Our Sacred Mission Part II


           OUR SACRED MISSION            


         A Testimony of We2 as One for All of HIS Wondrous Creation 



New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2014, M:

We have less than an hour till midnight,
and outside the impatient ones already
make bum-bum 

Dear Hermes,
how do you see me?
My own Higher Self seems to be in my vessel, because my

voice is now deep and very thunder-like… and when I start speaking, my F covers his ears, so loud I AM


Wait while I fly to thunder mountain to see what’s going on. 


The wintering nest of invisible butterflies of FREEDOMsRAY ‘neath the balmy clime hidden in Thunder Mountain have the best guesses. Your voice has changed to lower pitch as well as increased amplitude — suggest F use cotton swabs in his ears such as I sometime do around my grand kids.

Butterflies do not seem to know much about pendulum swings, but their flutter matches the intensity of the bob that insists your vibrations are being raised for some purpose or another — but I hardly see a spaceship traversing all the bum-bum.

If any other info shows up by Christ Michael and Neb. — who by the way are the last post’s real authors — I remain in tune to let you know straightaway. And will report whether there is more or not.


How good to have relations among the Golden Warriors with Golden helmets
on their heads…that will mean that the Summer is here and I will be able
to dance and fly and spin in the violet/gold FreedomsRay as much my 
heart desires…

Millions of loving embraces filling the space to Christ Michael, NEB and Hermes


Myself, I am running about catching all the embraces…

(Romanian for Happy New Year!)


WOW! Thank you! 5 minutes still


can never trust transmission, only via butterfly


01.01.15 at 0:00

beautiful mine!



01.01.15 at 0:04

I AM with you, ALWAYS.

Good Morning 2015 !  M:



Chuckle chuckle

January 1, 2015, morning, S:

A few firecrackers at midnight.
Meditation business as usual.
Good New Morning Dearest One.


1 January 2015

The AIR tastes NEW today
and there is a feel of a Violet Radiance all around.

I was preparing the Way of the Lord.
Filling HIS Way with petals of Roses over and over.
I called upon the BLESSINGS of ALL of CREATION, from HIGH UP the TRINITY.
I invoked
to come down on Gaia

It is done.

My Hermes is embraced in great LOVE

January 1, 2015, afternoon, S:

Looks like K tapped into the same Celestial happening per his “targeted message.” I am getting the suggestion to write him at his wordpress web site…


good idea!
in this very moment I copied his TM to send it to you! I mean, IN THIS MINUTE!

The NEWS is EXCELLENT for me, 
coz I was preparing the Way for the LORD,
and I SAW a whole BIG WIDE BOW
of ROSE PETALS in all beautiful colors
stretching all the way from TRINITY to Gaia
and WE as ONE opened all gates and all portals
on GAIA,

Again, being overwhelmed by its GRANDEUR
I closed the meditation in tears
for I found no notion for such a GREATNESS!




A message of confirmation from CM and Neb. of our thoughts and information of today is in the (your?) wings. I’ll make attempt to scribe it later. But — 

1 January, 2015, Nebadonia Message to M&S:

My Dear Surrogate Daughters,

It has been and is My Presence that you experience in large measure in meditation and throughout your day; a little extra concentration into your beings of My space Presence, independent of time, the Local Infinite Mother Spirit; this in addition to the Spirit of Truth.

Recognize that you are manifesting direction in what appears a vacuum, i.e. unformed reality of a sort. Recognize that it cannot be called “darkness.” Always are we present, by your sides, available for confirmation of directions you choose.

Our Love for you continues in Great Measure,



thank you very much! Such delight, always.
Remember today I told you we are in a suspended state,
like those chrysalis hanging on the branch?
it was the sense of this vacuum –
so in this last medi I was more firmly directing
the implementation of the Spirit of Truth & superconscious gold
of CM/NEB as ONE
into the core of Gaia and the hearts of men.
Also called Trinity to set the most WONDROUS ever
templates/patterns into New Gaia & New Man.
Called Hosts to anchor all.
Sealed all with Excalibur.

Here one most beautiful messages of yours from 2013:

S: It took a while to identify the Presence of this next. It was to be part of my mission statement but of course I did not post it because of its lofty, possible pomposity; and because a prime ingredient was missing – now realizing that prime is you.

November 6, 2013, Christ Michael Message:
Dear one(s), 

Come down with Me to assist Centers upon Earth to teach “in My Name” all things.
After stasis.
You shall have immediate access to knowledge through Me.
You shall have guides ever present.
Sweeping changes in content of sciences, art;
of ethics and modus operandi;
of cultural expressions;
to guide enquiries of social-community-economic structures;
reframing governing bodies;
of the true nature and underlying reasons behind the art of teaching;
of intent for character building and interchange of Spirit and Love.
These purposes far, far supersede any content of any topic or organizational purpose.
Be ever mindful of the two-way learning between mentor and seeker (teacher and student).


New personal message: Sommerfugl, January 1, 2015, from a forum fellow, M:

My sweet Butter-flutter  (hug) 

I wish you a true Christed New Era in and with us All as ALL  
May we meet soon and have our happy celebration of and in the Light
I hope you are doing well and swirling swiftly?

I got the finest present for Christmas as I almost lost my man to someone
who caught his attention in a time of emptiness and need – as I realized a minute
too late to avoid the challenge of having a chaotic mess to clear up and some very
unhappy moments. I woke up and saw I had ignored all the warnings. But the learning
is fabulous and he is learning too…about himself also.  I got to keep him by
my side and I am grateful as I believe in our teamwork. 

Here’s to Life, Love and Light  
Your Libellule

January 1, 2015, evening, S:

Dearest Friend,
I am a little whelmed — hopefully now overwhelmed — at these recent messages and re-posts, your penetrating sight, dating back to your fantastic summary.
Please bear with me who have so little to progress today.
Possibly it is because I am tackling the nitty-gritty of web domain registration and hosting choice. The account commitment is for at least a year, the so-called free hosting options have hidden commitments. L is finally available for me to bounce with decisions.

LOVE, so much LOVE


I will strongly squeeze you in my embrace as ONE
all the time of the meditation.
Thanks a lot for the last message

January 2, 2015, afternoon, Nebadonia and Christ Michael, S:

2 January, Nebadonia and Christ Michael Message to M&S

Oh little ones, Our adopted daughters,
little on Earth in mortal mantle,
great in heart and Spirit,

The key
you seek
unlocks your own hearts’ inner chamber
energy to Us.

The key
is found and made active
whenever you, in awareness as ONE,
individually, consciously, of quiet voice,
call upon Our Names, thusly:

“Oh, Mother and Father of Nebadon,
receive our Freedoms Ray offerings
in the Name of Divine Source.”

This is the key, one of unmistakable and protected intent.

Christ Michael & Nebadonia

If this does not seem correct to you, does not ring well, of course let me know. I shall inquire more. Words were carefully chosen, so that means there is some “contrivance” on my part. The statement can be edited by you. You see, it fills in to what has been occasionally desired, I think; a preamble/introduction to decreeing, and an ending seal. But also applicable in general.

A practical message from Universal Father — after meditation.

January 2, 2015, afternoon, Universal Father, S:

2 January, Universal Father Message to M&S

Now hear this Command. 

Scribe everything that comes to you from Me.
Post it as Mine “Blog.” Universal Father. Separate page.
Use 2 quotes from Urantia Book, one identifying Universal Father;
one identifying the existence of Universal Father fragments,
additional to Thought Adjusters.

Main page is to include a “Universal Father” link.

For now the scribing is to continue through S,
but always corroborated by M.

Include a statement on the UF page to this effect, using single initials S & M [no B].
M does the formatting.
Either can post.




Now we are officially the scribes of Father
in the open,

charged by Him Himself!!!!


Thank you, Father, and thank you, Sister sweet!
I believe there are many more messages from
Father, most meaningful and beautiful, that we could
publish as well, each under one’s own datum.

Oh, Sister mine, what a Divine honour!


Never thought of it that way.
I guess He was trying to impress that upon me as a command.
How fortunate I can have a neutral acceptance of this!


It’s sinking in now.
We have become His official global prophet, through me to you the messenger.
I gotta get used to this concept. Of course we do not use the “P” word. 
My body has to get used to this!

Valiant’s 2 paintings for KEY, January 2, 2015, M:

See ESU holding the KEY
and Christ Michael the LOCK?
Is the RED-HAIR QUEEN our Nebadonia?
Pleiades are above her head.
There are 6 Elders, 3 red-hair, 3 blondes.
They are on the Ship.
What are the codes on the ship? Is that MUSIC?
A Fortress right, with a dragon shooting black arrows.
The Church hypocrisy.
The red-hair warrior king welcoming.
Who is the pregnant blonde queen?
Across the river TRISTAN & LUDMILLA & their son & dog – RUSSIANS!
Welcoming, man afraid — lady, child, dog Standing in TRUTH.

pic: Valiant Artwork: Secrets, Riddles, Lies and the Legacy

Here there are 3 levels.

1. Chinese/Tibetan lady has the lock
2 red-hair Irish & their Angel offer the KEY.
Chinese King refuses it.

2. England, Red Draco.
Visitors cannot reach them

3. Again a craft, and the KEY coming from it
The visitors get it
Footprints of Esu on water towards East/India
Ravens know the secrets, and the way, they are accompanying the travelers.

pic: Valiant’s Artwork: The Lost Journey


Where did you find these? When were they made? And the nascent interpretation? Fascinating.


Ancient Prophecies, by Valiant

We are reshaping the hierarchy of the entire universe and it was planned like this from the beginning. Our story isn’t the story of only those of us on Earth. Our story is the saga of an entire universe.

Click here: 
Ancient Prophecies

And here: 
Ancient Prophecies 101

To access Valiant’s posts quickly and easily, click here: 
Valiant’s Archived Posts

To access the merged posts click here: 
Valiant’s Messages Merged

To access Valiant’s artwork quickly and easily, click here: 
Valiant’s Archived Art

To all readers of this blog: please print as many copies of Valiant’s art that you may like. The artwork is meant to be shared with humanity and to help us rid our world of dark forces. Within each of these pieces is unbelievable power, even when copied on a printer. Hang these copies in your homes and you will discover a spiritual calm settling down around you. Angels live in this artwork.

No More Sleeping

No More Sleeping
Welcome home, my sisters and brothers. Our journey is just beginning…


Now here is a prophet!
The interpretation is yours? HAS to be so. Mighty Fine.

January 2, 2015, evening, S:

Received, “Key to the heart of Humanity.” I think the term has been used before.


FREEDOMsRAY in the hearts of Men calls forth not hope, 
but manifested Universal Hope 
reflected this day in abundant threads woven in tapestry of brotherhood 
well understood and summoned from the superconscious hearts of Humanity.

CM/NEB, Dec 31, 2014

January 3, 2015, 2:30 am morning meditation & decreeing, S:

I think I am present.
Draft needs statement on purpose/love/soothing/beauty/reaching readers

January 3, 2015, morning — already? S:

Trying to pull diverse ideas together for a coherent main page.


Cannot control formatting right now

Web Site Contents/Pages Rough Draft
No particular order
Main page

·         Banner pic?
·         Header – FREEDOMs RAY
·         UF quote

Nation “Constitutions” — sets individual rights

·         Preambles extracts on freedom/non-freedom
·         Supporting quotes
·         Tricameral government

Universal Father

·         2 UB quotes
·         Messages
·         M’s summaries

U.S.  Constitution – became model for other nations

·         13 colonies & “Founding Fathers”
·         Trace tenets – Locke
·         13th, 16th, 28th amendments
·         Entitlements
·         Judicial/legislature
·         Only successful by moral peoples

Freedoms Ray
          Spirit of Truth
          Superconscious patterns
          other — natural

          Infringements on FsR

Violet Flame
          Simple history/purpose
          Decree links


Enterprises – products/services

External links





I hope so…
Yeah I guess it is 


coming during this meditation right now is
we need include a 
of our Mission.
Here we can put all that SUMMARY of our work
and developments and Guidance
starting 15. October, 2014.

The title would be:
we were
into the
Heaven’s Heart.”







Yes to both posts.
A little discussion tomorrow?
Was getting the cats settled in after two braved a cold, wet outdoors. Their tummies are now full.

January 3, 2015, website notes, S:

FREEDOMs RAY website notes
Jan 3 2015  

Mission statement (aspects do not necessarily need to be posted).
A place for readers/starseeds to find ideas for form.
Order of links. I think have these on one side column, and Gov/history on the opposite side column.
                Universal Father
                Christ Michael & Neb. (same page as UF?)
                Spirit of Truth described/defined
                Plan of salvation for Gaia (salvation inferred?) I desire discussion here.
                Pattern, superconscious, … 
Look into comments mechanism – constructive ways (filters).
ID-ing ourselves in “about” footer, header (not S’s choice), both?
Purpose of site/mission statement in footer, header, both?
Banner pic – use pink splash of stars pic; can be cropped properly
Find FREEDOMs RAY font for header — something that flies.


Thanks a lot!

– Mission Statement: A SPACE FOR GROWTH
– All links on one column
– Universal Father
– Christ Michael/NEB
– Spirit of Truth
– Superconscious Gold
– Divine Plan for Salvation


OK. We will work on it a little late our tonight
Bowen touchup in about 40 minutes.


Yes, thank you very much.
I am going to bed, feel so very tired.
again that feeling of suspension — like there is ENORMOUS work up there
to complete moves and plans, such as we need to wait.

In my meditation I was just invoking FREEDOMsRAY to come on Earth, and the sacred Bestowal to freely pour down to us. I was only strengthening intents/commands.
Thank you for your lovely work – we will include Gaia Portal and Valiant artwork.

PLEASE KEEP IT SIMPLE, to be accessible to all.
The SCRIPTS in themselves will be pretty shocking to all, through their EXPLODING TRUTH!
so our language needs
be simple, simple, as to make material DIGESTIBLE.

The Artwork of Valiant will be there to relax –
We will keep a PIC OF THE DAY, with sweet animals, to make people smile.

“A FLIGHT OF BUTTERFLIES” could be a series of pics — if you will like it — there are over 100 pics of butterflies OF MINE I can bring here.

UB will also need have many lovely space pictures, of all Superuniverses.

It should be a delight, and not too intellectually stressing.

YES, Times will change.

All my gratitude for your efforts, hugs to you and L,

January 4, 2015, 2:02 am morning, S:

Thank you so much, Dearest, for reflecting your thoughts to me last night!
I likewise so appreciate hearing from you.

L dinked around with me on site ideas. We can go over them your afternoon Skype.
By all means there can be a butterfly/nature gallery/page.
I see how much work that lies ahead of us.

My very first word of wisdom that I thought up was decades ago. It is
“That which is simple is not necessarily easy.”

So yes, simple, simple, simplicity. I agree.

I marvel at the message that came through my pencil from CM & Neb. It took somewhat over an hour to hone it into a simple statement — yet not so simple.

It seems that we have plenty of meditation purpose in the forming of the web site; but a few pokes of Ex here and there for FREEDOMsRAY would also be good.

Do accept in great simplicity for exploration, the depth of my



Good morning, beloved!
Thank you for your post 


Up and at ’em.

the website L built, January 4, 2015, S:

She had designed the logo too.


The site is perfect!
It has all it needs, balanced, direct, understandable.
logo is also well found.
Colours are harmonious and writing too.
All statements very good.
It is nice, clear and professional.
Yes, is beautiful, congratulations!

There is an ANGER in me and I wonder how can that be.
I feel S sending some negative thoughts – is that the cause?
Hoping so MUCH for you to have put the 2 messages on paper,
to heal this state of mine.
Are there new instructions for our meditation? I was only invoking FREEDOMsRAY.
LOVE, so much LOVE


can hold your about S — just as soon as I get UF off my conscience.
Special instructions? Do not want to peer very far at the moment; but I do have to admit
that the term “witless vipers” recurs to me the last 3 or so days. Have been avoiding to whom it refers…

Off the top of my head, not really, perhaps slash the downward negative Kundalini in whoever needs it.

Thanks for the critique on L’s site! She will be pleased of course.


Confirmation on S negative thoughts.

I’m late!

January 4, 2015, evening, Universal Father still forming, S:

After the 18:00 meditation I dawdled about nothing and fell into deep sleep a little. Curiously, I felt good afterward — until I realized that the fleeting glimpse of an impression was similar to the header on a AH post.

Sure enough, a UF message is to go on the FREEDOMsRAY thread. No way getting around it. I can’t go to another sand box and play because He owns them all

Procrastinating the last 90 minutes, Source acknowledging it ain’t going to get written before 21:30 medi.
I am avoiding the contents. It is useless to complain to you because there will be no sympathy! Oh well…

On to medi. Will attempt to have message formed before you retire. Nevertheless, of course for you and All


Asked 21 questions in query — unusual approach.

Message is not of chastisement but of encouragement to bulk of AH readers seeking guidance and truth.
Define FREEDOMsRAY indirectly.
Mention Universal Father-Fragments 
Urantia Book quote — but not Thought Adjuster.

Am not yet ready to receive the kernel or central thought.
To be signed from Hermes, no news summaries or observation of trends or human condition; no mention of heads of states; dark blue font.

It will be more than 1/2 hour. Not to segue to CM & Neb. message ’til this is done. I AM off to musing.

Important BTW, I had been on one knee by your side encircling us and More with the Golden Mantle — maybe a few straws sticking out.



4 January, Universal Father Message to AH FREEDOMsFLAME 

Friends of the Violet Flame!
Experience the Divine soul-fragments from One Source and Center.
Assign your consciousness to Guidance found therein. 
Know this Guidance as unique to each being.
Trust in the Completeness of the Victory Mantle of FREEDOMsRAY
now descended upon Gaia, in Full Glory.

I AM Hermes

I shake my head, mystified that I had to clear so much garbage to get to the simplicity above. There is nothing more at the moment from UF. The CM/Neb. message will be forthcoming not immediately.

OK. You are requested again to edit/corroborate before I post this in that it could just as well come through you, but I bet with more eloquent wording. 

Site is on hold the next little while — about a day — so I can catch up on some tutorials.
Nice pics! Understand that they are probably not public domain. Purchase may be nominal.



Thank you for the message. It’s simply excellent.
I certainly have nothing to add.
Message is perfect in its simplicity.
There is lots to be pondered upon and learned from it.
I AM happy the terms and identities are well known and familiar.
This makes life easier for everybody.

Only – in your title you put FREEDOMsFLAME. You meant FREEDOMsRAY, for sure.

I found healing in the meditation – I was simply asking for help.
After that I saw S got a message from Triodity & Trinity Sisters…and I can
imagine, she would have liked a confirmation from me, on authenticity –
the message is there since December 23 – That’s why FESTIVE!
But I rejected her Skype call, and so the door was closed.
Important for us, the T&T Sisters confirm too that there is no delay.


Yes of course. Thanks for catching the Flame word.

S’s message can be described as rambling. The T&T Sisters describe it as a little confusing, not totally lacking in authenticity but some.
Confirmed that CM/Neb. message is on hold for now. Confirmation for you to have rejected S’s call.

I am secure knowing that you are in balance.
Will post now.

January 5, 2015, 2:30 am morning meditation & decreeing, S:



nice to hear from you!!


Great Day!
HUGE move done today.


I will be “all ears” at Skype.

Your message not yet on AH? January 5, 2015, M:

Gaia Portal, January 5

Precipices reached and transcended.
Life forms of all Higher Dimensionals now activate for the finals.
Centricities have collected and assumed necessary formations.
Flights of passion and flights of joy are the sole travel options.
Comprehensive upgrades near completion.
Comprehensive global comprehensions are at home.
Expressions of Light come with ease.
Beings of Peace continue.


‘T is done.
There is supposed to be a token source for signature quote, subject to further discussion.

​January 5, 2015, afternoon, S:

Still processing.
Apparently I am not procrastinating (per Nebadonia).
Processing involves the workings of current events, specific in concept but not names/places necessarily.
18:00 medi Had to be wholly devoted but two things for me:
Contacting Trinity and FREEDOMsRAY with non-thinking.


Yes, I believe you. It’s just like that.

It is the Bestowal, of CM/NEB as ONE,
that is the Essence of the FREEDOMsRAY,

that magic power of the Violet Radiance of the Spirit of Truth
of Christ Michael
at ONE with the core Gold of the Superconscious Mind
of Mother Nebadonia –

an unprecedented Godly alchemy
manifesting in Gaia & Humanity 

It only needs a few days to complete.

