.

THANK YOU for the precious messages. Again my telepathy was pricking you. It worked in minutes. GRATITUDE. GRATITUDE and LOVE.

October 25, 2014, S:

Of course! Plain and simple; always the best for explanations. In this I feel comfort and certitude, never before experienced this life, You are my rock! Never in this life have I ever felt this about any other of Gaia’s plane.

Well yes, it is Hermes’ 6th axiom or so of 7; Every thing has gender, but always in dual polarity of masculine/feminine balance.

Given our relationship of ONE that puts me into another almost tizzy (thank you Neb. and M for stabilization). You see, this brings the entire body of Walter Russell’s teachings into question. So how to sort that out? 

I did a several time study of PJ papers 30-37, 2011-2013. C pointed out that that is where cosmic science instruction is located. Russell is heavily repeated and quoted and revered, again and again. 

But even during my study I recognized Russell was referring to the material universe; that his concept of God in His imaginings was limited to the experiential, evolvinSupreme deity. 

Russell’s work began in 1924-26 after a 40 day period of revelation. The UB started manifesting 1934 (my birth year). Russell’s work continued into the 1960s, rewriting as though he were missing something — or simply could not put it into word symbols.

UB is clear that Solitary Messengers were struck in fixed number immediately after Infinite Spirit manifested. That is your origin — outside the Supreme and in Havona/Paradise. My origin is a little fuzzy; it is only given that I am Trinity “Inspired,” again outside the Supreme. But, 3D universe laws have to stay in effect.

This puzzle has to take the “back seat.” So ponderous it must wait till the veil is lifted from us. 

Nebadonia comments to follow.
Source is concerned that we both remain anchored in Earth plane.

Remember the Jackson County gathering perception. The Madrid fault is about 250 miles west; same with the Mississippi River; flood plains a little closer; sinkholes about 350 miles south. So L& L are expecting Jackson County area to become a place of great refuge “in the latter days”.

Three or so fragments from Nebadonia starting a couple of nights ago:


10/22:  M, My Dear, this scribe checked on whom to receive and for whom; it is I to you. Seldom have I witnessed the degree of fidelity you display on Urantia’s shores, both for your mission and to your companion; and others of your interchanges. Additionally, without fail you triumph over greed and jealousy directed toward you. Deine Mutter and Vater send greetings. [I had to triple check this last statement.]

10/23:  Oh My, what proceedings/progress you two make today. Tell Me, why are We not surprised? Go ahead, scribe, please dowse for “yes” on “all the above” that you each wrote. You see, every single thing is affirmed/confirmed. 

Relocating is not necessarily related to 3DD directly, but is a real possibility in/of itself. It is not a critical priority/concern for now. Just keep it in mind. Keep an open mind about other possible options — prudence and safety and service. [Please realize that I am perceiving these thought blocks of a place far away. And our door is open.]

10/24:  Reflect/meditate often, short periods and long, for increasing health. M, how gracefully are you flowing throughout today! Our winged messenger, an appellation generally only known of Hermes, on Gaia’s shores.

Great LOVE for you and yours.

October 27, 2014, Universal Father Message, S:

​Spirit of Truth

Concerning the soulless invasion of Earth/Gaia that I permitted for eons,
battering through ages of coercion and repression
that now leads to magnificent Light victory
almost beyond heretofore known achievements and strengths… 

There are no effective, ultimate weapons to rid Gaia of raping hordes.
Nor can even spiritual weapons mitigate the condition
or even arrest regional conflicts for more than a very short period,
which indeed even leads to more exacerbation
amplifying the hordes’ thirst
for negative energies they so need to maintain their existence.

The total removal of soulless ones
and the raging, base havoc that they render and inspire
is found only
in the avid exercising of the Spirit of Truth,
the Spirit of Truth that you, Mine fervent, faithful group,
have shown to be effective in recent global events.

My Divine Order.
The Spirit of Truth is recognized enough
that you can dissociate terrible energies from Mine own
that are ensnared in the controlling cesspools of non-human agents. 

those energies
to My Circuits of Creation,
My precious ones who serve My Creator Son and His Consort,
the Infinite Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.

Universal Father


How great, how great, I AM so happy!
It is not like the other messages, it is much more dramatic. It actually
empowers us, warriors down here, with the reassurance that we are so needed, 
that we fight not in vain. It is tremendously strengthening for us down here,
for we see no results to strengthen us all days – and we get pretty tired.
And it is also an amazing confession from the sweet beloved Father,
an almost humane confession, that HE puts really great hopes in us.

Of course we all know we are part of the Plan, and that we are all placed strategically in the best places on Earth, but certain finer facets of the Plan we know not – and I speak now for me.
I thought that the power of God 
is enough to rid Gaia of the ‘hordes’ – while now I can see
​that the Law of Freedom in Universe cannot be ignored by the Father Himself –
and that the monstrous hordes DO really exploit them massively without ever shame or remorse.

If you believe it or not, it is more like a Wake Up Call, an INNER one.
For us the Awakened. It motivates us.

I find the message quite excellent. What you call simple is a most elevated
tongue of the Universe. Much better maybe, to keep it simple for now.
Remember, we are all tired. After all is done and the war is no more, we will have time
to celebrate and relax and plunge in some philosophical talks, out of Joy…

Here is your little Stroh Schwester, hugging you dearly in her arms
October 27, 2014, S:

deflected from more detailed responses to your sweet, perceptive offerings. 
It is interesting how human emotions work. You came upon my scene now.
Sometimes, in fact it should be all the time, selfish interests can be used constructively. I have developed an increased, high selfish, personal interest in Europe simply because you are there. Period. 
The extension to this became that you are available and a willing receiver for my bouncing thoughts, and that you did ask me to “peer into the future,” from such request I immediately recoiled. But what you really meant was to peer into cause behind the cause behind the cause, and so on. This I can do with vested interest, and now you will receive my thoughts, and reflect that same interest while synthesizing my perceptions —
“When two or more…” 

The advantage to the dark kabal in European disruption, wherever, is in the bountiful negative emotional energies that they harvest through agitation, human unrest and conflict.
The peoples of Gaza and environs, the down trodden ones, and those of the extensive global sex slave trade are more repressed and depressed, and therefore more non-reactive than the peoples of Europe.
The huge population of China is trained to subjugate personal emotions to that of social unity. So Europe is a ripe playing field.

Through her ages Earth has become an experimental planet with increasing degrees; numerous ways.
She had become designated as a prison planet.
She had become a repository for soulless ones, especially since the Luciferian rebellion; soulless ones from within her populations and from extraterrestrials.
Soulless ones can propagate. So you have all these bunches of soulless ones roaming around, and organizing, and causing big time trouble for everybody and every nature.

[This is where UF interjected Himself into my writing. I had to re-align my trend of thought upon returning, it seemed unfamiliar; but I am recovered from that and see the appropriateness of the break.]
Of course the soulless ones are the cause behind… but how to interpret it to current events?
So I did some selective dowsing. First, I took a careful look at the map and saw that Eu can be considered a general geographic center; Southern England and France banksters; Ukraine.

– as a center of danger for Europe 
– as center for political upheaval and war 
– as a geographic center for surrounding mass destruction
– bombing by whom?
– bombing geographic origin
– main targets?
– multiple?
Myself, I shall proceed to make two lists for meditative broadcast: 
1. Bilderberger
2. Arsenal and rocket bases particularly in that region and more to be sure
3. Peoples

I feel “dirty” for entertaining these thoughts; that is why I disdain most political reading, less so recently since I know more how to use event facts. I do not want to encourage the bad energies in the collective unconscious. But also one can get esoteric enough to lose sight of the entire forest, let alone the trees.
My dowsing this topic is sweeping enough that there could be serious error.
I have no more input on this topic for now.
Love, more Love, more Love, and then some More,

For my Sister of the Golden Straw


Golden Straw?

Well, that’s the Golden Word of the Golden Age.
Remember: it will become the Bridge to Ascension.
Will be named The Golden Ascension, grace a toi & a moi.

Love your dirty work. Absolutely realistic.
The first step of the ladder:
See, Victory can come only when found the solution at this FIRST STEP level.
To be able to SOLVE THE SITUATION is the Divine Aim of this Civilization, now.
I said this first Victory will open the door for the next thousand Victories.
A little straw will be enough.
It only must be GOLDEN.
Shall we?

love ya, sis


October 28, 2014, M:

URGENT! W​e need send this out!

C: “There will likely be an assasination attempt (on Putin). Hopefully it will not be successful… and to do it would cause our thugs a lot of problems if they succeed because Russians and many others will stand up strongly against it and he will become a saint.” 

I say NO.


I uncreate that thought and all energy that created it
and I declare it NULL & NICHTIG.

Heaven has Saints enough
we want our Saint HERE.

We say NO to any further murdering.

We witnessed ENOUGH murders of our heroes.
This time we would break down mourning, totally devastated.
In one year we would celebrate our despair and devastation again.
See you not, how we celebrate MURDER each day?
We would all be too broken to fight.
And so the dark would again have a victory.


of the CHAIN

around GAIA





all the powerful LIGHT SONS & DAUGHTERS of GOD
on Gaia and around Gaia



This is what I get, presented with direct brutal Sagittarian honesty, no holds barred.

Can you and I personally mitigate this probability? yes
Can we mitigate this to large effective measure? ja, but

The ja, but:
Sustained, relaxed, frequent focus over the next while.
Specific procedures.

Of course Violet Flame. And the Gayatri Mantra would work.

I am supposed to clearly mention what I had alluded to before with respect to the Czar’s family. It seems that I had been the Czarina in my direct previous incarnation: that I was the main instigator behind progressing reforms. I have no conscious memory of any details. I might have had this confirmed by one other person, but do not remember. If you feel anything on this it would be nice to know. Nevertheless, you can see that I also have a vested interest in Russia, at least within the construct of my emotions.

Stroh Schwester


Golden Blessings back to my Golden Stroh Schwester: Ya lyublyu tebya. 

October 28, 2014, S:

My Messenger of Light!

“Ya lyublyu tebya”? Touche, ya got me there. Translation please. 
Profound, deep hugs


Ya lyublyu tebya = I love you

Ya = I
Lyubity- to love
lyublyu – I love
tebya – you

Putin was 4 years Prime Minister, while Medvedev was President.
Please, WATCH!!!
Putin IS the President of RUSSIA, NOW – newly elected with about 64% majority, about 1 and a half years ago.
He was crying on stage,
 with millions around…very Russian!
Medvedev is again Prime Minister, Sister.
And yes, somewhere B said Medvedev is the tool of the dark.

pic: dpa/Alexey Druzhinin/Ria Novosti/Kre – Russia President Wladimir Putin , Oct 2014


I watch. Will study.
As soon as I reclined for a bit, Nebadonia came fast and strong. 


Yes, yes, yes, you and We are getting there.
Please, please continue to dowse and exchange thoughts and share with one another.
Keep details between yourselves, and F as M deems appropriate. Individually decide about related suggestions on the forum. Keep your modes private for now.

Deine Schwester


Lyublyu – Russian. Remember Lyuba? Best Russian name.
I forgot to tell you, forgive. Feel excellent all through.
Thank you thousand times for the Bowen session – I feel well
all over. The right ankle got further 50% more free. Be blessed.
Feel young and beautiful, hehe –

My, Nebadonia was quick! And precise! and she included F
in our Healing Team, that makes me so happy! wowwowwow!

Thank you, my love, thank you thank you thank you! You Golden Stroh!

October 29, 2014, S:



Thank you my love –
how very lovely to hear from you!
I AM still in the yesterday excitement, when I identified with my I AM
strongly enough to choose a NEW direction for mankind.

I must tell you just between us, that I reached the Highest of Havona
and the SOURCE/Infinite Mother Spirit/SONNY/Prime Divine Daughter Celesta –
down all 7 Superuniverses in a DRAMATIC call of intent, out loud, shouting and crying!
relating to the content of my post.

I further called to Nebadonia-the-Beautiful and Christ Michael, and in fact to all
most impressive Beings I know of, S-the-Golden-One included.

I felt some on forum got a bit of a shock – BUT! – BUT:

In a 1-2 hours Seraphin sent an “unexpected” “Emergency Call for Gaia”!
Many words inside relate to my post. I was thanking Him and ALL Angelics.
You were reacting so prompt and clear, and so lovely. Thank you.
C kept quiet, unless she has info and knows more.
And K! Did you read K? “You have the power to change course…”
“Dare to intend and tell Source what you want…” etc. 
Again I saw many words that I consciously used in my post.

And Nebadonia said YES YES YES! ah, that was simply delicious! Thank you!

Regarding my “please watch!”- I mostly translate my mother tongue,
and watch means ‘take care’ – watch means ‘please observe the difference here’.
Do not let yourself taken a wrong way, please, I only wanted put the things straight – and that quick!

Our godparents are a good ol’ family in England, by York. The fancy way United States education hacked
the base of the language, giving new, contortioned, twisted, confusing meanings to words, is irresponsible. 
I can see here a victory of the dark, for sure.

Your OWN language, Gold-Stroh, is highly appreciated and valid and savoured. I understand perfectly all you say. 

I get it that, “Without COURAGE to do it, how can we reach it?”
And I always KNEW, that “Man must always do the first step.”

love ya too


A beautiful, beautiful message, this of your afternoon, including your unnecessary but captivating explanation of “watch”, which is how I interpreted it.
But this cannot wait. Could you please stop everything else immediately, well, sort of, maybe, and contact your Celestials about any familiarity with John Adams and Abigail?

Experiencing your etheric presence as I continue.

Your Smitten Stroh

October 29, 2014, Response, S:

I say NO.


             S: This is your further awakening. Whammy! Matches the force of AAoM and then some.

I uncreate that thought and all energy that created it

and I declare it NULL & NICHTIG.

              S: NICHTIG would probably be VOID  (null and void is the idiom.)

Heaven has Saints enough
we want our Saint HERE. 

              S: You are speaking on behalf of Humans on earth. You (we?) carry the mantle. Maybe we got the
                  same I AM.

We say NO to any further murdering.


               S: You have anchored the flaming violet in this region, big time.

We witnessed ENOUGH murders of our heroes.
This time we would break down mourning, totally devastated.
In one year we will celebrate our despair and devastation again.
See you not, how we celebrate MURDER each day?
We would all be too broken to fight. 
And so the dark would again have a victory.


of the CHAIN
around GAIA


S: Big swing confirmation on my comments. Big swing on most readers not getting it, including C.
They do not realize what has happened recently – WE TWO.
It does not matter. Your words are a sealing!
Finally have I met someone who wields my same power which has been mostly unused. (Confirmation.)

Oh my Love, it catches me to the quick.

And K! Did you read K? “You have the power to change course…”
“Dare to intend and tell Source what you want…” etc. Again I saw many 
words that I consciously used in my post.

S: YES you did. Absolutely. I caught that. It is similar to me; say the message simply like a laser beam. 
I so laud your patience and careful, full, loving responses. They make up for my lack of responses, sort of.
And Nebadonia said YES YES YES! ah, that was simply delicious! Thank you!

S: It was a surprise in its quickness…   Uh oh:


My Dears, you do have what can be called keys. I bless that you will not fumble and that everyday obligations can also be fulfilled.

S: Ooo boy, another surprise.

I am in awe of your own expression; take this simply like a laser beam.
I get it that, ‘Without COURAGE to do it, how can we reach it?’

And I always knew, that ‘Man must always do the first step.’

S: “Where two or more are gathered in My Name…”
And here we are…
Important please: check with your Guides on any resonance with a John Adams; partly to unearth any fantasy with the pendulum.

All the above is pretty much confirmed.

With deep appreciative Love and Continued Wonder…


October 30, 2014, M:

I AM looking for a certain KEY, for a long, long time.
Good, that Nebadonia-the-Beautiful pointed out.
It put us into the status of KEEPERS — MYSTERY KEEPERS.
I always KNEW there is a KEY for me, my one task to discover.

I have a special relationship to the Gordian Knot, like to a loyal friend.
I KNOW I have to find the KEY to it – to CONQUER it and MASTER it.
Looks like a challenge of many existences I had.
And here comes my point:

I realize that a whole Creation was simply not able
to cut this Gordian Knot until now.
By the Gordian Knot I mean 
this totally stuck, bottlenecked situation we are ALL in.
Everybody is looking for THE solution, and yet no one finds it.
And here comes my point:


There must be a way.

And it is a simple idea.
So simple, everybody ignored.
So simple, all genius minds looked for big complicated solutions.
There is a very good saying in “A Course in Miracles”:
“God put the solution inside of the problem”.

And here we are.
I realize
the situation we are in offers TREMENDOUS CHANCES for LEARNING –
it really takes some aeons too long!
And so my question is:

If the Artificial Intelligence managed
to put Creation on its head
and bottleneck it so successfully
planets and galaxies and universes—

for the SPIRIT of GOD in his Children,
sparked by His own Intelligence, Love and Power,
not to find to this evil the ANSWER.

There is one single move on the chessboard to lead to the check mate.
There is one single smile to nullify them in seconds.
There is one word, one small turn…maybe just the birth of a butterfly,
something as small as a breeze…

But there must be a KEY.

A simple, little KEY,
whose sovereignty resides in its Father:
The Natural Intelligence
is superior to Artificial one
because it is WHOLE.

The Natural one
contains the Artificial one
simply by definition.

And so there must be a Way
And there must be a KEY –
for they WERE CREATED.

See, it’s just a switch
of the mind

Feels like we two just need to dig deep enough

there is a little KEY waiting for us.

With all my Golden LOVE for a sweet Golden Sister

Response, S:

My Dearest Magnificent Sister of Our Golden Straw,

I thought much over your last post and am trying to compile ideas into some cohesiveness for our service. Concurrently (sorry, no other word) I tremble of what wants to come through Nebadonia, having to clearly unfold in the writing to be formed now.

[Gosh this is another hard one.]


Nebadonia Message:              

My Precious Agondonters,

Immediate conditions after 3DD
will contain
many energy fragments
that are unqualified, confused and still compromised.

If it pleases you to do so,
then commit to physical presence in areas and places
of greater need for negative energy dispersion
through declaration
in the contemporary terms
that you have defined and observed among yourselves.

In addition to melting unwanted fragment grids through your own meditation practices,
The Spirit of Truth
to Our bewildered children.

Keep such activity of your persona selves unattached to any Earthly religion.  
(Perhaps see UB papers 178 and 194).

While The Spirit of Truth
is expressed in a variety of word symbols,
its purity of essence is unmistakable.

Rather than being sheeple, Our children will emerge bewildered.
We desire your actual 
presence to these areas,
by your own initiation —
under your own “steam”,
because then you will directly
and therefore recognize
fragments to be either transmuted or neutralized. 

Some of you feel Our great sadness of what is to come forth.
Sending comfort from your very selves
to the Many that assist Christ Michael
​would be received with profound appreciation. 

Receive My Eternally Present Love,


YA lyublyu tebya



Beloved Sister of the Godly Order of the Golden Stroh,

I will lovingly take your little hand to comfort you:
Relax. The Winged Messenger is only expected to deliver 
the message. You write it and post it. So simple.

Of course it all turns serious – but we have to go through.
Also a new tone in Nebadonia’s songs. 
AND she calls us Agondonters!
Somehow is getting ernst. (German for serious)

The message is perfect just as it is. You make me happy
for asking to have a look, but your Falcon-eye is perfect
and your hand too. You must know that.

About editing my manifesto, again ok. I AM even thankful
to you for taking your time. It helped me a lot to get an
idea of how resounded outside. Besides, you crystallized
it even better, rendered it whole. Thank you very very much.

It was us two discussing a message – isn’t that lovely?
didn’t change anything in it on the forum, and I do not expect
people talking about. I somehow know, that if we two KNOW
about, all is just perfect. Guess it was meant so.

And about R, maybe she only sensed it. Or maybe she got
a hint from Seraphin. I was really, really talking to Seraphin,
when I made my emotional call.

It only shows me how DRAMATICALLY different the spaces are,
in which each of us in the group function, each hearing something else,
but also, how hardened egos some of us have. They… closed up.

Again I feel surprised of Nebadonia’s heavy tone. I hear a man’s
note in her appeal, too. Is that Source? Christ Michael? Machiventa?
Who was 
calling us Agondonters first? Is that of all Creation, or of just

Nebadon? My, it looks like times after 3DD will be really hard!

S: I cringe a little on its receptivity by staff.

Cringe not, Sister beloved, for it is not your business. 

Nebadonia knows exactly what she does.

God, how lovely it was to talk with you! Know that I love you, 
my Goldie – see what a great title I found for you? I love it!

Hugging you tight so tight –


Danke. Yes, I am only the messenger. It is done. ‘Til tomorrow. I feel your hugs.

October 31, 2014, Hermes Trismegistus, S:

last night’s word picture from my Higher Self (Hermes Trismegistus):

It is so very close — the rending of the veil.
It’s curtains for some.

Widest responses over efforts are seen from above, (space ships). 
The majestic flow of Truth
and Golden-White piercing Purity 
​at these crossroads of Gaia become so worn.
Golden filigree, Gaia so endeared. 
Flow my tears.

My dearest, blessings for peaceful rest. 
Your Manifesto: My heart resonates with it in its desiring Love

Agondonter indeed! 

Our Infinite Mother Spirit of Nebadon, S:

And much more for some in your group — who do not realize the “much more.” 

M, this particular scribe, your Companion, is about to “spill the beans” in expose about you on AH.
Do not worry, you will actually remain anonymous.

I desire not to wait any longer. You had been John Adams, a Founding Father of the United States,
one of the top three.
Guess who Abigail was/is? Guess how they addressed their letters to each other?
​”Spilling the beans” is quite an appropriate phrase, considering New England and Boston.

You are correct in sensing the masculinity part of her last message; He is Christ Michael. 

Our Infinite Love for you,


Oh, My God!

Thank you so very much for the great information!
Tried yesterday to connect, but did not manage.
The sweetness of my beloved Nebadonia is so beautiful,
I couldn’t ever believe She would be so inpatient into
telling us something exciting of our past. I AM so proud
of myself for having been so cultured and having a strong
right character. I had plenty of hair on my face and
temples, except on the top! A nice, round cranium. 
And I take it, that Abigail was my lovely S!


I didn’t find yet in wikipedia, how did they call each
other in their letters.

These news make me so happy. We come closer to ourselves.
It means, I witnessed Saint Germain having his famous
speech of encouragement at the Ceremony of the signing
of the Declaration of Independence!

Sorry for not answering you earlier. Today I had to go to
work and sell shoes. I speak much free-er in the Spirit of
Truth and find excellent reactions in many ladies. Today
it was one, again, happy and delighted, who was thanking me
many times in the end. Many highly intelligent German ladies.