So I was sending celebration and Joy today,
invoking the Hosts to anchor this Sacred Act
through the 2 of us as ONE, embraced in great 

I believe,
in our celebration and Joy
we help FREEDOMsRAY manifest quicker on Gaia.

(In the last messages the others got these days
I recognized many of our words/expressions
we/I use in our meditation.)


I really, really must absorb/process what you experience. Thank you greatly for your input today!

There is some insistence that I post this to you now, though I consider it a little unclear, perhaps even redundant for you.
AH message is for tomorrow.
Have to address website with L today — actually not her favorite activity but she is quite willing.
She wants to develop a library-oriented “Theater in a Box” flexible group — still in thinking stages.

Your Sister with the Straw of FREEDOMsRAY

5 January, Christ Michael & Nebadonia Message to M&S

Dear Ones,

in all things you observe/do for now.
Find its aspect(s) in all life, 
large events and the small individual.
Report as appropriate.
See happenings 
as reflection of Divine Universal Father- Fragments 
now manifesting in greater measure 
during your normal searching of news.
Continue working with website design and content, 
while remembering 
to call upon either or both of Us. 

Our Love to Thee


I see that it is going to take a while to wrap my head around your words.

CM and Nebadonia bestowed the Spirit of Truth together
upon His completion of His 7th bestowal, on His planet of choice, Gaia.

You are experiencing/observing something additional in Their Oneness.

January 5, 2015, evening coming up, S:

There are excellent points in these two links taken from AH front site. But things are missing. Experts are not looking far enough. Discuss a little tomorrow morning. Mainly, “they” think they are thinking outside the box but are only in some unlooked corner.


Oil is down.
Mentality is that unless there is growth by using natural resources there can be no affluence. 
Overlooked is local, natural ingenuity.
If/when the US $ goes, people will exchange goods without “script.”
Money was almost non existent in other times of trade.
Overlooked is the bringing of cosmic science into understanding.
If a nation looses money control over its peoples, then inventors can work their magic in local regional levels.
Consider the hemp/graphene scene; 
super capacitors and negative entropy are already recognized at university level. 
Just cannot use it in industry because of corporate control.

Semi-formed thoughts.
Just a straw blowing in the wind with concrete foresight for answers (praise to Dylan that his now outdated heads-up lament did have some effect — but not to wallow in its re-visitation).

Your crazy Straw Sister

Oh yeah, about all I can do again in medi is FREEDOMsRAY and pulling Trinity’s Ray for Us all.
non-crazy LOVE — rather, clear in intent.

January 6, 2015, 2:30 am morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Good Morning


Hi! Frosty clear blue sunny good morning!

January 6, 2015, evening, S:

18:00 medi was smooth, long contact.
You must have been most busy today.
We troubleshot the website. Not completed yet. 


It came up on the internet — delayed time for dns pointers to register.
Now for serious building.
Radiance sunrise has to be cropped to avoid text in upper right corner.
Cropped version is attached. Will it work for you?

  • mountain-sunrise-18614-1366×768 (2).jpg


sure, of course, is lovely! thank you!!!


OK. I still think to inquire whether it is “public domain” or if it can be used as non wall paper. I shall do this.
Check out



WOW, WOW! Girls, you are great!
It is really BORN, that is most wonderful!


blush for me. L is not so blushy 

Electro-Magnetic-Pulse talk, January 7, 2015, S:

The Trinity/Triodity Sisters do not play cards; why use games of chance for analogies?

Universe EMPs have been around a while. There seems to be no record or correlation of long past historical events by science. So why now?

Thugs would not attempt EMPs from a practical standpoint.
A general EMP not only would disrupt electronic communications but would also destroy delicate digital electronics permanently.

Furthermore it has been known for decades on an informed lay level that electronics totally encased in a Faraday cage, i.e. totally surrounded either by metal walls or metal screening would be impervious to an EMP.
So if all gas pumps were knocked out, oil would not move, for example. Vehicle electronic ignitions would not work, etc. 

But selective EMP by Galactic Fleet; that to me is an “of course!”
That is how they divert rockets and neutralize triggers.
Fleet must know how to beam an AMP like a laser ray.
Closely related to what is call scalar electromagnetics, which Russians have had for decades in weapon form.

That is why the hype on Russia/China taking over global financial control vs US & Co. is so laughable. Russia has had military control over US a very long time. Interesting why Putin does not elect to educate the common folk his home and abroad.

I realize why I am disturbed over the false directions encouraged by C & Co.
The creme de lo creme Agondonters have been gathered and are therefore subject to useless diversion.

I do not all ascribe to the term “sheeple” anymore. The Father-Fragments in ensouled ones will come forth as sleeping giants. “Sheeple” would apply to half the global population of humanoids.

January 7, 2015, 2:30 am morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Groggy but good to go!


nice to see you!


C put on AH a speech of her destiny guardian, A, 
earth changes coming –


Beloved Dearest Bestest,
please allow me 10 minutes delay by skyping,



Of Course!


wow, Sister, do you also feel nausea, and shaky, and legs weak?
there must be some energies out there, some big ones…



Time to unsheathe Excalibur! Seems that dark energies are assaulting ensouled ones in general; ourselves a little more so.

January 7, 2015, evening, Nebadonia, S:

7 January, late morning, Mother Nebadonia Message to M&S

Weak of body? Yes. We understand and read that in you.
It is due to a composite of conflicting energies
about HUmankind and robotoid good, bad, indecisiveness;
various levels. 

Weak of heart and mind?
Not hardly.
Of Spirit? Never, ever so far recorded.

What we do record is your separate Faiths,
ever unshakable independently;
the fruits thereof ever amplified in your union.

Of course you pass tests.
You are passing them all the time,
as all are in the courses of God-creatures evolution.
Of course your “tests” are tracked and recorded according to Divine Law.
Though for you
the passing of same as they occur
are of rather ordinary occurrence. 

What first came to this scribe
who thought to record from Me this morning
was to repeat a total offering of your efforts —
from utmost depths —
of sealing whatever love, energy, intent you could muster
upon the superconscious minds
and Father fragments of HUmanity that could receive.

Your unadorned gifting. As if We did not already know..

Our Love to You


What a Divine message!

January 8, 2015, 2:30 am morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Good Morning!


‘morning, LOVE!

January 9, 2015, morning, Universal Father on the new site, S:

8 January, Universal Father Message to M&S

Search out the Spirit of Science. 
Search out the Spirit of _________.
Find and synthesize.    
Kernels can be found,
ancient and contemporary
for any category.

This is the beginning of your Temple of Knowledge;
i.e. Knowledge
part of Temple activity.

Write a Discourse on “The Spirit of.

Comments may be pending after each category is listed/found/listed/started.
Universal Father will confirm/list major categories by dowsing


Now this one, My Dearest Friend, is rather Profound 

Yet, to be approached lightly.

He interjected this more than once in my thoughts.

I conjured up some more notes on the web site. We can skype them.


January 9, 2015, evening, S:

Started the project of extracting Universal Father & Co. messages from our posts.
Took a long time to decide to do only that.
Guess there is a whole lot of info that might be summarized later.
Probably will not get lost since it is archived both on Yahoo (you) and Google (me).
My own past history and attitude, anyway, is to not bother saving much of anything — except books and tools.

For meditation:
Feel the Presence of Nebadonia and Christ Michael.
Draw on Trinity.
Feed Light to individual HUmankind.


A general “date” given”

No and no and no and no some more.
Funny:  pre-vulture days I would take this more seriously; maybe even not dowse it.
No, pendulum says I would have checked it out.
This is message of non-mercy.


Yes, I found message very disturbing. Like a pop-up ego. Idiotically threatening.


Read the title?

“OK, CM and Ancient of Days made some contact”.

So, did they make contact – or not?


Interesting. Fair Point! Where is there any formal notation, at all.


“This is message of non-mercy.”
She does look pretty exasperated, she has nothing to write, no message, from nobody!
​The tone in her last two, 
is frustration.

January 10, 2015, morning, S:

C’s statement about sleeper cell people is correct. Perhaps meditation on severing ties to their unconscious.  Confirmed. 


fine, thank you


Just posted this on the off all hitting the rotary impeller blades, C’s thread.
Back to bed.

Tools, mostly from Sanctus Germanus and El Morya
I AM forgiveness acting here
Casting out all doubt and fear
Setting men forever free
With wings of Cosmic Victory.
I AM calling in full power
For forgiveness every hour.
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving Grace.
I AM free from fear and doubt
Casting want and misery out
Knowing now all good supply
Ever comes from realms on high.
I AM the hand of God’s own fortune
Flooding forth the treasures of Light
Now receiving abundance
To supply each need of life.
I AM the Violet Flame
In action in me now
I AM the Violet Flame
To Light alone I bow
I AM the Violet Flame
In mighty Cosmic Power
I AM the Light of God
Shining every hour
I AM the Violet Flame
Blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power
Freeing every one

Radiant Violet Golden Flame
Dissolve all ties to sleeper cells
Archangel Michael help me, help me, help me.  

And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest!

BIG happenings, January 10, 2015, M:

Please pay great attention to what happens now —
there are GREAT moves in Heaven regarding Gaia
and I asked Universal Father how we 2 could help,
please see if HE has a message for us, thank you


Yes there is!
Have Bowen clients to your 01:00. Do not know if I can tune in before then. Will try.


Universal Father is really displeased with SK, C and Ancient of Days.
It is quite an infraction that one would notice by checking the Urantia Book Index under Ancient of Days.
I guess our website is becoming urgent.
Cannot center for formal words at the moment. I have 2 minute snatches.


According to Christ Michael and Nebadonia we are the main anchors by far right now.

They would like more frequent “formal” tune-ins by us.
That is, 
Violet Flame and other decrees for more periods; short; not 10, not 20, but 15 min.
Four additional periods;
do not have to synchronize together.
Keep to same schedule of half hour meditations.

My 21:30 medi was extra smooth with great majesty being drawn from Trinity
and enveloping us, Christ Michael, Nebadonia and Gaia.

Will work at getting actual words for you by your 09:30 medi. 
​Earth movements; noticeable Fleet movements. 

January 10, 2015, evening, Christ Michael & Nebadonia, S:

10 January, Christ Michael & Nebadonia Message to M&S

Dear Ones,

How can you assist us?

Stepped up Violet Flame 
in their own dedicated 4 periods as S already determined.

You will have probable recall of nighttime visits. 
No recall of settings. 
The reason is for physical step-ups and messages. 

Knowledge recall.

Greater Fleet activity; 
not with respect to greater visibility 
but with greater awareness by more. 

Come out of the ordinary 
to sense movements of strong applications.

Windows of opportunity will be grasped by Fleet 
​to produce order of more frequent events/happenings.

Can-day-see is wrong about non-assistance!

Point the way of Our assistance by/through observation.

updated Violet Flame decree file again, January 11, 2015, S:

I am having trouble formatting — as you will see — and saving. The last file was not updated.
Absolutely add your translation of Jakob Lorber to the collection — German version.

O  L  E  V

  • decrees 11-1-15

January 11, 2015, S:

Archangel Metatron 

Channel to the United Nations in 2014
through James Tyberonn: 


Strong confirmation on veracity. 
T is the local yokel 72 year retired nurse who pegged C working from ego, without knowing details. She is also the one who confirmed with me that St. Germain said the major change would happen early-mid December. Haven’t spoken to her to sort our experiences out.


The below channel was presented in 2014 to the United Nations SEAT at the United Nations HeadQuarters
in New York City. It has been updated and re-presented with new insertions from Archangel Metatron. We have been guided to re-release this channel at this time.

The Nation of Humanity 
Archangel Metatron Channel via James Tyberonn

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I embrace you with love, unconditional love. 

 And so this wonderful day we gather for a message to the Nation of Humanity and to the United Nations. We pause to fill this space, this timing with the Cosmic Light of Unconditional Love. And we tell you it is only Unconditional Love that will unite nations of your beloved Earth.  We encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the field of self empowerment, for each of you are truly Masters on your path of Ascension. 

 It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that YOU, as a sacred and sovereign BEING, discern this and any such ‘channeled’ messages. 

 It is 2015, Year Three of the New Earth. And so we gently ask all of you to look at the world around you for just a moment.  What do you see? Your media outlooks are reporting war, chaos, riots, disasters and economic collapse. And what is broadcast is what is seen in 3d.  It is oft full of gloom and doom, is it not?  But we tell you there is a new sun dawning, and it is indeed the sun of change. It brings the light of the magnificent New Earth. And Dear Ones, we do mean magnificent. 

 And yes, we know that some of you are thinking, “The Angels are viewing the world in rose colored glasses. Their perspective is a Polly-Anna wash.” 

 There have always been the nay-sayers on the planet, those who predict gloom and doom and warnings of fear. And these serve a purpose in duality, and certainly a quick glance around the globe would seem to justify their stance.  But we tell you it is old energy. And it is not the role of Spirit to ever tell you to give up hope, or to let go of your free will. Our message is to tell you of your Divinity, and to tell you as a matter of fact, as a point of truth that the planet and indeed humanity will Ascend….and are absolutely on track for that to happen. Period. 


 Now, we will speak this day to the United Nations in the same vernacular that we speak to all seekers, to all aware audiences. We recognize those of you within the Society for Enlightenment & Transformation as members of the ‘Transformational Team’. We know you very well, and we honor you for the roles you are playing in this organization. 

The Beginning … Not the End 

 It is 2015, Year Three of the New Earth. And so many are asking what really happened in 2012. The doomsday profits were and remain in high gear on this topic, do they not? Some of your speculators are on particularly fertile ground in this arena, generating fear followings around global chaos, collisions of comets, asteroids, cataclysmic polar reversals, wars and economic collapse. 

 Dear Ones, we tell you again the Ascension will occur, and humanity has made it so. It is time to let go of old energy, of FEAR. And those of you in this room today, those of you reading these words must be leaders by example in this process. 

 Masters, planetary changes will occur, but they are appropriate, and the global cataclysm that some seers have predicted will NOT happen. The planet will Ascend, and humanity will be in tow. In your higher consciousness, that level above fear, not only are you aware of this…you scripted it. And so we say, ‘Well Done!” 

 Now, be aware, there will indeed be certain natural earth changes, the cleansing of the planet, the  up shifting  of frequency, but it will be on a regional level, and it  is for the up-shift, for the higher good. 
We assure you that were it not for the regional quakes, shakes, winds and waves, devastating as they are, then larger one would inevitably have to take place.  And that will not occur precisely because of the gradual shifting.  It makes sense, does it not? 

Letting Go Of Old Energy 

 Dear Ones, we tell you again the Ascension will occur, and humanity has made it so. It is time to let go of old energy, of FEAR. Such fear is deeply programmed, for these have been eras in the past on five occasions in which the world was ‘rebooted’, through global cataclysms, by axial tilts, magnetic reversals and asteroids impact collision that resulted in mass depopulation of the human species on the planet.  And so these fears are deeply embedded in your cellular memories, a subconscious repeating recording. 

False Dogma of Control & Unworthiness 

 So many of your religions are rife with embedding of fear-control dogma, warnings and restrictions….my way or no way constraints. They program you with erroneous concepts of ‘original sin’, poverty vows and focus on what not to do. Their fear based controls have underpinnings of punishment for violators, creating group thought forms to cage you in. This encourages fanaticism and zealotry. It spawns self-righteousness and threats of retribution: our way or else. 

 It’s old energy, it’s fear. Masters, you can never return to states of lesser awareness, life is expansion.  With the New Earth comes the greater role in co-creation of the reality around you. But that is a responsibility that will enfold through love, not dread.   While you are indeed accountable for your actions, that accountability is to SELF. You are a sovereign spark of the Divine. 

Greater Access to Creatorship 

 So what happened in 2012?  The short answer is that greater access to your divine creativity occurred. The Earth amplified into 12 dimensions, and by having access to those crystalline fields, you employ greater ability to responsibly create. 

 As you enter the Ascension, the Crystalline Grid replaces the magnetic grid that has dominated Earth’s ebb & flow for eons. As a result 3rd dimensional polarity is optimally constricted within a more stabilized energy-matrix. 

 What does that mean Metatron, you ask? It does not mean that the 3rd dimension has disappeared, for it is in the duality realm that free choice lessoning occurs in what we term the ‘University of Earth’. For Earth is your testing ground. What it means that the arc-swing   of duality will gradually lessen. And it is a gradually process, it will happen on time-release. 

 And we tell you that it has already begun. That is precisely why the old energy hold-outs are kicking hard. They are drawn out of the shadow, into the crucible for all to see. As the light grows brighter, the bugs will be attracted to it. But events can do longer be skewed to hide the truth. Look at what is happening around you.  Positive change is happening, but that that cannot serve must surface, be faced and resolved. And much more of this resolution is to come. That we assure you. 

United Nations 

 And so we say to all of you gathered here, to all readers and listeners, that the enlightened among you, the members of the United Nations carry an important role, perhaps more important than you realize.  For you are the voice of those that cannot speak, and you have ears of those that will listen. And many within the delegation will listen to you. So do not be discouraged, for we recognize your importance, even if others do not. 

 We tell you that at any given time half the world is in light and half the world is in night, it is a world of polarity. We say to you that far more than half of humanity is in consciousness shadow, yet to awaken to the light of wisdom. We tell you that enlightenment occurs one heart at a time. But just as one candle can brighten a room, one enlightened soul can illuminate thousands. Therefore the light bearers among you must never lose faith, must ever shine brightly, for even a small photon wave makes a transitional illumination. So it is, so it must be with you here today. 

1st World Nations 

 Now, there are some that will say that the prominent nations of what you term the 1st world, the financially dominant and powerful, are more like corporations than countries. Corporations based on profits whose residents are treated more as employees than citizens, especially within the so called 1st-World Nations. 

 That the gap between the ‘ haves & have-nots’ is growing increasingly wider. There are some that would say that the overall masses of the United States are controlled and manipulated by media, intoxicated by quantity and enslaved by debt. That sovereignty of the individual has been lost. Yet a light still shines, and it is growing brighter. New generations across the planet are coming into power, and they will quicken the change. This is happening globally. 

 We tell you the time is nearing in which people will awaken to the knowledge that it is not their encumbering debt that ties them to their beliefs, rather their beliefs that shackle them to the burden of   debt.  The global economic system will change, but it will not free-fall & crash irreparably in planetary chaos. To do so in utter chaos would not serve what is to come. Rather it will be forced into change, drastic change, and positive elements will come forward to enable a better way. 

​The New Earth, the New Humans cannot and will not create its better future by simply discarding its past. The change will come by learning from the past and adjusting in the present, one step at a time. The new Humans in the generations that are coming into power in the next decade will choose a new pattern as a work in progress, and that economic shift will occur.

The Power of Love 

 Masters, we have said before and we say again, that when the love of  power is replaced by the power of love, humanity will make a quantum  leap, but know that love without strength is incomplete. Love without strength is incomplete, is not integral Love. So change is inevitable, it is the nature of reality, and is the evolving into light. The changes the next 15 generations of humanity will make will create the flowering of the Ascension. 

Falling Tyranny & Power Gaps 

 Change is occurring all around you, and it is not hard to see. Look at what has happened and is happening even now in North Africa and the Middle East.  What began as a revolt against the tyranny of the fanatical dictatorships and kingdoms has led to fallen governments. And in the vacuum of falling tyranny, there is the gap of power in which negativity can seek an opportunity. And Masters in 3d, in the realm of duality, there are opposing forces. There is light and dark…and light attracts bugs. 

 It has been said that the smartest thing the ‘devil’ ever did was to convince humanity he did not exist. We assure you there are no demons other than the ones you create, but the collective of human hate manifests into thought forms that are quite malicious, quite real.  Zealotry in religious intolerance is a subtle form of fear-control….and fear spawns hate. Hate is a dark energy. 

Reformation Requisites 

 All of the patriarchal religions borne of Abraham are going through reformations, some more requisite and intense than others. But change must come and is coming sooner rather than later. Some of your current religious texts say that ‘God is an Angry God, a vengeful God’, in texts written over a millennia ago.  For God is not an angry God, not a vengeful God. For ye are Gods, and God is the collective of All That is. 

 Just as your WWll was a resurfacing of the unresolved Atlantean conflict between the Law of One and the ‘Sons of Belial, your current chaos in the Middle East is a resurfacing of the unresolved conflicts of the ‘Crusades’.  And this too must surface before it is resolved. And as horrific as all wars are, if resolution cannot be found by any other means, then sadly it is the path of horror that will eventually lead to resolution and reformation. But as one great soul has said, “An eye for an eye, will leave the whole world blind.” 

 Religions based in fear must also be reformed, in time….and this will occur. It will happen in religion and in governments. 