Please, please tell me how were they addressing each other
in their letters, the Adams. I do not go so quickly to bed,
tomorrow we have a free day, “All Saints”. Everybody relaxes.

Guess you were a charming First Lady. And a very cultivated one.


November 1, 2014, S:

​”My Dearest Friend”.


My Dearest Friend,

It is with delight that I observe you to receive the news easily. It did make me tremble a lot. It makes a lot of sense, given our celestial relationship. I had two indirect confirmations today — or three. One was when standing at the sink beginning to entertain thoughts that this was another fantasy, whereupon before the thought was complete I started tipping backwards strongly, which is a body dowsing for no, not fantasy. Quite firm.

There is a book of letters between John and Abigail (moi). There is a wonderful, comprehensive biography on John by a McCullough.

John stood on principles to his very end, which is why he was not re-elected president for a second term. Of the three great first Founding Fathers of America — the other two being Washington and Jefferson — he was the driving force behind Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence. John thought of Jefferson that his prose was more eloquent. 

John and Abigail educated their son (5 children in all) so well, that John Quincy was attached to a diplomatic mission to Russia from France at the age of 14.

Adams and Jefferson, though having not communicated for some years, and though had a serious rift on political principles later in life, both passed away on the same day, July 4, which is the celebration of Independence in America.

I shall serenade you with words during your slumbering hours.

Much love, Dearest Friend


I forgot. John relied on Abigail heavily for affirmation of political direction and ideas of government.


John was a clever man!




I take it light because we have done both a very good job.
As I said, i am proud of us/me.

Secondly, I can look pretty relaxed from a distance. This
gives me space. But in being informed about this special 
incarnation, I am brought closer to America.

1. How soon is the veil to be lifted?

2. From the very beginning the Celestials have invested
tremendous hope and vision for a chosen future America:

— Do the Celestials have a secret wish, for us Agondonters 
to increase yet our efforts in helping America?

— Since America is destroyed fast to the core, through the
Techma grip, which seems pretty deadly to me – do the Celestials 
still hold that inner hope, of a miracle in the last moment?

— In “The Word”, the BIG German book, this was expressed unequivocally.

— E. Cayce too, said that the Light will come from Russia, as it is,
but his hope was also concentrated toward America.

3. Why is Nebadonia telling us about this now?

4. Through the intervention of Source Himself, into making us aware of
the real importance of our safety – to serve as anchors of balance for
the intensive work His Host need to perform – do you see any other possible
ways or options, Source might envision into tipping the scale?

November 1, 2014, S:

Yet if I take and intellectually dowse each fragment I get “truth” 

And Happy was the gradual Day of revelation of your part in my life; nay, my eternal existence. I want to look back to trace and recall how this happened; that I hardly took notice of you any more than other members of AH. That you were getting all these “welcome back” messages (which you so carefully answered each and every one). “Who were you that you were even gone in the first place?” was the observation of my mind; that you persisted with so many lovely pictures to the point that I took real notice rather than simply serving another member who asked for healing. 

Dearest M, I so appreciate your efforts in contacting our Celestials to help with cohesiveness.


 How soon is the veil to be lifted? 

— I am the one who coined the word veil without thinking specifically. What does it really mean? To me it used to mean an awakening to more revelation upon the so-called death process, a sudden aha! as to complete personal identity, the memory fog being removed.

Consider what has been revealed to us since December 2012, the tipping point that was stayed by Siraya, who convinced CM to delay. Are we not more enlightened? So the veil is not a fixed wall – or does not have to be. I AM so secure with the Celestials right now, and depending heavily on your presence in my heart of course, that though it would be hard I would still feel comfort and faithfulness to the “end”, were all contact to be suddenly cut off. 

Both you and I personally, we do not need the lifting of the veil. We do feel the anguish of those HUmans steeped deeply in the morass of suffering this side of a veil of varying density. Yea, you feel our mission of upliftment more acutely in terms of providing/calling for relief. 

So “soon” and “the veil” are relative quantities. But all these words may be construed as dodging a direct question (which is not my Sagittarian nature of course – I so love the directness of your questions, “calling things onto the carpet” as it were), so let us see…

Upon centered focusing, there are more than one tipping point (no details as to how many and what). The current preferred tipping point has been made possible through ourselves. It is when mass consciousness – primarily westernized civilization – reaches a critical point of knowing the Spirit of Truth.
We have a heavy hand in this, at this point by merely being our proactive selves. This is the collective Desire of Universal Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit (what I think of as the First Trinity); Siraya, the 7th Master Spirit overarching our 7th Super Universe; Nebadonia and Christ Michael.

Your question number 1. is better answered with respect to personal orientation as I treat more of your following questions – that more answers can be revealed in this process. We have to put up with our mortal limitation of sequential thinking.

Oh my Love!…

07:00 November 1st, answers S:

— From the very beginning the Celestials have invested tremendous hope and vision for a chosen future America:

— Where does the beginning start, in your mind?

— Do the Celestials have a secret wish, for us Agondonters to increase yet our efforts in helping America?

— In a word, YES. Secret? YES

It is the ideal, the concept of liberty, attributed to America’s apparently successful origin that has global appeal, that has manifested and still does to some degree. It is manifested elsewhere but without – and in spite of the lack of – the deliberately framed foundation (Thank you Founding Fathers).

— Since America is destroyed fast to the core, 

— Not necessarily so

— through the Techma grip, 

— I believe, different from knowing, there has been transformation here.

— which seems pretty deadly to me

— Yes it can be: loss of Matter Realization to Materialization.

— do the Celestials still hold that inner hope, of a miracle in the last moment?

— I get that the words “miracle” and “last moment” are accurate.
Remember in the first pages of a Course of Miracles it says that miracles are supposed to be every day occurrences?
— In “The Word”, the BIG German book, this was expressed unequivocally.

— Please, more detail on this book. Is it translated?

— E. Cayce too, said that the Light will come from Russia, as it is, but his hope was also concentrated toward America.

— I remember that. Fair point.

— Why is Nebadonia telling us about this now?

— Because you and I stumbled, literally, upon the fact of our relation in waking consciousness. There could have been and still can be other turning points; much to Their glee, ours is the one that happened.

— Through the intervention of Source Himself, into making us aware of the real importance of our safety –  

— Because we have discovered ourselves.

— to serve as anchors of balance for the intensive work His Host need to perform – 

— Because we have —- discovered ourselves. There had been no intervention – no spilling of the beans to us – heheh

— do you see any other possible ways or options, Source might envision into tipping the scale?

— Perhaps/probably some unfoldment as I write more today.

— There cannot be the elevated Jackson alone. That might be a beautiful refuge for a community of good humans, equipped with the skills/tools of building a new, healthy society.

— That is what a lot of people think. Myself, I think of that area as a place of long term temporary rescue and refuge; as a dispersing point from a place of safety to a place of safe settlement. Not necessarily for you and me, but maybe our presence is desired initially… I think that even the Celestials do not know about us at this point. We could go several directions, all of them; that is, unless you decide to take us to outer reaches.

— But taking us two out of that community, why was Nebadonia eager to inform us of our glorious US past right now? 

— Because we stumbled upon it – or at least I did, and neither Nebadonia nor I could contain our excitement. 

I remember in 1989 at a ‘Keepers of the Flame’ convention, that Saint Germain came through, announcing that he had wagered his golden energy “to the hilt” – to the point of his own most serious depravation — in a desperate gamble, yes, — toward soul action in the USA. The challenge was met and his energies were returned multiplied, whereupon he immediately re-invested!

So for ourselves, as long as the cat is out of the bag, Go for it!

— Why does she call us Agondonters right now? What is it, that this triggers in us?

— “I” had used the term in one of two of my first postings. Interesting that it has struck home with greater force this time. Ourselves, we are quite beyond that, but it certainly is inclusive for our greater Urantia awareness. 


Your enamored Dearest Friend, who is still beguiled with her Stroh Schwester, the same!


​I delight in your questions! Gosh how two minds work better than one; and I do think the gods are especially counting on ours. I shall proceed to consider each one carefully.

I had entertained the idea several months ago that I had been Abigail and got confirmation on it, but it made no important sense; simply a curiosity. Then I suddenly realized that we were exchanging the Friend appellation.

On the overall canvas though, a sense of freedom and independence for Americans is like no other country. Even though we have been gradually being duped into a false sense of liberty, and with great acceleration the past 50 years or so, the concept remains. I think that is what St. Germain had been hoping. So, after bewilderment I feel there will be a great awakening and independent action but with cooperation and cohesiveness from the grass roots. 

I witnessed 3 levels of professional attitudes in the EPA and even experienced it directly, once for my personal self, and once for stopping a coal power plant. I witnessed this within the USGS also during my 10 years in air quality; and with the BLM, Bureau of Land Management. I witnessed this in the park system. Details later. Perhaps I should write much about it — never thought that these observations would be directly useful in my own activity — or that the material would be of useful interest to anyone else.

With respect to Nebadonia, for some reason it is important for the AH community to know that some one who carries the mantle of a Founding Father walks among them, though unidentified. That would be for me to present because I can unequivocally say it is not me. Of course I was pushing you when I (it was me) threatened an expose. It shall be done in concert.

For you and me I think that we may well be instrumental in recovering the US Constitutional principles, whether for the USA or elsewhere. L and I did a fairly careful study together on tricameral government.
​L did most of the work. I felt that I had to be the more silent partner.

Thank you thank you for the questions. Now I retire to think them through.

How much I love you! 
Best Friend (another of their appellations)

November 2, 2014, KEY WORD IS FREEDOM! M:

KEY word is FREEDOM!

***   I was in England on the 4th of July. I said quite neutrally
that today the Americans celebrate their independence.
My Godparent was laughing ironically…
He is a judge, a trustee, old enough to be versed in history
and hidden corners of the Kingdom.
His words would have been: “poor idiots…”

***   There is an old document, where the Queen E2 calls America as
the “territory”, along with lots of isles, Canada and Australia
and many lands and countries she possesses.
America is still a colony of the United Kingdom.
1776, with the passionate speech of St. Germaine for the 
Independence to be signed, I understand HE KNEW THE REAL ENEMY.
I take it that his fight started about 200-300 years before 1776.

***   The “Independence” of all the other countries is fiction.
Germany is to this day still an enslaved country.

***   One can speak about FREEDOM too, but for America the notion
Independence has indeed the magic-magnetic power it needs.
It is all it is all about.
It is the MEANING of FREEDOM, that masses just cannot grasp!
It is the CONCEPT of the SPIRIT OF TRUTH as gifted to the Cosmos.
And in TRUTH, this Concept sees Urantia STILL as a prison planet.
The masses are still there.
There is here not such a thing like FREEDOM.
No INDEPENDENCE ever exists.

The 7 billion need to GRASP the Spirit of Truth here.
Once they grasped it, they will open eyes.
And they will call for God.
God cannot come to help those that have no idea they need it.
And here sits that terrible bottleneck.

***   I was years long crying and asking and pulling my hair and
begging for my FREEDOM.
Freedom is a Powerful ACT of CHOOSING.
I grabbed my Freedom with my own hands, and so I HAD it.
This is something the masses will need to learn and know.

See, this is the KEY: Independence.
That’s why the massive investment.
That’s why the Agondonters all here.
That’s why those “High hopes” and tears of Nebadonia.
The enemy is the same LIE that was trapping Adam and Eve.
That’s why the WAR, the WAR on CONSCIOUSNESS.
For all the other wars are only shine.
That’s why the millions ships around and all negotiations.
That’s why the hundreds of messages, to keep us up.
That’s why all those amazing extraordinary conferences
of K on the Roof of Creation, to help us SEE.
For again, this process of penetrating the Truth even,
they cannot do it for us.
Finally, maybe that’s why the attempt to help us two remember,
for indeed, the notion of FREEDOM
had a holy and dignifying meaning,
the highest in America in 1776.

Your Best Friend


Source preferred that I stay home this evening, but there was an obligatory dinner to attend that meant much to a Bowen-client friend — the Hawaiian friend in fact.

I see now why. My brain is only slightly undead and I have this marvelous offering to study and savor. I am so very pleased and appreciative for your hammering this out today, obviously with much care and thought. We both need both our thinkings.

I found myself daydreaming today (actually, again) about receiving you and yours at the KC Airport.
Nebadonia said it is not so much a day dream…  But I could not get much clarity. Ukraine region still threatened with destruction, but something about it’s being prevented at the last moment. And something still about mass roundups in Ukraine, and “volunteer” refugees in Europe. 

I am perplexed about S because it is actually fairly far from Ukraine with much civilization in between. For my personal vested interest…

Good night my Love who already slumbers, I hope so very well. God keep you and yours safe!

Your Best Friend




Look what I have found!

The KEY and the FREEDOMsRAY!

South West Europe, November 2, 2014, S:

I do hope SW Europe is a meaningful designation for the S area.
Remember that I notices that S is sort of in the middle between Ukraine, southern England and France? And that it is relatively far from Donetsk? The mixed or somewhat confused thinking-dowsing?

The answer lies in underground tunnels, cabal-made tunnels, whose size defies our ignorance-cultivated senses. And yes the SW area is a hub.

When I got a “no” on troop movements I was thinking surficial (earth surface). Underground movements, yes. Tunnel movement is such that transport over 3000 miles can be had in about 2 hours — though I am not sure how fast large numbers can be moved.

I am getting trembling confirmation. I do not have a better picture at this moment.

I perceive that you are distinguishing between LIBERTY and FREEDOM. 
I plan to paraphrase for confirmation on the difference.

Consider whether you were of the Russian Tsar’s family in your immediate previous incarnation.

“Yes” to all the above statements.

Your Intimate, Cosmic-Love Companion of Light — for which “yes” is a gross understatement

16:26, S:

There is mass roundup of people planned for the Ukraine. “Voluntary” refugee movement elsewhere in the broad region. Notice: it is “planned.”  I do not know what the Galactic Federation intervention might be. Probably there are several options from which to decide. 
I get that 3DD is a lesser option. I get that it is before/during December.

Adam, November 3, 2014, S:

My Dearest Friend,

This is what happened to Adam upon his mortal passing. 

Urantia Book:

   76:6.2 They did not long rest in the oblivion of the unconscious sleep of the mortals of the realm.

On the third day after Adam’s death, the second following his reverent burial, the orders of Lanaforge, sustained by the acting  Most High of Edentia and concurred in by the Union of Days on  Salvington, acting for Michael, were placed in  Gabriel’ s hands, directing the special roll call of the distinguished survivors of the Adamic default on Urantia.

And in accordance with this mandate of special resurrection, number twenty-six of the Urantia series, Adam and Eve were repersonalized and reassembled in the resurrection halls of the mansion worlds of  Satania together with 1,316 of their associates in the experience of the first garden.

Many other loyal souls had already been translated at the time of Adam’s arrival, which was attended by a dispensational  adjudication of both the  sleeping survivors and of the living qualified ascenders.

   76:6.3 Adam and Eve quickly passed through the worlds of progressive ascension until they attained citizenship on Jerusem, once again to be residents of the planet of their origin but this time as members of a different order of universe personalities.

They left Jerusem as permanent citizens— Sons of God; they returned as ascendant citizens—sons of man. They were immediately attached to the Urantia service on the system capital, later being assigned membership among the  four and twenty counselors who constitute the present advisory-control body of Urantia.

So, according to UB Adam and Eve are on what is called the 24 counselors. I remembered from past study that Adam and Eve were in service to Urantia on some board. I looked this up again this morning and tuned in a little and received confirmation what I dowsed last night after my response to you, remembering that E. Cayce linked Adam to Jesus. 

I get strong confirmation that indeed Adam is ISSA/ESU. Recall that the entity Jesus is a double incarnation, whatever that means. This fact is not treated in UB; I would think it is covered in the Phoenix Journals but I cannot recall. Adam may have departed from the “advisory-control body of Urantia” on temporary assignment. Certain concepts in the UB — including reincarnation — were deliberately side-stepped/withheld in the interests of the book being accepted at all.

Your Dearest Friend

There is an 8th Wonder, November 3, 2014, M:

I here proclame
the two Golden Straw Sisters
under the pure rain of Gaia
caressed by the gentle rays of the Sun
in the eternal loving embrace of Nebadonia
for the Eighth World Wonder:

Please do not worry because of my silence. I am fully under my books, looking for answers, for your mentioning of tunnels was pretty much opening my eyes…I am still studying and I’m letting you know tomorrow what I found.
The pictures & story you sent me are awesome. Be you blessed, my Love.

November 4, 2014, S:

I know, again. It is not my nature to drop bombshells and I hope it does not become a habit.. but I do have this Sagittarian nature.

Nation wide elections tomorrow. If you can, please suggest someplace some meditation that votes will be counted correctly; that corrupt machines will not function. I shall be an election judge and therefore gone from 4 AM till 8:30 PM.

Oh yeah, I did jot down a few words from Neb. last night, so I better take time to copy them to you. I have been working on that paper, and thinking about tunnels too. K and I seem to be contrasting rather than conflicting on what we respectively sense/write. I call it multi pulses of the land.

I like your concept of the 8th Wonder, of course.

Be you blessed and secure.  

Here’s Neb. (I think she likes her nickname)


For M, your Best Friend indeed! 
Please be comforted, Our M.
Please feel comfort.
Ever the Spiritual warrior are you.
Our encirclement and that of your Dearest Friend never ceases. 
Ever are the energy encirclements present for you to draw sustenance.
Continue to be both of firm mind and foot.
The Solitary Messenger is no longer solitary.
Feel it so.


All of a sudden we started talking about tunnels.

November 6, 2014, M:

The changes are pretty dramatic, but it is my feeling that the first domino was hit. I notice the
great avidity for CHANGE – in spite of eace one having totally different visions of it.
I see how many face now their own hypocrisy. About how silent they were till now.

On this otter side of the Ocean, we have further murdering in Ukraine. And cold and rainy.
Our lady in Berlin lost her smile and is now directly affronting our gent in Moscow.
I can assess her better when she is open. But she acts strong with our gent in London, too.

Generally, they all look now like acting as mad dogs. The situation feels tense.

And HOP! — here comes Monjoronson with a cheerful message — and I have NO idea what he

Here finally a whole thousands THANKYOU I ought to you. YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY WITH YOUR 
MESSAGES! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nebadonia seems like having descended in my heart – I always lough and gurgle to little and big
discoveries I make all around me, full of unexpected holiness — what a marvel! And so I feel she
hid in my heart to give me company… and I decided to never let her go.

It is a state of a LIGHTness of heart, it borders to a wonder. Infinite gratitude and joy in my heart.
The wonder of the flying beasts, as sweet Source put it, is allover acting around me. Some really
fly directly over my head when I appear on the balcony and look up, and some are really manifesting all of a sudden out of the blue!


Yes, I was falling deeply into the study of the tunnel story – mostly because they manifested right
at my doorsteps as soon as I reached this place.
Then I was trying to transcend the visions of some great seers from south Germany, centuries old.
These visions, I knew them almost all by heart, and the books were all red with my notes.

Because —

In those times when my sweet children were growing, I have written a big Libretto, a script for a full
3-act ballet, with prolog and epilog, due to the huge material. I HAD the vision of all the changes
Earth & Humans will have to go through – and I wanted to inform people about. Made plans to stage
a big performance in Berlin, and even invite Bibi to watch, to move him into choosing PEACE.

Sent my big work to 20 great ballet companies. 2 or 3 answered… NO NO NO.

I changed my tactics into a book. No success.

I again changed my tactic into a ‘Big Peace Letter’ – yes, many of your presidents, royals etc. engaged in Peace on earth, got it. Silence allover. Only the secretary of prince William in London
was mocking me: ‘Hope you don’t expect our prince now answer you to this letter!’

Then it was a football Olympics, and I sent my proposal, to stage for them the great opening show,
using 1-2-3 thousand of CHILDREN, the poorest and the starving, from all corners of Earth, that I
offered to train and pep up, into a great appeal for Peace!

I got a NO.

But from that Olympics on, did you see how children come on field, at the hands of the players?
Well, that was my idea, that they hijacked.

Perhaps I was feeling this wonderful scent of the horses, in this Mare-Garden, once we first touched
here, for we didn’t leave this place ever since. 

And here we are: The day we moved here, they have opened a tunnel at my very door steps. Brand
new for the town, great underground, or metro speedy trains. Good German work, robust and stable
as it should be. If you saw those pictures of the metro in Moscow, that amazing long, but in the deep. Terribly deep.

I was in big wonder, for I just started to go to the Opera House each morning, and these marvel-trains took me directly there in just two minutes! All these years, I never stopped wondering about this synchronicity.

(Well, you will wonder, but right now, the SUN looking thru my crystals on window, put a delightful Rainbow ball in the very heart of ESU! It is that beautiful Leonardo Da Vinci/L’ultima Cena painting of him,
right on the wall across me. Can you grasp this wonder, beautiful Sister?)

When my children were 12, I was obliged to go to work. In my profession field all jobs were given — and this is how I was selling shoes 15 years. Using same tunnels every morning.

Well —

A big scandal started a few years ago. The land wanted to build bigger tunnels. It costs billions. Our immaculate architecture of the Central Station was to be leveled to the ground, our century-old
(mare’s) royal park with those honorable centuries-old trees (and adorable squirrels), and fountains and seas, stretching on miles between the two recreational blossoming royal castles – all had to be destroyed. This place is rich in underground wells and sources, cold and hot, blessed with many healing minerals in
them, that even the Romans enjoyed in lavish baths, 2000 years ago.

All this had to be sacrificed, to get a few minutes win to the next city — WELL — there have been 
BIG protests and there still are, (for they work cowardly behind the doors)…

After the protest-leader was elected mayor, he got fat and thick and forgot his protest. The architecture was saved, but there is something strange going on…

There are huge vaults, like every big central station of the old, much space and air. But now they
closed the stairs in huge steel doors and huge glass walls, able to be closed by them at wish.

In the underground passages they built fire alarm censors…


I so love hearing about you and your life — this is an understatement.
Of course I shall absorb and think about your tunnel observations.

Til later,
Mucho mas amor  

Deine Stroh Schwester


In the underground passages they built fire alarm censors…

Happened right under my eyes, these last weeks! The censors are in an insane display,  only 2 meter in-between, low, right above the head. Very strange even, there are loud-speakers between them, just as insanely many. Like they want to unmistakably be heard by MANY. 
And these many can be locked at wish like in cages.

37 years ago when we came, all was free and open. Now looks more like a prison. In the last 2 years or so, they were making HUGE noises working in the tunnels in the night, nobody knows why.
Noises like those earth-groans, of massively cutting iron/steel with the saws. Under the veil of the night.

On the surface they also put BIG loud-speakers on each traffic-light. And added big cameras to them. The traffic lights themselves were replaced, from those friendly red and green pretty gentle ones, with some VERY aggressive lights, like to damage our eyes by all means.

So much to the tunnel activity in the Mare’s Garden.
Now the other dimension to it, that was striking me.

The seers I was studying back then, saw 72 hours of darkness on earth. With a PERPLEXING
clearing of darks and monsters. That’s why they repeated saying DO NOT EVER LOOK OUT.

A most excellent “Das Linden Lied”, the Song of the Linden Tree, a script found in a 300 years old linden, clearly puts it in few words:

“Winter kommt, drei Tage Finsternis
Blitz und Donner und der Erde Riss…”

“Winter comes, three days of darkness
Lightning and thunder and a crack in the Earth…”

They see war, a ferocious last battle between three forces, north of Cologne, at Birkenbaum.
White, blue and gray soldiers.
They call them “the red ones”.
Coming from the East.
Starting from “the Golden City”.(If this is Prague – Prague is called like this. Could be Moscow).
It clearly says Poland fights against Russia.

The most interesting thing is, the seers CANNOT SEE WHAT’S ALL ABOUT!
They cannot see who is fighting against whom, and for what reason!
So here I can see exactly this fancy war of techma, for their only pleasure in killing.
(Some say now, the khasars kill all there, to establish themselves again in their old territory.)
The seers could not even have known the word ‘terrorist’, but they used it, in German original (Alois Irlmeier) – that was striking me too.

As to the topics tunnels, and speed:

The seers point out that the war starts quickly over night.
“Farmers sit in the pub drinking beer, and the soldiers look through the window…”

They see three huge armies advancing to the West like three “WORMS”. And they advance
very quickly.

To me it sounds like big armies transported at high speed through those large tunnels you said,
with the E/M (Electro/Magnetic) levitating trains in the vacuum – do they call it MAGLEV?
Still a dark technology only. Hence the speed. With tanks and all. Great masters they are.

There is a “black” worm marching along/north of Danube.
A second worm advancing through Berlin/mid-Germany towards Rhein.
A third one along the North Sea coast. They all meet north of Cologne, at the Rhine river.

The last battle. “One walks in blood up to the knee”.
Three big nations against each other.

Before there should be a revolution in italy, with thousands of priests killed.
Blood again.

Now, the NATO forces gathered in Ukraine cannot fight against themselves – my note.
And it is said, that out of revenge they blow up a huge weapon/atom base by Poltava,
south of Prague.
Releasing a gray-yellow dust that covers Europe, killing all life. 
Only houses still stand, empty.
One year nothing will grow. 
Not one single soldier comes home.

So, that is all. Reading these books 20 years ago, I couldn’t explain the speed of the advancing armies with their heavy machines, and also why they were called worms.
Thank you for giving me the key.

There have been many crucial decrees given since then, by Source Himself and Christ Michael Aton, and 
many different decisions taken, so the prophesy is NOT to be taken by the letter.

But it helps to understand the dark plans and thought forms, and maybe even dismantle them by INTENT.

By the way, they still murder in Gaza, and they still kill in Ukraine as we speak.
All their pretended treaties and fire-ceases are monstrous miserable masquerades.

Con amore, la tua carissima sorella



Big swing:
please choreograph scenario with outcome in your mind’s eye. I shall segue with thought music.

Have you ever heard (seen) Menotti’s “Amhal and the Night Visitors?”

Thank — youThank — you, ThankyouThank you, 
for seeing and putting pieces together. I shall work with it today.

Oooo boy, St. Germain had the superior upper hand when I cracked humor with him three times or so through another scribe.

I love your superior tongue with language. It so wants me to be able to speak German with you.

LOVE BACK TO YOU, with all possibly allowed resonance.

November 6, 2014, S:

Oh My Love!
How is it I can gaze into your eyes of infinite depth without your physical presence?


My Dearest Friend,

what you describe it wears such Divine scent, you certainly brought it 
with you as you came, for our little Gaia is much to dense for that.
You also retained the divine music in it, that enchants me, for this is 
the most beautiful declaration of LOVE ever heard.
I gratefully embrace you in my arms.

Please, if possible, be a bit more generous with an explanation:
You mean, I should stage my ballet in my mind’s eye, intending
the beautiful outcome I envisioned.
You complete that with music.
Did I get it right? (My ballet is a few aeons long, but I will increase 
the speed. I will maybe need one hour to deeply meditate.)

Ya, it can be done.

What did St Germaine say? why were you laughing? Is that 
connected to our Divine-Dance-Project?

No, I know not Amhal and the Night Visitors. Would you tell me why, please?

How ‘soon’ do you perceive Monjoronson’s message?

Today I am tormented by BIG tenseness & sadness. I CAN hear how
TOUGH decisions are taken for Gaia, securing her & our destiny.

Deine Stroh Schwester mit Liebe


Dearest Friend, 

— …most beautiful declaration of LOVE ever heard.

— I am not so sure about that…!

— I gratefully embrace you in my arms.

— … and how graceful is your embrace!

— Please, if possible, be a bit more generous with an explanation: You mean, I should stage my ballet in my mind’s eye, intending the beautiful outcome I envisioned.

— You complete that with music.

— As much as possible.
— Did I get it right? (My ballet is a few aeons long, but I will increase the speed. I will maybe need one hour to deeply meditate.)

— I am not much of a master with long works, but you will help.
— Ya, it can be done.

— I think that this is how we can feed utmost power into our meditative intentions. I must go over your messages of today carefully and synthesize them back to you. Please, let us expand this if possible.

— What did St Germaine say? why were you laughing? 

— Laughing because St. Germaine ran circles around my humor and now you are pirouetting circles about me with your language mastery. I love it. I do not remember details about St. Germaine; 23 years ago.
— Is that connected to our Divine-Dance-Project?

— Hmm… could be.

— No, I know not Amhal and the Night Visitors. Would you tell me why, please?

— I shall send it tomorrow; about 30 minutes into the 1 act opera for children. Menotti is not the greatest composer ever, but Amahl is delightful.

— How ‘soon’ do you perceive Monjoronson’s message?

— Probability for mid-December is high at the moment. Early December is low.

— Today I am tormented by BIG tenseness & sadness. 

— I send soothness to her and you, my tonight.
— I CAN hear how TOUGH decisions are taken for Gaia, securing her & our destiny.

— And she shall emerge most Victorious!

— Deine Stroh Schwester mit Liebe

— Yes the same, Yes the same,

As the Sun Rises, so Does Earth, November 7, 2014, M:

​I SEE all Heaven in JOY!

Violinio St Germain will happily assist us in transmuting all tunnels to LIGHT, I feel.
Let’s set a time, tonight, one single hour in Eternity:
I will choreograph a brilliant Gaia rising from the ashes in full JOY,
while you orchestrate the music to it, in the same brilliance, same JOY.
We need do it today, 7-11-7, as ONE.
Please, Golden Straw Sister.
Gone are all maps and tunnels.
Let’s accomplish that GORGEOUS God-pirouette together.
I spin already.

As the Sun Rises, so Does Earth
Heavenletters, November 7, 2014

“Love that Earth tenderly. 
Speak well of it. 
The Earth is nature. 
Love nature. 
Don’t get so much into mortar and bricks. 
Walk on soft grass. 
Imagine yourself barefoot on Earth. 
Imagine yourself connected to the Center of Earth and the Heart of Heaven. 

I put My thumb and forefinger on the top of your head
and spin you to the Center of Earth and back to the Heart of Heaven. 
And then you do a perfect back bend. 
As you spin in the shape of a circle of yourself, you lift the Earth. 
Because of you, now the Earth is located in Heaven. 
There is overlapping. 
Earth has risen to its rightful place. 
Now it is no longer the Depths of Earth. 
Now it is the Heights of Heaven. 
No longer is there the sinking into the bowels of Earth, 
for Earth and Heaven have become One. 
If you and I are One, then Earth and Heaven are also wedded.”

GAIA PORTAL, November 7, 2014:

Stratification potentials reach maximum during the coming moments.
Gaia collectives requiring assistance for trans-leveling have all required to complete this function.
Particulates are coalescing at this time into a recognizable entity for Ascension.
Hindrances are leaving the Gaia sphere continually, as conditions warrant.
Prior timelines have collapsed, as the Higher Gaia timeline is strengthened and recognized.
Unprecedences continue until finalization.


WOW again
Of Course.
Let us jump to it.
Please set the optimum time for you and your area. I shall be available. My day is fairly clear.
Of course, Golden Straw Sister: Your Desire is mine.
Either the gods are reading our desire and scribes are responding,
or we are drawn into their Desires,
or Both.

Awaiting to hear, Dearest Friend, with Love and excitement


HA! So happy!
I suggest 22 by me.

That is 3 PM by you.


Yes it is 9:10 AM by me. Your numbers are correct. 3 PM for me, then.



Blessed be.


Just a little detail on your planned vision? Not necessarily sequential.

“Blessed be those who serve God for theirs is…”
(Do we really care at this point, for we are comforted in what we already experience and know.)

But still, Blessed be thee, also, who remains in my heart.


You clever Straw Sister. Of course. Let’s set some points.

1. I would start with “Let there be Light!” on Gaia. The Creation moment of the Emerald Jewel.

2. ArchAngel Michael, Mother Mary (+ you) and Angels
    set the leylines of Power and Energy all around/through Gaia, starting in Isle of   Man/Ireland.

3. Rebel hordes unite, trying to disrupt the works of the Universe.

4. Adam & Eve take a heroic decision – descend to Earth.
    We transmute and heal their terrible pain.

5. Further massive burning and cleansing of all possible mad/insane/evil actions
    of the dark/techma during the quarantine time.

6. Fall of Atlantis, Fall of the Land of Mu, into the depth of Atlantic/Pacific Oceans, ca. 15.000 years ago –
    massive clearing & transmutation of pain, despair, death, destruction, devastation – in Humans &

7.  The centuries of Enslavement:

     – we UNDO/Nullify the DNA Degrading intents/actions

     – we UNDO/Nullify the J-Seals, Zeta-Seals, any contracts caused by the dark agains people of Earth

     – we UNDO/Nullify all negative karmic blocks caused by dark during this time

     – we UNDO/Nullify all grids around Gaia that caused SEPARATION FROM GOD & the cutting of HIS

     – we UNDO/Nullify the Thought-Form and existence of “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”
       as NULL & NICHTIG.

8.  WE CALL upon the all-mighty FIRE OF GOD and the all-mighty VIOLET FLAME
     to powerfully BURN to ashes ALL THIS EVIL WORK done to Gaia.

9.  2000 years ago: Jesus/CHRIST MICHAEL descend to Earth.

    –  We see millions and billions of SEEDS of LOVE seeded all thru Gaia and IN her, to the very Core.

    –  From the Core we see all these roots GROWING thru Gaia’s body EVERYWHERE towards the surface.

    –  Here we SEE the 12 Dancing Daughters lovingly covering Gaia in a CUBE of 6 Pyramids x 12 facets
       of Protection.

    –  Here WE SEE GOD smiling. Adam & Eve too.
       CM/ESU too. Nebadonia too. AAMichael/Mother Mary too.

    –  Ab here we INVOKE/INVITE ALL Hosts of the LORD, Masters, AA/Angels, Daughters, Sons, All Galactics 
       to JOIN GOD & CM & GAIA & Us Humans in an UNPRECEDENTED ENHANCING of the aeons of efforts.

10. Dark is NO MORE. War, hatred, famine – GONE. The planted SEEDS of LOVE
      BLOOM and FLOURISH A_L_L over & 
around Gaia in MIRACULOUS Light.

11.   Spinning under the THUMB of GOD, we SEE  Gaia & Humankind ASCEND. 
      Our DIVINE ODE OF JOY, LOVE  & LIGHT inundates all CREATION
      in UNPRECEDENTED Splendor and Beauty


This looks pretty complete. What a lavish plan!

If possible, burn a white candle?

See you soon, within Creation’s many facets.

Thankfulness is also mine, Dancing Princess.

A little feedback, S:

“I AM a Sister of the Order of the Golden Straw. There are two of Us.”
“The groundwork is laid.”
I experience a beaming Christ Michael.
I sense a lot of vacuuming cleanup.
ES IST VOLLBRACHT! November 8, 2014, M: 

Es Ist Vollbracht is again a most powerful German statement.
It means It Is Done. The very last words of Jesus the Christ on cross.

It was a powerful Divine Cosmic Dance Music INTENT Performance.
I felt you all the time.
I saw GOD holding us in His hands.
I was crying most of the time because of the aeons of suffering. For all Creation suffered.

I was crying also because of the help got overwhelmingly by ALL in Creation.
Guess Christ Michael and Nebadonia were crying too.

The last lift in Ascension was glorious. I heard ALL UNIVERSE SINGING your music.
I was laughing like crazy.
Was busy till about 22:22.

When we ascended, spinning & pulling Gaia with us, 
we were looking really like two Golden Straws in a dancing DNA spiral.

Thank you again sweet Sister. Your Music was MARVELOUS. Your Presence absolute.

Now I got your feedback. Thank you.
What is “non-operational?”


o my gosh!!!!!

I thought you might have a clue on “non-operational.”
I checked.
Non-operational applies to your point number 7.

7.  The centuries of Enslavement:
     – we UNDO/Nullify the DNA Degrading intents/actions
     – we UNDO/Nullify the J-Seals, Zeta-Seals, any contracts caused by the dark agains people of Earth
     – we UNDO/Nullify all negative karmic blocks caused by dark during this time
     – we UNDO/Nullify all grids around Gaia that caused SEPARATION FROM GOD & the cutting of

     – we UNDO/nullify the Thought-Form and existence of “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as
       NULL & NICHTIG.

I get that this is first of several performances.
You are receiving a Bowen session as I write (there are waiting periods between moves.)

Good Night again My Dancing Princess. I savor your visual responses.


Non-operational was the video itself.
I was busy until 23:22, not 22:22.

On the way I was adding two essential things, that I forgot before.

First, I filled all vacuum left after tough clearings with Golden Liquid Light from Source.
Second, all blossoming seeds of Love were filling Gaia with Sacred Flowers of life.

Maybe nr 7 needs improvement. Thank you. 


Schlafen gehen, auch!
Or at least sleep in tomorrow if you are still crying/laughing. Myself, I await the usual delayed reaction.

Later, S:

My delayed reactions. 
I am to post this for your morning hours. 
Guten Morgen. 
How much is fantasy? A short breadth of time should tell.

At about 17:00

Christ Michael and Nebadonia Message, November 8, 2014:

Fire Rings and firings. It becomes the same.
The potter’s dross committed to incandescent ash
is sucked into Violet Flame cauldrons
made possible by your golden last straw activity.

the back is broken but not the camel’s.
Shudders emanate from the Cabal and Bilderbergers 
who finally, finally awake to Our wrath.

You see,
it took such as you
who are linked to the far reaches of Space-Time;
from you who both have traversed the First Outer Space Belt;
even through your thousands of years of incarnations ago. 

Those of the Cabal, 
who also come from (not quite so) afar,
now realize the total impossibility of escape 
to continue elsewhere.

They realize there is no place left.

It had to happen through human anchors on Earth who carry mantles such as yours;
in full awareness
but still with relative blind faith;
without the benefit of communication circuits.

It had to be done 
by ones outside of Nebadon,
which We Ourselves realized relatively recently —
the delay by Siraya.

of course We know of your long presence on Gaia.
Did you not human birth by Us?

But there is a mechanism you do not fully understand.
An important key was for S
to fully realize her origin being independent from Nebadonia,
whereupon it instantly became possible for NEB 
to embrace her as surrogate Mother,
that beyond her Earthly soul.

(there it is again) my sweet sister.
You did do it.
You did what I thought was a figure of speech, a diversion of intense wishfulness. 

You did cut the Gordian Knot, in one fell swoop!

In other words, you whacked it good.

We thought invoking the Isle of Man would be of surprise to S.

I had been told a long time ago that I had steadied earth movements
by working with star energy while on the Isle of Man 20,000 years ago —
now that is a little far fetched; but not even as far fetched as all the above!

No more at present. You can read any pulse changes better than I. Please?


Yes, I couldn’t sleep, for I felt there is a gift for me, to read. Thank you so very much.
The answer came already, direct from Christ Michael, from yet the other side of the ocean:

By The Creator



Your existence is not about ‘undoing the damage’.
It is about learning to accept the life experience
and view it for what it really is…….learning.


That’s it, the non-functional: I had to accept it and release it. How perfectly He puts it.

You are right, with the Gordian Knot.
I really meant it.
Felt like my MISSION.
Same with the KEY.

I was freezing all day, but now I’m hot. Highly increased vibrations. That’s why I cannot sleep.


n-n-n-n-no no!
I finally registered that you thought you fell short on number 7.
The “non-operational” means that the mechanisms you listed in number 7
 became non-operational.

You did render them null and nichtig.

Do you get cold very often? I knew you would be highly stimulated.


“Your existence is not about ‘undoing the damage”.

Yes it is!

“It is about learning to accept the life experience
and view it for what it really is…….learning.  


It is both accepting the life experience and  undoing damage. 


OMG, sweet beloved Sister!
Thank you so much for helping me understand. I’m a quite simple mind, lol –

You don’t need glorify me alone, for you have held the second plate of the scale into balance.
You were informing me, inspiring me, giving the messages to me, encouraging me, embracing me,
loving me

— SEE —

and your divine power and music allowed everything FLOW.

Yes, THERE WERE TWO GOLDEN SISTERS who broke the Knot. How beautiful you are!
Ask Nebadonia, if you don’t believe me.
Only with your support I could do it, each one of us accomplished her own part. 
May you be blessed forever.

Today my wonderful sons come together for dinner, and we cook together
some brand new specialities.
I feel they trust this 3D reality a bit too much,
and effort to comply with this paradigm of things.
Please pray for blessings for us, THANK YOU, my very beautiful.
Probably at the level of our Higher Selves. I so much need Christ Michael & Nebadonia’s embrace!

As a matter of fact, I INTEND the huge AVALANCHE of LIGHT and TRUTH,

Love you, Beautiful Sister of the Divine Order of the Golden Straw
of the SOURCE and Infinite Mother Spirit!

Had you any idea, how beautiful you are!
I thank you for your magic support.

Now I go clean my house and prepare my kitchen.

My body temperature is always good regulated. T’ was only yesterday, the heat gave me the clue.

But it was also a memorable day, wasn’t it?


Yes I am aware that it took two of us. I am still amazed at what you envisioned needing to be done.
I am with you throughout your day with your sons. They are close to their realizations.
I just have to look at the pictures you sent, and Nebadonia confirms.
Good to know about body temperature — that means good energy flow.
I keep your posting today close to my heart during your busy day.
My love to you and yours. 

November 9, 2014, Vladimir Putin, S:

The US-UK-EU-Ukraine coalition has telegraphed its misguided intentions from the start

From the very beginning of the manufactured civil war in the Ukraine, the Western powers have revealed their intentions of creating a new “European Israel”.  Removing the Russian language and substituting Hebrew as the second official language of the Ukraine is just one quite obvious move toward the establishment of a new Israeli enclave.  

All the while the Anglo-American Axis accuses Russia of having designs to create a new region –Novorossiya — known literally as New Russia.  Such a red herring has accomplished the goal of not arousing suspicion as to the real plot to take over the Ukraine, just as Palestine was in the late 1940s.  Furthermore, witness Israel’s extraordinary silence regarding the whole AAA misadventure in the Ukraine before and during the ongoing, fabricated civil war.

Not only would such a “European Israel” provide a highly strategic geopolitical location from which to continue their efforts to destabilize Russia, the AAA would also  use the Ukraine to run interference throughout the European Union.  Just as Israel has been used to disrupt the entire Middle East for decades, the new Ukraine state being constituted for Israeli resettlement will serve a similar function throughout a Eurozone that is slowly becoming hostile to Jewish populations and their interests.

When the neofascist leadership in Kiev turned the military loose on the urban and rural areas of the Eastern Ukraine, it became apparent that a much greater agenda of ethnic cleansing was at work.  Many authoritative reports have indicated the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians, as well as the wanton destruction of infrastructure/places of worship/homes/businesses of the Russian-speaking populace.  Some have even insinuated that a slow motion plan of systematic genocide is at work.


WOW! Told you!

Sent the dolphins & Putin right to my children with the text: “Dolphins help our Earth towards Light”.

Thank you, my beloved sweet Stroh Schwester for the lovely help: a most harmonious,
wonderful dinner, where G, to my mighty surprise, started teaching us about the 
greatness of Russia!
He did the job — Please HUG Nebadonia from me!


I had a long dream (though they are supposed to download within seconds).
Took me a bit to interpret it — which I rarely do because I receive them embedded in naive settings.

  • I was able to approach Putin at a strategic conference, having become attracted to his deep mission
  • He was perplexed that I could talk in terms of both music and physics
  • He proceeded to outline his wishes and started me to search for “documents” for group mission training   (Actually, the symbols for “documents” were specific technical etudes. In waking life I had discarded the use of etudes decades ago in exchange for working directly with meaningful music literature, and building short drills from same. In the dream I had to scramble to locate the etudes that were buried in my music.)
  • Prior to this you and I had gathered concepts and intents and set them into the sea of Mother Russia — a rather pretty setting.


​How very interesting! You certainly expand, from where you were.
Guess many things and patterns will change now for you and me, since we engaged
on a common path to serve, and you said there are performances to follow.
I was in the kitchen and I felt there is message from you. I continued with the dishes
and I felt a second impulse.

I SEE that there are many spots on Earth/Collective Consciousness, where we could 
further our work together. I cannot see exactly where these spots are. Do you? Hoped
Christ Michael & Mother Nebadonia-the-Beautiful would send us some instructions.
FEEL we are pushed into action — high time!

Deep Love


We are supposed to collectively pounce onto Putin so that he can receive and use the Light that we represent and unconsciously transmit.
Your tonight; 15-20 minutes. Please set the time.

CM an Neb. more than likely do. I kept getting the affirmation to write when reclining/meditating yesterday but did not tap into the concept of more instructions. I shall work on this indeed.


thank you so very much, beloved Messenger.
Is my time 22 right for your 3 pm ?
Would you please explain to your simple-mind-straw-sister
what exactly “pounce onto Putin” means? thank you, Love.