 And so we say to all governing bodies that unless change is brought from the top, it will be summoned from the bottom, and mightily so. The energy of the planet is changing, and the ‘old guard’ of political power over love simply cannot stand in the new paradigm. Nations that rule by brute force are falling, one tyrant, one corrupt government at a time.  

A New Accounting 

 Governments must be of the people and by the people. Governments must care for the least of their populace, and not be templates of power play for greed and cunning. Heart and love is the new energy, this is the new way, and this is the new accounting.  Governmental leader’s s cannot set on thrones, and watch in aloof carelessness as their citizens struggle to survive. Nations of the first world are required to lift the third. But not by military means, not by corporate manipulation, rather through sharing, through understanding that a human life cannot be measured in gold or derogated into ineffectuality by lack of it. 

 And what of the economy: Look at what has happened in the past 5 years. Dear Ones, spirit is not short of cash. There is a means for all to have abundance. There is requisite for each soul to have the opportunity of life. 

 And truth cannot be hidden, the shadow is being removed. Manipulation is manipulation, and corruption is corruption even if it is for the short term hidden in shadowed legalities and sham. The current economic system will morph into a different one in time. 

The Middle Path 

 The middle road between that termed capitalism and that termed socialism will in time be realized, and in time prove the more tenable way. Life is about gain, but gain is not always about monetary profit. Yet learning to create is part of your puzzle on the Earth plane in duality, and you have and will in time experience every path along the road to the solution of sharing the planetary resources. 

War & Conflict

 As 2015 arrives mankind is weary of war, but not enough are yet empowered to force their leaders to stop it. In days past wars were formed in royal courts and political temples. In current times wars are created in executive military-corporate board rooms and within fanatical streams of zealotry. The victims are but a brief mention in the evening news alongside stock reports, others sadly construed as martyrs. 

  Rarely do countries decide in free majority will to go to war but they blindly accept their leaders who declare them. If you were to open the curtains of your hidden history, you would know that most of your planets conflicts of war do not occur in happenstance, rather were all strategically chosen. There were no enemies to defend against, rather strategies designed to fill coffers & bank accounts and increase power reach.  War is an aspect of polarity that will only end as the earth and humanity rise above it. Hating war will never end war. Loving peace will end war by creating peace.  Dear Ones, so much is changing, can you not see that a great shift is taking place. Could this be what is called the Ascension? 

 And so what was the 2012 Ascension? What really happened in 2012? 

The Planetary Ascension 

 Dear Ones, we told you several years ago that for most of the planet, Dec 21st, 2012 would come and go, and the world would say nothing has changed. Most of the planet held this belief and holds that conclusion. Some might say they were quite right. 
But we differ. …  

 If you are hearing these words in hopes that the final phrases of this discussion will weave a conclusion to your liking, you will not be disappointed. So we tell you while the template of expansion occurred in 2012, the mass enlightenment of mankind will not follow for several centuries.  2012 simply provided you more tools to work with. But to be clear, much more work is required…and in 2015 and forward you must actively ‘Be the Change’. 

 And we remind you that we of the Angelic realm are not here to solve your problems, rather to encourage you on your path to solution. Rather to support you and assure you that you will in time resolve the issues that seem so perplexing. The conundrum will be surmounted. And although mankind will not reach a critical mass of enlightenment on the Earth Plane for several more centuries, it is important to remain present and positive, because it will occur, one day at a time, one heart at a time. It starts with you…and finishes with you.  Your individual vibrations will either add to or subtract from the light. 

 Each of you has an opportunity to be impeccable every day. The scenario in which you recognize your own failings, your own conflict with integrity, is the day you begin to encompass Mastery, and indeed it is a journey. Likewise the day you stand in your truth with willingness to recognize another person’s truth, you encompass integrity.  This truth then applies to nations as well, it applies in macro and micro. 

 Spirit speaks of LOVE. Spirit does not attack. Every current religion on your Earth has its truths and distortions. Discernment is the key.  It is requisite of you to decide what is true and what is not, based on heart and NOT FEAR. No true sacred expression limits its truth, its beauty to one grouping. No true form of spirituality endorses fear, hatred or violence as a means of its growth.

 Dear Ones choose to live free, choose to release worry and fear, and create your well-being. Respect and Nurture one another, and embrace LOVE. It is the science and frequency of God. It is the way that the 
Nation of Humanity will UNITE.

  I am Metatron and I share with you these TRUTHS. You are Beloved.
  And so it is….and it is so…

January 12, 2015, morning, S:

Tempus fugit!

11 January, Christ Michael Message to M&S

Dear Ones,

Slowly will these messages unfold to you both. 
The process is in preparation for many pages to be released.
It is, 
as in all things you must do, 
to be a concerted effort. 

Roles will unfold; 
quite possibly interchangeably. 

Scribing will continue post 3DD with more than one author. 
Veracity post 3DD shall be obvious.

11 January, Nebadonia Message to M&S

Dear Ones,

Align yourselves closely 
with Violet Flame 
and the all important Freedom’s Ray. 

Develop a quick image resizing technique. 
Organize a pictures data base; 
mostly of natural sciences. 
M collects. 
S sizes.

That is all for now.

Adonai from Us


Good morning!
Seems you were gratious to CM and let Him in.

I got off bed after a LONG sleep, felt like descended DIRECTLY from ship,
own house seemed strange to me. Lots of young people up there.
voice right in my chest. BIG MOVES TODAY. BIG crown pressure.


to be SOLVED

or the very last KEY to be found
or the very last KNOT to be HIT.


It is that very 
or KEY 



It cannot be done from up alone.
It cannot be done from down alone.

As always, ALL SOURCE does
and all is done in FULL FORCE.

There are NO half-measures here – never were.

FATHER wants
is to have
the TOTAL 



and the TOTALLY



January 12, 2015, afternoon: Does this ring the bell? S:

12 January, Christ Michael Message to M&S 

Dear Ones,

The germ you seek is had through Me.
C offers nothing to this end.
This is mentioned because of certain authority she does possess through Me.

It is up to you two. 

— Can we know the germ at this time?

Yes, the germ/kernel
that suppresses humankind
into a certain level of hypnosis,
suppressing none other than superconsciousness patterning. 

It is the hypnotic energy that is to be released/dissolved. 

It is a constraining force
laid upon each soul
at its point of inception upon birth,
engineered by Annunaki/Nephilim gods.

It can be dissolved by Violet Flame 
and FREEDOMsRAY meditation and decrees
with this concept/fact in your consciousnesses. 

Your extra Father Fragments 
are independent 
of where this repressed 
superconsciousness patterning lies.

— Should we include specific direction for dissolving the force specifically within ourselves?

Not necessary, 
for the mechanisms of dissolution 
lie in some of the Violet Flame decrees. 
You can recognize where.

— Is that all for now? 


— I am certain that M sends her LOVE.
I am still overwhelmed to express this with any sensibility.




Indeed I send LOVE and Thankfulness and JOY!!!!!

January 12, 2015, evening, S:

Methinks you are still up.

Violet Flame from the Heart of God   
Dissolve all constriction rings. 3x

Freedom’s Ray from the Heart of God 
Dissolve all constriction rings. 3x

I think there is some celebration going on regarding our discovery — and it’s all your fault!


We 2 stand as ONE. So, may I please offer you
your 50% part of the fault!

I was thanking in crying for our discovery.
Next time I see you I bring Champagne.

Thank you for the lovely decrees. LOVE them.
ALL decrees



I’ll accept 50% of the responsibility.
LOVE back to you

Later, S:

more grumble…

— You mean I gotta take this message for me and can’t tell M??

No, I didn’t say that!!

12 January, Universal Father Message to S

Dear One, 

Constricting rings
the souls
of much of humankind.

It is for you
to frame decree(s)
addressing their

Saint Germain is happy
for you to plagiarize freely.

— Why from You and not CM, this message?

external to Nebadon,
you represent My Seal
​placed on same.



Jan 13, Morning,


Superconsciousness FREEDOM decrees, January 13, 2015, M:

With St Germain’s happy consent on plagiarism.


Violet Flame from the Heart of God 
Dissolve all constriction rings. 3x


Freedom’s Ray from the Heart of God 
Dissolve all constriction rings. 3x


Dissolve those rings of mine
On Superconscious Gold
And free all human souls.


I ask Violet Flame to liberate all our
Gold Superconscious from the constricting power.


From God’s Divine Heart 
To free all human souls 
From the constricting yoke.


Sweet Sister,
maybe this is 
the Secret of all Secrets
to FINALLY liberate us 
from the hypnotic rings
put around our souls

of Divine Superconscious Mind.



Inner and outer confirmation that indeed it is the Secret of Secrets. Kind of amazing.

Of course this is the ultimate core of perpetrating human discord and the effectiveness of programmed control, the foundation.
But what really surprises me is that this was possible from the very beginning of this imposition; that the controllers did not have to go through a program – enslavement – first, in order to entrap all mortal souls!

The decrees are excellent. Mine have either evolved or devolved a little. Will send them in a little while. For now, yours are great.

Deine Dopey Schwester is taking her Gottliche Stroh, VF, and FsR to bed after ingesting oregano oil, rousing herself for 18:00 medi.


Trinity, January 13, 2015, S:


Here it is attached as an Open Office document. Let me know that it works, eventually. It is so tempting to add more with respect to Their distinct roles, but they are manifold. 

I am really wiped out — did not rebound — so can but spend my time reading (Urantia Book).

No messages in the wings; sometimes that is the reason.

I think I am one of few who can feel ill and still be in a good mood.

So much LOVE for you!

  • UB Trinity excerpts.odt


Yes Beloved One, it works quite marvelously.
And it makes sense and is very pleasant to read.
Thank you so very much.
A loving embrace from me giving you strength.

Know that I love you. 


​The opening to Urantia Book, Paper 8,
​summarizes the “order” and First Trinity relationships. 

Notice the term “mother-son.”  
Also note that the first 7 papers have to had addressed the Entities of Universal Father and Eternal Son – so, involved and many attributes.

​The Infinite Spirit concept appears for the first time in Paper 8, continues in Paper 9.   



Paper 8          

8:0.1  Back in eternity, when the Universal Father’ s ” first ” infinite and absolute thought finds in the Eternal Son such a perfect and adequate word for its divine expression, there ensues the supreme desire of both the Thought-God and the Word-God for a universal and infinite agent of mutual expression and combined action.

8:0.2  In the dawn of eternity both the Father and the Son become infinitely cognizant of their mutual
interdependence, their eternal and absolute oneness; and therefore do they enter into an infinite and everlasting covenant of divine partnership. This never-ending compact is made for the execution of their united concepts throughout all of the circle of eternity; and ever since this eternity event the Father and the Son continue in this divine union.

8:0.3  We are now face to face with the eternity origin of the Infinite Spirit, the Third Person of Deity. 
The very instant that God the Father and God the Son conjointly conceive an identical and infinite action—the execution of an absolute thought-plan—that very moment, the Infinite Spirit springs full-fledgedly into existence.

In thus reciting the order of the origin of the Deities, I do so merely to enable you to think of their relationship. In reality they are all three existent from eternity; they are existential. They are without beginning or ending of days; they are co-ordinate, supreme, ultimate, absolute, and infinite. They are and always have been and ever shall be. And they are three distinctly individualized but eternally associated persons,

God the Father,

God the Son,

God the Spirit.


8:1.1  In the eternity of the past, upon the personalization of the Infinite Spirit the divine personality cycle becomes perfect and complete. The God of Action is existent, and the vast stage of space is set for the stupendous drama of creation—the universal adventure—the divine panorama of the eternal ages.

8:1.2 The first act of the Infinite Spirit is the inspection and recognition of his divine parents, the Father-Father and the Mother-Son. He, the Spirit, unqualifiedly identifies both of them. He is fully cognizant of their separate personalities and infinite attributes as well as of their combined nature and united function. Next, voluntarily, with transcendent willingness and inspiring spontaneity, the Third Person of Deity, notwithstanding his equality with the First and Second Persons, pledges eternal loyalty to God the Father and acknowledges everlasting dependence upon God the Son.

8:1.3  Inherent in the nature of this transaction and in mutual recognition of the personality independence of each and the executive union of all three, the cycle of eternity is established. The Paradise Trinity is existent. The stage of universal space is set for the manifold and never-ending panorama of the creative unfolding of the purpose of the Universal Father through the personality of the Eternal Son and by the execution of the God of Action, the executive agency for the reality performances of the Father-Son creator partnership.


16:0.1  The Seven Master Spirits of Paradise are the primary personalities of the Infinite Spirit. In this sevenfold creative act of self-duplication the Infinite Spirit exhausted the associative possibilities mathematically inherent in the factual existence of the three persons of Deity. Had it been possible to produce a larger number of Master Spirits, they would have been created, but there are just seven associative possibilities, and only seven, inherent in three Deities. And this explains why the universe is operated in seven grand divisions, and why the number seven is basically fundamental in its organization and administration.

16:0.2  The Seven Master Spirits thus have their origin in, and derive their individual characteristics from, the following seven likenesses:

  1. The Universal Father.
  2. The Eternal Son.
  3. The Infinite Spirit.
  4. The Father and the Son.
  5. The Father and the Spirit.
  6. The Son and the Spirit.
  7. The Father, Son, and Spirit.

16:0.3  We know very little about the action of the Father and the Son in the creation of the Master Spirits. Apparently they were brought into existence by the personal acts of the Infinite Spirit, but we have been definitely instructed that both the Father and the Son participated in their origin.

16:0.4  In spirit character and nature these Seven Spirits of Paradise are as one, but in all other aspects of identity they are very unlike, and the results of their functioning in the superuniverses are such that the individual differences of each are unmistakably discernible. All the afterplans of the seven segments of the grand universe—and even the correlative segments of outer space—have been conditioned by the other-than-spiritual diversity of these Seven Master Spirits of supreme and ultimate supervision.

The Master Spirits have many functions, but at the present time their particular domain is the central supervision of the seven superuniverses. Each Master Spirit maintains an enormous force-focal headquarters, which slowly circulates around the periphery of Paradise, always maintaining a position opposite the superuniverse of immediate supervision and at the Paradise focal point of its specialized power control and segmental energy distribution. The radial boundary lines of any one of the superuniverses do actually converge at the Paradise headquarters of the supervising Master Spirit.

January 13, 2015, evening, S:

My meditations continue to draw from Trinity, projecting to Christ Michael & Nebadonia, 
with you in a sweeping envelope of energy
stepped into Violet Flame – Gold, inserting soul clearance. 
When I maintain consciousness,  that is…  

January 14, 2015, early morning, S:

Invocation and Seal examples; and another modified decree.


In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me
and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, 
I call to Universal Father, 
Eternal Son, 
Infinite Spirit, 
Christ Michael of Nebadon, 
beloved Esu, 
beloved Saint Germain, 
beloved Portia, 
beloved Archangel Zadkiel, 
beloved Holy Amethyst, 
beloved Mighty Arcturus and Victoria, 
beloved Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, 
beloved Oromasis and Diana, 
beloved Mother Mary, 
beloved Omri-Tas, ruler of the Violet Planet, 
the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood 
and the World Mother, 
elemental life – fire, air water and earth!

To expand the Violet Flame within my heart, 
purify my four lower bodies, 
transmute all misqualified energy I have ever imposed upon life, 
and blaze Mercy’s healing Ray throughout the earth, 
the elementals, 
the constricted souls of all mankind 
and answer these my calls infinitely, presently, and forever.


And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest!  
right here and now with full Power, 
eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding 
until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!
Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! 

Radiant Violet Flame

Radiant spiral Violet Flame,
     Descend now, blaze through me!   
Radiant spiral Violet Flame,
     Set free, set free, set free!

Radiant Violet Flame O come,
      Drive and blaze thy Light through me!
Radiant Violet Flame O come,
     Reveal God’s Power for all to see!
Radiant Violet Flame O come,
     Awake the earth and set it free!
Radiant Violet Flame O come,
     Dissolve all souls’ rings free!

Radiance of the Violet Flame,
     Explode and boil through me!
Radiance of the Violet Flame,
     Expand for all to see!
Radiance of the Violet Flame,
     Establish Mercy’s outpost here!
Radiance of the Violet Flame,

     Transmute all souls’ rings clear!

2:30 am morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Good Morning
I am feeling better. 


That’s lovely to hear.
Good morning!

January 14, 2015, website dedication, S:

Respectively suggested:
…the awareness and power of soul sovereignty by HUmankind.


“…the awareness and power of ultimate soul sovereignty with FREEDOMsRAY.”


Other notes.

My ID: “…stems from the order of Trinity Ambassador.”
Truth, no need for further explanation or comment.

FREEDOMsRAY   The word symbol denotes both plurality and descriptor for RAY, the RAY being an amalgamation of other rays, which of course are powerfully used. Inserting FREEDOMsRAY here and there points the other rays in that direction.

No amendment:


I am tacking onto to this subject again to keep these separate tidbit messages together.

“Constricting rings,” while accurate, is an easy descriptor.
Rejected were: web, grid, net, pattern.
What is kept is “rings,” apparently because they are of actual substance.
Surprisingly, the following descriptor applies well and is not limiting:

Nephalim rings.

Confirm please.

Of course constricting rings can still be used.



Nephilim is the right spelling = Giants

Die Nephilim (hebräisch נְפִילִים nephilim „Riesen“, Mehrzahl von naphil) waren in der altisraelischen Mythologie riesenhafte Mischwesen, gezeugt von göttlichen Wesen und Menschenfrauen

= The Nephilim, hebrew “Giants”. Plural
from naphil, were in the oldisraelite Mythology giant mix-beings conceived of godly beings and daughters of man.

‘Constricting rings’ is the best word.
Nephilim word has been too much used by dark sites, like Cobra & co, and so has a bad taste.

‘Constricting rings’ is original and gives the right description.

“…the awareness and power of ultimate soul sovereignty with FREEDOMsRAY.”
My ID: “…stems from the order of Trinity Ambassador.”

Perfect, thank you.


ok ok ok…
2 out of 3 ain’t so bad.
Constricting rings it is!

I AM keeping the BIG LOVE all for myself, for a while.

January 15, 2015, morning, S:

All’s quiet on the message front.
Super quiet.
Seems like Lots are reeling from our discovery.
Seems like it was not really anticipated — or Most did not realize it — or something…
That is message enough.
We have plenty to continue working with.


P.S. Every session I feel we are getting results.

2:30 am morning meditation & decreeing, S:​



I know.

January 15, 2015, afternoon, Christ Michael/NEB Message, AAoM decrees, S:

15 January, Christ Michael Message to M&S

Dear Ones,

Attacks will be frequent.
Invoke ArchAngel of Michael.
Continue Violet Flame.
They are excellent.

Nothing more at 12:05.

ArchAngel of Michael decrees


In the name
of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God,
I AM in me,
my very own beloved Holy Christ Self,
Holy Christ Selves of all mankind,
beloved Archangel Michael
and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

1. Lord Michael, Lord Michael
I call unto thee,
Wield thy sword of blue flame
And now cut me free!

Blaze God – power, protection
Now into my world,
Thy banner of Faith
Above me unfurl!
Transcendent blue lightning
Now flash through my soul,
I am by God’s mercy
Made radiant and whole!

2. Lord Michael, Lord Michael,
I love thee, I do,
With all thy great Faith
My being imbue!


3. Lord Michael, Lord Michael
And legions of blue
Come seal me, now keep me
Faithful and true!


I AM with thy blue flame 
Now full-charged and blessed,
I am now in Michael’s
Blue-flame armor dressed (3x)


A sample of fast decreeing. The dominant voice is Elizabeth C. Prophet; probably recorded 33X. 

Another Invocation / Preamble:

In the name
of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God,
I AM in me,
and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self,
I call to Archangel Michael and his angels.
I command you to (insert your personal prayer).
I ask that my prayers be multiplied
for the consolation of all souls who are in distress.
I thank you and I accept it done this hour in full power, according to the will of God.

Decree: Traveling Protection

Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind,
Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left,
Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below,
Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go!
I AM his Love protecting here!
I AM his Love protecting here!
I AM his Love protecting here!

(give decree three or nine times)

Decree: Guard, Guard, Guard Us!

Guard, guard, guard us!
By the lightning of thy love!
Guard, guard, guard us!
By thy Great Self above!
Guard, guard, guard us!
By thy secret power of light!
Guard, guard, guard us!
By thy great and glorious might!
And seal us safe forever
In thy diamond heart of light!