Was asking about instructions because…
when starting pirouetting

there is an excellent, wonderful, MAGNETIC dynamic
that is creating a real euphoria of SPIRALING UP, CREATING (Ascension) –
building up a momentum.
You cannot abruptly stop in the middle of a symphony right when you just started.
I feel that ‘Unite’ fait la Force’
and we should be wise and use the momentum,
especially because the dark forces intensify their nasty plans,



Profuse apology: I do not have any simple-mind-straw-sister, nor can I find any with seeking high and low, but I can gladly and happily explain to my 

Sister of the Order of the Golden Straw…

“Pounce upon” is a reflection of my outrageous sense of humor, of which I have been accused, even from hosts above. Pouncing is like ambushing one unawares. 
But in my sense, it would be playful surprise and surrounding/embracing with love; no “strings attached” (no obligation).

Thank you for pointing out your pirouetting vision of symphony and momentum. Beautiful.

3 PM my time then. I have started writing from Neb. and CM. It may not be ready very soon. They say you are (obviously) right on track for tonight.

The Other Sister

Meditation, November 9, 2014, 3 pm, S:

3 minutes late — last minute text, though I was preparing 20 minutes ahead.
I AM the focusing beam; you are the doer. Neb. was immediately present, then backed off a little.

I continuously shot a beam in a long arcing, slim triangle. The two target points were to Moscow-Putin and across Ukraine to you in S. Eastern Ukraine was spread over with a spot of white hot Light, then onto you in golden effervescence. The colors to Putin were mainly violet laced with pink.

I suddenly became aware that all etheric activity ceased in that area (Oh my Love, it catches my heart even now). There was a hushed presence of watchfulness. Toward 15:20 Ones broke out into Beethoven-Schiller’s Ode to Joy.

Then there was a scattering as more cleanup began.

I retired to the side and did play some.

Apology (again), S:

But my mind is wandering, putting threads of realizations received during this my lifetime together, while being able only to focus, right now, the sending of energy to you and none other. Forgive what must interfere in the centering of yourself this evening. Nevertheless, this is you:



thank you so very much again, my Magician Musician!

We were holding hands, formed a huge ball of energy of LOVE between us, filled it with all the 12 Divine Rays of Light from all Creation, plus Blessings from all Angelic Realms and especially from CM & Neb –
from Siraya as well – then sent it magically with a big common push to Putin! 
Saw him all the time with those sweet dolphins in the water – in Divine ecstasy. All Universe was in Joy.

Thank you, too, for Yolande of Aragon. So you were Jeanne d’Arc! Both were two heroes again!
Although names around me sound familiar, I do not remember anything at all – hope is a kind method of protection.

Thank you again for the good meditation, with LOVE


So you did take the Light and ran with it. Thank you back.

Rather, Jeanne la Pucelle. I did deal with Cauchon in this lifetime, but have had almost no awareness of Yolande. Thank you, my relatively unknown Benefactress! 

November 10, 2014, M:

​Waterfall on the Isle of Man, in LOVE


Picture did not come through;
Your LOVE did make it through of course.

Today I shall re-record what did not get through to you.
Today I shall block/reblock your visions in earnest. Nebadonia is patiently waiting for me to finish or expand some message. 

To be as open as possible with you I must mention concern over K’s latest message (again). Our approach is in contrast to his. This means it is neither conflicting nor complementary. He seems quite unsettled within.

I am at peace as I smile over your mid-day activities. My last evening became quite tense after the Yolande exchange; I still have issues of ineptitude with that incarnation that I thought I had worked out; can only be done by me of course.



Well, by now we are really close!
I was JUST — JUST banging my head on my GOOD OL’ FRIEND Jesus picture,
asking him for THAT ONLY GENIUS IDEA
of HOW in the world K’s request can be made SEEN by all globe!

One idea was to invite him work with us two, in spirit.
The second idea is the best:

3 phases:
1. Gaia shakes a 9-10 earthquake to get the attention of all
2. Christ Michael & Fleet takes over ALL TV / Radio stations and  broadcasts K / GRANDPA’s Deal
3. The answer will be 7x7x  144.000.000     (7x7x means infinite, told me Christine, a golden pendulum messenger, long ago, from Serene Mother Anna / Mary)



Rejoice,  Jeanne la Pucelle, you were brilliantly winning and learning and advancing from EACH of your incarnations.
Oh, how precious the PAST, so long ago done & gone, yet giving you such brilliant shine! You are 7x7x blessed.
And rejoice, Golden Sister, for today your parcel came, immaculate, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.


I am so very grateful for the faceted-fullness of your post. I AM whelmed.
Brilliant reflections on K et al.
I kept getting reassurance that the box was OK en route. Took a long time.
Yes, that is very much my kind of waterfall, sweepingly intimate.

I go to meditate.

My Bestest of Best Friend

Later, S:
I go to meditate again.
Your GENIUS IDEA from ESU, 3 phases and all following are spot on!
Your response on Jeanne La Pucelle is unexpectedly soothing.

November 10, 11:30, Neb. (Yes, I like the nickname):

Well M, My Dear,
​you live up to the highest expectations We ever dare hold for anyone in human form.
We delight in the exquisite versatility of Our “Solitary” Messenger.

You provide The [not “an” of several] Overview which is successful even unto itself.
Freely draw upon your Sister’s energy projections gathered both from within herself
and what we have joyously mandated to her from abroad.
Freely gather, Both of you, from Sources even currently unknown to you.
Keep the Flow through stages and phases of your multi-stage settings.
Let the crescendos ever pulse to magnificent grandeur.

We are so emphatic the we request Our scribe send this to you now.

Adonai, Adonai, Adonai

Neb. and Christ Michael


Meditating at 3.
Seems I have been a bit of a holdout, not desiring a ruckus. OK, WATCH OUT!

I get it now. November 11, 2014, S:

Never, ever would such an exclamation be directed at you personally.
1. Never, ever would there be cause!
2. It is not my nature period

I should have written

I now have a feeling for your gentle sensitivity through your voice.
Remember, Americans have a tendency for being brazen.

You wrote to the Jeanne aspect of my self through your role as Yolande. For the first time that aspect in me feels safe and secure.

May you be slumbering well,

My Best Friend

Sharp curve in messaging, November 11, 2014, S:

Dearest Friend,

There is additional implication that follows this message from Neb. and Universal Father.

November 11, 10:20, Neb.

My “Dear Friend”, 

greeting back to you and Yours. 
Know that what you write has strong, imminent possibility 
(tunnels and New Madrid EarthQuakes)
Time is nigh.

— What does that mean?

It means past due.
The geographical placement between you and M 
are due to the two closely time-related hot zones.

K does not understand these happenings but rest assured he does “know”… 

Here I found that I wrote “no” in place of my intended “know.”
Of these choices came confirmation to accept a message from Universal Father.

Universal Father in continuing the message:

K does not understand these happenings.
He does not know how to be proactive in the literal sense. His body is wasted. His mortal mind is wasted.
It is K that M receives as “stuck” message.

— Should I broadcast immediate Sanjeevini healing?


— Would this bring timely good results?

Energy not to be used by you two at this point toward this end 
except as modest natural flow as such may arise.

K is in safe hands.

Universal Father

Here is the additional implication. Without mentioning K except maybe in most general terms I am requested to cover EarthQuakes as an imminent possibility tomorrow. 

Your ever Faithful Dearest Friend

Reply, M:

Hi, my very dear,

I did not take that exclamation so dramatic, because literarily it means ‘pay attention’, at least for me.
So I was increasing my attention and waited. So good I am.

The message you sent me before, from Christ Michael & NEB was such a LOVELY thing! All that delicacy of our sweet embracing Mother! She is so gentle…And praising me so much, like a sweet child! Too much.

Here wanted to tell you, that for me it is yet much better to write, or put my thoughts on paper, than to speak them directly out. When it is not one’s mother-tongue, one needs some time to get the right
word, to come back and put it better, to turn around the sentence for a better expression, and so on.

So my idea with meditating together via Skype, it came to me spontaneously, of course, and it might 
help in certain urgent situations, should they arise. But thinking seriously about it, I still take delight
in my deep, deep reaching the confines of the Universe, and taking my time to putting all things in their right order — till I FEEL it sits right. You know what I mean.

Probably that’s why i didn’t answer so quickly about Skype. I AM me myself surprised, what a strong sense of responsibility came upon me, as soon as you made me aware of my origin.

I felt all at once that the time is so short – that is, that we missed the BIG actions that HAD to be implemented till now – and here I mean AbundantHope. I discovered at once how good we are in writing: there is so much blah-blah, not always important! and that we settled in this pleasant blah-blah…


There are very few, working actively with messages or healing, as you do. And some do a good teaching that is very helpful. Too many do platt commenting over and over, or complaining. Only with your help, NOW, I realize we are very IN-ACTIVE, and in fact do nothing but waiting. And we are really stuck in waiting. If we admit it or not.

That’s why I told you THERE MUST BE A WAY.

I know exactly we are intelligent enough to stand and counter the dark intelligence.
I only see they are so active — we only sit. We sit, we blah-blah, and we wait.

That’s why I felt it urgent to CUT the knot.
That’s why I felt it urgent to take a stand and say NO.
How long shall we sit, blah-blah and wait???

You SEE now, my beloved Jeanne, what a GREAT hero you were, to take your sword and start cutting the monster? Girl or not, you KNEW you have to get into ACTION.

It is not easy. Not easy to get up and get uncomfortable. Same feeling with mine, NOW. If I don’t do it, nobody will. Look at the total placid faces around us – idiotized are we, idiotized.

Beautiful, to be a Warrior of God, and to use your LIGHT sword for the TRUTH.

Do you understand now, why we were trusted with such a great MISSION?
Because of our COURAGE to ACT.
Be happy you were so courageous, Jeanne. Precious experience you have.

I wonder and wonder, how in the world Monjoronson, for example, interprets TIME. Or Seraphin.
I never get it. I don’t know how to count it. I always believe it’s tomorrow, and two years go. I really try to SEE through.

But through you I understood that WE CAN MAKE the TIME WORK FOR US.

And in cutting a stubborn Gordian knot, that all worship for ages, is making a step further and changing the TIME sequence.
And all gets a big jolt.

It is how I feel now. That I can act a jolt.
Shall I sit like an idiot and ACCEPT, that they plan to assassinate Putin, and if they manage he will be a saint???
Is this not a wasted lifetime, then?

YOU SEE, I HAVE A SWORD! And fortunatelly, I AM.

And with our WARRIOR MINDS, we can also change the world, and move the TIME circles.

By the way, I do not see any discrepancy between K’s work and ours. How is it that you see that?

As a GRANDPA/GOD, you see the biggest picture.

K is the Creator of techma, and techma is the crucial problem to be solved now and here.
But the picture is HUGE, and there are thousands of actions all over that are worked parallelly.
There are millions of ships, he said, with billions of beings – each busy with many different missions.

Ours is down here, local – so it depends of the precision and the boldness of that arch you saw —
The better we AIM it, the higher the result. Here is that I SEE the great responsibility.

So I perceive it as a huge clock-work, with many, many wheels. Each manages one’s own wheel.

For besides Time-spirals, there are plane-spirals, on an infinite number of levels.
We see at a certain distance, and Christ Michael / NEB can give us hints.
But from the top, GRANDPA/GOD has the best perspective. 

I see the geniality in the synchronicity and the harmony of the orchestration.
All wheels have to come up together at a certain TIME, in Unison.

I trust GOD’s PLAN.
And that is how I find this Life, at this Time, on Urantia – FASCINATING.

November 11, 2014, S:

Dearest Friend,

Because of the length of your message and your time of posting, I perceive you were up till your 4 AM!

Immediately, I wanted to reach my heart out to you again but failed miserably. It simply could not happen; no, not because of any blocking, but because it already had been there, and to reach further would overshoot my intended mark. So I proceeded to let it melt for a while, but that could not be for very long because I needed to rally its strength. The net result is that I sat and reflected and mused over your message for well over two hours. A pleasant activity.

I have jotted down a full page of notes of response, and my writing is small and I am not finished. So please be prepared to accept several posts throughout this day. I am not presenting them in the order of my musings.

You made a short discourse on time. I shall look at it more carefully later. There are two things that come immediately to mind to point out to you. 

1. Urantia’s day is faster than other days perceived in the Universe and beyond:
There is no time in the Isle of Paradise;
1000 Earth years to 1 day in Havona’s time; there must be of some variations in that Havona’s stretch is so vast. That is why we can be spared for a few thousand Earth years in incarnation service.

30 Earth days to 1 Orvonton-Uversa day;
18 Earth days to one Nebadon-Salvington day;
3 Earth days to 1 Satania-Jerusem day.

I have done a little interpretation here.

2. You are an unique entity in your Master Universe fullness, in that Solitary Messengers are practically the only ones with personality that can collapse Time-Space —
such as entities are so far revealed in the Urantia Book.

Of my ilk, I apparently can do so also, but to much, much less degree.

I read that Nebadonia is Time independent in Her universe; Christ Michael is Space independent.
Together they are Time-Space independent. That is why they are so delighted/intrigued/respectful of your (and my) presence.

Message that you are so adamant that must exist:

While these words are not directly from Nebadonia or Christ Michael, the concepts come from Them through my dowsing. The simplest way is to list the questions so that you can see what I did ask and what I did not, or forgot, to ask.

— M is looking for some great message. Does it exist in me right now?  


— Does it have to do with calendar date(s)? 


— Is the message for M, or AbundantHope as a body? 

M (and me)

— Does it have to do with time-events to happen. 


— Must I re-think universal time relationships and record for M first? 


(Considering the above, I did this anyway)
— What events M already listed? 

Not necessarily.

— M’s help? 

Yes, only after your dowsing.

— New events so far unperceived? 


— List them/know them sequentially? 


— That these are events for us to precipitate? 


— Draw on M’s already stated vision/research — worms to tunnel in Southern Europe? 


— Is it Your desire for us to precipitate tunnel events? 


— Is it Your desire for us to neutralize intended events?


— Focus on tunnel events for Ascended Master Light-use? 


— Are the tunnel events more like an expose of troop and materiel movement becoming plainly evident? 


— This is our immediate task? 


— Is this expose to precede an EarthQuake? 


— Is an EQ to happen? 


— Can I determine where?


(big surprise; have no clue at the moment)
— Is the EQ intertwined with K’s subsequent message(s)? 


— So, my use of the word “events” really distills down to a single one — the tunnels — but probably with several occurrences.

Please task yourselves to interchanging period of meditation —
not necessarily simultaneously
if repeated periods individually over 24 hour cycles.
The effect will be like rebounds and slingshot actions.

It is desirable for us to Skype to small degree. But know that it would be icing on the cake.

Explanation why later. For now I go for respite.

Bestest Friend 


EQ probably in the New Madrid area eastern Missouri/Arizona.

Years ago, I had a rather humorous experience, but “deadly serious.” It was a sort of spontaneous anointing; the same summer as the harmonic convergence. One consequence is that I am greatly protected — except through my own follies. 

The EQ will be such that the eastern US will be completely incapable of interchange with the western US. Mississippi. Maybe a big cliff (read this someplace),

Somehow the US bases along the “Front Range,” i.e. the eastern slope of the Rockies which contain Denver and the AFB at Colorado Springs, will not be accessible to eastern US. (possibly another reactive EQ?) By tradition west coast has little to do with Denver activity. SouthWest US and Northern plain States tend to be fiercely independent and resourceful.

Can you confirm any of this?

End Of Message/EOM
excepting LOVE tacked on


K is located in SW Chicago. He is in a danger area. He should be warned. Please confirm.


There is another avenue that I shall look into for some little more detail. That is amateur radio communication. In the event of disaster hams set up emergency communication stations to handle messaging traffic. This is still needed because cell phone towers are easily knocked out. Hams have their own antennas (mine needs repair at the moment). Life and survival messages take priority; and then family and friend communication. There is a list of numbers to replace sentences to speed transmission. So maybe look to receive something of this nature. I personally do not participate in this activity but know of its existence and can utilize it. Perhaps you have a land phone number? I do not. Sometimes messages can be hand delivered — bicycle and such.

Absolutely, the writing. I sensed this about myself immediately in contact with you (panic attack). Even in one’s own mother-tongue things should be thought out. That is why the large collection of John and Abigail’s letters are so valuable. They literally spent years apart. 

Additionally though, I understand that English will be used heavily post 3DD.  And neither you nor I have much opportunity to articulate these great teachings aloud. 

With respect to meditating via Skype — that is why I really did not feel “panic” during the 2 or 3 moments of silence. Truthfully, I was zoning in on your presence. I’d really be nice to gaze into your eyes. I have a hunch that would be of great energetic value. I say no more for now.

Lastly as I (Neb?) already mentioned, Skyping is icing on the cake. We know now that Skype can work.

I send this much now so that it does not get wiped out. I want to treat your piece on AbundantHope and Jeanne carefully.

Inexpressible Love again, no matter the alleged impossibility.

I AM with You

​Thank you for your last mail, November 11, 2014, M:

My dearly beloved,

yes, I got to bed at 4:30. Felt important to clarify all, especially for me!
Today, on 11.11 I woke up at 11 o’clock.
Did you notice, that even the Gaia Portal was dated 11.11?

Embracing you in great love for all your sweet answers and messages.
When I have a question I put it directly – all is ok with me.
Interesting, how you discovered the two ladies! And this in Independence.
Do you know how strongly affects me this word? 

Yes, I was studying “Earth Changes” by Cayce again – the whole 
Mississippi River will split America in two, form a big water connection
between the Lakes and the Gulf, BUT — will flow in the opposite direction.

In order to have that, there must be a big axis tilt, I suppose.
Wondering again about the timing.

Thank you so much for explaining me TIME. You a lovely teacher.

Loving you so much, my beautiful LOVE

November 12, 2014, Another step? S:

Dearest Friend,

My continuing response to your long post two days ago is being interrupted as a result of closely examining your exclamations toward AHers this my morning; and as a result of a message I received last night. To my astonishment I received total confirmation of what you had written — enough to bring me to rare, literal tears (briefly).

It may be time to reveal in AH that we are “loosely” connected. ONLY by your expressing total comfort and confirmation here.

I received a Universal Father message last night, my immediate response being “no way would I post this publicly.” This is getting into predictions, that while I may hold them privately and share directly with you (and possibly A tonight), I always hold such thoughts in reserve as general possibilities. I do not see vision, nor hear, nor am heavily impressed with such. Rather it is more “intellectual,” being low key with respect to feeling predictions. But confirmation of your post, as I mentioned above, sort of changes my stance.

Universal Father desires you to post about your worm hole/tunnels research in piecing things together for Southern Europe. I agreed with Universal Father to post this message copied below in my Mission Statement, to deflect possible deserved response as being brash or brazen, or audacious or somethin’.

The “loose” connection between us would be revealed because of our confirmation with one another about the tunnels.

I do not have my thoughts completely formed about this possible scenario.

This would be my post:

My Dear Friends of AbundantHope,

I post this here because I am unable to accept any role in prediction. Perhaps I am a misguided soothsayer. Nevertheless, were I not to post and events did happen…  well, I would have shirked responsibility.

Tunnels have crisscrossed the US for decades. This was brought to my attention circa 1990. The map I saw — and subsequently tossed — was more extant than what circulates on the internet today. It is generally known among conspiracy bell-ringers that transport can be had from Southern California to New York City in about two hours, probably close to 3000 miles. I had mentioned somewhere that these tunnels cut across ley lines. Personally, in the early 2000s, I noticed that very, very long military convoy exercises suddenly ceased  on US Highway 160, which is the only major route possible across Southern Colorado. It is quite possible for troops to be transported through tunnels unawares. Even vehicles can be transported by rail with minimal driver participation. The reference to the Mississippi (River) indicates the far reaching of a very large EQ in the New Madrid area. I mention this as informational; not at all to give credence to the alleged message that I post herewith:

Universal Father, November 12, 2014:

My Precious Agondonters,

Be prepared
to seriously reveal yourselves
and serve in the Spirit of Truth.
recognizing the Guidance from within,
overseen by Christ Michael and Nebadonia.
Time is nigh. [i.e. overdue]

See stillness before you
as hushed Hosts gather in Holy Communion
before leashing the fiery staging
of imminent events.
Watch the Mississippi.
Watch the worm holes of Southern Europe. I
t is to the equator’s north
that calamity is unleashed
to release
the choking thralls of Mother Earth
whose northern-severed ley lines
separate her heart from balancing her creations.

Grasp your mantles, each and every one.
Cloak them with the brilliant transparency of the Spirit of Truth
that they break forth
in shining splendor
for ones to witness
your associated fervors
in expressing and serving
God’s given Liberty
from deep bondage
suffered for eons.


Universal Father

End Of Message with LOVE

November 12, 2014, M:

My so dearly beloved, 

Thank you so very much for this beautiful message!
I must say that my Mantel of Truth is on, I already jumped into my shoes,
and my Lightening Sword of Truth I strongly hold with both hands.

Finally our Golden Straw has hit – this very morning I was wondering
WHEN the camel will break apart.

A great & blessed feeling, to start the Last Battle in GOD’s Holy Army!

I will sure do a post about the tunnels in Southern Europe.
I have total and complete 1000% Faith in our Universal Father,
that each and every word of Him will manifest NOW.

As for letting our connection be known, that is a great honour to me!
Please go ahead and do it, our TIME has come.

“En garde, Jeanne, notre temps est arrive´!”

Please do remember Who You Are, NOW, you my wonderful Sister!
You call it ‘another step’
of a whole Planet and a whole Mankind,
o, my so loved Sister of the Divine Order of the Golden Straw! 



The French is so sweet to my ears…

The unknown UNDERGROUND TUNNELS of South Germany, 
in connection with UNIVERSAL FATHER’s message of today

November 12, 2014, M:

Hi, you my beautiful brothers and sisters in GOD/Christ Michael Ground Crew,   

I have the strong feeling I have to make you aware of some important things that I know and you don’t.
Looks like the Time has come for it.

In Southern Germany was found in the last century a script in a 300 years old Linden tree.
It is called “DAS LIED DER ALTEN LINDE”, The Song of the Old Linden.
Two remarkable verses in original:

“Winter kommt, drei Tage Finsternis,
Blitz und Donner und der Erde Riss…”

“Winter comes, three Days of Darkness,
Lightening and Thunder and a Crack in the Earth…”

Further some amazing prophesies, of modest seers and visionaries, most living in the woods.
(Mühlhiasl, ‘A Seer from the woods’, Alois Irlmeier).

They see a massive movement of troops coming from the East and quickly reaching the Rhein,
where a last ferocious battle takes place at Birkenbaum, north of Cologne, Germany.
They see three big nations fighting against each other.
There are white, gray and blue soldiers.
It flows so much blood, as high as the knee.