(give decree three or nine times)

Decree: Blue Lightning Is Thy Love

1. Blue lightning is thy Love,
Flood forth to free all;
Blue lightning is thy Power, 
In God I see all;
Blue lightning is thy Mind,
In pure truth I find.

Light will overcome,
Light will make us one.
Light from blue-fire sun,
Command us now all free!

2. Blue lightning is thy Law,
Blaze forth as holy awe;
Blue lightning is thy Name,
Our heart’s altar do enflame;
Blue lightning maketh free,
In God I’ll ever be.

Light will overcome,
Light will make us one.
Light from blue-fire sun,

Command us now all free!


15 January, Nebadonia Message to M&S

Dear Ones,

Cycles alternate between benign and intense.

Your protocols match Our workings
for soul illumination, not”clearing”, 
for vast reaches on Gaia, extending to Morontia levels.



My dearly beloved,
thank you so much for the messages from CM and NEB, and for the AAoM decrees.
I AM always in such delight when I hear from our Loving Ones.

Stand strong tomorrow, my LOVE, for I must sell shoes from 9 am to 9 pm.
I will remember connecting with you at my 3 pm and 6 pm. Then I will write 
to you when I am home.

We were taking K’s 72 hours post too seriously, K WASN’T EVEN AWARE of that.
He has written that he is only the tool.
After people were asking, he saw what he has written, and explained that it was only an idea, for dark only, and not for us all, to generally know this will come for them before 3DD. Funny, eh?

About the attacks, I feel they must not be only from AH. Maybe other dark too.
In any case, H is now the supreme teacher on AH, with a miserable performance.
C degenerates day by day, glorifying her boring, already known canning teachings.


I knew that shoe sales was coming up soon per or exchange last month. 
Yes I shall stand strong and think of you constantly. I shall meditate strength and stamina to you.
I get strong recommendation to sleep through 2:30 medi. I shall do a half hour at some other time.

I still could not dowse K’s messages “incorrect” because of either mind or brain deterioration.
I am sort of shocked that incorrectness does exist, but due to possession; shocked because it is now apparently so strong. We must piece this out further.

I AM looking forward to your message your tomorrow night but please, please conserve your strength and balance above all else — that is the best service for us All.

C is apparently still quite the rambler; how unfortunate she is becoming obviously repetitiv; frankly that is prelude to dementia.
H is so very immature; how unfortunate he does not have a proper mentor! If he were to have one, I do think he would thrive in quite a correct direction. I glean that he lives with responsibility to his kin.

LOVE, and do sleep well.

January 16, 2015, evening, S:

There has been emphasis on this message — actually, started my last night.

16 January, Universal Father to M&S

Dear Ones,

Prepare in mind for disruption in your communities, each. 
Disruptions in less than a week.

Invoke AAoM decrees. They build a blue pillar over your houses. 
This from Me because I oversee and seal especial charge over thee. 

Though “headless” ,
organizational humankind
of less than 50% karma transmuted
strive to preserve their status:

Technicians can read for geographical source threats. 
S’s area is somewhat more protected
due to the distrubution of orgone devices that both transmute and gather. 

Use the small Sanjeevini cards to transmute.

Continue your work. Currently it is OK.

Gather particulars concerning the world. (Could not get more on this.)



how nice to hear your voice!
I missed it today!
Thank you for the message. OMG!
Disruption means somehow geologically, as I see it?
Guess I’ll do one hour at my 9.30 pm.

LOVE you so


Not specifically geologic; means that our respective locations can be determined as origins of Light transmissions. 
Thank you for swift messages after work.  I add another 10 minute meditation plus some decrees.

January 17, 2015, 2:30 am morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Another sleepless night.
Last meditation was comforting.


Good morning!
On the contrary here.

“Big success in Cosmos!”


“Great Liberation in space”, I must say it!
‘Disruption’ will be caused by it, yet a victory”


All ears in a few!





I understand, now, that I am experiencing your sense of liberation as my increased passion for Life within, especially with respect to the Eternal Son, whose existence enables Universal Father’s action of Mercy.

TE IUBESC,   back
(Romanian for I Love You)


First I felt that Liberation as in Cosmos/Universe.
But after that I felt it in me, as a GREAT FREEDOM!
And you reflected just that.

Thank you.


pic: dove flying free

January 18, 2015, early morning, 2 decrees and Universal Father, S:

Decrees are attached.

Obviously UF’s message requires discussion. I have misgivings putting it down. Insistent is that things are to happen near you.

17 January, Universal Father Message to M&S

Precious Daughters,
(specific appellation)

Keep the Flames alive.

— Why would we not do so?
Why would we shirk this commitment?
Why would You think so?

— Are we doing well enough?

Big yes

Add the 2 “new” decrees.
Continue with all the rest.
More linear time is not needed.
Emphasize the 2 newer ones for sooner conscious awareness.
On “Reverse…” choose an insert and modify it (done). 
Try for 3x a day.

Extreme circumstances
circumvent the display of roles
of compromised ones
set for exposure for humans to witness.
Events are now upon them /humans.

21:00  Huge political/monetary disruptive events specifically for Germany are imminent.
There will be direct consequences for M.
Children will be OK.
She will be taken by Fleet.



by Jesus Christ

In the Name of the I AM THAT I AM,
I invoke the Mighty Presence of Jesus Christ:
They shall not pass!
They shall not pass!
They shall not pass!

By the authority of the Cosmic Cross of White Fire it shall be:
That all that is directed against the Christ within me,
within the holy innocents,
within our beloved Messengers,
within every Son and Daughter of God,
Is now turned back
by the authority of Alpha and Omega,
by the authority of my
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
by the authority of Saint Germain!

within the center of this Temple
and I declare
in the fullness of
the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood:
That those who, then, practice the black arts against the Children of the Light 
Are now bound by the Hosts of the LORD.

Do now receive the judgment of the Lord Christ within me, within Jesus,
and within every Ascended Master.

Do now receive, then, the full return,
multiplied by the energy of the Cosmic Christ
of their nefarious deeds which they have practiced
since the very incarnation of the Word!

Lo, I AM a Son of God!
Lo, I AM a Flame of God!
Lo, I stand upon the Rock of the living Word
And I declare with Jesus, the living Son of God:
They shall not pass!
They shall not pass!
They shall not pass!

Elohim. Elohim. Elohim.



In the name
of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God,
I AM in me from
 the Great Central Sun,
my own beloved Holy Christ Self
and Holy Christ Selves
 of all mankind,
beloved Goddess of Light,
beloved Queen of Light,
 Goddess of Liberty,
beloved Goddess of Wisdom,
beloved Cyclopea, thou
 Silent Watcher for the earth,
beloved Seven Mighty Elohim,
beloved Seven
 Chohans and Archangels,
the Great Divine Director,
Ascended Master Cuzco,

beloved Mighty Astrea,
beloved Lanello and K-17,
the entire Spirit of the Great
 White Brotherhood
and the World Mother,
elemental life—fire, air, water, and

I decree:


all distortions of individual and world freedom,
the tide of Khazar and 
Communist aggression,
war plans and patterns of war,
the Illuminati,
the international capitalist/communist conspiracy,
the godless creation,
​all temporal, psychic, or nuclear power used to destroy all nations of the world;
all racial violence,
civil disorders,
rioting, insurrection, terrorism,
treason, anarchy,
plots of assassination;
the plot to defraud mankind of the Christ Consciousness and the abundant Life
through the manipulation of currency;
all plots on the international economy;
the war on gold, all money crises,
Khazar control of the banking systems of the world;
all excessive taxation, economic imbalances,
and every form of injustice imposed upon mankind, with their causes and cores.

Reverse the tide! (3x)
Roll them back! (3x)
Reverse the tide! (3x)
Take thy command ‘n
Roll them back! (3x)
Set all free! (3x)
Reverse the tide! (3x)
(Repeat this section 3, 12, or 36 times)

Replace it all by the glorious principles of God-Freedom of
Cosmic Liberty
for the expansion of the Christ flame in every heart
and for the mighty plan of Freedom for this age
from the heart of beloved Saint Germain!

Unite the people in Liberty! (3x)
By God’s own Love now set them free! (3x)
Unite the earth and keep it free (3x)
By each one’s I AM Victory! (3x)
Expose the truth! (12x)
Expose the lie! (12x)
(Repeat decree three times, beginning with TAKE DOMINION NOW OVER)

And in full Faith
We consciously accept this
manifest, manifest, manifest,
right here
right now
in full power
according to the Will of God!


great message, thank you –
felt is here, the change


2:30 am, S:



That was a hard message for you.
I know you are exhausted.
See, I KNEW there is more to it.
​Kept seeing,
feeling, “Cosmic Liberty”.
And here we are.
I was badly crying while decreeing.
My Heart recognized EXACTLY what we needed NOW.
For indeed, “Linear time” has reached its end.
And again FATHER gives me/us the confirmation

that ‘Man should always do the first step’.

January 18, 2015, evening, S:

A rather bland message, but “They” feel it is important.

18 January, Nebadonia & Christ Michael to M&S

Dear Ones,

Together shall you make a difference
unprecedented for Gaia/Urantia;

a difference
foretold and hoped for
in the advancement of souls
strongly attuned to Spirit Flame;
and also for ones simply striving for salvation. 

Take it naturally and matter-of fact,
as you already do.

Keep in mind that this attitude
holds you in balance
with respect to your realization
of the profound import of this task.

We continue to acknowledge
that you two recognize and desire this balance.

In other words, Our deep appreciation.


It was fun to recollect and reflect on your 3 miracles. Keep ’em coming, please.


My so very beloved and so beautiful and so wonderful,

Just as always I AM so very grateful to you for the CM/NEB message.
See, we work hard and with passion, and I find it so very rewarding,
wenn our Celestials let us see the results.

Even for a dolphin or a little puppy, and for any child in this world
it is important that they get a little fish after a big salto,
​or a pat on the back, or a smile.

It is a very unusual work, as I see it, and as BIG the risk was, for FA/MA GOD to task us with the mission,
the same is our every stage we climb, because it is a NEVER touched ground!

You told me that not even CM knew about us, and remember how Monjoronson
was told from Source Himself to delay the Judgement!

It IS a great endeavor, and imagine how many wars and battles we had to go
through, before reaching this secret — and that’s why they also celebrated
the way they did, because VICTORY is finally in sight, which wasn’t even hoped!

And so I AM really, really grateful to you for being so kind and writing the message,
and I AM just as grateful to Christ Michael and NEB, because it means a lot to me,
to know that all works well, that our efforts are not in vain, that we make progress,
and finally that the TRUST!!!!! FA/MA put in us was WORTH while.

Just as valuable to me was that simple sentence of Universal Father before, KEEP THE FLAME,
for it gave me all the power and all the hope to continue. GREATLY APPRECIATED.



When you put it that way it becomes not so bland.
I figured you’d set me straight. I see the bigger picture now.
BIG GRIN  with much appreciation.


clever girl

January 19, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Good one it is. 


Good morning!
Frosty by us, but heart always warm

January 19, 2015, afternoon, S:

Have reflections and thank yous, but am gone for a bit to feed and entertain L’s family dogs. They are gone a few days, returning today.
Inexpressible LOVE    –    again

19 January, Christ Michael Message

Changes are imminent; souhern Germany.
Please remain alert.
Geologically quiet.
USA corporation remains quiet.
No upheavals in German government.
Primarily monetary. 

I send this brief to you both.

Christ Michael

(strongly confirmed)


Wow! Many many thanks


pic: I have friends in high places (colorful birds)

January 19, 2015, evening, S:

Need to clean up preamble a little per Christ Michael.
Also,  important,  add more specifics on banister — Bilderbergers -> USA corporation -> Soros -> Ukraine government. Other banks/countries bypassed. Christ Michael again.
I will do this. 

Exceeding important to continue commune with nature and Nebadonia. 
It gets sent to Universal Father as sheer worship —
necessary for those who are physical anchors; primarily us for entire Urantia right now.
Revelation — holding Light for world — quite welming but I do not cringe.

I can only mostly meditate today. My voice and heart break in decrees. I can think them.


Preambles revised, attached. 

January 20, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, M:

Hi, my dearest!
Thank you sooooooo much for the new DECREES!
They come so much closer to me and are so palpably actual.
What a lovely feeling. They turn living, vibrant.

Also thank you for being so active last my 9:30 pm.
Can you imagine I missed it? I SLEPT IT!
By 8 – 8:30 I felt that somnolence like a veil on my head –
and I HAD to go sleep. Slept 12 hours like a babe.
Before totally falling asleep, I remember sending you
my embrace as one, to you ALL, to know I AM with you.
And I got a huge jolt in my tummy, as a result.

Good morning!


Good you were sensible! I was tired too. Could not decree but could meditate. Talk later. LOVE

Sweet dear companion, January 20, 2015, M:

I have a little question just between you and me –
Please allow me to ask you, I do not know, if you can help me here,
or if our Celestials could help me in such a situation.

Remember F needed a tooth filling. Well, the lady there was soooooo
kind, and soooooo sweet to F – she somehow managed to tell him
that he needs a bridge, and yet another tooth filling, and yet some 
work on the root, etc, etc. They ask now him to pay 1000,- €!

Now, F works hard from morning till evening, but this price is still 
exaggerated – i doubt their sincerity!

So, I’d like to ask you, if possible, to enquire if such BIG work RIGHT NOW
is necessary. Maybe the Earth Changes bring us in a totally new situation.
Maybe he doesn’t even need to start. Maybe is better to say “no, thank you”.

So, this is my question – If it is possible AT ALL, I thank you in LOVE


Nebadonia confirms what I recommend.
Delay the dental work.
Go on a program of oregano oil and coconut oil.
Use coconut oil for oil pulling. Muscle test for 1 or 2 or 3X a day.
Oregano oil internally and apply externally. Different protocol depending upon the strength of the oil you can find.
This will all strengthen his teeth. The oregano oil will penetrate and undoubtedly restore the root.

[Lost some post.]
You can test as surrogate for F several things:
Whether to get the dental work done.
Whether/how to use oregano oil.
Whether coconut oil pulling.

Probably not all would be needed.
To test whether to get dental work would be settling confirmation to F.
Muscle testing as we already discussed. Also, the standing test.

Gosh I’m late!


Well, this is a pretty big Miracle too!
Thank you and Nebadonia VERY VERY VERY VERY much!
So happy about. Sent message already to F.



Ya see, this is probably a forum complaint: 
Ask a little question and you get a deluge,
F needs to balance his body; teeth condition will be among to first to reflect this.
Sure enough, his coccyx is out of balance.
I shall show you how to address this tomorrow. Get the kundalini flowing freely.

How nice to be a companion!!

January 21, 2015, evening — another Ooooooo Boy, S:

Note: 300 years ago, S was Abigail, M was john Adams

When Johnny Adams and Tommy Jefferson 
went into collusion over liberty, they latched onto this phrase, 

“When in the course of human events…” 

to enlist ones to their cause, including the Continental Congress.
(Ya, I know they weren’t the only ones, but it makes for a good story.) 

Things progressed well enough in that direction, 
but Johnny & Tommy fell into discord, 
because though they knew what the final government goal should be,
neither was really “spot on” about how to achieve it. 

Not satisfied, 
Johnny returns, 
and without Tommy’s philosophic discord (though plenty of thugs present) 
decides not to invoke “When in the course…” for any justification. 

Instead he wants  to 

Change the course of human events…”  

Now this is going to prove dangerous, because this time he has a willing accomplice
who sports maybe a little more power than Abigail. 

And a few more willing accomplices from Above — who were probably All behind this conspiracy from the start. 
I cannot hold back on what I discerned as a possible successful experiment.
The duration would take about 1 1/2 hours.
The time respectively suggested is 09:00 CET — 02:00 CST. 

The conspiratorial deed: 
3 Michael decrees; 
then Reverse the Tide decree, only, 
3X as suggested but with the small body formula being said 36X.

The reason being that, as I had suggested verbally,
saying a decree 108 times requires physical result. 

36 X 3 = 108. 

Christ Michael desires us to do so during the same period. 
It would provide a sort of reverberation effect.
We can try this one time to see if anything noticeably happens.

So there it is. Myself, I’d have to resort to very low volume because of tendency for weak voice.

I await your response for this audacious suggestion.

Maybe weak voice but stupendous


This is a nice plan, let’s do it.
I didn’t get it if it is 9 am or 9 pm.
About 1 1/2 hour without any meditation, just decrees?

Thank you.


Correction: It would take “only” about 45 minutes.


Your tomorrow 09:00 hours. Night would potentially disturb F.
Probably meditation afterward, as desired.
Probably the energy would be strong enough to desire some meditation for a short period.
We can start 09:30 if the decree will take but 45 minutes; maybe a little longer for you.


That is just fine. Thanks for thinking at F, you are right.
I find my 9:30 am even better, if it is fine with you too.
A short meditation after that it’l maybe come naturally, I feel
I would kind of need it, connecting and looking back a bit.
You might probably go back to bed.
Did Christ Michael come and suggest that, after we were talking about it?

In any case, on forum there is conflict:
S came back and told C she is not the dumping place for C’s frustrations / bad days.
C has a VERY bad time defending herself- writes only blah blah.
S dropped all her bitterness. Very unpleasant atmosphere, but surely necessary.

LOVE for you.


Please be so kind and clarify for me what do you mean by 
“small body formula”, thank you.


It came as a prompting, identified as Christ Michael only,
during and immediately after your 18:00 meditation.

I stayed over and timed things a little. Sorry about the initial estimate.
Yes, our usual 9:30/02:30 am my time works for me.
I was not sure whether such an extended period would encroach upon your day.
Christ Michael prefers this general time period.

This (on forum) is going to be really interesting; at least a little fun.

It sound like S grew a little, or, she has a better support base someplace else. H?
If so, that would mean that H is now in disagreement with C.
Frankly, I hardly think she would be standing alone in earth plane.
The only way I could do that through so many years, was to primarily remain silent.
I am so very grateful that is quite over, for no matter what, you are firmly planted in my heart —
confirmed so even into the secret chamber.



Sorry about that;
“Small body formula”: this inner section of Reverse the Tide.
I had been saying this 3X — saying the full decree 3X is what adds the time.

Reverse the tide! (3x)
Roll them back! (3x)
Reverse the tide! (3x)
Take thy command,’n
Roll them back! (3x)
Set all free! (3x)
Reverse the tide! (3x)
(Repeat this section 3, 12, or 36 times)


Thank you for the clarification. Wanted to be sure.
Funny, I had the same thought about H.
To be frank, now in January they started very seriously upgrading the DNA of S!
A premiere for both!
AND – H might have encouraged S to go straight back, 
but I AM SURE she left ALL responsibility on S.
(maybe we can call it a little plot, who knows?)


H is leader. C is to be “destroyed.” But, in all severity she allows this vulnerability.

No honor among thieves.
(Did you see how Soros was against USA last October and now is with US Corporation?)

It finally occurs to me:
I DO NOT WANT ANY HUMAN messing with my DNA. That is interfering with creation and free agency. Why cannot I clear it myself with some suggested guidance? Does not DNA self-correct as needed and directed by superconsciousness?

I am thinking about starting a “mission thread” about “S’s Hermes Path” on AH. It would be:

“Nurture Mine Agondonters. Do not cut them off!” [Real UF message.]

Premature? Let the pieces fall instead?


NOW I realise,
it came strongly in the meditation,



To those amazing Warriors of Light,
able to totally love, serve, remember and believe in God

even in separation.



I am about to post this from
Universal Father
in plain black in AH
under SCO’ Hermes Path,
with quotes, unless you have any reserve about it.

“Nurture Mine Agondonters.
Do not cut them off!
Experience the beam in your eye.
Request your soul’s expansion beyond all constriction.
Address your superconsciousness meeting place.
Dwell in FREEDOMsRAY.”


did it come now?
It sounds absolutely great.
it is a bit of a provocation for C,
but I believe it belongs there.
One day we HAVE to go through!



Yeah. But I think I shall wait until tomorrow to see if it is correct. Sleep well. THANKS!

January 22, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Let’s do it to it.



big pains came above my right ear,
big rush in right ear,
right arm turned deaf.

Body – chest – vibrated strongly.


trivia, January 22, 2015, S:

Gresk (in Gaia Portal) is the Norwegian word for Greek — at least in mythology, apparently. Grestian?


it was even C who found out.
BTW grestian sounds very close to christian!

Note that Eire means Ireland.

January 22, 2015, afternoon, Oooooooooo Boy No. 2, or 4, or 5, S:

Again, I do not want to be “over-bearing.”  Please stop me should you experience this.

The reworking of some decree and preambles may take longer than I thought because “I” am preoccupied with another trend. Thus:

Next time your deeper voice appears it is recommended,
not by me,
that you interrupt your decreeing to inquire just which Ascended Master that might be.
There may be more than one.
The first and dominant one may be Christ Michael.
The second, Saint Germain.
And yes, Nebadonia may be vying for 3rd.

If you confirm this, then inquire whether you are to develop spoken messages. If this is so, inquire whether to Skype with me as a “moderator” with pre-arranged questions, and wherein I would record such session with the readily available software program called Audacity (Soundforge is the net name. Your children undoubtedly know of its existence — this simply FYI). I am not sure just how to develop the messaging voice.

It would be interesting what might happen when you resume decreeing — whether the “voice” takes over — which would be perfectly safe because of the beginning AAoM decree and preamble.

I did not read your morning response before Skype.  I wonder whether the pains you were experiencing were adjustments for the voice to enter?

The above concepts were bugging me enough that I could not enter 11:00 medi very well; it was preempted.

Questions? chuckle, chuckle

OK, off to decree edits.


To be frank – and I AM always – I ADORE each and every OOOOOO boy of yours!
The ideas are simply beautiful, it gives me more work and it expands my skills.

Right now in the kitchen I tried to explain to FA/MA and especially NEB
how hard here down on beautiful Gaia is,
when for example I,
hoping soooo passionately in the Victory NOW, discover all at once, that the work is by 
far not done, and we need start pretty much all over again.

I explained FA/MA how conditioned we are by the linear time, and how I was
all day long so upset, and so SAD, that we trust a message today, and in 
between pass sometimes 5 years.

I explained how silly I feel, when I told people in California the BIG ONE is coming, and it never came.
Or to 15 colleagues here, the banks fall. They didn’t.
And so I was asking to be helped into understanding HOW possibly 
these things work?

Yes, I needed to talk. Now I feel better.
And the pain above the ear it might well be, for it came RIGHT DURING the long decreeing, like a result.
And the right ear pains many times when something in space happen, or on Gaia.
Except, not right there, one finger directly above.

While the voice changed, it seemed deliberately done. It was not a normal thing, like when one sometimes needs to cough. So tomorrow I will try asking.

And BTW, I was asking for an embracing message, just to know that we are 

Look, here I put Techmas. See if you like it:


all distortions of individual 
and world Freedom, 
the tide of Khazar and Communist aggression, 
war plans and patterns of war, 
the Illuminati, Bilderberger,
Hasbara Organisation, Josh Block and the Israel project
the international capitalist/communist conspiracy, 

the godless creation, 
the Techma 1, Techma 2, Techma 3,
all temporal, psychic, or nuclear power used to enslave all nations of the world; 
all racial violence, civil disorders, rioting, 
insurrection, terrorism, 
treason, anarchy,
fanaticism, insanity, plots of assassination; 

the plot to defraud mankind of the Christ Consciousness and the abundant Life 
through the manipulation of currency; 
all plots on the international economy; 
the war on gold, 
all money crises, 
Khazar/Bilderberger control of the banking systems of the world; 
all excessive taxation, 
economic imbalances, 

and every form of injustice imposed upon mankind, with their causes and cores.



Dearest Companion,

I so appreciate your opening your heart to me, always.
I also experience what you petition to FA/MA.
The techma preamble is great! I do like the separation in your formatting.  Thank you.



Dear one, look after Techma 1…


all distortions of individual 
and world Freedom, 
the tide of Khazar and Communist aggression, 
war plans and patterns of war, 
the Illuminati, Bilderberger,
Hasbara Organisation, Josh Block and the Israel project
the international capitalist/communist conspiracy, 

the godless creation, 
the Techma 1, Techma 2, Techma 3,
their cohorts found in and beneath the Vatican, Switzerland, New York City, Wash. DC, Pine Gap,
Southern Germany, Sahara,

all temporal, psychic, or nuclear power used to enslave all nations of the world; 
all racial violence, civil disorders, rioting, 
insurrection, terrorism, 
treason, anarchy,
fanaticism, insanity, plots of assassination; 

the plot to defraud mankind of the Christ Consciousness and the abundant Life 
through the manipulation of currency; 
all plots on the international economy; 
the war on gold, 
all money crises, 
Khazar/Bilderberger control of the banking systems of the world; 
all excessive taxation, 
economic imbalances, 
and every form of injustice imposed upon mankind, with their causes and cores.

A great cry during meditation — to me, “I need your help.” Cannot pinpoint.

22 January, Universal Father Message to M&S   

Events will unfold by your choosing. 

Sound My battle cry of FREEDOMsRAY.

Go forth, My Ones.  

Go, look, see; anything? Anything at all?

You are in My Trust.

Something’s happening.


And perhaps this will merely lead to more discouragement. But one thing about us both, discouragement does not manifest in lack of effort, of slacking off;
if anything — that much more insistent and tenacious. Yes.


January 22, 2015, evening, techma decree, S:

Oh violet fire, thou love divine
With FREEDOMsRAY do now combine.
Blaze through with flecks of Golden Suns.
Dissolve all dross from techma one.

Oh violet fire, thou love divine
With FREEDOMsRAY do now combine,
Swords of flame we draw from you
To break all bonds in techma two.

Oh violet fire, thou love divine
With FREEDOMsRAY do now combine.
Set God’s souls to flowing free,
Undo all knots in techma three.

I think this single decree will be enough, of course in repetition.
I stay with you.


This is a MARVEL!

Be you squeezed in a passionate embrace




keep forgetting — note third line:


all distortions of individual and world Freedom,
all souls’ constricting rings,

the tide of Khazar and Communist aggression…

Uplifting decree specifically for SCO, January 23, 2015, S:

O Violet Flame now flecked with gold,
Blaze through me and let’s enfold
My precious one high in the sky,
Yes take me to my Butterfly.


O, Violet Flame, drenched in OR and in AMOR
Do embrace in thy Light my beloved Ambassador
Let us fly under FREEDOMsRAY blessings as ONE
Victoriously till soul constricting rings gone.

January 23, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Here we go!


Powerful lady!


Right now in meditation it came to me, that you can invite Mother Nebadonia
give you the right message, or put in some words of Divine Love, if you happen to miss them.
You can put into brackets at the end:

“I had the strong feeling Mother Nebadonia was sending us Her LOVE”.


I’ll put it in the pot of Agondonter soup and blend it in.

January 23, 2015, time shift, S:

I think that my over sleeping was a forward shift in time by up to 90 minutes.
L was conferencing and exchanging at work; her watch somehow jumped to 3 PM from about 1 PM.

C despicable words on AH, January 24, 2015, M:

there are 2 or 3 comments on AH from C, that are ugly indeed.
I wouldn’t bother to answer at all – she sounds really stupid!
But I aught you an explanation:
Remember you wanted answer B about Universal Father?
– I have written a personal message to her, to please send me her email address,
for a friend of mine that wants to communicate to her.
– B answered that she does not do that, for she does not
give her address to anybody contacting her through me.

Of course I wanted connect you to her personally, for I was afraid
C is reading our/my personal messages. B did not get it.
– I gave up and apologized for disturbing, and told her straight, that
it was you who wanted to give the answer to her question.

So is it my fault, when C says “forum infiltration”? Either she directly 
READ my personal message, or it was B who told her.

I beg your pardon for that. I really, really thought, C is a noble soul.
But she behaves miserably.

All my LOVE to you


Thank YOU for your own NOBLE efforts.

Really, C’s second or third post really cinched it for me: It is really funny.

If there are any additional, sensible comments on what I experienced, again, as a static event I would like to clarify the event, only, with a simple few statements — totally bypassing C. It is inappropriate to follow my comment immediately after C. Much more comfortable to message with silence.

It occurs to me to slip in the statements,

“freedom of rhythmic balanced interchange,”
and “boredoms of surveillance”
in this now “famous-because-it-is-not-getting-done” Universal Father post.

LOVE back to you. REST!

Besides, what is wrong about trying to get in touch with some one?!



And what this silly way, to attack you on a public forum, which in fact is just public, public…
“boredoms of surveillance” – excellent!


…and again it is sad to see how people lick her! Some intelligent ones.


Perhaps it is a lesson that C is indicative of many aberrated minds
that Agondonters will confront post 3DD.

Universal Father: not “well on the way to being lost,” but “lost for now.”

Is there really any sense to pursue the site?


you mean the FREEDOMsRAY?
Otherwise AH and forum are indeed superfluous.

​January 24, 2015, afternoon, S:

Dearest Companion,

I am receiving rather (not “very”) strongly to discontinue the message formation for AH and to turn attention back to the FREEDOMsRAY web site — to get a “Beta” version going.
The current task is to get uniform image blocks lined up with text blocks on one site or the other; the framework for plugging in.

The AH message should be partly “writing itself” and is not doing so. It would be posted on the FsR site — probably updated.
Meanwhile, it certainly is instructive for me to try to bring events together, which you do with unprecedented mastery.

If you receive otherwise, of course I am attuned.



We waste our precious time! Who in the world needs an answer to that stupidity?
The answer is more than obvious.

Indeed in this very minute I was decreeing OUR POWERFUL WILL as ONE,
to bring the Agondonters of FATHER / Nebadonia together in HOPE,
I SEE (intend & command together with you as ONE)
the 3DD starting next Saturday in USA,
continuing on Sunday, February 1st in our skies here.
That gives us 7 days for completion.
The 3DD should be for the EVER HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL
and should be PERFECT
It will be the very BIRTH of our TEMPLE of KNOWLEDGE of GOD,
just as Universal Father has literally said.

M is excluded from AH by the boss, C:

“I have per the direct advice of Christ Michael removed your membership from forum. You violated TRUST there M and were AGAIN caught working behind the scenes using PMs. I was sent the proof. S asked for her account to be removed from there and then you contacted a member on s’s behalf on some unfinished business as apparently you did not have an email address for that contact. This is a big no no. AH is a private forum and I have no problem with people with like interests working into groups…but this is not what is going on with S. I was sent the PM conversation as this was one approached before some time ago and who had told me that story, and did not like the approach then and she really didn’t like the current attempt and reported it right away. 

You can continue your service here but if I discern that you continue to be a servant of S and contacting people by PM here, that will end here too. I wish you the best on your journey… but S is an agent of the dark and this I do know. I would advise not continuing as her “nexus ” partner. Its up to you however. But there is not going to be that on any AH forum…period. 

She is seeking other “nexus” partners as an agent of destruction. She started a thread here today again proving she is seeking certain types of individuals. You can find it and I addressed S quite out in the open in it…. She may not infiltrate this organization. I cannot control who serves her however… but I hoped my warning I placed in the Time thread today will be heeded by those who posted in it. It is a deliberate attempt to find folks to draw away from here who may not be SOLID people in their own right.”


Whoops, February 1st just might happen.

I appreciate your time for articulating our common thinking. Already I am comforted and intrigued with getting into creativity.

I am reviewing the beginning tutorials of Weebly and find that the picture sizing and lineup with text is much easier than I had originally thought — at least for an acceptable beta version.

Urging me on is this Pearl of Great Price in my heart, clearly inscribed with one of your violet-gold Butterflies.


Sorry I was a while in noticing this. Do you want to chat?


P.S. Am running some radionics on you — several semi precious stones and templates. I expect you will catch the typos in my last.


I had dowsed earlier today the C would find cause to ban me from AH, either through the “Time” or FREEDOMsRAY thread.
I am thinking to wait for one last shot in order to get the website address posted at least once.

Her words are so dark that I do now accept Universal Father’s pronouncement that C is “quite lost, for now.” Strong confirmation that she has dragged AHers down. It is this that grieves me.
I am very surprised if B in fact did not like her interchanges with. If so I can only think hers was another spy work; Either that, or how can ones become so beguiled? Such weakness. This also grieves me.

I am beginning to think that the simpler souls engaged in unthinking obedience to their faith, yet strive for meaning in everyday life are the more reliable Agondonters. A little knowledge that brings seeming power is so easily abused.

SCO’s latest census poll is that C’s transmuted karma has now dropped to 46%. That is quite a drop within a week.

Ours might be a little above 83%.

Of course there are messages waiting from Universal Father, Christ Michael, Nebadonia. But They agree that I should wait for balance in reception.

Whatever else, we must not direct our power at C in any way. Simply side-step her presence.



More thoughts — actually Universal Father, only: Backlash from the decree work.

Now this is certainly an “easy price to pay.” (very strong confirmation).  As we find, it has become no price at all!


Thank you so very much for your answers. No, I don’t want to chat,
thank you, I use to do the clearing all by myself. There is always 
a lesson in it. And I always feel like coming closer to God.

But your answers are VERY precious. And I saw on AH that you erased
all and only put FREEDOMsRAY. WOW! Absolutely PERFECT! WOW!.

I also like “Backlash from the decree work”. I AM in awe. I would have never thought – but this is TRUE.
Love it, thank you.

Head, ears, throat, voice feel much better. Blessings for your WONDERful care. Helped a lot.

LOVE, lots


You are perfect in your responses!
How privileged I AM — again!


I AM really, really curious, what our FATHER, Christ Michael, NEB would tell us in their messages.

I was just talking with them for hours. Being FREE from AH looks more and more
like a blessing to me, than a punishment.

FATHER is again right – no price at all!

To get the Agondonters together, we will have unprecedented help and inspiration, I feel.

They were meant to be a strong, healthy, aware, highly cultured and cultivated, determined group of WARRIORS, ready to honour and embrace CM in their LOVE and strength, by His Second Coming – and so they shall be.

Guess I was bursting some constricting rings around my heart – thank you for decreeing for me, Sister!

January 25, 2015, early morning, Christ Michael & Nebadonia, S:

Christ Michael Message to M&S

Trust in all you do in My name. 
However it turns out
will events point with honor above machinations directed to you.

Relieve yourselves
of thine own command
of contacting ones
out of concern for their well-being.
They shall migrate
with appropriate, loving guidance
to suitable levels of learning.

Infinite Mother Spirit Nebadonia Message to M&S

Dear Ones,

Take full heart 
in your endeavors
to reach humankind. 

Persist in ways of
Our promised close guidance.

Witness and experience
Our love
expressed in your small-perceived miracles,
gifted to thee from
Our hearts’ fullness.


2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:



Thank you for the lovely messages.

Always delightfully bathing in those oceans of LOVE They are…and Their the scent of roses

January 25, 2015, evening, S:

My meditations went back to smooth flow, extra so, as soon as I made our declaration for Feb 1st 3DD
(or equivalent) precipitation. 

I felt reinforcement that this is what UF and CM desire us to do.

It seemed important to throw FREEDOMsRAY into the 3DD event, even recognizing it as a happening in the now.
This last time I experienced quite a garden setting in an overview.
I feel quite calm and centered throughout the day — since a while. I have no need to caution about the authenticity of messages — that since quite a while.

So I have no desire for arhythmical, unbalanced interchanges with C. 



Well, many squeezing hugs for this lovely report.
I AM soooo happy you see the necessity and urgency of 3DD like me.

“I felt reinforcement that this is what UF and CM desire us to do.”

This is of course the greatest news in the world!


I AM secure in your hugs.

January 26, 2015, very early morning, Universal Father on FREEDOMsRAY, S:

Sure — get this even established within 6 days?

25 January, Universal Father Message to M&S

Tell Mine own
that seeming sacrifices
lead to release into Freedom, 

while looking not back
to binding fetters
for they are no longer present.

In this day of turmoil
see paths of rightness
shining ways
to superconsciousness patterns
that weave golden structures of
My correct thinking.

Meld these patterns 
in communing with
your ever attendant
Mystery Monitors.

Treat of these concepts
in small steps

In all that transpires there,
make constant appeal
to higher consciousness
with encouragement for visitors
to see these things within selves. 

Draw externally only upon
the Urantia Book
and Phoenix Journals
for now.

My Ones


How awesome. Thank you, FATHER.

I woke with the message known in me, organically. Felt so… TRUTH.

(I felt San Diego will shake, but vague, just between us)


Thank you, my Sister. Indeed the ways seem cleared. And I feel closer to you.

Good morning!

2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Good Morning!
Yes, UF familiar tone is back — hadn’t really noticed it had been gone.
Nice job on K’s new message. I think he is relieved.
EarthQuakes activity extra high in 4s and 5s in Pacific ring. New Mexico is unusual

I so LOVE you!

this lady goes too far, January 27, 2015, M:

AbundantHope boss, C, on her site:

“Yes.. and all related to the Mind Control thread I asked for posts to be placed in… S is a NWO controlled Mind and I am not saying more… But Freedomsray was a purposeful website to corrupt the Urantia book teachings and also to cover the game plan the NWO order hopes to cause….They planned to fake the “event” with some technology… The website had a section for Universal FAther messages featuring.. well at this point a large butterfly… terrible HINT on their part… when God is not involved STUPID happens.  

The plan was to state the SPIRIT OF TRUTH is just arriving when it fact it was bestowed 2000 years ago. They are 2000 years LATE and that is enough right now.. use your imaginations.

Some of you note Cobra I assume..”


I agree.
I guess at last the temptation to lash back is just a little tiny present, for a moment.

But in thinking about it, you know, actually you do not know, C’s vitriolic tongue is still small compared to what I had sustained in the past with two other individuals and a third at about the same level as C; and without the solid support I have now with both you and strong connection with UF & Co. In fact, it still seems a little like child’s play.

In exasperated defense, once, simply by mimicking one who was ranting I became mortified that my defense worked at the expense of reducing the antagonist to incoherent babbling tears. I will not do that again.

C’s lies are silly by comparison, but they do point to collapse of an aberrated mind, frankly probably precipitated by my silence. She is flailing in air. Nevertheless we do have examples of an insane individuals in devastating control of peoples — different than coldly calculated cabals. So, depending upon how many followers C musters, things can be reputation-destructive to some degree. But with the broad expanse of the internet and solid keyword searches how can UF’s site not prevail?

I did sense something about 6 weeks ago — the whole martyrdom syndrome again. Of course that possibility had occurred to me years ago. There had been two other betrayals leading to death besides Jeanne’s. I still get a fairly resounding no, but with some kind of qualification that I could not pinpoint. Probably this is it.

But right now I am dealing with 2 other more serious issues. I still have 25 minutes of Violet Flame decreeing and it is past 9 PM. 

Then, L absconded with my pendulum keys this AM, meaning she also took my car — all day and again tonight — and so the cats are without cream tomorrow morning because I forgot to ask Lea to get some. I plain lost my tiny “professional” pendulum, totally misplaced my fancy one, and cannot find my spare car key chain that I made with lapis stones. I really do not understand how I managed to survive for a couple of hours; probably because I did resort to the standing muscle test.

I did manage to find yet another key chain set and started into greater definition of web site theme. But then I saw your post about C. I really was ignoring it all day, but it is well that you sent it. You see, C. still thinks I have not read it.

O yeah, a sort of 3rd serious note — the medical lab reminded me that I have to get a blood test tomorrow AM, so that means I have to leave the house at 08:20 am — will make up the medi later, but then we may not start “on time.” Nevertheless, it will get done. 

I do hope you are OK with this rant. Good thing I was redundant earlier with 


January 27, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:

I am at it. 


Thank you for the Sun! He reached me now.

Be you all blessed in LOVE

January 27, 2015, afternoon, S:

I actually started medi at my 08:55.
My sense of presence went from smooth to serene.
I do appreciate and snuggle in your containing me as One — never really acknowledged that. 
In turn I take the Oneness and expand outward and over.

How blessed we are to share Blessings.

they are THE JOY of the FREEDOMsRAY, January 27, 2015, M:

140 butterfly pics: Princesa Natural, morning silverspot,  common blue, papillo machaon, peacock, green hairstreaks, pearl crescent on coneflower,  grosser kohlweissl…


I AM speechless with this breathtaking feast of Nature. You have to tell me all about your collecting these stunning images, tomorrow on skype. 

Nebadonia’s Wondrous Offering !


Yes, they are 140, all in the thread “…how about a little smile…” created by me.

And Nebadonia took them back.

They are indeed THE JOY of FREEDOMsRAY.

In their purity, divinity and wonder, they were not deserved where they were.

They flew away.




I can upload them into the site gallery.


That would be lovely! I tried to drag pictures and didn’t manage.
I work right now on our messages/texts, to send them to R.
The butterflies we will post one by one every day, alternating
with other sweet animals and birds. We do not show them up all
at once.
As for C’s posts — they are not my business any more, Thanks God – in Truth!
So you can relax, sweet sister mine

January 28, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, M:

Good morning!
“Great BIG works done out there, by CM, GREAT SUCCESS!”
Had a conference on ship, for sure, still warm from that,
even the cranium hurts still, upper head.