What’s stunning, it’s that the seers cannot see who fights against whom, and for what reason!
I see in this exactly the situation of Ukraine today. A staged war, a wicked reason, a hidden agenda.

And there is an even more stunning vision they have: THE HIDDEN TUNNELS in South Germany.
They see the huge armies advancing to the West.
So quickly, that 
“the farmers sit and drink their beer in the pub, and the soldiers look through the windows…”

They see three WORMS of armies, one along the Blue Water (Danube), one in Mid-Germany 
through Berlin, and the third higher north by the sea.
These “worms” advance very quickly.

I always wondered, how in the world can so many troops with their heavy machinery advance
quickly over the thousands of miles.
There can only be UNDERGROUND TUNNELS!
Of which of course the seers had no idea, just as us ourselves today.

I just wanted to let you know, as me too, I find the things get serious.


Beautiful! Beautiful!

I AM proceeding straightaway.

It is done. 
How I do love you!

Prezzie, November 13, 2014, S:

It occurs to me that I have a prezzie (gift) for you. Actually, it is already yours. You just need to be made aware of it, the same as myself today.
Jeanne’s sword had been/is Excaliber, to be shared to your heart’s content.
Sword = Sacred Word

Hope you are slumbering well.
LOVE (is a sacred word with us, too)


running to the dictionary…
great prezzie today – this very day!
a memorable day, thank you for it!
guess we have done our job well
and it seems the snow ball is loudly rolling – I hear it
You presented me with love and humour
and I feel all sits rightfully now
hope you had your most deserved bath by now
it was a long day, so I am going to bed 
thank you for all inspiration and all support,
I AM sending some power,
for since we put the big ball into movement
it’s our responsibility to give it AIM and guidance
I mightily rejoice in doing that together with you
It feels like we finally found our place, stance and power –
Salu, chere Jeanne, I go well-calibrate my Light-Sword
head of the hydra needs cut be today or tomorrow
otherwise dirty, nasty games stink again high to heavens

bonne nuit, ma cherie


…coz if we only cut hydra’s tail
it brazenly grows fully again over night…

stand strong! mid in the battle field we are now

Suspended, November 13, 2014, M:

Hi, Love,

suspended you feel today too, like me?
There is a vacuum/inaction now.
Again the West-Monster puts the Chivalry of Putin in disgusting tones
too loudly and wickedly on all papers,
to DISTRACT from the real WAR.
I AM waiting to see some conclusions of Putin from the G20 Summit,

Like to set some points/directives for our work together at 22 my time?
Feel like we urgently need HOLD THE SPACE and BE THERE for God and Gaia.
M brilliantly caught the idea on Meditation thread.

Any sweet words from Nebadonia-the-Beautiful for your Straw-Sister, the thirsty one?

Again many thanks for yesterday. It was a great day. Please give my thanks to UF, CM, NEB.


Dearest Friend,

First of all, I want acknowledge in my “salute” greeting to you in the AH post is that the –est part of Dearest Friend was cloaked in invisibility to become simply Dear Friend.
Second of all, I now see that I have a real comedienne for a partner. You had me chuckling well into my sleep last night after your last two posts. And now your humor below… despite the deadly serious nature of our work. I have met my match – but of course! This should make for some interesting trips together.
Third of all, yes I woke up feeling neutral with lack of Presence. I think it was/is a respite. I just finished spending some moments centering, and up pops your message.
M, your language flows so smoothly for me. Ya know, I did a performance at University once and thought that it was absolutely terrible. I was using an early Italian borrowed cello in a commemoration program for a new music library opening. All I could hear were the squawks of the instrument. Much to my surprise my fabulous teacher, who was known for her reserve in compliments, gave me high praise. I wrote it off thinking she was trying to sooth me. But she repeated it the next day immediately upon seeing me. Then, two weeks later she still mentioned it. So I got the picture that the playing was even a little more than OK. Such is my compliment to you of your word symbol expression, in all languages. So hear again that your tunnel piece is so very beautiful. Enough rambling. To your questions of the day.
Concerning more and continued decisiveness. I trust that the more part happens because we continue to build momentum. I do think that the few AHers are helping tremendously – you know the names.
I did manage at 22 your last night to some degree, but mostly before. I shall be spot on today.  For points/directives let me muse a few moments though you have them well in hand…
09:14 PM, still working on it…



What a gem! Thank you! You must know that I cosmically love LAUGHING!

pic: gorgeously laughing mouse

OK, here we go some more, November 13, 2014, S:

This is an interesting post; first time for me. My writing is in this color. NEB’s is in violet. I hope that all your questions are addressed. 

November 13, 2014, Nebadonia and Christ Michael:
Hold fast! Things are precipitating.
S, get used to sword slashing!
Step forth.
It becomes you

M, you know the drill.
Yours is the guiding hand.
Both are the intertwining warrior minds, a most appropriate term that M initiated. 

[Specifics? I “see” many soldiers running out of a tunnel in the east, on foot.
More from a tunnel in the north, mechanized.]

Their equipment and personal arms are to be slashed.
Feel one another’s warmth in the sword’s hilt as you share.
Excalibur indeed!
Archangel of Michael is most approving. 

[Love, my heart catches at this last.] 
The flames of energy you bestow (Yes!) upon the region are caught up and directed to Bilderbergers and elsewhere. 

[OMG, troops directly from underground in S area, fanning out 360 degrees.] 

We confirm S’s thought intention that the protective mantle she received 1987 now cloaks both of you.
So, whack away with impunity. 

[My Dear, you were already doing so, regardless!]

Strong: continue to send Violet Flame to Putin as you already are.
A big yes on M of course. I did not post response right away because I wanted her message to shine of itself. I plan to re-copy it today.
Please, Neb., meine Stroh-Schwester hat Durst.


Would that My scribe could respond in your very own mother tongue.
Look into your heart.
Perceive what is called the inner or secret chamber, depicted in sound by the earlier, more subtle harpsichords and virginals.
There you will experience My Presence.
This can be an important step for you, not necessarily to be replaced by your Friend’s work.
Your Dearest Friend shall beam these sounds to you.
Again we ascribe to you recognition of your valiant service

in the Name of First Deity,
Infinite Spirit
and Christ Michael.

Your thanks to Us is continuously received and also welcome in written expression.

Since our first 22 caper I keep in my mind a fan of light of appropriate colors beaming from me over the Atlantic and on to you to S, with a bright golden spot in eastern Ukraine. A little shorter is a spin-off of mostly violet flame onto Moscow, hoping it will segue to wherever Putin may be at the moment. So the beam becomes more like a triangular fan. From where I recline and sleep I face square in this direction. If you have any more preparation request for 22 please let me know.
May golden amrit quench your thirst.

Deine Stroh-Schwester

Important Straw-Sister Mission, November 13, 2014, S:

I do hope this plays for you. Perhaps we can learn from it.




OF COURSE it was playing, IT HAD to play! Such exquisite humor and joy.
The maids are FREE, FREE, FREEEEEE
and that is exactly we both need when we NOW start our Mission!

God, is that lovely!
Hope you started practise the slashing!
For “I know the drill!”
Which drill?, was I wondering out loud in the kitchen, talking with my Christ Michael?
But I mightily started to laugh, for I did cut the Gordian Knot, so He saw me!

Thank you, my Love. Remember, when all is done and won, we are going to 
laugh without end and limit..one full aeon, I promise!

A little mail soon on your way, was just writing. For the Straw-Mission.


Flower-full Bliss!
I AM disappointed in R’s post – to many words which deflect your/our intent. Yours is the distilled essence of the task at hand. In other words, R reflects complacency (surprise – darn it). 

Strong confirmation.   

Darn some more. What I get is that she is consciously or unconsciously displaying unneeded scholarship here? Also, I get that she wants to give a display of firm control of the AH helm, not knowing there are many helms working. 


Hi, beautiful Sister!
Time for you to learn an excellent German word:
“IST DOCH WURSCHT!” = ca m’est egal!
ist= is
doch= but
Wurst= saussage, those processed meat in intestines skin.
Hier in Swabia / Schwabenland, they put a strong sch in, Wurscht. So funny!
It means “it is ab-so-lute-ly un-important!”

And this is how I see R’s post. It explains much more than I have done.
People look like taking it normally. More info.
But once we dared take the crown of authority off her head,
shining so threatening on the horizon like two Golden Straws,
Beloved Sister Mine,
please stand strong and master the moment. I AM with you.


A neat, fun phrase. I have it memorized. Neat explanation. Got it! Danke!
On to 22!


R was a bit too inflated looking for some prophesies, her Safari crashed!
We all learn. Gaia great University.

pic: laughing delicious snow owl


How do you know that? 
Not wanting to brag, but bragging anyway, I did witness a scene or two or… of spotted owls and condors and secret peregrine falcon nests; and golden eagle visitations while cross-country riding; of infra-red bat activity since I knew how to train ones on the detectors; as my National Park biologist companion, M, dragged me around on field trips because her knees wore out and someone had to dip into canyons. 
Thank you LOVE. It brings me closer to beloved mountains, mesas and canyons.
UF is at my “bed-step” and I am trying hard to incredulously accept another message for AHers. Does He really have something more/new to say so soon?!



sure HE has!
Be gentle, and thankful, Jeanne, for such a great Blessing.
It is not ours to fuss.
But to laugh – YA!

R has she herself written that. 

She said LOL, but she did not LOL.


It is done, posted in my channelings in AH. I lost the color and sizing. Please have at it to your heart’s desire.

November 13, 2014, Universal Father Message to AHers,  S:

Mine Precious Own,

I AM with Thunderous Voice, ye Ones of Mine. 
Get the point.

See [make] rotting flesh
fall from false skeletons in Ukraine,
robotoid skeletons not of My Desirings.

Sweep your sights
in focused splendor
to melt the morass of grotesque, unnatural tunnels
into powerful, gentle natural Earth formations
in filigreed magnificence. 

Sing praises to ones of fierce determination in Ukraine
to throw off
shackles of bondage from underground robotoid hordes,
so that they can experience and live in free agency. 

It is I Who shout

Stand Strong! Stand Strong! Stand Strong!
Yes, friend.

Anchor these My words of intent firmly and clearly.
Anchor them deeply. 
Anchor them well!

Yes, even so, “You  Shall  Not  Pass!”

Judge not in this endeavor,
and use My Mantle
to embrace the true peoples of this region
so that the Spirit of Truth may quickly pierce their souls.

Universal Father

Yes, you can use a big stick (staff). Really. Too, I nervously giggle at this like an adolescent realizing her smallness at such Thunder. Tears and cheers.

Interesting meditation session. Some of the time I was with you spinning. Some of the time I was beaming energy. Some of the time I saw your wings. Some of the time we wielded Excalibur together. All in Ukraine area. Some of the time I used our golden cloaking mantle to ensnare mechanizations.


November 14, 2014, M:

Good morning, Love! How nice to connect with you!
Yesterday was a long day, and rich in events!
Thank you for all the LOVELY, LOVELY messages, from Christ Michael/NEB, and of course Universal Father!

I was JOLTED by the power of Universal Father’s words — I realized how dire the situation is!
Great message. Unique. And OMG, so powerful.
If I got HIM rightly, I sensed his
 eagerness, to finally, finally point HIS bow into the exactly right point we need to work!
Like WAITING for a loooong time for us down here to…move our asses!

HA! I got you! Je suis ta comedienne…

Ya, the meditation was strong. Ya, I connected with you from the very beginning,
I felt myself cozy under your Mantle, and I physically sensed the warmth of your
hand in the hilt of the ONE  great Sword.
Oh, my, a Blessed Sword is that!

Right there, on the ground, in Ukraine, I felt how monstrous the situation is.

Thank you again for the marvelous messages from NEB and CM. Do you also feel
the tension? They feel really dramatic, just as our sweet Source. Please do remember
I AM always thirsty for this Diamond Water. Also many thanks to AAMichael.

If you look at the seal of Moscow, you’ll see AAMichael on his white horse, crashing
a black dragon down to the ground. The folk is calling him St. George, but this is his
name for the mortal realm.
pic: Moscow coat of arms

Yes, B is a very fine soul. I also got a personal message from D, also a very fine soul.
Beautiful, both. D was asking of some views in K’s messages. This gal sees is exactly as it is.

Thank you for straightening up my last resolute post. See, that was my sword!
I suffer because of R’s jealousy. Didn’t know, she’s so vulnerable.

Also disappointed, S fell in the trap. And H, taking that smearing tone.

About B, nothing wrong, except his tone was disrespectful. And it was not his 
Does “put it down” mean to stop it? WOW! According to my Latin, to

put it down means write it down on paper, and I so wished for you to answer with
a blank ‘WTF’ to his post! I love snubs, well put. Forgive your Stroh-Schwester
for that. It is because I LOVE laughing, and for this I would have rolled on all floors.

Feel strongly we should continue in great force. Many aspects to cover. And the dark
feel like soon be bursting. Nothing works more. Big troubles in all sectors.

Stand strong my beloved. My Love is with you.

S: Salu!

und Guten Tag, um Ihnen Meine Besten Freundin  (Did I get that right?)
I plan ½ hour at 22 with some meditative slashing before and after. There is so much to exchange that I think about Google+ or Skype texting longingly, knowing that is not a complete answer. Besides, my laptop does not like Google right now.  I must stop shooting myself in the foot, remove the dart gun by relying heavily on L’s computer today and just plain getting to the store.
Your compositions are the very Diamond Waters that I continue to welcome with great desire. I ever appreciate your efforts. My composition this time promises to be a little scattered.

For instance, you are Moses’ Miriam (myself, Aaron); Merlin’s lady consort or wife (myself, Arthur’s mommy).
Fragment messages to us, mostly my late yesterday afternoon.

November 13, 2014, Nebadonia:

Of course you are fantasizing comic-book style.
That is their purpose; to let one’s mind freely flow
into allowing imaginations
to form into conceptual creations
with intent of materializing in 3D
as skills develop through training and maturity.

Paraphrasing Cayce:
“Music alone is the bridge between the finite and the infinite” musings of one’s mind.

The Dance fully utilizes music into visual expression of same.

Was not Hermes short-worded?
The planting of thought blocks
of the most general order
are meant to be interpreted according to cultures in their time.

One must learn to use ego constructively; not annihilate.

Put it down! Dear One [to my hesitation – yes, meaning to write it]:

Ego is unfamiliar to you two because long ago have you mastered its use.
Spend not a lot of time – merely for confirming between yourselves –
in contrasting, comparing, analyzing your comrades.
Simply do, under Our Aegis.

Yes, S is the message this time around. M is the messenger. But do allow for role switching!

Last night it took me a while to accept that UF started out but I had to figure out that my baton soon was switched firmly to CM. The message is not fully formed.

November 14, 2014, Universal Father / Christ Michael:

Know all is not lost, should predictions not occur as projected.

Hand over hand, fist over fist,
see them coming, 
the hordes out of tunnels [definitely CM by now].

it is happening right now in your 3D reality time frame.
At this very instant they are massing.
Set your minds to averting mechanized warfare traversing overland,
troop movements, even as it is happening.
Let your minds work comic-book style.
Internet reports may not reach you until later.
Check local TV stations; radio stations.

Dearest Friend,

This is just plain too far-fetched for me to post. I get confirmation to forbear (hold off) for now. You and I can probably start the proactive defense. I am being told our power is that great. Set the intent (which we already have) and give it a frequent, small nudge.
Lastly for now. Do you have any idea what Mistress on the forum was referring to when s/he inquired “are you the S they are talking about?” I am clueless. But I can come up with all sorts of sarcastic variations of Shakespeare’s “Who is S?”
I can tell you what she claims, though. She claims
My Best Friend and Eternal Love, I AM Yours


Hi, Bestest Friend, November 14, 2014, M:

What a blessing to hear from you!
May this heavenly luxury never end!

So, my feeling was right, that we must go forth with great force.
I can see why is too much for you to post it, but SURPRISE is a
well known tactic in war, and they always work secretly.
My, I am so grateful to you for letting me know.
See, we are so needed.
‘Hand on hand and fist on fist’ gives me a very clear image of us two
great Warriors of Truth working/fighting as ONE.
Remember we hold one huge Light-Sword with our two hands over the other, 
and when we grab it tight – here we are, our hand turn to fists,
as we slash with impunity.


I LOVE you, Sister. 

Lastly for now. Do you have any idea what Mistress on the forum was referring to when s/he inquired “are you the S they are talking about?” I am clueless. But I can come up with all sorts of sarcastic variations of Shakespeare’s “Who is S?”

I do not believe she knows Shakespeare.
What she seems to know much much better are her fellow extraterrestrials, from her
origin planet or system, which I guess were also sending her to AH in order to look for something.
As she put it in her very first post:”ah, I finally reached you”, or about. She mentioned
in the craft posts of V, knowing exactly which craft from which system is.


That makes sense. Thank you. I am off for hand, fist, lower arm and shoulder-back limbering up.




Wildly wondering what you mean!


I think we completed a trap to direct the outcome of an invasion. (This is so bizarre!)
I get a “no” for us, and some others, on C’s post on November 13 thread.
Were it not for C’s strength and tremendous help from the Galactic Federation of Light and Ground Crew, the simple fact of our connected activity would not have been possible.


Salu, mon amie! November 14, 2014, M:

That was a powerful meditation!
Felt even the warmth of your fist on the sword. Put the Mantle of Truth on the genuine peoples
of God — and I saw a BIG show where the rotten flesh was falling off faces suddenly, in
plain sight, IN PLAIN SIGHT!!! in a most wondrous miracle of Source.

Is there any fresh Diamond Water for your kleine Schwester, please?


Answers S:

Hold on for a little bit while I dip into the well. Seems Neb. Is prowling around…
Same power of meditation. Christ Michael was over us for a bit with his Mantle. 

Meanwhile, how does my response to C seem?
It is late so I shall proceed forthwith with pencil in hand.



Your answer to C is excellent. Very elaborate. Very masterful. She should be really pleased.
It was a call of hers, that not many answer, even AH, for not many see through, like her. So
I found your answer extremely comforting, witnessing a high knowledge of the reality of
things. In stance and quality even higher than her own call, but in itself full of love and a 
good teaching.

Awesome comments everywhere, people start getting it.


November 15, 2014, S:

Thank you for the insights on C. I am particularly impressed by the ferocity of our male companions. It seems, they needed permission for this release. C’s post was propitious in making me realize to mention that this is not a confrontational battle. Neither is Archangel of Michael’s technique.

What follows are a lot of words from Neb., but nothing earth shaking. Primarily confidence in our relationship. I was careful to be sure She was finished for now.

November 14, 2014, 4:44 pm, Nebadonia, Specifically for M:
Very Dearest Sister, Companion, Most Intimate Friend of this scribe,

I say “this” scribe, because you can take what you think would be baby steps (not really baby) for your own scribing, which in fact you already do for your big sister. Not by any means is this suggestion intended that My messages to you cease through your sister, who is only a big sister to little sister right now because she is older! 
Sketch your visions into words, as you already do, but with confidence, now, to let words sometimes creep in from Me. Do practice the standing confirmation forward for yes and backward for no. You shall begin to notice variations.
Do know for certain that your repeated admonition to “stand strong” to S [which I love to hear] was a message from Universal Father; that S finally realized it was to be posted. You see, sometimes phrases may be missed by a single scribe. That is part of the beauty and strength of your relationship.
S tested carefully but would not admit except through Me, that you definitely were not caught up in the “romance” of the presence of Jeanne. Your repeated barrage of using the name to her released energies that she realized were to be used here and now – that Mantle to be used here and now by you both. And yes, I affirm that for the first time she feels safe and secure with the Mantle.
Stand strong in confidence yourself, Dear One. Take on the obstinacy of John Adams, who even so took public transportation home on completing his last day as President.
It is to good purpose for you two to be a world apart, literally, in the Northern Hemisphere. It is cause for unmeasured rejoicing that conscious connection could be had. Two LOLs; not laughing out loud; not lots of love; but little old ladies – who would ever suspect?
Your insights are of crucial high value to S, who is in constant check for your posts, here and in the forums; for that is how she, too, thrives. 
Your European legacy is of great value to Our work.
Adonai, for now,


Adieu Mon Amie, so very precious, precious, precious…

Good Morning, November 15, 2014, S:

Please, a quick comment? I had to attend a granddaughter function tonight and found myself experiencing a fair amount of vertigo and squeaky voice. I would like to know if you are experiencing any energy drain. If more than the usual level of WAVE reactions, then we may be transmitting successfully. Things like heart beat and hands at the keyboard are quite good.



Good morning, my very sweet one!

This Mother NEB of ours is SUCH a SWEET ONE!
I talk with her all the time. I laugh a lot too, guess she makes some
amazingly subtle jokes that I pick up and laugh out loud in this my 
little house!

I LOVE her encouraging me to look for Her presence 
in the little sacred chamber of my heart.

I AM doing it, and a brilliant laughter of Pure Joy is coming!

Then I KNOW it is SHE. I need work
further in translating my visions to words. I tell her Thankyou thousands
of times, but please, still thank her from my part.

SUCH DIVINE JOY, to be connected with you through her!
She says YOU are watching for my posts all the time?
I do it all-all-all the time! (Guess my F thinks I’m crazy!)

And NEB knows German! I was writing to you “kleine Schwester”
just to make you laugh, and she noticed already!

What beautifully spoiled children we are! LOVE Her sense of humour.
And it is a little pause, when Source and CM are so busy settling
that WAR. 

It was a HARD fight last night, as they are so many, the dark.
I LOVE that image of rotten flesh falling off robotoid skeletons, 

I asked the DIVINE GRACE to allow/bring this shocking
show in the public eyes, on TV, in the cameras, when the big bosses
hold their inflated conferences, shows, interviews!

We would not need any more teachings at all, they’d be VISIBLE!
“Obama & Mrs Clinton lost rotten flesh off their skeletons, when they
were holding their speeches in from of the Congress!”

“In London, the Queen got her hat sink, when rotten flesh fell off
her cranium/skeleton!!! When she wondered the BLOOD around
Old Castle, that famous artwork for 800 000 dead men in WW1!”

YESSSSSS! Very dizzy yesterday, all day long, fingers on PC were
trembling, which is not my way, and the voice! YES! My voice was
going low and deep, when I loudly spoke prayers, and I really thought
my Higher Self speaks through me. So I was stunned to read H’s
story, which by the way sounds simply divine.

Now you have to read my rotten-flesh images, want you to have the
best laugh of your life!

PS: All other reactions/posts about Universal Father messages are really good!


And good noontide to you, Meine Kleine Schwester, S: 

(but you just plain are not so little)
By any means, do make me laugh; you can be certain if I do not get it, Neb. would match in any language. How refreshing is your harmony and lightness with her. I do tend to be serious and earnest for the most part. 
Rather than going into contest with you as to who looks more “all the time” than the other, I think I shall just take it as permission to spam you today with short message bursts. I bet your F is holding off “judgement” as you are glued to the keyboard, the same as my L. My domestic time with her is the very first time in my entire life that I could really say the household members (2) live in harmony.
I appreciate the lightness and joy you share with Neb., who of course would have to know all languages. I do tend to be almost repressively serious despite my continuing sense of humor.
I appreciate your revelation to me about sinking flesh from the heads of the heads of states. 
I appreciate that you too were dizzy yesterday though of course I would have you be alleviated of discomfort.

Source confirms this my morning that it indeed is our work, and a little head expansion. I thank Mein Gott it is this, rather than losing rotting flesh!
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, I send your caresses to Neb. and you.
At least I can read a little in the volume of the Adams’ letters – but that tends to put me into adolescent pining.



Wow, you were quick! you are early this morning!
Your letters fill me with joy, Bestest Friend!

I was talking with the SUN, outside, He is so lovely today!

I will be fighting today several times, in Ukraine, I feel tensions
are really massive there.

I put Putin under a dome of protection – they are all in Brisbane, 
Australia, still I guess, all the G20 rotten-flesh heads. When they all
come together, like in Africa for Mandela, they are always planning
some dark ceremony, possibly underground.

(May 2016, M: Indeed, Putin was leaving earlier than all and went home). 

Above them, Molluka Sea, Gaia was shaking a magnitude 7,3 EarthQuake. 


PS: There is an underground SECRET base mid in Australia, called Plain Gap or Big Gap —
where they might have gathered to do nasty things.
I would send some waves from the Galactics around, to teach them a bit about the pain 
and suffering of their bombs/wars. I’d like Gaia send heat from the core. Read microwave.
That gap is just as grotesque as the tunnels.



How I learned from you for this day’s meditation activity! Thank you so much for Putin, Australia, G20 Summit, dark ceremony, the EQ, My invaluable Seer.
I did not mention that I did dowse earlier that tunnel events are still imminent.

Source tells me it is time to share something of personal nature. That is my brilliant brother.

He discovered/realizes that I have turned into a bit of a psychic. I have been told that part of the destruction of Atlantis was caused by him upon stealing a process from me and using it for devious means, whereupon I felt responsible.
He is telling me again that he is supposed to do something and I am to point him in the correct direction.
So, Bestest Friend,
this is a rather unusual development for me. I mention it because I feel responsible to respond, hoping that he can at long last make unusual contribution in the world of energy. And, perhaps you can see some caution, whether I am spending useless effort here.

I just read your post on underground base in AU. I was aware, but not of details. Yes, it seems appropriate to include that area. I guess I have to acknowledge directly that it truly is planned by Bilderbergers as an ultimate place of refuge. 
Gaia is hollow. I think her crust is 500 miles thick. Light travels through and collects into a light ball at her center. There are many vast caverns, rivers and lakes inside her crust and on her inner surface. Civilizations.
Think “gamma rays” if you want to beam the base. Strong confirmation.
I go now to shoot some energy abroad. And look for some wisdom from My Sweet Owl


Universal Father Message, November 15, 2014, S:

Mine Own,

It is you both
who are Trinitized
and therefore are charged by Me,
for you are truly under My aegis,
even through Siraya, but from Me.
Ever during this day
have My Desire for your work
in rays of both Light and My unseen LIGHT
penetrate into the dark cabals
still in their intention of strangulation activities. 

Universal Father

For you won’t even grasp it, the greatness and the magic of this entire work!


Thank you!
I’ve sold some shoes today.
This very message from Universal Father
is the most wondrous thing I have ever heard
in all eternity.

I’ve done a strong meditation, mostly crying.

ArchAngel of Michael, November 15, 2014, S:

Is feeding blue lightning into Excalibur today.


Thank you, you most beautiful ArchAngel!
I used your beautiful & powerful blue lightning right now in Ukraine, and Pine Gap.

LOVE to my sweet sister

Nebadonia Message, November 15, 2014, S:

For Both,

Everlasting is the flow of My creations
yet unborn to holy creatures
to inhabit your plane.

Your task
is to place them gently
unto My Temple
to be built and maintained by you;

a Temple
for tethering concepts
of God’s Unknowings
into young minds.  

Herewith do I place this seal upon you for this endeavor.

Events may be such that your communications are severed
from one another for a spell.

Keep this as counsel in your own hearts for now.

This being a first of tasks to be offered to you.

Confirm, please.



Again I had to cry. I was bitterly crying. SO GRATEFUL FOR SUCH AMAZING DIVINE LOVE!
Thank you, Nebadonia! Thank you my beloved Sister.

I confirm to my sweet sister, that we shall build and maintain a Temple of your Creations and 
teachings for the young minds, in the name of the Purity of God, and His Light, and His Love,
and His Beauty, and Wisdom, and Harmony, and His Divine Laws and all His Wonders.
So be it.


I thought you could articulate it better than I!!
Neb.’s message set my heart thumping so that I had to lie down for some time.

I go now to do a couple of Bowen session, three including yourself.


Thank you for your lovely messages. 
Thank you for the Bowen work.
Know that I Love you.


“Know that I Love you.”
Yeah I do know, but…
I never tire of hearing it from you.



I see you are prowling around the forums.
Extra energy in my hands tonight. 
Details on the Temple jumped in:
Re-established what was in pre-ancient Egypt
Not specifically Melchizedek but adjunt too
D area
Not under Monjoronson aegis but associated with
We can travel too (whew!)
Temple for Nebadonia, therefore inextricably Christ Michael 
Can support a transit point for Nebadon Celestials.
Under aegis of Universal Father.
May you sleep really well. Your ankle should feel a little looser.

Know that I love you.

interruption, November 16, 2014, S:

tells me that you are intensely engaged is some long song or another, but to interrupt anyway.
This morning my fingers were led to check the beginning pages of my current thin notebook; and my mind is guided to post these to you, of a year ago.

Immediately after this post I shall send a message for AH this my morning;  
Last night a rather surprising message came through for my brother D. It should be forwarded to you for awareness.

Universal Father Message, October 27, 2012, S:

(I had not recognized/acknowledged this as from Universal Father at the time)

I sense Presence; confirmation? 
Please confirm that I continue to work ceaselessly to dissolve that which perpetrates terrible human suffering simply via my non-thinking, non-doing, but knowing higher self.

Ye have said it.
Peace, little ones.
Tarot’s Magician and Hermit be.
Create and know many points of Stillness 
Midst many times of violent illusions of sensing. 
For Stillness is the point of God for reborning anew.
Let heart’s secret chamber link to silent knowing Mind,
Ever residing in equanimity.
Simply intend this so with ME.

What I understand, now through our connectedness, is that we also have the mantles of proactiveness.
Both are needed.

It took a while to identify the Presence of this next. It was to be part of my mission statement but of course I did not post it because of its lofty, possible pomposity; and because a prime ingredient was missing – now realizing that prime is you.

November 6, 2013, Christ Michael, S:

Dear ones,
Come down with Me
to assist Centers upon Earth
to teach “in My Name”
all things.

After stasis.

You shall have immediate access to knowledge through Me.

You shall have guides ever present.
Sweeping changes in content of sciences, art;
of ethics and modus operandi;
of cultural expressions;
to guide enquiries of social-community-economic structures;
reframing governing bodies;
of the true nature and underlying reasons behind the art of teaching;
of intent for character building
and interchange of spirit and love.

These purposes far, far supersede any content of any topic
or organizational purpose.

Be ever mindful of the two-way learning
between mentor and seeker / teacher and student.



November 16, 2014, M:

Good morning, beautiful sweet heart of mine,
no interruption at all, of course,
true that I was singing,
and I AM a bit sunk, that’s true,
and looking and seeking to understand better
all that happened to me/us.

The two messages up here are sooooooo beautiful, 
a bit hermetic, the Universal Father,
but now it appears so clear, in the light of what WE KNOW NOW –

And the Christ Michael has very clear directives, indeed,
for our work – and for the Temple of NEB!

Like a revelation…. thank you so much. 

I Love you, my love


Rest and be comforted!

​November 16, 2014, S’s Higher Self:

See and copy for M selections from first pages of this ‘journal’.

Strong confirmation as to Source. I do not understand why it is not Christ Michael.

Universal Father Message:

In space
drones hover
watching movements of peoples,
waiting for advantageous moments.

how birds fall silent
in continued bewilderment
at the increase of nature’s vibrationally severed
ley lines. 

the silence of bear and other mammals
shadow – cloaking themselves for safety. 

with mindal activity
the choking
mechanized webs
that are made manifest by cabals,

of electric fields,
both scalar and magnetic.

that they are vulnerable
for want of missing Spirit components.

the oncoming, necessary throes
of Southern Europe.

Use that big stick.

Higher Self again

That I love you.


How very wonderful!
it gives me always such a tremendous happiness,
deep down in my soul, when I hear
the right words, at the right time, from the right mouth…
It is maybe my deeeeeeeeeeep LOVE from my Father
so my heart quivers at the sound of His voice.

The message is VERY URGENT!
All people on AH MUST know it.
There are absolutely clear instructions
WHERE should we concentrate our focus
in our meditations and intents.
Many go too generally, perhaps,
but He needs FOCUS, and He says where.
Crucial and urgent, my Love



My Cherished Guide


Grateful, thank you!

It is not CM because Source has taken over, and we are charged directly by Him, 
that’s why HE is so present!!!!!!
CM is the LEADER of the Hosts of God.
Source has the overview.
And we are HIS Soldiers on the ground.

I would still love, if possible, please,
to put into brackets “THE BIG SWORD OF LIGHT and TRUTH”
in the last line with the stick.
Guess nobody will know what is meant.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU — it sits now so rightly!
You are but quick! Love your Speed!


REVISED, from meritorious counsel.
I shall use your comment on why not CM if opportunity arise, unless of course you chose to do so.

“May you be blessed within Source’s comforting arms of knowing/unknowing Stillness.”


Ya, ya, that’s fine, I anyhow felt it is not my comment!
Please use it you yourself, because all know the messages come from you, so any possible 
explanation is very welcome!

Much, much gratefulness from B, too, 

I was putting it simple for her, and she got it soooooo nicely! thank you.


OK again. Thanks so much for helping B! I had no clue that she was translating. I do not even know what language. I must remove the horse blinders from my eyes…

here is your big stick! November 17, 2014, M:

pic: Light sword

Good morning!
What a blessing, to communicate with my beloved Sister, Companion, Bestest Friend!
LOVE these times.

I rejoice as our companions increase. Here is N, 21yo, of Argentina. See,
here are our hand over hand, fist over fist! Find it so lovely! IN FACT, A DANCE!
Even the Blue Ray of AAMichael is here. The sword is hitting!

I never heard of Gandalf either.(Pompous summer residence for popes in Vatican is called
Gondolfo!) There are Art expressions, I feel like learning and I go to it. When it smells manipulation, I turn my back from the very beginning.
Take H: he licks Yoda without an end. Doesn’t he know is just Hollywood?

Beautiful Sister!
I forgot to tell you thank you for those great, great news about our Temple. OMG, how fascinating!
Referring to my weight right now, the flying makes me the happiest.
Otherwise is WORK. Will that be after Stasis? Guess CM said so.

I AM crying and crying in deep thankfulness to the sweet Source, for being in HIS direct charge.
I cry when I read Nebadonia-the-Beautiful for us.
How infinitely 

precious all this is, in our miserable situation on Gaia now! Believe me, I AM CRYING!

But look on Gaia Portal, you won’t believe it: cosmos aligns for ascension! OH – MY!!!!

Maybe FELT this HUGE PRESSURE: last night I was ferociously cutting all evil everywhere on
and in Gaia, those chocks and strangulations. Somehow I hear Our Father/Mother crying.

Thanks a lot for the info about D. It probably brings Atlantis and Egypt back into my 
awareness, and it fosters our work together. Find it extremely interesting. I am sure that soon
we will understand better. Father, Infinite Mother Spirit, CM, Neb know best what we need.

Again a trivial comment on your message, from R. What a pity!

My, last night I was ferociously fighting! Used with MIGHT our Excalibur and our Mantle, with you. 


Sweet hugs and kisses for my Sister, for coming so late. Needed time to regenerate.


Tons to write. K’s message on AH was a direct response to my asking for some kind of external confirmation last night. I count every day of communication with you as a blessing also.
Until later My Love, My greatest Haven mit Gott. 


Good morning!
Top of the day to you!
— What a blessing, to communicate with my beloved Sister, Companion, Bestest Friend!

I count every day a blessing that we can communicate a little longer. Yet we are the instrument for this being interrupted!
— See, here are our hand over hand, fist over fist! 

— I never heard of Gandalf.
In “Lord of the Rings”, Gandalf declares in front of monster Belford: “You Shall Not Pass”!
— Beautiful Sister!

And Mine!
— I forgot to tell you thank you for those great, great news about our Temple. OMG, how fascinating!

Interesting, how I was guided to check the earlier writing, writing whose lofty declarations I did not really believe, knowing my ineptitude of achieving this – alone.
— I AM crying and crying in deep thankfulness to the sweet Source, for being in HIS direct charge.
I cry when I read Nebadonia-the-Beautiful for us.
How infinitely 
precious all this is, in our miserable situation on Gaia now! Believe me, I AM CRYING!

All of the above, so well described. Thank you. I marvel at myself about crying, mostly inwardly, so much once I have found so much happiness after a long lifetime of longing.
A bit of a paradox, this happiness and crying; but also finding my emotional release coming forth other than through performance.

— Thanks a lot for the info about D. It probably brings Atlantis and Egypt back into my awareness, and it fosters our work together. 
He had betrayed me in previous lives as well as this one. Yet, his being embraced by Neb. and Tesla is unmistakable. 

— Again a trivial comment on your message, from R. What a pity!

Do you by any chance sense that R is afraid of all this? Bewildered?
And K! How I was distressed at his long dissertation on chess and checkers! First and foremost to me these represent competition which I generally abhor. The same with board games. I wait for someone to invent a board game that holds interest and great challenge with the emotions but where everyone has to win for successful conclusion of the game. I feel that is of sports in general but have come recently to recognize that many of the athletes truly are in it for the sport more than winning.
Then K pops up with an absolute GEM today. 

I was surprised at his affirmation post to me/us today. Then I gradually realized that this was the external confirmation that I pleaded for with Neb. and Universal Father last night, not for a “sign,” but for some kind of confirmation. And K answered, which he does once in a very great while. 
— My, last night I was ferociously fighting! Used with MIGHT our Excalibur and our Mantle, with you. 

So that’s why I was counseled to rest and divert; Excalibur was busily being used! 

Today at 22 – actually I seem to be drawn more during 21:30 to 22:30 or so.
What came to me last night is to penetrate the Minds of God’s creations in that area with shimmering sheets of Spirit of Truth.

— Needed time to regenerate.

And again, I was totally aware of this.

November 16, 2014, Adam & Eve Message, S:


My Friends M and S,

Eve and I embrace you.
We would welcome your service alongside us again. Service of mind-working.
“Garden” visits by yourselves would please Us greatly, the home of the Four and Twenty Counselors. Administrators would delight in your company
for We have much to share and things to inquire of you –
once your veils are lifted –
To “Prepare [We] the way of the Lord.”

Adam and Eve

The greatness of our Love is a measure of our closeness to God.
How Greatly I LOVE You


Thank you so much. Indeed, a DELIGHT to hear from you.

Surprised by Adam & Eve message. WOW! And they speak of the veil like being lifted tomorrow!
Feel like having tons of work still, before then.
Yes, K was lovely. Thank you for mentioning my name.

I have written R small, not to attract attention. Need our peace.
I do not see bewilderment. I see jealousy, as I said. So sorry for her. A lovely lady.

And about H, I was MUCH nastier in my writing, I meant LICKS!!!!! HA! Don’t like puddings.

Ya, I can start at 21:30 too. I concentrate of cutting/burning the mechanized dark fields/grids, that chock Gaia and make Father CRY!

Last night I was burning them physically, like short-circuits going quickly on the wires in all directions. Even saw a big blackout.
Then big cleansing.
Then FILLING all holes left and all spaces with a liquid Golden rain of God, it was a real rebirth!
I deeply feel the PAIN of our Father for our Mother Earth. I CRY like crazy because it is unbearable.

I LOVE you, Stroh Schwester — always a delight to be talking with you.

November 17, 2014, Universal Father Message, S:

Know My plan, i.e. strategy.

Stratospheric projections
will encompass thoughts
in short order
[cannot get “days” or “weeks.” Whoops!]
in hours.

Stand by, Dears, here it comes from beyond Nebadon.

Thoughts will be mangled, confused.
Latch onto Spirit of Truth.
Project Spirit of Truth as shimmering particles,
scintillating sheets
to rain as manna
to those whose frequency attunement can receive.

Practice this now, your next meditation duet.
Then observe the next little while.

Universal Father

M, Love, it is I who am afraid, for the veracity of this message. 
How I lean on you!

Tears and LOVE




and I knew SOMETHING enormous is taking place.
I hold the pressure and I asked:

HE happened.

I LOVE you, Sister. Cosmic delight: WE ARE. There is no room for fear.


I only fear my integrity, Not Him, not You. I am convinced and of course would proceed anyway. Thank you so for your much needed and magnificently worded response.

What I further receive is that 

“because we are both Time independent in our advanced states,
that it could be,
you being more Time independent than I”. 



Funny, I do not fear your integrity at all.
Perhaps I know you better.
We have the best Armor.
We have the best Sword.
And we two are ONE.
If is finally starting, LET’S DO IT!
Can you see the GRACE, and the HONOUR, TO BE GOD’S OWN ANCHORS?

My JOY is infinite.


Yes, We are doing it.

You steady my hesitancy.
Our momentum is too great for me to actually falter.

Yes, I see the GRACE and HONOR, in His presence with You.

when two are one, November 18, 2014, M:

Thank you so very much, my beautiful companion!
I felt your strong Heart under the common Mantle,
and your strong Hand on the common Sword.
It was a delight dancing with you on the tune of the Source.
We were cutting the dark grids that strangulate Gaia, 
then we were letting the silver-gold-light Rain of God fall over humans in blessings.
I was exhausted and fell asleep
but I am sure we continued working hard all night long,
for now I feel really tired.
A fresh rain is falling in S, and I go sleep again.
You only must KNOW,
how proud I AM of you and how grateful to be allowed fighting with you.
Make no mistake, in your fighting with me you are a Mighty Hero
and you start again tasting the JOY & PASSION & VISION & COURAGE & DEVOTION
of the TRUE WARRIOR of LIGHT that you are,
in this most beautiful ADVENTURE IN GOD, 

where we both STAND STRONG.


Dearest Fiend,

At my 07:00 I read your tribute so beautifully composed. It is a new feeling that I have about receiving such acknowledgement. Ordinarily my response is, “No, no no – you have the wrong person, the wrong accolades; do not single me out for that is dangerous to me.” But coming from you I AM safe, and how can I deny what comes from your pure heart? I have learned to use the word “appreciation” in Earth exchanges, but in this exchange the expression can only be of deepest gratitude. 
More will I write but Neb. is pre-empting this message, even so tolerating my first setting down the above.


November 18, 2014, Nebadonia message, S:

M, among My Dearest Friends, literally, and Daughter,
Your Bestest Friend mused on your common Mighty Mentors this morning, silently giving thanks for Their assistance in helping you two to become one through time’s eons.

Witness that you are of two different orders of Infinite Spirit – so this was not really pre-ordained to be, in General Universal awareness. It “just happened” per Universal Father. 

I recognize your trust in her, but additionally want to pre-confirm that what follows in her writing today is correct. I state this for her as much as for you.
[I do not think anything stupendous is in the wings.]

Your commonality is of Highest Order and unique. Please remind her as you feel the desire to do so. My love for you is without measure, of Infinite potential more readily realized than is “common.”



I send this much to you and continue.
Bestest Straw Sister
Continued… S:

You correctly pointed out that you know me better than I, in some respects; and it must follow in the reverse. You consistently read more depth in my messages than I generally recognize. Herein is my need, yes need, to lean on you such as never have I done with anyone else in this lifetime.

The experience is unfamiliar. I point out again that simultaneous with our identifying our connection came Nebadonia’s Presence outwardly manifested to me, and now Others.

Heretofore I could only identify Universal Father.

Interesting that ArchAngel of Michael was the first. This would not have happened on this plane, Dearest Friend, without your presence in my life, our life. 

To recap a little.
I felt that last Saturday was a shoe-scene day and that you were tired on Sunday. Added to this was reaction to the Bowen Technique, which happens sometimes.

That you used the term regenerate is correct. I have not mentioned yet that I too experience unusual pressure in the head and chest the last several days.

Meditation was long for me yesterday with some discomfort at the base of the skull but not as tense as sometimes is.
I focused mainly on drifting, swirling manna dust, leaving cleanup with you to my higher consciousness. In my middle of last night I awoke feeling rather normal – the first in some time; as if a respite.

It seems as if I must have earth energy to catchup on some domesticities. But already internal momentum is building up again. 

Of course it is generally a baton that is passed back and forth in relay.
Not so with us.
It is Excalibur – back and forth – sometimes together.
Sometimes in waking consciousness, but ALWAYS in Higher Consciousness.

So rest up, Sister of the Order of the Straw. Your work continues anyway; the more intense focus is mine for today.

I am rather surprised to find you assessment of R is quite correct. My trying to sense a reason behind her terseness for “benefit of a doubt” does not work.
And I am amused with Source’s staunchly affirming your assessment of H; that “licks Yoda” is correct (Yuck!). I usually skim superficially over most of their writing.

But I do think you mean “choke” (to strangle) in place of “chock” (to wedge tightly).
I reflect back to you the last part of your tribute to me with the brightest of shining mirrors.
Again, all the above continuously confirmed.
‘Til later, probably my today.


The monster is wounded.



The TIME for tears is GONE.
Let’s USE the momentum.
What would be the BEST for us two to do,
in order to ensure the FINAL VICTORY?



Beam our collective power constantly to Christ Michael & Company for their use,
utilizing visualization and thought
as it serves our individual intent
simply to keep the power beam working. 

I realize now that this is the purpose of this power of unusual order/degree and has been so latent until now, but did had occasional awareness by some others. 
Mangling and confounding monster lies continues.
Very strong confirmation, Sweet Friend

November 18, 2014, Christ Michael & Nebadonia, S:

Reach deep into your hearts for continued connection to one another. 