LOVE to my Sister


Joy for this!


Ready to fly.

January 28, 2015, afternoon, S:

Messages are percolating — not ready yet. Had to send some thoughts to the compost pile.


Do you also feel this sadness again? This time I feel exactly is Gaia. CM/NEB are doing the VERY LAST sorting out. And it is separating the PAST, pulling it apart.
It’s saying Good Bye and stepping forward. It is tough LOVE and a great lesson for ALL.

I had to cry again in meditation, because the picture Gaia offers NOW it’s a very LIGHTY one, and full of HOPE. It looks better than ever expected. And I see all Creation in wonder. 

And my tears come from the very alchemy of separation. It will be only Gold, that will stand.

And I cry because I AM again and again amazed, of the unprecedented amount of LOVING AND STEADY SUPPORT AND INSPIRATION I/WE GOT.



I feel the sadness if I permit myself to “feel”” while decreeing — then things come to a screeching halt for a few seconds. Yesterday and today.

I do feel the desire to give more acknowledgement to Gaia in medi, but you know I do address her with the two elemental decrees every day.

I so appreciate your passionate mini-roman, how well you express our collective marveling. I was just thinking about a story about Saint Germain, once, where a lot of Light energy he gave over for amplification by humans with the chance it would be squandered. It was returned to him with success.
I imagine we would do the same in similar ways in a heart beat. Oops! We already have.

Not time for messages yet — I have a Bowen client soon to arrive. I neglected to mention all week that I did work on F last Sunday. It turned into a long session. I hope he did not feel distressed or extra tired that night or Monday.

I am making some progress on web site; not happy with too much white margins at the top, but I did find out that it can be fixed rather easily later. 

The swing for event-happening returned to the early side of Feb 2, so I guess we are doing OK.

I receive and gratefully dwell in your Golden enfoldment and can only reply right now with simple


January 29, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:


January 29, 2015, afternoon, Christ Michael – short, S:

Christ Michael Message to M&S

Dear Ones,

This merely confirms
all that you two surmised
with respect to Galactic Federation Fleet,
your morning Skype session;

that other opportunities became possible
and were proposed during great council; 

that subsequent organizing conferences ensued. 
In other words, nice sleuthing!

Christ Michael

I checked several ways for other messages including possible reluctance. I am assured that there simply are no more messages for today. 

I did not feel reluctant. In fact, I am thinking about possible relationships about gravity —
spirit gravity that is independent of material space;
EarthQuakes and material gravity,
Gaia’s consciousness of gigantic proportions even within the vastness of Nebadon —
relating this to 3DD or similar imminent event.

Well, maybe there is one more thought of several days, sort of neglected. Rather than my whimsy imagination it may be desired for someone to design a golden straw logo for us.
Its significance need not be broadcast. Maybe twirled about with vine, flower, butterfly; but logos are supposed to be stylistically simple.

I muse over my love for Thee.

January 29, 2015, evening, One who would sponsor us, S:

Saint Germain Message to M&S

Hail to Thee, Dear Ones!

Assess my works
for lasting veracity
for they are well-charged,
formed by group effort.

Indeed shall Violet Flame usefulness and wording
transmute to celebration of Gaia, and renewed evolution.

Subterfuge cannot prevail with FREEDOMsRAY,
whose discovery was joyously heralded by hosts and Hosts above.

Lend your skill well the next days,
that “I” might collect mantles for overlay upon

Our Sacred Mission.

Salu, Salu!
Sanctus Germanus

Is this what you were disappointed in not finding today?



We are honoured indeed.
This beautiful message looks like a miracle to me. Unexpected and…so strong!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for both Christ Michael and Saint Germain. Yes, yes, a lovely surprise.

And about Christ Michael’s message, do you find it REAL, that I SAW about everything 
He was talking about? I AM so amazed of how this possibly was.

And St Germain uses “Our Sacred Mission”!
So it is ONE for Heaven and Earth! For us ALL!

All these GREAT confirmations are doing SO WELL to my HEART!

LOVE to you, my beloved


“Yes they are real as are all the others.”


I forgot. It came to me during medi, confirmed,

“we had to reach a point of determination, wherein unser Sohn could jump in that way.”

I like this kind of surprise gifting.

January 30, 2015, evening,
​Universal Father, Christ Michael, Nebadonia, Saint Germain, S:

P.S.  I still get 4 February.

Universal Father Message to M&S

Know that all power
of heaven and earth 
is now at your hands. 

See wondrous works
about to unfold before your very eyes,
manifested in the material. 

Under My aegis and none other. 


Christ Michael Message to M&S

(for S only:
Take command in the NOW as you decree for stronger focus.) 

These many times
have you now petitioned Me and for me. 

Thunder manifests from all quarters. 

Protection is given with all mercy. 


Mother Nebadonia Message to M&S

Sweet Hearts,

Abide with Me on Gaia’s behalf,
for surely it is eventide 

and all elementals and nature
would receive thy anchoring nurture. 


Saint Germain Message to M&S

Grounded are
ones who will assist,
protected by FREEDOMsRAY.

FREEDOMsRAY is in the octave
wherein Violet Flame
and Gold
are added together.

Keep on.

How far have we all come into reaches unexpected, 
yet hoped for,
at least to some small degree; 

the unexpected
even amplified
​and experienced by many as


Dein Sohn
(yes, in German too!)


I AM here!

I DELIGHT in the avalanche of messages.


Now I happily go meditate.

WHAT A WONDER!!!!!!!!!!



See what happens when I am left to my own devices — no, no, just once in a great while…


I just decree them loudly, all these powerful messages!
I read them over and over!

IT IS SUCH A JOY, Straw Sister, SUCH A JOY!!!!!



I found the Gaia Portal web site. The 30th message is directly related to our work. Different perspective.

Notice the phrase in Universal Father “at your hands.” 
“At,” I think means for our re-gifting.
“All power,” I think, refers to potential.


January 31, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:



Hi, my LOVE,
I am here,

trying to make up for yesterday 


Indeed you have already; big swing. Be loved!

January 31, 2015, afternoon, S:

This is it!
Galactic Fleet desires you to choreograph fleet movement to the 70.5 rhythm. Use our patterning power (yes, use). True Universal Father patterns are space-time independent.


Thank you very much for the Bowen.
And of course for your clear answer about clones.

I had an interesting thought/image last evening, after finishing work.
I got out in fresh air, where snow was BEAUTIFULLY making all white.
Right in front of me was the City Hall. In front of it a LAAAARGE white
plaza/square, where great festivities take place, and where my sweet
farmers put their flower/fruit/vegetables fresh colorful stands 3 times a week.
I always loved a LAAAARGE stage in front of me. And looking at it, I
simply thought that “so infinite will be the stage I will be dancing on,
in front of God, when we will celebrate”. Imagine!

I will send you soon the choreography for the Galactic Federation of Light Fleet. 
I KNOW exactly how it will be.

It will be the COVENANT of the BOW.
Archangel of Michael told us about.
He said SOUND will come from God too.
He mentioned that all sky will be VIOLET – this will be FREEDOMsRAY!
And I have an Amadeus Adagio for piano, that will fit best.

What is it 70.5, please?



Great fun coming up!!!!!!!!
70.5 is the number of “Reverse the tide” decree.


Your coccyx is out of balance!! Not for long.
L’s is in place; these differences tell me that something takes place with surrogate intention.


It is balanced now (gloat).

February 1, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Dearest Friend,

How I so appreciate you — your personality, your intellect, your creativity, your sharp wit, your very being, your Love.



‘morning LOVE!
Declaration d’amour embraced

Violet Radiance, February 1, 2015, M:


pic: rainbow over violet skies, sunflower

…as the gathering of the Eagles. This gathering is in response to the covenant of our Infinite Father, the covenant of the bow in the sky. 

There shall shortly come 
into thy attention 

a bow 

stretched across thy heavens 
such as Earth-man has never seen before 
in all his memory…

The bow across the sky 
shall be magnificent in color 

and will emanate musical sounds 
that shall come to the ear of all men, 

and they shall know a calling; 

they shall know a love; 
they shall know a duty …

of the words of truth …

From this bow of beauty, 

this bow of duty that calls to its own, 

it shall first appear as a great violet radiance over the entire world. 

Thy brothers in the heavens also await this moment of commencement.

(Re-Presenting, by Universal Father, through S, March 4-14, 2014)


I can hardly believe this came through my pencil.  Thank you One so Dear to me.

my 2 little trees, soft rose blossoms, soft white snow falling, February 1, 2015, M:

pic: tiny bird in cherry-tree blossom


So lovely!

February 1, 2015, evening, decree revision, S:

Sweet Heart,

I corrected some typos, made some minor changes and shifted things around a little from the January version. Here it is attached FYI. Let me know whether anything does not set well with you.

Could you pretty please, write out for me an opening invocation you use for resolve and implementation?
My notes are too scattered to frame this intelligently very easily, whereas it seems to roll off your tongue.

I have started a little file for our own personal decrees.

Your Devoted Sister, scrambling for that golden straw.

  • DecreesPreambles Rev 1Feb2015.odt


P.S.  Get a negative on H’s front post. Have not analyzed why. I continue not to understanding of her mission.


WOW! that amazes me. I found it authoritative and clear, and I even put it on AH those days. 
It sounded like a message.

It is cold and pure intellectual. I wasn’t able to analyze the concepts,
they seem like not allowing to go to the heart of things. Pushes you away.
It comes from a new name, El.A.Mah. Until now it was Melchizedek.

Did you try magic-pendy on the last 2 of C? Soooooo curious. I got back to check
again, and all wording and attitude are false, false, false! Brazenly.

Yes, I will send you an invocation, right after medi.
Thank you for the NEW DECREES. They are fine.

An hour ago I felt quite agitated, with no reason.
Now I have nausea – you think Mother Earth or Fleet are…in action?

I feel DEIN SOHN has something to say. LOVE


I felt agitated all day; queasy. Nein Unser Sohn, aber Gott und CM. Maybe they have to knock on your door so you knock me in the head. More post medi. LOVE


knocking you in the head with a delicate little straw,
of pure gold, but gently and lovingly, only to unfold
your masterful antennae, pretty much like those of a

butterfly, in TRUTH, but invisible to the eye… 


Oh, Mother and Father of Nebadon,
receive our FREEDOMsRAY offerings
in the name of the Divine Source

You sent this to me, from CM/NEB. Was this what you mean?

February 2, 2015, evening, Universal Father on faith, S:

Uh oh, there might be a direct clash here; or, it might be collaboration of H’s message. I do not know. I still have not read her missive.

2 February, Universal Father Message to M&S

Out of darkness comes Light unseen by all but the few; 
the few who would put themselves to the task of letting My Agondonters be.

I took a deliberate physical break here in attempt to clear any possible plebeian direction. So, the foregoing does not appear to relate to what follows.

Faith comes out not as opposite of fear. 
Faith is not born of fear. 
Faith descends from ones’ minds of My patterning,
unsullied by their human conscious overthinking. 
Faith is not to be cultivated in defense of fear. 
Faith emerges from pureness in heart.
Faith simply is, in the pattern of My thinking into souls’ creation. 
Faith springs eternal from the pattern of one’s being, 
to be discovered and coveted
in consciousness
apart from all emotion 
excepting that which springs from Love. 
There is no conscious exercising of faith,
simply conscious experiencing.

Universal Father


thank you so much. WOW! THANK YOU, FATHER!

Indeed, the first 2 lines are for us. VERY promising.
The rest is a direct answer to H’s, which is even titled “Faith versus Fear.” 



OK, if it resonates.
Once started, it did flow effortlessly. I checked whether all the statements should stay, and remain in the order. Yes.
I know it is late for you. I am not sure how soon CM’s message will shape up. I shall let you know one way or another in the next half hour or less.

ESU & Christ Michael on 10th AH Anniversary thru C, February 2, 2015:

“For God So LOVED the World……. 
By ESU and CM thru C


Dearly Beloveds… well who knew we would be giving a 10 year update . Much water has passed under the bridges of time…And here we still not only stand… but in much greater strength. Yes some have come and gone and a few come back…. The numbers of you perhaps less but the new agey stuff gone.

You have been thru a difficult period some several of you on 8* this past couple months. Its OK…. For in its place there stands more strength….

I know the 10 years seem like eternity and don’t think it doesn’t to me either… I had my own good “hopes” so to speak in the few years even before Candace and I “went public”… But in that mix of everything master plans have developed….and there is yet a much greater understanding where it matters what this is all about.

Gone is the “fluff” and setting in its place a lot of discernment and REALITY. The Reality IS the Truth. And while celestial truth never varies…. And matter and energy always behave the same in the vibrational fields inhabited…. Man’s truth grows in knowing. A little more here.. a little more there until the basics of the Indwelling of the Father within him are understood enough and practiced that one becomes a Son of God and KNOWS what that means.

We of course still need many many more of mankind to obtain even a measure of this but with teaching …. Real teaching… more will join the fold and find real FAITH. That many have not yet found the inner truth of themselves has more to do with terrible teaching and the propaganda on this plane than the reality within each discovered by self.

Man’s greatest accomplishment on any evolutionary planet IS TO FIND HIMSELF AS GOD…… and of course that is our goal here… And each must do that alone.. but the propaganda extreme has this world has slowed the process. However not to worry beloveds.. not to worry. But the great unveiling and the event to manifest in the near future is going to demonstrate the LOVE of God vs the Fear of God…… Those that have any ability to FEEL at all.. will FEEL this and KNOW the Face of God has arrived on this world.

God is FELT…… and the unfeeling do not find God for that very reason.
So….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There is more to come. Candace and I are working on covering the planned structure of Global AH to present to you. We thought it would be good today but life has been full and busy for us this last few days and so the structure can wait a bit. I AM THAT I AM…… Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara TITULAR Planetary Prince….


Ah my friends….. an awesome day indeed. There is just “something” about a 10 years birthday.. is there not? Look how long some of you have stood who have been here from the beginning.

I want to cover something that some are finding so much discomfort in… and that is the recent coverage again of MIND CONTROL. For there has been a long running all related together group of people who have infested and subsequently been removed in this organization of AbundantHope. God always wins….. and so it is.

Now to the suffering of this world which includes those who are made into slaves by MK Ultra and many many other ways including your money system and religions. It is easy to see when made aware of it… that process that brings forth separate controlled personalities within an individual.

Beloveds now look around you everywhere…. The suffering is not just in that program and fast method….. so to speak… for slaves in entertainment, the news ,,, and the sexual places of those powerful. There is massive multiple personality disorder on this world… created also by the conditions of this world.

This to some degree is present on all lower worlds… but more so on this one since it’s the most intense prison ward in my universe at this time.

The suffering in the long term over life for MOST is present on this world and look at your ownselves… that which goes on over the extended times is probably worse… but it grows MIND….. and this world is about just that….. we always always put the dark ones on evolutionary planets… because we cannot get mind to grow any other way… it does not happen in a vacumn.. .and while it would seem that just teaching will do it.. it does not.

STRESS does. It creates what you might label 2nd Person Trinity to FORM… otherwise it does not and you have just a bunch of animals who cannot even function as animals….

Get in touch with your inner world and your memories and remember this. And what is happening on this world is the EXTINCTION of darkness in which it collapses onto itself . If it does NOT reach this extinction… it does not go away…..and we have a very large area in this super universe of which Nebadon is a part… of dark energy that must be extincted….. and this IS a karmic world to that purpose.

As we have taught over the years this is an intense prison ward… but out of this process WILL COME GOD IN MAN. UNDERSTAND THESE DARK ONES… MUST EITHER COLLAPSE INTO NOTHING… OR THEY MUST CHOOSE GOD. No fence can survive here within each person… they have to choose God.. or choose eternal death. NO OPTIONS. This is NOT a Half Way house planet.

If this evil is not nailed down to its own combustion… it will continue to cause contagion and it will cause contagion even if the planet self destructs… It will spread out of the planet then to everywhere it can grab because that is how mind works (good or evil mind-C)….. it will infest first this solar system and cause it to self destruct and move on from there.

This is not the first time in the annals of “time” this has happened….. Thus we “know” and here it ends beloveds. At least for a very long period in this sector of the creation.

You must put away now your tears and insert into the etheric of this world nothing but love.. for that is why you have come in the first place. Every time you catch yourself NOT in LOVE….. uncreate that ASAP. Uncreate the dark emotion. Put back on a happy face.. stand and take love with you. Each entity is responsible unto themselves. You cannot do their work… but you can demonstrate LOVE and hope they will absorb some of it.

The Robotoids are our issue. They are not yours. Leave that at the celestial level and work on the LOVE….. For you see … God of Nebadon so loved the world… he came himself. I AM THAT I AM… Michael of Nebadon.



“No” on every single paragraph.


Thank you. Love your magic-pendi. Always right.

K comment on AH:

“oh GOD…do I have to do this?
sigh….fine…then let’s just get through it with the least amount of damage possible……

Normally……I only visit this forum when needed…as asked…by others…..for back-up purposes……
Butterfly has been kind enough to post my blog postings on this forum and for that I am infinitely grateful……
and I do love you, Butterfly…….
you are my friend……and I don’t turn my back on my friends……
that being said…….
have disturbed me…….
I can’t help it
they do
it is as if someone or persons
are trying to make me into something that I am not
an authority
all authority belongs to GOD
let that be made clear
and GOD is in each and every one of us…..”

Commenter Mj says, on K’s Blog:

“Bless you K for standing with your friends


A ray of light!
Of course my hat’s off to K and Mj.
A comfort to me that you are in some degree of “safety” from being attacked. I know: You are a big girl, but my ire prevails.
Next step is for ones to realize they are “mincing around,”  being discreet; giving benefit of a doubt. But why does not wanting to “upset the apple cart even exist?”

February 2, 2015, very early, Christ Michael, S:

1 February, Christ Michael Message to M&S

Sweet Ones,

Please assist
Our own
to un-excelled heights.

Work in clouds of darkness
to bring awareness
by increasing the Techma decree,
suggested as 54X each throughout the day. This should suffice. 

“Stars” twinkle in merriment of relief and salute thee.

To continue your decree schedule
within the balance of your human capabilities,
staying with your own attunements
is quite enough momentum.

Adonai from Us Both


Very interesting: you sensed a message from Saint Germain,
it came from Christ Michael, but it was about decreeing…

2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, M:

Waking up:

“We have to work further without them knowing that we work further”

Seem about same with the first line of Christ Michael.
The words were just spoken by me, while telling someone how we need to proceed.

I now “grasped” it, what K was looking on AH meditation thread:
He became wind, as I told you one day before.
He maybe knew “S, butterfly, meditation”, the rest he had to guess.
So he landed by meditation on Gaia, where we both were present.
So he said he loves butterfly, but probably due to OUR, NOW meditation!
He admitted he does not come often on AH. I felt, in the night, that he was informed.

Good morning, beloved!

Thank you for the 2 lovely messages. You make me so happy!
Yes, last night I was tired, went to bed.

Please tell your meteorologists, they are wrong: outside is SNOWING cats and dogs.
BIG, FAT, BEAUTIFUL crystalline flakes.

LOVE to my sister


Just woke.  Have to absorb message.  Good you took common sense to bed. Not so pretty snow here; more icy. LOVE


TIME is shorter.
Surprise, surprise!
Christ Michael wants to surprise you!

He will implement the 3DD on the 4th.


Have you or Christ Michael cast your mantle(s) over magic pendi??

Magic defined: that which it is not yet known how something works by non-spirit science.


Who sez?


Whatcha been doin’? Decreeing all day?!!


Dunno who sez.

FEEL it, as always.
Laughter came too, for the idea so funny.
Christ Michael has LOTS of humour.

And He wants make you a gift. Nothing officially.

But yesssss, I was decreeing like crazy — felt even yesterday,
that the lessons have been learned on all sides, and even wars
and murder won’t bring any new valuable lessons. Only the same.

I told Him, a BIG timber balken must be put in the BIG TIME-CLOCK.


Yes, that would be His sense of humor — similar to Saint Germain.

My Dear,
YOU are the one who sez. Neat that it came to you.
Pendi is unmistakably at 4.

Interesting — making decent progress on web site. It will be crying out for your content very soon.

Dancing in LOVE


Pendi at 4??????

magic pendi good pendi


How could it not agree with you?
That’s why I was wondering whether you were doing magic decreeing.
Ya slipped one over on me. Of course I did my own, but only sufficient for now.
Working on web site.

February 2, 2015, afternoon, website ignition, S:

Please look at


Cannot do much with banner and title. Can only change text and color with title — not font. For now.
Drag text boxes onto each page; can be multiple; enter text; moderate formatting possibilities.
Or give me some of your content.
“About” page does not have to exist. 
Page titles are easily changed, e.g., “about” can be changed to “whomever.”
Have to develop the comments page properly.
Can change font color and text overlay on each image. Have to relearn how.
Really, I think it is ready for some text.
I shall take site down later. Seems stray visitors come across the site. During the C bashing there were 50 visits, 9 unique.
Of course you can instantly unpublish/publish.
Awaiting instructions, sort of.



​Introduction, First Messages of the scribe


This site is dedicated to the awareness and power of ultimate soul sovereignty with FREEDOMsRAY.

Sponsored by the ONE Source.


March 29, 2013 Message, S 

How well I know you,
who are part of my flock so to speak,
in intimate awareness of things done and things to become.  

Today is a first for you indeed: that of scribe.

I come to you to impart knowing grace of things to come,
for with grace it indeed shall transpire.
Shirk not responsibilities that you see coming. 
Embrace them with the fullness of our Universal Father.
Nebadonia is the Oneness of transparency through this circuit. 

Affairs of the heart are known to us of course, though often things are melancholy.
From here to there [Havona to Urantia]
shall the matrix DNA be modified/molded at the innermost heart level
for there to blossom forth to touch all humankind,
in answer to prayer and entreaties of ages past to even now by those of faith. 

Such is the manner of certitude that I embrace the fourfold deities of Light
manifested upon dark terrains of moral turpitude.
Forlorn are the matrices of darkness that are swept aside.

Now come multitudes to increase awareness for testimonies
throughout lands of darkness, steeped in morass;
for your collective efforts touch entire universes
through Christ Michael’s grace.

Know the brilliance of cosmic starseeds that reach and reflect all things;
even so, those of archangels and seraphim and more,
who gratefully acknowledge
the fruits of the humankind’s
efforts and trials from the
planet of the cross. 

Yet you tremble with trepidation;
and so it is, for mighty are the forces bestowed upon collective thee.
Confident are we about collective thee, by our own free choices.

Come abide, creation,
with All activities wherein we effect our ministrations for Urantia,
and help proclaim through cosmic reaches the joyous reign of truth,
even so the Spirit of Truth,
about to be overtly manifest in ringing joyousness;
pearls of laughter.

Make way for artisans ready to help bedeck Gaia in her full glory,
glory of celebration for even that of the Universal Father! 

ever remember though mainly unknown,
​prizes awaiting in the cosmic pinata —
through the veil.

Through S’s Higher Self, yet to be clearly identified…


April 1st, 2013 Message, S

I am yet uncertain as to source.
But I am more comfortable with being designated an ambassador hailing from the courts of the Ancients of Days under the aegis of the Seventh Master Spirit.
Most respectively I submit 
Creative Spirit especially tends to Nebadonia, as she now expands Her Glory out to the far reaches of time unto those who sorely miss her nurturing.
[Nebadon sits at a farthest edge of Orvonton with Urantia at a farthest arm’s edge.] 
Now can we make paths for meditation through circuits previously withheld. Also, the word beseech did appear.

AH members,
I transmit greetings through this scribe,
who forever holds keys,
to be passed along

for matters
pertaining to vibrational union
between those of my Spirit Self
and lyrical union of expression of God’s Will,
however that may pass.
After the Fall
there were “minstrels” who traveled adjacent lands,
pouring out tones of endearment for folk and nature;

so too did this happen after the so-called Resurrection.

You hold/know the musical/sound keys, or keynotes
for manner of playing and singing;
256 and 432,
and manner of modulations and chords;.
meter but neither rhythm nor tempo,
they being individually unique. [Post stasis.]

So it had been,
after major dispensations
did travel those who participated not in world events,
but did observe and work with sound as permitted.

I pray that these words are not from fanciful ego. 

Salute to Agondonters per Wednesday meditation, April 4, 2013 Message, S

Meditation was quiet and introspective; a gathering of energy. 
It is impressed upon me to write:

Given both individual growth
and a strengthening of AH
with attendant camaraderie
nurtured by eagle-eyed C and gentle J  —
to mention two;

given the familiarity of finely woven, intricate,
near-invincible Spirit matrices of this organization,
having achieved this such as seldom seen on opposite veil;

who among us Agondonters
would have traded for earlier stasis?
Already are we victorious!   


Gulp! Thrice over, April 5, 2013 Message, S

I AM Hermes Trismegistus.

April 09, 2013 Message, S

Dear Ones,

How much we adore
the aspects of thee
that countermands Earth science.

Harbor the truth of what we present here.
Whatever transpires over the next millennnium
has roots
in what happens with and within AH.
Keep on…

“Dawn of civilization”
does not compare to what we attempt,
what we all will accomplish at this juncture,
this AH junction of forces and personalities.

So too do we have Galactic Federation participants
that must come and go in this venture,
to play out their own duties,
or destinies,
as required.  

Collect and study time references in the
Urantia Book,
as well as scattered reference
to circuits and gravities of diverse kinds.

This is the track of awareness.

Salu, S’s Higher Self

Hey Fellows!  April 10, 2013, Siraya Message, S

Hey Fellows!
And Gutsy Gals!
Well, you are all gutsy, really…

Surprise it is — from without — to the heavy response from AH men to the dolphin video.


You clearly and intensely resonated and related to the gentle,
persevering touch of the diver to help fix things; 

a diver who clearly has intense strength and reserve
to even be there in the first place.

Hats off to you because that is who you are.
Kudos to the camera guy, too.

Galactic Federation
continues to cheer and cheer in their times of respite,
daring and egging you on. 

Imagine the encouragement you unknowingly gift to them.


April 16, 2013, Hermes Message, S

Yes, the time is nigh! 
Heed frequent daily calls to go within;
​momentarily is just fine.
Acknowledge Our presence.

Through Hermes

May 2, 2013 Message, S

Fragments, indeed! Most unlike my tendencies for linear contemplation; scribed about 4 days ago. Directed collectively.

Restless? Exhausted?
Stay alert.
Do nothing. Be there, with I AM.
I AM is with you.

Some things to note:
Stay home. Go if you must. Then stay home.
We are here.

Ultimatons spin — instant translation/transmutation.
‘Thief in the night’ transmutes to Light.

Horrific battles yet proceed forward,
Species unheard travel in growing numbers of distinction.
Half to none surround.
Grids shatter, collapse on sweeter sounds.

Follow ancient numbers whose tasking efforts abound,
Shattering, succeeding, gathering to ancient shores.

Fiery are these
who travel with banners of light-woven shields,
With unimaginable forces behind us Sisters who grace…
Sisters who appear not to stay bound around core happenings,
But tweaking midst, stirring,
Fiery huge envelopes, 
Firming massive ships.

Through Higher Self

Gosh, this makes me dizzy.

May 10, 2013 Message, S

1. Words need meticulous expression for focused thinking. 

— I think a reference to the poets among us, including any …’s. 

Indeed, and so welcome are they.

2. Holy art thou 
who traverse these waves of consciousness bestowed upon collective thee.
What is holy? Purity connected with God the Father.

3. Remember being told about the misty isles Avalon?

— Yeah

Well, you are doing better this time.

— How’s that? 

For one thing, you are more cognizant this time, even given lack of mystery rites.

Go. Trade our thoughts you have written previously
with your far-reaching AH family’s interchange
of their own waves of consciousness,
for the exchanges herein assist the dissolving of unwanted memes.

About 10 days ago –maybe a few more:

4. Friend, post as Hermes.

This confirms what B scribes so capably from the globe’s other side.
Be gratified to notice discombobulation,
i.e. upset,
in lives of those about you,
for they are the ones responding to the clarion call.

Again, and again bring to mind
Jesus’ mode of instruction in Rome.

Note that he first did spend time
seeking out and choosing certain ones for instruction,
who later spread his teachings.

As opportunity arises do spend time one-on-one.
Later, post-stasis,
will group by group merit your teachings.

End post as Hermes.

Through Higher Self 

“you” is always collective.

5. And so, you must continue, simply,
Through layers of dross,
Swirling thoughts abound around, up and down.

Russellian in the vernacular:
6 mirrors is all that is needed.

What is a mirror? A visual for reflectivity.

We desire your collective 6 mirrors, 
Your 6 planes of reflectivity – armor, protect and see.

— Darn it, just a minute here! I just do not do words. I am not a lyricist; and certainly not a poet!

Leave that to us;

so, we repeat,

Around, abound, in and beyond
Are dimensions perceived by spirit.
Likewise, forlorn paths abound, around
receiving letters and symbols of projecting condemnation.

What say ye, which shall it be?

Stay / keep your intent upon scores,
numberless numbers of consciousness.

For you simply know to do that which works,
your very core.

To know to do:
that small indestructible thread to Universal Father.

Timeless, spaceless thread,
Patterened in uniqueness of being,

Profound simplicity:
​to know to do.

Your earthly 12 Step Program in 6 planes of reflectivity,
E, W, N, S, Up, Down

End Higher Self

The 12 Step Program refers to the Alcoholic Anonymous methodology developed decades ago for recovering alcoholics, and since has been incorporated by other groups because of the program’s effectiveness. I do not know the program. I do not know why it is mentioned.  I think it might be that focusing on 6 planes of reflectivity, technique as described by C recently, may be just as effective as the 12 Step Program with respect to dissolving unwanted matrices.

May 20, 2013 Message, S

Dearly, Cherished-beyond-compare, Beloveds,

Among these common, local planes
we rebuke protagonists no more.

It is done.

Almost countless are the lost ones,
hammered senseless into non-existence,
by their own weighted, wanton disregard for Spirit. 
So many must simply cease to be;
there will be miniscule records left for pitying;
this simply in itself is merciful.
Even so are preparations required
to enact the non-existence of so many; big job.

Orvonton courts choose to act swiftly for merciful disposition
because judgment
is already long-arbitrated and passed;
no holding places.

Merciful motions are that of swift actions.

Never can these actions ever be questioned,
so long have Celestials tried
in so many ways
to save
even unto the last modicum
of possible soul-spark saving.

Our victory,
your victory,
is that of non-conquering, that of simple absence of protagonists.
direct your mindal-spirit energy
toward Victory of Freedom
for unshackled growth;

with gain of largely un-paralleled
compassionate understanding
for life and sacred Light.

Through Higher Self

The opening appellation is meant to be exactly as written.

October 17, 2013, Universal Father Message, S

Forward, indeed. 

Fear not,

My children,

those monstrous seeming creatures that are upon you.
Transcend same 
and transmute same 
with creative action.


— What is this thick morass of ineptitude
we experience or observe about us?
These pockets of viscous negative energy
heaped upon us,
even now continuing?
Their source, their oppressive strengths,
despite and spiting
won and winning battles
beyond Gaia’s tropospheres?

Are dark forms
being driven downward,
desperately seeking
remaining human manifestations
of 3D planes? 

Are they fleeing
galactic intervention and cleanup?
Scurrying into hidey-holes
in vain escape efforts?
Casting their machination nets
to engender, find and catch
human anguish
for frenzied survival-feeding?

into torn cracks and crevices
found in injured
but precious human auras,
seeking escape
from the inevitable advance of Light and Life
more so,
within the Wave’s steady,
unswerving evolution
throughout Gaia’s environs?

Yes, it is so.  

Beloved Earth-Ones, My children!

Sweep your very own
Golden Swords of Sacred Words
about you and yours.

Discover the ease with which you can now handle same,
the ease of results
with your re-established sword-gift of keen, sharp edges.

your own innate Golden and Violet Flames,
and Blue protection Rays.

whatever and all dross
enmeshed about you and yours.

Declare it so.

again and again, yourselves and your abodes.

Set links from within to unite without /outside.

that auric riffs and warps
be flooded and filled with All that is Golden,
from within and without.

that which I had bestowed upon each of you:
your individually unique
personality spark.

Imperatively declare
the growth of your Gold,
and Blue Flames.

Again, burn
whatever and all dross enmeshed about you
into seas of “nothingness.”

Declare it so
and drive anguished energies asunder.

This earthly aspect of battles is best done by you ones on Urantia.

your own Golden nets
for entrapment of fleeing dark forms.

same into violet transmuting flames.

their disintegration.

pools of negative energy and

transmuted residues
even unto the unqualified potential of the Supreme;
formless, potential goodness.

Be victorious unto yourselves!

Observe your personality sparks
glow even brighter and brighter,

evolving beyond your Victories
and into places awaiting you in higher “realms.”

however possible within your efforts,
already recognized as magnificent;

understand that these efforts can cause periodic fatigue.

in quiet realization of the affirmations and Joy
of space brotherhoods

in their acknowledgement
​for your greatly welcomed contributions.

Pray. Invoke. “Roll your own.”


Universal Father

For AHers, 3DD reference,
October 30, 2013, Universal Father Message, S

I received this a very few days ago.
Universal Father as opposed to Higher Self (if there is a difference? Apparently so.)
Then, too, this maybe just repeating everyone else to the point of redundancy…

AH progresses well into inter-understanding
as both a team and teams, as needed and possible.
AH is truly now a home base,
a place of refuge for merited messiahs.
at the least you who are reasonably active, are of course with merit.

Know that every day 3DD delay 
bespeaks of Victories,
ground gained for Earth/Shan and for her inhabitants.
Those who despair
witness and sense but fragments
of this fantastic scene.

Upheavals are ever necessary, as it is with any inhabited planet in transition.

For Gaia though,
her especially disturbed ley lines
by high tech dark kabal
are especially troublesome,
having been numerously
cut and pillaged,
probably without precedent.

Balancing adjustments therefore also may be violent without precedent.

Dear ones,
the projected segue scene to 3DD
ever changes,
because earth MAN is still changing significantly.

Universal Father

No 10, In response to No 9,
October 31, 2013, Universal Father Message, S

Thank you AH family, for supportive encouragement expressed to me and ours.
I had received this piece below yesterday, but delay was requested in posting. I understand now why;
it is requested to post as No 10. The Tarot reference is per the JW rendition.

Peace, Little Ones!
Tarot’s Magician and Hermit be.

Create and know
many Points of Stillness
in your mind’s eye,
Midst many daily times of violent illusions of sensing;

For however fleeting,

is the point of God
for reborning anew.

Let your
heart’s dimensionless
secret chamber
link to silent-knowing Mind.

Ever residing in equanimity.

Simply intend this so with ME.


Universal Father

November 06, 2013 Message, S

Here come da Judge” 
Scamper ye witless non-beings! 
into your own power game stupors.
Swill within your own ghoulish capers while they last but a fleeting moment more.
But never again with Mine innocents! 


Shift in message:

Sisters are calling, of Trinities and Triodities

Dwelling here,
we see scads of cads,
a morass of decrepit,
vain humanity,

now rendered dumbstruck and aimless.

Childlike had been we,
come to learn
about the dark forces surrounding and permeating Gaia;

to learn about the woven strands
of impure, brittle crystal veils
rendered corrupt
by certain human brutalities.

Childlike, but not at all childish
in response to our shocked witnessing.

How quickly shall we release
Sisterly shimmering Golden threads
sown from still magnetic Light!

you no-longer equal tongues
who continue to squeak and cry
from your now compressed, stifling-crowded places,
haranguing over petty tempests
with spittle-ridden fervor.

Ye who rant, hear our ROAR.

We sweep into oblivion
your piddling motes
of tainted, grided bank notes
that became incomprehensibly bloodied,

soaked in immoral turpitude
through the control,
and murder
of faith-craving innocents.

Sisters are We,
of Trinities and Triodities,

come to dash these ghastly deeds
into yes,
erasing  dastardly iniquities
from consciousness,

so that HUmanity
need avert their gazes no longer
when living within or traversing Gaia’s environs,

the honored realm and physical origin
of the Spirit of Truth
release for all Nebadon.

Shift in message:

We are very few,
for immense is our power.

We emphasize our Sources
as from, and of,
Trinities and Triodities.

Trinities abound from Havona,
even unto the Isle of Paradise realities.

Triodities encompass aspects
of the ever-experiencing Supreme,
drawing and interchanging
absolutes and infinite potentials
in time-space,
with balance.

In other words, the whole ball of wax.

Shift in message:

Murderous weapons shall be banned from Earth/Shan.
Yes, because of common consent;
because this is a major determining characteristic,
the developed personality trait,
for those who both merit and determine
to continue their evolution on Gaia.

There will remain the right to bear spiritual arms.
The more evolved one becomes
the more potent is one’s spiritual armor
and two-edged sword, sacred word.

Keep close, careful command and control
of your soon-to-be expanded thinking and expanded selves.

This must be done via mind-spirit;
bypass your reactive, physical senses.
Do this to maintain your health and welfare.

Reactive is non-thinking, uncontrolled response.

By keeping constant check on habitual reactions,
the “button-pushing” variety,
you will accelerate your capabilities for adapting to rising Gaia;
and to your own spiritual evolutions.

While you ones here already do this to high degree,
please cultivate extra alertness;
set the standard.
(Of course, certain physical reactiveness remains vital for physical survival,
such as when touching some hot thing and such.)

So again, control expansions
that you will experience as never before.

Allow and watch carefully
your unfolding recoveries
from suppressed compressions
you have endured for so very many lifetimes.

If expansion seemingly generates
a void condition,
a seeming vacuum of consciousness,
simply pour out love and service;
sidestep yourselves.
Seemingly paradoxical, yet it is so.

Very important:

These principles
must you incorporate
into your being
as never before; 

then show others. 
It is called teaching.

“Hmmm, hmmm, with a little help from our Friends.”

our very endeared ones,

Sisters are We, of Triodities and Trinities

a little bit of cosmic science, November 18, 2013, Hermes Message, S

Sands in an hour glass
are more analog by nature than digital time keeping.
Seconds are discrete, fixed measurements for any orbiting sphere,
e.g. planet, sun.
Seconds of one sphere’s orbiting radius are not identical to those of another.
Seconds are different between a planet’s surface and mountain top. 
Seconds measured of very small, differing radii are not an identical match.

You are sensing/measuring so-called magnetic anomalies
​deep within Earth.
Surface-time measurement is not equatable
to core-time measurement.
There is no magnetic field as such, any ”place.”
You are noticing a change in a gravity shaft
as electrical movement of Earth’s matter is shifting patterns.

It is Earth collapsing in third dimension and reborning into fourth.

For this to happen
there must be a moment of voidness.
This cannot be easily described/predicted within the bounds of time.


Those Sisters again, November 28, 2013, S

Hear, now,
the fruits earned of thy labors:
centeredness, knowledge, situational omniscience, and more.
Thanks be given to thee.

Trinity and Triodity Sisters are WE,



November 29, 2013, Universal Father Message, S

Every dear, dearest one,

Stand strong
when/if you find yourself suddenly
without your AH support baseline friends and contacts.
Right now,
however short or long the period,
amid the panoply of strife, discord and distress,
let your heart and actions reach out to those in turn 
who genuinely reach to you,
those who recognize the Mantle you have acquired.

Seek and draw from My Unseen,
Knowing White Light —
not mere incandescence –
staying centered and aside from mindless,
trigger reactions
by those that are certain to surround you,
the collective AH, you, who are very few.

Yet, know where to give,
and re-give
while staying centered in Me.

How glorious for you to be able to receive so great a Mantle of My Love!
Invoke its protection.

Universal Father


Oh, forgot: nice writing! Have to be careful not to start taking these details for granted.


I asked for it. (!)
I am on it.
Text can be entered, then formatted to your heart’s content but for one item. There can be only one style font for all text. Titles and headers can be different fonts. That means you can place a title over a text box of different style font of the text.


anything hitting the fan? February 3, 2015, M:


Due to the possibility of the dark pulling off a destructive event in the US of A… those of you living here… re check your preparations.. there are several possible places this could occur.”



C is tapping into something about our activity and cannot figure it out.

I may end up with fan debris on my face for stating this, but, apparently the dark can no longer pull off a catastrophic event of major proportion.

I did try to get some detail on Feb 4; not much. Allegedly very close to 3DD type of event; you and I shall remain where we are at least in the beginning. Still Feb. 4. No messages, and I get that if I try the magic guessing game any further I would not come up with much. Maybe tomorrow…

February 3, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:



Not bad at all. You were in my arms decreeing together a double portion,
took us some 2 hours — for I did first a long meditation.
You & me as ONE, we are still the winners. Because of the Bond of Love,



Yes, I do like being in your arms, always have since whatever our day one was. 
Messages halfway uncovered from the wings of our life’s stage.