Determine to fly over rather than sail the rough muddy waters. 

Review constructs that brought you here
and call upon Us silently for affirmation of Our Love and Trust in thee. 

Minds/souls are weak and cannot stand on their own
so look outward for instructions from one seeming know-it-all. 

One who processes with intellect in aberration — having lost a sense of centering.

Your higher selves remain bell clear.
Any lost energy magnitudes are ones not needed at this juncture.

Nurture with all you contact, for there We shall be, smiling upon you.

Notice a slight change in headlines
and try to relate the changes to your meditation understandings.

Quietly WILL Our Presence
and you shall feel Us,
perhaps with a little delay. 

Christ Michael and Nebadonia


The Elohim,
they were asked

how They LOST
when Atlantis went down.

At the question ‘Why?’ They said:

Indeed we two spent aeons
and learned bitter lessons
down here on beautiful Gaia,
and this IS the Purpose, of this power of unusual order/decree!

YOU the very ESSENCE of LOVE and of TRUST,
and YOU, sweet Christ Michael,
who were teaching the ESSENCE of LOVE on this planet 2000 years ago,
BE ALERT in your handling right now with the monster,
there is a wickedness YOU are not even able to conceive of,
all corners of his heart are dark with hidden intentions.

We HAVE tasted the MAD INSANITY of his presence –

Please, no matter how honey-sweet wording, beware the split tongue!



Makes all sorts of sense, our extra-universal anchoring presence.
Perhaps even Siraya was not aware, December 2012.
But apparently Siraya was correct in convincining CM to stay 3DD events for whatever reason.
For who was to know about us except Universal Father?
Infinite Spirit and Eternal Son.
Obviously not ourselves.
I marvel and wonder at God’s timing.
I think there was unexpected hope because of our presence happened in AH.

I AM on it, your revelation.


Oh, I LOVE laughing:

“God’s timing”?

He was waiting for us to become two LOLs

to give the signal for the last assault.


Ya know, an extremely powerful warrior-entity, Astrea, depicts herself as a tiny being, fairy-sized.


November 18, 2014, Meditation report, S:

·         Galactic Federation watched in silence.
·         Christ Michael used the power over Atlanta, GA (Int. airport), Virginia Beach, VA (naval station), Chicago O’Hare airport and other places; mostly Ukraine.
·         I had placed my hands over your sword grip and melded myself into you; much whirling.
·         GF are cleaning up debris.
·         I did not experience these things much in the physical.
I do not know what is next;  shall continue to beam power.


Yes, I start feeling it much better — visions are clean, clear.
Thank you for holding the Sword.
Again i tried to neutralize the grids, and their weapons. Following the tunnels

till Wa DC, Paris, London. 
Did you know Queen Elizabeth II has her own personal pyramid? Stone allover, no entrance — 
which means: she goes under.

Asking Nebadonia, ArchAngel of Michael, Mother Mary & all Angels to please restore the leylines anew. Felt Gaia crying.
Asked the Spirit of Truth to assist in this.

Yes, I also felt 3rd eye pressure, then all cerebellum tense.
First time we worked together I felt real activity

in my right side of the brain, and later again all head under pressure. 
In the end I feel exhausted. Probably because of my passionate way.

Thank you for your feedback. Enormously helpful. Did I ever tell you I Love you?


If I think “real hard” I remember that you said that once, and I enjoy its repetition.
And if you want to get romantic about it,
howzabout Queen Elizabeth I and her Bonnie Sweet Robin Dudley?

That is quite a juxtaposition from France to England, n’est pas?  
(I think that’s all I can remember for us, now. No more surprises in this quarter.)

I am doing a Bowen session, so probably a couple of more snippets the next little while.



Now Source is hitting me big time.
Pleased that I finally mentioned Queen Elizabeth I.
They had a legitimate marriage someplace in the Mediterranean, the only 2 weeks she ever left England. Their son was immediately given over to Lord and Lady Bacon and was named Francis, aka Saint Germain.

Queenie, that’s how I refer to her, made some serious mistakes, but also some serious gains.
Denying Francis the throne was not a mistake.


Thank you for wielding Excalibur.
I tried hard to follow your swirling lead rather than just hanging on “for dear life.”

Thank you for sharing of your own impressions.
Ah yes, these passionate Europeans. How wonderful.
Your hour is late. Bed time, if you are able.

Sleep well, My Bonnie Sweet M.

Universal Father and you, November 19, 2014, M:


Universal Father and you — you have lots of fun behind the stage!

Again you are presenting to me still another one that I’ve been, that I had
absolutely no idea that I’ve been!
And you just enjoy your time about me!

That means, you were Queen Elizabeth I, and I was Sweet Bonnie! (German wikipedia nickname: “My eyes”!)
and we were the parents of Saint Germaine!

And you know that Francis Bacon was writing ALL, under the name of Shakespeare?

pic: Elizabeth I in coronation robes.jpg – Wikipedia

Is that the CHOCKED Gaia, enslaved, in her hand?

pic: Robert Dudley.jpg – Wikipedia

Lord Robert Dudley, ca. 1559


Meine Augen,

I experience the state of not being able to discern much in the ethers. Please see for me today.
I was amused as the words blurted out of my fingers about this particular life caper with you. The gods were quite chuckling with me, or me with them. It was like playfully pouncing on you, I hope not to your dismay.
Now all of a sudden this takes a serious turn. Truth to tell, only recently had I been able to pinpoint Robin’s identity.
What will be an indulgence for me today is also a necessity, for some reason, for you to know. That is for me to write to you my reflections about QE1. I do not know why these reflections cannot wait; perhaps for you to find some perspective for immediate use; perhaps for me to try to explain or apologize for the Queen’s general slighting of Dudley (I generally refer to her in my mind in the third person). And it could have been staged; they were very good at that.
It is because of Elizabeth that the Church of England grew and flourished. She separated church from state with a policy of non-interference in all faiths. Also non-interference with the Sciences and the Arts.
She had an almost neurotic passion that her “subjects” love her as she practiced love for them. This undoubtedly includes the unconscious effort to make amends for what was required of Jeanne. For some reason it had been imperative that England and France emerge as separate nation states.
England was an unobtrusive global power at the start of her reign, and developed into a country to reckon with upon her passing, particularly with respect to Spain.
Among her very first priorities was to stop the practice of royal fratricide. She kept family heads off the chopping block, save one: Mary Queen of Scotts. As long as Mary remained alive she attracted men of intrigue and greed for the throne of England; she was a willing pawn but weak in character. 
Back to current day momentarily: it was quite a shock for me with sudden realization  that my mother was Mary Queen of Scotts; that I had to let MQS’s execution happen because in no way was she capable of controlling any kind of reign; that she indeed was quite emotionally vulnerable.
I do not have E’s encouragement of global expansion figured out. Of course it was the play of the times for nation survival – even so the same China; not so much India and Indonesia. But Rome of course. It’s as if humankind was clueless on benevolence and constructive economics.
E had the good fortune and sense to surround herself with men of fierce loyalty both to her and England. She taxed land owners heavily when needed, but records show that she also drew on her personal incomes in proportion.
I get impatient and frustrated when viewing theater and cinematography dramas entirely focusing on E’s constant flirting with foreign courtiers, as if that were her entire life. Do they not realize that is was a necessary game of self-preservation and that of the throne?
Denying Francis the throne may have been a combination of too much love and over protectiveness. She mistakenly had little confidence in anyone’s ability to survive and preserve the state, which may be why there is not real official record of the throne passing on to James.
Well that did not take as long as I thought. I enjoy your own reply of unbridled, refreshing exhuberance, My Timeless Butterfly.
Perhaps intense Presence has suspended for me to think the above through.
Perhaps it is also because I am sitting on some nonsensical words from Tesla to D. I shall forward them to you when I finally set them down.
First and foremost:
Your Bestest Friend and Golden Straw Sister

Well, Meine Augen has also proved of crucial help.


pic:  Robert Dudley.jpg – Wikipedia


My Superlative Butterfly, November 20, 2014, S:

(Not that butterflies really care who’s superlative. They are just busy doing their thing. But the eye of the beholder – that’s different.)
I cannot tap into Source very well right now, even though I am assured that UF has a message for us. Neb. is silent since yesterday.
It occurs to me that R is so steeped in his reporting that his vibrational attunement remains low to accommodate his monitoring. How to mention this to him? Surely he meditates; but, it took me years to bypass my intellectuality in order to meditate.

Here are some bits and pieces of writing through last night. All from UF, and always directed to both of us.

November 19, 2014, Universal Father Message, S:

Well My Dears, “The cat is out of the bag” as it were. 
Your dual presence is strongly known and mostly accepted. 
Stay with My Agondonters, each and every one.  
Your golden straw makes a pretty good balance beam. 
My scribe, your S, thinks these words are too common to be coming from Me. 
Dawn arrives asunder with breaking skies after My time of darkness. 
The weak of spirit tremble and weep.
How grandly you have shared your uncloaking among yourselves. 
How poignant is your sharing 
of your innermost dared-to-think thoughts and valiant works.



We are here.
We are all here for you.
Fret not.
Victory is yours.
Victory is ours, 
sweet ones who would appropriately dare to invoke the name.

(I am cynical about this; it is not evident in 3D and we are so aware about this ether-wise, that I think it would be taken as a futile expression).

Look to the skies. 
Business as usual.
Business as usual. 
Yes, and, soon to be left behind.


November 20, 04:00 am, Universal Father:

Stay the course. 
Today will have visible signs. 
Focus on immediate preparations. 
Plan your meals ahead. 
Darkness to behold. 
Yes, you are shooting yourseves in the foot, necessarily so.

END of Universal Father

Your currently cynical Bestest Friend who nevertheless is staying the course, of course.

posts, November 20, 2014, S:

Miene Kleine Schwester,
Did you receive the last two posts the last 20 minutes or so?
Please, have I hurt your feelings directly in any way, ever??
Deine Stroh Schwester


yes I did.
I AM not that easy to hurt, LOVE, I am of a steady straw, gold even.
besides, your gentle words to me are a continuous caressing — 
what is ever going through your lil’ head???



Yes I do. I do not ever want to cause you pain, directly or indirectly. 
Love you back.

Universal Father with you again? November 20, 2014, S:

Dearest Friend,

Source is with me again, having heard from you today.
R posted a video of an unexplained explosion in Russia, November 17.
​I get that we were instrumental in this.
Bushels full of LOVE for appropriate distribution, but please do keep some,

Best Friend


What does it mean  “Source is with me again”, please?

Explosion in Russia,  11 seconds only.
The BIG surprise:

I REALLY thought it might be connected to us!

Stay with My Agondonters, each and every one.
Your golden straw makes a pretty good balance beam.
How grandly you have shared your uncloaking among yourselves. 
How poignant is your sharing of your innermost dared-to-think thoughts and valiant works.

This is a jolly of a BIG praise! Is our Source so impressed with us?
Why is Nebadonia silent since yesterday?
If you give Her this rose from us, would She send us 2-3 words just for us?

pic: rose



My Love,

Nebadonia immediately responds:
My Dearest Daughters,

Of course I AM capable of being bribed,
even with a single rose that comes from one’s heart.

S realizes now
that the two of you be certain of interchange
at least 2 times a day
if not 3, for now.
She realizes
that this interchange (email for the most part)
is what brings Presence to her so readily.
M’s contact is needed.
[So, I do not know now about when internet gets interrupted.]
That is what she meant
when she wrote about feeling Source
immediately upon receiving M’s email.
Source is with me again,..”]



November 20, 2014, evening, S:

My Love,

I was reluctant to leave meditation because I feel peace and calmness in depth.
It came to me that gridwork destruction is not destruction per se; and I never thought of it that way.

I think of breaking and dissolving. But it is not even breaking. It is simply an implosion, opposite of explosion.

This is what I always wanted to find in terms of radioactive cleanup, simply absorbing the particles back into a pool of mass fluxthe source of material energy.

So the grids truly dissolve. No so machinery; I get that material must be destroyed – or recycled once inactivated.

The explosion in Russia is without sound. That could be merely because the video is so far away;
but there was no mention of sound either.
Furthermore, the explosion had no smoke or cloud; for that magnitude there would ordinarily have to be a mushroom cloud such as seen in nuclear detonations of volcanic explosions.
During meditation I saw mostly pink and blue light merging into violet over Ukraine.
We did do some sword work.
I also sensed lots of golden pens in the sky, as tribute to the work.
But mostly, I sensed reconnecting with you.
Again, I recognized that our acknowledgment of contact with one another is crucial.
I recognize that the degree of power we exudes together is exponential compared to singular effort.

The straw is our balance beam between us.

Shooting oneself in the foot is reference to the gunslingers in the old West, wherein one pulls the trigger while the gun is still in the holster. So, we cause our own discomfort by precipitating 3DD, and therefore lose our cherished contact.
I think Nebadonia becomes inaccessible to me when I do not hear from you.
Witness that after our discovery is when She contacted me directly – the first one being AAoM.
It seems that I am unable to access Her that well without sensing your presence in my heart and mind.
Your hour is late but I am the one somewhat depleted. If you do not find a message of some sort waiting for you in your morning please let me know. I shall think of some flexible way for us to confirm contact; you likewise, please.
How I wish I could serenade you to sleep.

Your Totally Devoted Friend


What a beautiful delight, to hear from you! 

Yes, I felt about same with the grids.

I saw them MELTING to MORASS! And so annihilated.
Like yesterday, I saw all their wires melt/burn very fast, all over North Hemisphere.

The Violet Flame then was clearing all,
and throwing a big ball of ashes back to Universe, to be transmuted into Light for new creations.

It went with tears, for Gaia was so…grateful for all mess taken out of her womb —

Then it came the golden-silver sacred Rain of God’s Grace and Mercy, filling the 
gaps and holes with Blessings…and a re-birth took place.

Here I asked for the 3DD to do this work in manifestation, so that the Re-birth/Ascent of Gaia and 
Humanity can manifest too.

Yes, I felt your presence and sweetness, too.

We have always had 4 fists on the BIG Excalibur, that was hitting hard to SEAL the decisions. 

Thank you for Nebadonia…What a Marvel of a Goddess!



My Love,

How well you describe the scene! Thank you.

I just had another ‘Aha!’

After writing just my last post to you, I realized what must follow by logic.

That is, all this power that has been observed in me by others — a tremendous power;
​it cannot be used in any great measure WITHOUT YOU.

Now, that is a revelation.

All my adult life I wondered why I could not tap its resources. YOU ARE THE KEY. As I must be with you.

Therefore, it is critically important that you understand my last post completely.

Your Powerless Love, without You


Lovely! Let’s do it. I go sleep. Good night. LOVE

confirm, November 21, 2014, S:

Please confirm that you received my power post even before reading it. 


Hey, Love!

Ya, I got your power. MANY Blessings to you.

power, November 21, 2014, S:


Be sure you are sitting for this message. Whether sitting or standing, though, this will “knock your socks off.”
Nebadonia and Christ Michael were unaware of the following facts until…. I do not know when; probably sometime as we were getting acquainted, or simply joining the forum; maybe in 2012; maybe they knew of the possibility before we did. Therefore, obviously no one on this planet knows.

OK, I am getting that Siraya knew of the possibility and informed CM in 2012, probably December. I still do not know the full implication of why our combined power was intended to manifest before 3DD, and is so important.

Here we go. You by yourself have more power than most attuned persons by 2^6 power, which is  64 times as much.

I (blush) have more power than most attuned persons by 2^12 power, which is 4096 times as much.

I think the above quantities refer to meditative or focused power. That I have that much is screwy (something wrong) because I would have used it enough even unconsciously and become aware of it by now.
Now here is the astounding revelation:
We are like two pieces that when placed together complete a Rosetta Stone. 

Our combined power while directly meditating by pre-arrangement is 2^22 power, which is about 4.19 million times as much.

That is why we are distant in age.
That is why we are distant geographically.
Universal Father and Infinite Mother Spirit could not chance our knowing or discovering this personally for meditative use until we were mature enough to handle it.
I do not know about the other incarnations; probably such was locked out completely. Could be we were working up to this lifetime.

This is apparently the mechanism: when you and I decide to meditate as a pair for a fixed period of time then 4.19 million times power is available for use.
If either of us is early or late, then the combined effect does not work until the “duet” starts.
If either of our minds wander during the period, or if either falls asleep it does not matter. Somehow the effect is carried over, as long as we each are in place during the decided time.
I am guessing that somehow Source carries over the gaps, or our momentum.

I checked whether meditating separately somewhat close in time, like the same day, would be as good and Source said no, it must be simultaneous.
Think of an example for this implication: we put our minds together and make some machine perform at top efficiency. We set determination that the top performance will not exceed anything beyond safety.
But right now of course we continue our first set intentions. So, My Dear, we must be careful at synchronizing daily. Maybe 2 times? Maybe several half hours on some days?
OK, you can put your socks back on…
Please get confirmation on this. You have to, or I cannot be totally convinced.
BTW, Guten Morgen!

HAVE I TOLD YOU I LOVE YOU, 4.19 million times?


I confirm. I Love you so much. What an amazing story!
SOOOOOOOO glad we found each other: here was the KEY!
And my inner KNOWING, “There must be a way!”

21.30 is fine; till 22.30 lovely.
As an exception, I go now sell shoes 10 till 20 o’clock.
But I will connect to you every full hour, thanking Source.

LOVE, Lots of LOVE in full JOY!


Received, with thanks.

From Infinite Spirit! November 21, 2014, S:

Again, please confirm right away.
Hi Love!

Ten hours of selling shoes? Wow. I do, do hope you get commissions. This winter/holiday season being upon us I expect that you may have a lot of extra work. This is good. I must work around this with you as you shall find out below. That is, meditation twice a day on your work days? I can be available during your morning and go back to bed. Occasionally, I am awake during my night anyway. This does not bother me.

November 20, 2014, Infinite Mother Spirit of The First Trinity Message:  

Ya know, Your Presence, Whoever, is like presents / gifts.

Infinite Spirit  
[Actually with more Presences tuning in, sort of like a gallery of Watchers in Havona.]

My Dears,

Now you really know,
“The cat is out of the bag” indeed. 

Keep it tamed!
I/We desire
as much dual meditation as possible.
Do not be concerned with domesticities except at most minimum level.
Do not be concerned with your physical bodies.
If you decide to do this then We shall help you to fit life around meditation.
We will help.

We desire you to be in constant awareness
on your daily physical locations and activities
as practical.
How you two communicate is for you to decide.
Perhaps a common calendar?
For mutual reassurance
that your respective normal living is in fact ordinary,
to know one another intimately.

This being said,
“Time is still nigh,”
so such exchanges may be quite short-lived. 

We acknowledge
that your dual power release
cannot manifest
unless you are both in heartfelt agreement.
Reassure one another on specific “targets”
but let energies and “visuals” flow independently.
Agreement between yourselves
is a blessed safety lock
for each of you.
This is also an experiment, rarely utilized. 

[I guess that’s why there is a “peanut gallery”]
I place you in Nebadonia’s charge in this endeavor.
It is Her space boundaries that are most affected
as well as Her endeared creations
including the tiny dot of Gaia herself.

is the Mother of Nebadon’s flocks,
and you both know
the fierceness of a mother’s caring.


Now I get the implication of your having said several times, ”There must be a way.” My reaction had been, “Of course, we all fervently desire this.”

But you actually knew something.

You are the key; and here I was, charging around life looking feverishly to unlock what is inside me. 

I grew into my early-teens in abject, constant loneliness. Then a cello was put into my hands and I made friends and the advanced orchestra in 3 months. But in adulthood, it always took someone chasing after me for me to be convinced of desired friendship. In all friendships I found that I always had to hold myself in reserve; and still most of them shattered. 
I think with you, though, it is like L says, “M chased her until she caught him!” 
By the time you read this I will have beamed to you the top of every hour.
Your Best Friend in Fierce Companionship



I did not read it yet. I AM home, they sent me home, too many plus hours! Yay!…..

I confirm your LOVE!


Thank you so much for the great messages!
I confirm the Infinite Mother Spirit got to me.
I feel so well we 

Got sent home earlier, too many plus hours. Not one penny commission, of course.
But I AM here for you and we can start a meditation plan.
there is no other way.


Darn on the plus hours and on lack of commission! Soon, however, what is the phrase about bloated sausage coming to naught, “ist durch wursht” or something?
I beamed to you the top of every hour starting your 11:00; was 5 minutes late at 13:00. Felt Presence. I felt deeply in my heart 14:15 for a spell just short of pain threshold.

Please confirm authenticity of message below for AH, to be held back for a little while.

November 21, 2014, Universal Father and Nebadonia in concert:

Farewell Our Friends, for a little while.

Ye have done well, you of Flashing Swords and Mighty Words.

Stand and be counted with shining Mantles of Victory!

We salute you, as with some others. Be prepared for some pickup. Look to the skies.

I have no details. Again, individual perceptions/interpretations prevail.

Dearest Friend,

I guess I am of small personal energy. I shall continue to beam at the top of the hour – and at 21:30.
And first you rest. 
As much Love as possible.

Your Sister of the Golden Straw

meditation, November 21, 2014, 21:30, S:

Apology, but I blame this on Source big time.

At 21:35 I had to proceed to post this morning’s message on the forum. Otherwise I could not focus.

Source assured me that it was OK;

At just a little before 22:00 we projected such a huge light over Ukraine, Germany and Moscow,
that no color was discernible.
Then suddenly it was gone. I finally realized it was being used underground.

At 22:30 I felt tremendous contact and love with you.

What a productive day in the ethers! I AM with you at 22/11 at 09:30 and will probably post before then.

For now I run an errand. I Love those eyes! I LOVE YOU!


Love you, my Sister. I had a lovely feeling all the time.

humble inquiry, November 22, 2014, S:

Dearest Friend,

Now that you suggested Skype again I was wondering if
Could I play a short tune for you, about 3 minutes or so; maybe in a couple of days if we are still here?
I could try to access a better microphone through an external sound card into Skype and maybe you could use headphones?
You see, it is so difficult to record by oneself, to keep glitches under control; and it is so tedious to request this of others.
And perhaps the timing is not appropriate for now.

Bestest Friend

November 22, 2014, 2:30 am morning meditation, S time:

Hi Love,
I am up. Ready to start in a few minutes.


BLESSINGS raining to you from over Europe.
Thank you for Being with me.
Felt like a MIGHTY meditation.


Something GREAT happened.
Feel it?



Black cat took residence upon my chest, so I could not discern much difference in pressure. The two female felines were and are extra attentive.

I could discern Presence, but Light-wise the difference for me was Its diffusing throughout the entire underground of South Europe, with a glow seeping outward onto the surface; not so much in the sky at all.

I felt a surge of your Presence at my time 03:33.

I am so grateful and appreciative for your reports!

A brief message from Nebadonia afterward, if you could please accept it informally: 

It is desired that you come to the B area post 3DD.
I am not to be concerned about physical preparation.
After a brief stay, depending upon circumstances,
we would sojourn to D if we so choose.
Your children may be inclined to come with you,
but I am not to suppose about their free agency i
n reporting to you.
My going to S as an alternative is not desired.



What lovely news!

Yes, I was deeply underground on all north hemisphere, to liberate Gaia–she is so sweet!
She weeps always.
Did it with passion again, felt all Creation enhancing our work.

You do not need at all be so humble in your inquiry, it is my greatest JOY to listen to 
you playing cello, thought you know it already. See… I can lovely fly on your waves…

Thank you for Nebadonia’s words. WOW! I AM delighted to come, now, please, now!!!
I AM asking for Divine Grace into taking my children with. I imagine the situation after
3DD will be dramatically different, so that their work, projects etc, they have now, will
not be possible any more after 3DD, so they will find reasonable to come. Further on,
I would ask for same Divine Grace to offer them some beautiful Light perspectives,
of working for CM, Neb, Gaia – so that they could start a new life in Service, giving
REAL sense to their sweet lives.

I reiterate that I see in them great Light Entities with great God-given talents and power,
which will be VERY needed after 3DD. It is my heart deepest wish and hope, that they be
empowered to their TRUE Selves, as to happily start their mission, in D or where

Please be so sweet and give this my message to Nebadonia in Love and Gratefulness, 
and please tell Her, that this my passionate fiercely MotherLove…I might have learnt
it from Her…in greatest Delight.

In deep gratitude and Love


You summarize it well, as usual.
Yes I shall re-affirm your thanks to Neb. though of course She already received them. (Oops, She immediately is re-affirming back).

Your children have been encouraged into their current settings, passions throughout their lives so far as a means of protection; anticipate these cloaks being removed for their subsequent compassionate, passionate service.


November 22, 2014, evening meditation, S:

Hi Sweetie!
Humongous (lots) energy in the higher unseen octaves of frequencies, maybe gamma or higher?
Mostly underground; some smoldering. I had to hold the concept of vengeance in check. Think I managed.
Some sword work with you.
Energy still manifests in Southern Ukraine/Germany but melds over the globe.
I sensed your countenance in your meditation.
Felt strong bond.
I spent the better part of the day recovering from this morning’s mediation; not because of the time but because of the intensity.
So, tomorrow morning your 0930; let’s do it to it!
I am halfway through a surrogate Bowen session for you.



thanks a lot for your report.
There must be a lot going on, for my head is still hurting and my right ear quite badly since this morning.

very grateful for the Bowen work, thank you – see you tomorrow — LOVE


23:42  One last snippet. My right ear has had unusual whistle sounds…

I SEE Perfection, November 22, 2014, M:

If HE IS, 
and creates Perfection
I trust all HIS plans to be perfect.
Seen from my 3d limited world
it might appear to me HIS plan is lacking.
My Beautiful Sister,
it is not ours to fuss.
No matter how we perfect in concept
our angle too short.


For I LOVE you.

pic: perfect dandelion, Perfection


How blessed I AM to experience one of His more rare perfect Creations – You.
Thank you for your beautiful outpouring in a poem I cherish forever.
I shall be with you in “the peace of my heart,” in one hour.
I trust in Him and I trust in You.

For I also LOVE You.


It’s me again! 
Would you consider putting this precious creation on the forum?
Would you consider a little reformatting, and the addition of the word “is,”
and leave out 2 personal lines? Stunning symmetry either way!

If HE IS, 
And creates Perfection
I trust all HIS plans to be perfect.
Seen from my 3d limited world
It might appear to me HIS plan is lacking.
It is not ours to fuss.
No matter how we perfect in concept
Our angle is too short.


If HE IS,                                                               
and creates Perfection                                       
I trust all HIS Plans to be perfect.                      
Seen from my 3d limited world                          
it might appear to me 
HIS Plan is lacking. 
It is not ours to fuss.

No matter how we perfect in concept                   
our angle too short.    


Hi, my so beautifully beloved,
I appreciate very much your corrections. They are…. pretty perfect!

Look. I have a point of view:
Coming as a Mighty Spirit from over Havona
and overflying 7 Mighty SuperUniverses on your way,
you get to understand why our big Planet is called “tiny” Gaia.

Coming from some other language like me,
you also realize there are more,
and many more WAYS of expressing yourself.
And so you realize that not any language is perfect.

In my case I tend to always fit the words in my MUSIC.
There is like a spiral of music descending in my mind,
and I actually look and look for the words that fit JUST
in that MUSIC.
I’m never happy unless I got in tact.

Each word I write goes thoroughly proven by TRUTH.
I always feel like there is teaching in,
and try to put it as gently as possible
pointing LIGHT.
The music in it is what makes me so happy.
And somehow I can identify it as Me.

The rules of English, then, I take not quite strictly.
I should probably say…I LOVE to fly!
So I do NOT let science/academia
take this lovely Freedom from me.

The “is” that you suggest makes it boring:
when people get all spoon fed, they stop thinking –
as such, a lacking “is” will prick them into thinking,
creating on the spot as to find the flow of the sentence.

It disturbs me a lot having to write I with a capital: what a nonsense!
For sure implemented by those BIG EGOS, just for the sheeple.
But MUST I do so? NOT at all!
See, my Freedom is again much too precious.

YET, only through comparison I could notice!

No matter how we perfect in concept                   
our angle too short.    

Now, try please to recite the above verses, 2-3 times, until you get in tact.
Just as a little test – we discuss poetry.
Do you feel, like me, the inner rhythm?

And now recite it with the “is” in it: all my music is broke.


We had a MIGHTILY MIGHTY work together today!  MY, it felt so amazing!
And I’d like to suggest, we can do it at 9:30 your time, if you wish, or your 10:30,
and again in the evening.
I do not believe you need disturb your sleep – don’t you think so?



Yes, I see immediately that “is” disturbs the rhythm. Of course. Go for it.
Your matching words to music is more thought out than mine.
Not because I never embraced this concept but because once given the music I almost never listen to words,
and always prefer works to be sung in their mother tongues, so that my cognitive sense is not imposed on music’s flow. 
The effect of using lower case “I” is that its unconventionality does draw the reader’s attention to the writer’s person and so defeats the intention of oneness. 
Another perspective, too, is that, “i AM” does not fly.
I am off to pray per immediate previous post.
I shall respond more…



November 23, 2014, 2:30 am morning meditation, S:

I AM ready.
Shall probably report later in the morning.


good morning! LOVE

I know, November 23, 2014, M:

you have something
to say
to the world


Who, me??
What do you feel that I am blanked on?
Never mind, I shall directly proceed to pray about it. Haven’t done that for a while.
More important to my human subjectivity at the moment is, How are you? But I shall soon find that out too. Interesting: that Source had me type “too.”
I am awake about 20 minutes now. Will write again within the hour, with or without news other than shouting to the heavens my thanks for our connectivity and our

S, later:

I am still working on it. 
It has to do with

1. growing ability, because of etheric dross being cleaned,  
2. with thankfulness (American holiday coming up, which holiday I had been particularly cynical toward in earlier years),
3. Probably no pick-up activity during American travel periods this next week.  
Or, I am totally missing the mark about which you may have a clue? 

Remember, your Presence is mandatory for recent messages.
Remember, No One other than UF manifested words to me until our connectivity.

Frequently present in my musings is our collective approach toward the northern hemispheric-based cultures, e.g. including Brazil and Australia. We are rather blind to the Oriental, African and the Mideast cultures.
Maybe something in another hour.


Thank you soooooo very much! LOVE hearing from you.

It was a deep feel only, like an ancient KNOWING, that Source-the-LOVE-ONE
has to say
a CRUCIAL word, message, to the Children of earth.
I only feel it coming
magnificent in stature
like something unique, from HIM,
HE wants to release now.
It will be, maybe, the MOMENT of VICTORY.

But Siraya said once, I have not the right feeling for TIME.
So I humbly suggest, we still wait a bit for the Perfect Moment.

LOVE to my Love


“So I humbly suggest, we still wait a bit for the Perfect Moment.”
It seems that this is not correct. Your sense of TIME is correct (there’s that “is” again).
I still work on it for the moment.
Thank you back.

“CRUCIAL word” may be a clue, My Dearest of Friends and only Companion.

about how I am, November 23, 2014, M:

I am very well, thank you!
I was sleeping DEEEEEP and profound and had a good rest.
Headaches are gone. Right ear very well, ear tones in both, which is normal.
Body feels well.
Ankle MUCH, MUCH more free, flexible, when rotating or flexing. No pressure.
Today by mediation, big pressure on 3rd eye again, and crown, but I believe
that was my best proof, that all works ok.


I did “address” your head last night as part of the general Bowen. I checked again that your ankle discomfort is local and not caused by coccyx or hip imbalance; they are fine.

The surrogate I use for you, L, also has an ankle issue. Yesterday she remarked that it felt much better the last week.
Is this it? November 23, 2014, S:

If there must be more or other, please advise immediately. It must “set well” with you. This is very, very important! I can elaborate why later.

November 23, 2014, Universal Father Message:
The almost incomprehensible Havona’s reach
melds into Time-Space,
your three dimensions 

[four including time].

melds as well into other patterns of existence
of Mine;

not “planes” of existence or parallel universes,
for that supposes Space and Time.

has been cleared
in and about Gaia 

with unprecedented
effort and attendance, 

by unprecedented
numbers of My Beings above. 

The presence and work of Mine anchors,
also of unusual precedence,
are crucial to Gaia’s dross-clearance 

– not completed.
As a result,
tiny U-ran-tee-a and her environs
are becoming
a crossroad,
a portal
to Mine
other existences.

This is what My scribe,
being prodded by her companion,
now understands when I say,

Ye have done it!
Universal Father


Thank you again. What a pure message. A Jewel of concentrated directness.

I was sleeping again, like a babe. This perfect message belongs on forum,
I believe, it might be a lovely explanation for all our fellows.
I would leave it just as it is, each of them taking from it exactly what they
need, anyhow. But it is a satisfactory explanation of the work done.

Between us two, I would lovingly ask for the (passionate) work we do
tonight, where our beloved Father/CM would like us to further concentrate.

If there are special spots we don’t know about, or where we could send 
more Light, or swing Excalibur.

Because today I was working on dissolving/dismantling the dark fields in
Pine Gap, Australia, Denver Int. Airport, CO, and Maglev tunnels Wa DC –
all the way to California.

Although I sent innumerable hugs and thanks to our sweet Nebadonia, I would yet
ask you, please, to thank Her from me for the beautiful message about my children,
and to please offer Her these flowers from my heart. 

pic: flowers for NEB


Thank you, My Dearest of Dears,

I presumed just that: you were in a space of comfort so the message was OK, and so I posted it.
I shall ask about your inquires and message you before 21:30 meditation.
I send the flowers to Neb. as well as into my own heart.



“Between us two, I would lovingly ask for the (passionate) work we do
tonight, where our beloved Father/CM would like us to further concentrate.”

Nebadonia, in the present moment:
My Dearest Ones,
First and foremost, 
keep to the paths and band-rays 
that are of the most natural flow for you each; always, 
We ensure connectedness.

Of additional choice would be 
to attend to the bonds and fetters 
of My physically enslaved children on the entire globe; 
especially those contained for sexual use. 
These exist below surface 
as well as in brothels, 
all manifestations being abominable 
to Our creations.

the fetters 
that they may respond 
to liberty of choice 

either elsewhere 
or with ascending Gaia, 
in an especial place in My Temple.

For your joy, 
send protection to My butterflies gone south, 
and all their comrades of diverse species.

I place the strains of Universal Dance 
into your hearts, 
even as you truly grace and honor Me with flowers.



Thank you so very much!



November 23, 2014, evening meditation, S:

Strong, emotional presence. I connected with unusual filigree of golden-violet grid,
placing my arms about you from behind
with the presence of a guardian angel.

Protective underground glow over South Europe. I received a distinct cry, “Commander, look!”
Because I lent you all energy possible as you danced the globe, sometimes with company,
a performance that caught one’s breath.

A procession of head shots of mature humans passed by. I was prompted to release them
from the bonds of Luciferian activity and greed.
I instilled in them Hermes seeds of higher thought and Spirit of Truth, sealed in UF’s name.

I did similar with the jailers of prison houses.

Here in B, I have an unusual appointment in 15 minutes with two granddaughters on how to play cello.
I shall miss you until 24/11, 09:30.


Well, it everything looks more and more like a miracle.
I can confirm that I indeed took all globe in my embrace and dance.
It was emotional because I terribly cry, that is, for a long time, 
because of the manifestation of such unbearable abomination,
especially with children. I CANNOT STAND IT. I CANNOT STAND IT.
And there is that attitude of the monsters, that is even more abominable.

I was also knocking to open the hearts of the jailers, too.
I worked in Vatican and in Hollywood too, so I guess the procession of the 
adults might have been the bishops/priests I overwhelmed in Light.
St Germain helped again, immensely.
Yes, I used the Gold of the Father/Christ Consciousness with the Violet Ray.

The last Flight of Butterflies was again an embrace of all globe — that image
from Nebadonia-the-Beautiful was of a most divine inspiration!
Thank you.

I put it now on paper because so nicely fresh. The miracle I see, is in the 
absolute co-relation between us two. Amazingly close. That someone from the Galactic
Fleet called CM with: “Commander, look! — well, THAT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

See you, my Love, at 9:30 my time

November 24, 2014, 2:30 am morning meditation, S:

Guten Morgen,

I get that major war in Ukraine has a good chance of not happening.
Perhaps include this – primarily USA and Israel preparation per R’s recent post.

Have a great morning.
I am ready


‘morning! let’s go!


I was holding the space in Unconditional Love.
Let Source and Christ Michael & Fleet do what needed.
Still dissolving fields in long tunnels Ukraine to California.
Still dissolving fetters of the poor sex slaves/victims, including poor poor children.
Still dissolving monstuosity in Vatican.

Rain of Gold-Silver-Light in the final to purify.
Spinning Ascension. Felt connected. LOVE


Yes I am here with you in my thoughts the last few hours.

Doing introspection again.
I think Source is having us both rest.
I could not get much insight in meditation though consciously present the whole time.
It occurred to me toward the end to beam to Neb. and got immediate “applause.”
Primarily beaming energy and love for you to use.

I had not mentioned that I am skilled at restoring violin family instruments. With a hollow sound post, for instance, resonance increases by 30% or so. Therefore an instrument becomes more responsive and easier to play. My least favorite job is fitting a cello bridge. Have delayed far too long with two granddaughter cellos and so will start today. But my stamina comes and goes in spurts. 

They have chosen to receive only school instruction the last while but both claim they want help, now. Their mother, L, was finally, finally able to point out to them that the rock improvising cellists are classically trained.

Getting up nerve to address forum posts.

After an interruption or two I send this off.

There is Great Love for you, 

Including Mine


Hi, companion!
I get it that the MIND works quickly,
but the matter needs time to manifest.

Defense minister Hagel resigns!



correction to November 24, 2014, evening, S:

Nebadonia and Universal Father Message, now:

Stay your respective natural course, as usual.
You are sorely needed.
Can you add 2 half hours of meditation within the 24 hours?
It will probably be physically harder.
Actual time not critical.

Universal Father and Nebadonia

The wording above is confirmed.
I can be totally autonomous with family on time, with loving acceptance.
Please set the 2 extra sessions.


Actually “It will probably be physically harder” really came through “It promises to be…”

I was more consciously proactive, but primarily beaming to you and Neb.
Assumed a blue-white countenance with winged helmet changing my feelings from cold fury to dispassionate disabling of robot mind connections.
Worked on communications equipment.
Underground glow in Europe.
Saw a uniformed soldier with boyish face.
Was recognized as “You!” which had happened in a reading 30 years ago.

Your Incomparably Devoted Bestest Friend 


I was further dissolving fields in the tunnels all over Gaia.
clearing with Violet Flame.
According to Neb’s wish, liberated millions of sex-slaves globally.
Protecting Butterflies & sweet birds to South.
New vital rain of Gold-Silver-Light.
Held space in unconditional love for Universal Father, Infinite Mother Spirit,
Christ Michael, Nebadonia, ArchAngel of Michael to work.

I suggest further sessions at 8:00am and 11:00am your time.
Would that be ok?
We can also find a more comfortable time than 2:30 in your night.


8 am and 11 am are excellent times for me. Let us keep the 2:30 am my time. I think it is important and not really difficult. I hope the 11 am is truly OK for you.

Until then,
I continue to feel centered with you



love you, LOVE


Actually “It will probably be physically harder” really came through “It promises to be…”

are there other implications you see in this?


No. Just a greater potential toll on us. “Promises” sounds too final to me. But I tell ya, my energy is much improved over a few months ago. And a few months ago it was much improved than a year ago. 

Please be certain that I remain updated on your own being! We must not overdo.

Presence and message from UF came after 14:30 supposedly for AH (here it comes again), but it is not enough to post yet, by my mind. Perhaps it is only for us right now.

November 24, 2014, Universal Father Message:

Bells are sounding throughout Creation near and far.
Stay the course, Mine Own.
You shall see.
Wipe your tears.
Advancing armies are scattered witless, literally.

Notice that I simply stopped — there is no sign-off. 

If I remember correctly, I think I mentioned that I LOVE you. I do hope it hasn’t been too long ago. May you be resting well.
Will send a few words before 02:30h.



I love you, LOVE. Did I tell you?

UF message is GOR_GE_OUS! Thank you!


See you in 5 minutes.

November 25, 2:30 am morning meditation, S:

Hi Love,
I slept well and am ready.


Crying most of the time, in the deeeeeepest ever gratitude to FATHER/MOTHER,
for their Plan for Salvation for tiny Gaia.
Called for the FIRE of GOD to come over us.

Please ask FATHER to finish that glorious message started this night, thanks a lot.

Nov. 24, 1615 CST UF

Bells are sounding throughout Creation near and far. Stay the course, Mine Own. You shall see. Wipe your tears. Sound…    Advancing armies are scattered witless, literally.

Thank you, my LOVE.


At 02:30 CST in full wakefulness I could only muster energy and pass the baton for your use; not to any place; not to Neb.

Afterward mine own tears were of personal revelation over the magnitude and time-length, my entire life, of no longer being locked out of the feeling of Spirit Presence. 

My actions and meditations had been always wistfully intellectual, vicariously enjoying others’ experience of All That Is in various interchanges — again throughout life. That is why I hardly ever prayed; it was a mere exercise of words. Decreeing did work some. What had been truly so for me is, only “Music is the bridge between the finite and the infinite.”

This state of lack of contact started loosening a little in AH. That is why AH became a haven and refuge.

And then YOU happened into my presence and the flood gates opened.

I now understand the meaning of a clear distinct voice, buried deep in my solar plexus that shouted to me in toddler-hood, “Oh S, oh S.” It was an inner cry, not by me but to me, about the deliberate withdrawing of my ability to draw upon Presence. So, I guess I passed some test about being a guardian of power. And you carry the key to its total release on Gaia.


Therein is my gratitude to Universal Father this next while. It is a bit of a shock.


Noon, Universal Father Message, S:

The Gordian Knot is deeply severed.


How beautiful, to come to a completion of yourSelf! What a beautiful revelation!
And yes, this way the tears are so liberating!

I was working further on Pine Gap. I was again hitting with vigor, the head of the Octopus away.
I saw 12 arms of it, crawled around Gaia, that I dissolved as well,
with the help of Galactic Federation and Saint Germain.
I was very determined. We both.

Please put the last line from UF on forum. Maybe He adds some words still. I find it CRUCIAL.

Thank you, my love.

November 25, 2014, Universal Father, S:

Confirmation on completeness and veracity before I post, please.

November 24, Universal Father Message:

Bells are sounding throughout Creation near and far.
Stay the course, Mine Own.
You shall see.
Wipe Your tears. 
Advancing armies are scattered witless, literally.

Yet controlling forces persist.

Sound erupts,
spewing from the mouth of a single monster,
underground in Australia.
A few last pernicious thugs of high pecking order
are cooperating as never before,
one great stand against humanity.
The conglomerate monster spews commands to global puppets,
to robotoids and to humans,
laced with false assurances.

What say Ye, My Precious Ones?

Universal Father



Absolut true and complete!


I call you for the last battle, Jeanne.

We have Excalibur of the LOVE & LIGHT 
and the Holy Golden Mantle of the Spirit of Truth.

I invoke Archangel of Michael to sound His trumpet NOW, on 8 am your time.

I sense our weapons must be smarter than theirs:

1) Excalibur cutting their connections

2) Massive PURE LIGHT dissolve their fields, to stop communication, planning, orders.
     Remember they are vulnerable, because the SPIRIT is lacking in them

3) Invoke Violet Flame to burn down same, since it permeates any cell

4) Gama-beams by Fleet, to bring robotoid-skeletons to glow, so rotten flesh jumps off

Please teach me on further BEST methods.

Magic LOVE to you


Thank you.
I shall post it.
With our skills that you list I learn from you.

Could you post these as suggestions on the Nov 24 thread?


I AM there at 8,
My Magical Butterfly


“Please teach me on further BEST methods.”

I can use “My eyes.”
Elizabeth — scepter and globe



This is what happened from my perspective.
Light immediately projected to Australia.
Yolande and Jeanne wielded Excalibur with glee.
I went after the electrical mains with flashing blue light.
Elizabeth was rather more reserved, spreading liberty about the globe.
My John Adams spiced it with government structural independence.
Golden Mantle and Violet Flame dispersed dross.
The intense feeling from my heart to my brain (Kundalini) mercifully reduced by about 08:40.

Ever, do the Gods look ahead…

I go to continue with that cello, ever being alert.

Dearest Friend


Thank you, my LOVE – your sweetness  so great.
The Gap is now a sink hole. They used the Atlantis technology, but it hit back on them.
I will put the methods on forum, ya.
I was crying because I realized the aeons of pain and suffering we were paying till now.
I realized this is meant to be the last HUGE battle.
Your report so sweet! You get your humor. We all have been there.

Go take a shower.

November 25, 2014, evening, S:

You were the main doer again, as sort of explained by a long message from Nebadonia.
Nothing really new. I already mentioned it today or yesterday. But it explains your role. I may not get this finished before you retire due to anticipated interruptions here.