February 3, 2015, afternoon, All Four again, S:

3 February, Universal Father Message to M&S 

Notice this writing was desired during meditation time.

it is to see vapors
dissolving into voids of radiant energy,
transmuted for potential
Light manifestation
about Gaia and environs.

Know that work toward this end
is welcomed with relief by so many
who no longer will have need to address these vapors,

which are more capably handled
by Earth’s humankind anchors. 

tiny in place,
big in superconsciousness;
in a trend set so long ago
by both Masters and Darks,

even attracting Nebadon’s Michael Son
to recognize
unparalleled opportunity
in His Dominion
for Lightworkers’ greater acceleration
in His entire local universe,

especially steeped in Mercy,
to realms of Ascension.

Christ Michael Message to M&S

Delays indeed, not;
rather swifter, more efficient progress
toward local system
and therefore universe transformation

because of what transpires on and about
your tiny dot.

Mother Nebadonia Message to M&S

Stay your emotions,
My Little Ones (Little for now),

for it is the spreading
by Gaia’s anchoring
mortal spirits’ intention

for the Spirit of Truth
and superconsciousness patterns,

with Violet Flame and FREEDOMsRAY,

to reach the souls and minds
of humankind
that work as effectively
as any mass shocking
would potentially achieve.

Saint Germain Message to M&S
somewhat private

your “Sonnyboy” would have a word!!

My arms also embrace,
you both,
now and always. 

Bide with me
whenever you experience
sadness or distress,

for I desire to add
unto Nebadonia’s
comforting and nurturing,

and perhaps therefore
being able to add
a closer vibratory collective mantle
when you “work.” (big swing)

Please allow and accept my love also as

Sanctus Germanus


What a great surprise!
Thank you, sweet LITTLE straw sister, you managed again make me happy!



Ordinary life took over. No chatting. Sorry. Tempus fugited out of hand. LOVE

February 4, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Well, here we are, on time more than less. Stay warm. LOVE


wow, are we good!
and FATHER was so lovely confirming last night, that the energies work!

Good morning, LOVE


Little message for my sister:

The word Agondonters
will have to be put
back again

when the waters are clear.


Perfect! The word itself is quite sacred, and to be used with full energy when all suggestion of being tainted cannot happen. Thank you.

February 4, 2015, evening, web site, S:

Well, I cannot say, “It is done,” but it certainly is started. I think up to stay. Messages sections are haphazard, but a sample. You will see that I did no text formatting some places. All formatting can be changed, including the funky title. Anything can be changed. We can discuss tomorrow. Maybe get you well started on editing — just to know what is involved. I can do the bulk of the work. LOVE


We congratulate our sweet lady!
It looks pretty pretty!
Colour and writing characters of the title are excellent.
In the left box you have two lines. The first is not necessary (our sacred site)
The second one is strong enough and says it all, anyhow — can stand alone.
The butterflies are ok and the site has a special majesty and style – THANK YOU!
Be you blessed and blessed and lovingly hugged – MUCH LOVE FROM ME.

Now – NOT, 
that 3DD is coming sooner, as I felt a day ago,
but you please brace for another BIG surprise – immense precipitation.
It feels BIG.



Music is my trademark, not design. I am relieved it is OK.
Pendi Master changed swing from late 7 to early 7.
Big surprise checks out at early 6.
Apparently it is not a pinata type surprise.
Maybe if I/we work on the site a little more…

Thank you so greatly for your site affirmations. Extra line is removed. I might dabble with the blog categories later. But first, I want to spar with flames and swords and Rays and all that.


February 5, 2015, morning, S:

I do hope you will be prepared to interpret the new Gaia Portal by skype time.
Small correction on the about page, UF sez.


Ready to have at it Dearest Friend. 


Good morning, Dearest Friend so sweet,
Little correction FORENSIC from firensic done.
FATHER never sleeps and HE sees all, thank you.

Gaia Portal, February 5, 2015

Starkness of apparent divides increases prior to upliftment.
Necessary clarifications appear.
Forensic latitudes create the openings for next phase.
Meldings have finished.
Star families are reconnected.

February 5, 2015, another Violet Flame decree for arsenal variety, S:

     1. O Saint Germain, send Violet Flame,
         Sweep it through my very core;
         Bless’d Zadkiel, Oromasis,
         Expand and intensify more and more.

Refrain: Right now blaze through and saturate,
                Right now expand and penetrate;
                Right now set free, God’s mind to be,
                Right now and for Eternity.

      2. I AM in the Flame and there I stand,
          I AM in the center of God’s hand;
          I AM filled and thrilled by Violet hue,
          I AM wholy flooded through and through.

      3. I AM God’s Flame within my soul,
          I AM God’s flashing beacon goal;
          I AM, I AM the sacred fire,
          I feel the flow of Joy inspire.

      4. The consciousness of God in me
          Does raise me to the Christ I see.
          Descending now in Violet Flame,
          I see Him come fore’er to reign.

       5. O Jesus, send thy Violet Flame,
           Sanctify my very core;
           Blessed Mary, in God’s name,
           Expand and intensify more and more.

       6. O Mighty I AM, send Violet Flame,
            Purify my very core;
            Maha Chohan, Thou Holy One,
            Expand, expand God’s lovely sun.

Coda:       He takes me by the hand to say,
                 I love thy soul each blessed day;
                 O rise with me into the air
                 Where blossoms Freedom from all care;
                 As Violet Flame keeps blazing through,
                 I know that I’ll ascend with you.


very pleasant. a bit more complicated, but wonderful.
thank you


Yes, that is why I held back on it. I used to say it but once. Again, a variety break.

Just now have the website category mechanism figured out. Did a little test posting. Before doing more, I’d like to go over some pre-edit protocols with you. In place of names I simply used […].
Time to sleep?

February 5, 2015, afternoon, S:

Apology for this not being “hot off the press.”

4 February, 2015, Universal Father Message to M&S

“Build it and they will come,”
has been the thought imposed on S for a while. 

Watch it happen.

I AM well pleased. 

This promises to be a site of seldom matched purity. 

Continue to work together
that hosts and Hosts
may determine your clear,
uncluttered intent

for FREEDOMsRAY to dwell.

Sort of hot off the press:

5 February, 2015, Saint Germain Message to M&S

It is I!
Saint Germain!

Beckoning and calling
to my mischievous agents
who engage in transmuting darkness 

with serious alacrity
steeped in comprehensive passion by My Dear M, 
complemented by S’s heedless charging
with arrow-piercing directness.

Do, both,
work on my aspect of the site;

it is your melding into Violet-Gold alloy
that forges its strength; 

yes, of course with Above help;
and soon with kin as needed/desired.

Jubilant are WE
here, on both mood and modus operandi.

Heed your every inclination to nurture the project.

We revel in the clarity of your collective
word resurrected from,
and linked to,
​past posts) 


My heart rings with,

Salu, Salu
Sanctus Germanus


thank you so very much for the two lovely messages.
Happy again


Your response taken into my heart.

February 6, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Oops, a little late but fully present. 


Morning, LOVE!

Vigil, February 6, 2015, S:

Sun bright and round, looking through 2 sets sun glasses — my eyes are not near as strong as yours.

Not more than 5 hours from now.
Indeterminate 2 to 4 hours from now.
Christ Michael waiting for K to make some public declaration.



Still nothing. Round disc.
I am going to try to find some family member here, extended, who can ask anyone on the west coast (California). Two hours earlier. Medi smooth but uneventful.


Hi, Beloved!
we already propelled Gaia into the Light


we two together as ONE,
under the thumb and the index of FATHER,
spinning and pirouetting all Gaia in a big whirl,
amplified by the majestic 12 Divine Dancing Daughters all around us,
and pushed!


from under Gaia
by Christ Michael as conductor,
plus Nebadonia, Esu, Nada, ArchAngel of Michael, St Germain,
Millions of Hosts,
Millions of Angels, 
Millions of Brothers & Sisters of the Galactic Fleet

who propelled us ALL UP!

We were actually laughing and dancing,
for it was all sooooooo light

for NEB was directing millions of Butterflies
to carry us up
attached to their delicate threads of silk….


The Flying Ascension



I cannot see anything but pendi says something is happening right now, wow! 

I AM so blessed with your visions!


big swing.


Still nothing.
I emailed 4 friends in mountain time, one hour earlier.
Am going to fill auto fuel tank, “gas tank.”
Have mobile email phone.

Dancing with vision all the way…


Sorry took so long!
Clear round orange ball.
Visual will be gone in about ten minutes.
Biological colleague M in Colorado will probably check in about an hour from now.
Methinks another false alarm.
Pendi insists that the hour is zero.


Biologist colleague!


Thank you. You so funny. (Biological colleague and pendi insists…)
i’ll go sleep and let the hour zero surprise me tomorrow.
Bravely did again 54 techma floods. it seemed to me I felt K’s
presence in my room, while decreeing. Felt long and insistent.
We’ll know tomorrow what was today.
AH platt and boring.



Many more sweet dreams!

February 7, 2015, 2:30 am, morning meditation & decreeing, S:

Still here. Things are normal. The sun by you?

February 7, 2015, afternoon, re-evaluation, S:

I’ve started on questions, of course. 
Proposed meditation changes, by Universal Father and everyone else:
I no longer need to attend at my 02:30 am.
Three half-hour periods of actual meditation; only two need be time-coordinated between ourselves.
I propose to keep the 21:30 your time. 
Which other time would you like together? It can be different from previous times.

Affirmed is the desire for 2 hours of decrees, total; plus as desired.

I am sorting out questions on events. Tentative, including order:
Earth changes (EQs)
More awareness of oncoming stasis, short and long.
Major robotoid figures removed during stasis — some simply gone, some restored to original God’s humans.

Short stasis smack between Feb 11-12.

I am meditating at 18:00 CET.



It looks like we really shoot ourselves in the foot.
I was sure you will start a great enquiry.
So, that’s why your pink alert last evening!
So, that’s why my MOST JOYOUS GAIA FLYING ASCENSION vision last evening!
And so my blank: we were quantum propelled, I needed to adjust!


Yes, I AM happy for you to have your night sleep.
I will do my 9:30 am alone, it is a good time for me.
I’d like to keep my 3 pm and 9:30 pm together with you — feels so fine.
In any case, I feel much more relaxed and so grateful for the good news.
It was last night, I was gently asking myself how long it will actually be needed this high tempo.
I SEE all so amazing.
I feel K in a state of awe.
I feel all other AH ones looking dumb.
I AM SURE Universal Father will come soon with some FATHERLY LOVING WORDS.
I LOVE our FATHER/MOTHER. They are so deeply gentle.

LOVE to you, Sister


Hi Dearest One,

Yes, I think to coordinate at your 3 PM and 9:30 PM would work well.  My third meditation will be during my evening. I may allow the time to be flexible if that works; otherwise I may have to set it solid.

I shall go back to rising 5 AM most days and decree soon after.

There is so much to go over — the ramifications; might be easier through talking. Frankly it still boggles my mind, the implications of things averted. 

I so want to send you a roman but thoughts are still reeling. I appreciate your observational senses on K and AH.
You know, it’s as if a war was suddenly stopped. But I look at all the remaining inequity to be addressed… 

Hopefully, hopefully, some of our energy efforts can manifest in creative endeavors.

I Love you

February 8, 2015, afternoon, implication number whatever, S:


Perhaps Gaia will not have to respond to humankind’s destructiveness with as much upheaval as anticipated because Hosts were able to mitigate it some?


Feeling like going to sleep for about 2 hours.

You put me questions I have no answer for. And so I hope, to maybe get them in my sleep.

When a big quantum leap was felt, I was overjoyed and did not put myself questions
about what will come and how it will be done.
I maybe thought that it is not my job.

And so now I AM wondering if we need to dig further to find the new keys, ways, for the best outcome for all.

I seemed to totally TRUST Christ Michael, that He knows best how to do it perfectly.
Otherwise I always felt my little angle is much too limited to get the real picture, and longed all the time for instructions or explanations.

I really dunno how Gaia stands right now — guess I AM longing for a lil’ message.


Yes, I felt there were messages pending in the wings. I think we needed to discuss stuff first. Confirmed. 

I am requested to hold off for a little while. Decree-meditate-Bowen client at my noon; but perhaps at least one before noon.

BTW, you did ot seem to need much Bowen work yesterday.



Thank you for Bowen.
When I feel so tired and have nausea, guess Christ Michael is virtuously 
conducting a fortissimo!

On The Brink

By The Creator

On The Brink

You are standing on the brink of something great, life changing and extraordinary.
This is the moment just before you meet your true self for the first time.
Embrace it with love. ~ Creator


I do hope my true self proves to be steeped in truth!!

I think it is Source that desires to observe these two points, prominent during meditation:

1. The sweetness of true victory
lies in everyone of God’s natural creatures
to win or achieve some uplifted level.
There are no vanquished.
Dissolved, yes.
Triumph — only over foibles of self. 

2. A master story teller
exercises great influence
in shaping young minds,
not necessarily chronological young. 

The story teller
uses masterful body movements,
and suspensions;
occasionally with music.
Such brings visions and enthrallment to her audience.

I am daily enthralled.

8 February, Universal Father Message to M&S

Soul transformation
continues in your Gaia plane
with greater ease.

It is for historians to peruse and record acceleration of small victories.

Your tasks continue,
but nevermore
having to revert
to reversing and rolling back
great tides. 

Resulting experience of relief in/of itself
allows your bodies to dwell at a higher Light level.

Anticipate influx of same.

I remain well pleased.

Universal Father

Christ Michael and St Germain probably later; not sure about Nebadonia.

February 8, 2015, evening, S:

Christ Michael Message to M&S

Tender mercies are now possible.

Cast aside thoughts of disengagement 
for the potential exists not. (from the side of Hosts)

Endeavor/strive in your service,
for more and more recall of meeting
at higher levels of consciousness.

Your efforts flow as smoothly as water’s grace and strength.

Will its seeping and steeping FREEDOMsRAY
into nooks and crannies
not necessarily known to you when awake.

Continue current usage of the pendulum
for anticipated events either of you may perceive.
M can be proactive in this to her fullest heart’s content.

Short stasis prediction is accurate.
Please do not directly share this awareness for now.

I get 90% global impact, at physical level. We shall see.


Oh, my beloved, isn’t that wonderful? THANK YOU!

THANK YOU, too, for the Universal Father before.


Please, please explain a bit more, what is here meant, thank you:

M can be proactive in this to her fullest heart’s content.


Yeah, I though afterward that that is not very clear. Make up questions to your heart’s content. Do not hesitate to ask anything of it or me.

Saint Germain Message to M&S

My Dears,

No need to take whistleblower responsibility.
Contain your centered energies. 

Observe and describe to yourselves; to others, only if it falls out naturally. 
besides “keeping your own counsel,”
this can also mean discovering yourselves saying words unexpectedly — in other words, be not rigid.

We have plenty of FREEDOMsRAY anchoring-energy to share,
but are always eager for more.

Please continue sensibly.

Adonai, Salu
Sanctus Germanus

Nebadonia Message to M&S

Daughters Mine,

Our seal is upon you — double-sealed as it were.

Ever AM I present amid such frenetic,
glorious activity,
ready to embrace you, enfold you, comfort you.

Always. Always.


Rush, rush to medi…


WOW….. again such lovely messages, BE YOU BLESSED.
I always have to cry in happiness.

About being proactive,
I get it that I can put my full imagining at work
and see things in advance,
which you can confirm with the pendi – or not, from case to case.
I see it as a merciful chance
for us both to better our world, or create improvements,
exactly because we know all wrongs here so well.

As such,
I AM in JOY for starting co-creating our new reality,
also by being upgraded in our bodies, as it seems,
and so being enabled
to take part in meetings at higher Light levels. WOW!

Nebadonia is such a darling! Cried again at her passionate message.


More than I personally imagined.

February 9, 2015, morning, S:

I have been meditating a little. 


Gaia Portal, February 9, 2015

Trans-portations are arranged for all concerned.
Portentions of Light are clarified and unassailable.
Foundational Essence is recognized.
Planetary illusions have served their function, and retire in silence.
Formidables seen for the smallness that they are.
Respite comes quickly, and continuously.


Looks like confirmation of both cancelled 3DD and short stasis to me.

February 9, 2015, afternoon, S:

Despite the excellent God-Like-Production (site) deduction, that C posted in AH on the Ukraine explosion,
pendi says it’s Fleet who did this.

February 9, 2015, evening, S:

The dishes have to wait, period. 

pic: Blue the cat decided to sit in the sink for an undetermined while

  • 20150209_093600.jpg


Thank you, my LOVE. Your sweet ones are so sweet!
As for me, I slept 2 hours, but now I am again over sleepy and TOTALLY tired –
are you sure it is only on 11th? By me it started already!

BIG moves on the political stage.


Go to bed.

I am here trying to meditate or decree; cannot focus on either. 
I had specifically dowsed for stasis, not other global happenings.
Huge yes on other global happenings as of right now. Stasis on 11-12.
Cannot think well. Other questions?

February 10, 2015, morning, Universal Father and Christ Michael, S:

Dearest Friend, 

I may or may not be awake when you receive this. 

I could not begin to write “messages in the wings” because of the magnitude of what we anticipate; could not unless I simply scribbled words without thinking, as fast as possible. I send them to you without any edit or checking (almost) for meaningfulness, so that they may be as far removed from my waking consciousness as possible, so easy would it be to dramatically extemporize about our current roles. 

Universal Father gave many words; I hope it means that He is “hammering home” His Will;
that I am not expressing unconscious anxieties.
This sort of thing I can only tell in retrospect — but I guess I never retracted anything either, as being from rather than through me.
I mention again that in the recent past I would let the messages set for a few days before becoming convinced about them. Nevertheless here they are, presented with deference and humbleness.

9 February, Universal Father Message to M&S

Take stock of happenings.

They are a direct result of your work.

See clearly what you have done.

Take note, for there are ways to use this further.

However ones recognize trends,
afar from universal quarters,
will set pace/goals for others to follow in footsteps.

You are the way showers. 

Shirk not
your identities to be displayed when the time is proper.
Transcend proper nuance. 

Feel/hear things unseen, unknown. 
(Actually, a common sentence-tendency with my writing; but I am supposed to leave it in.)

Manage proper balance in all things
through constant exchange with each other.
Keep close contact. 

Disrupt not the tide of war experienced by others. 

— This is out of place, out of context; 

Leave it in.

Your closeness is crucial the next while.
Lean on one another mightily.
Trust. Adapt. Inner level(s).
your reliability

This is My Seal upon thee.

Universal Father

As short as this next one is, it was still scribbled.
I refused to start with the hackneyed word “prepare.”
Prepare for what? How? Are we not ever ready? Again I prelude with “nevertheless.”

Christ Michael Message to M&S 

To stay in close residential vicinity is preferred —
or, in familiar places.

That is all for now.

Frankly, I would not entertain/look any personal salutations.
I could not make any progress with Nebadonia and St Germain. Am to try later.



We were banned from AH or at least I was.
I guess it was a silly habit anyway to keep checking for any substance.

February 10, 2015,

This took precedence over all other activity right after our skype-ing.
​I just now posted it on FREEDOMsRAY.
Unmistakable that it be a message for “all.”
Other personal messages remain in the wings.  

Any corrections/changes are greatly appreciated. LOVE!

Christ Michael Aton Message for FREEDOMsRAY         February 10, 2015

Take Heed 

Suppressed flow
of inner awareness
can only arrest
innocent understanding and spiritual development. 

Take heed
that notions soon do not fester into non-innocence.
Discern for yourselves
how you,
My agondonters,
have slipped backward
that you might please one or ones
at human level
for hollow security. 

Take heed
for your own survival level,
that you address the undoing of your thoughts
Be not stuck
in prognostications and proclaimations 
​that ring false.
Reclaim your personal sovereignty. 

Discernment is yours for the asking through Me,
direct even unto Universal Father
that remains apart from any confusion
sown about “Thought Adjusting.”

Trust in My Spirit of Truth,
bequeathed so long ago.


Christ Michael Aton




Thank you so very much!

It definitely addresses all. And looks like a spanking.

The word SOVEREIGNTY is put perfectly – it actually confirms
what I’ve written S, to regain hers, that she gave to C and H.

Also the ‘thought adjusting’ is put perfectly. Great conductor, CM!

The ONLY correction would be: please write now Agondonters with capital A.



FATHER/MOTHERs Agondonters have the right to get to their own HONOUR.

My idea, a time ago, was only for AH, to not get them too angry.

In gratefulness –



You got it,
that my text to S was from my private address to her private address; yet C stated I work behind stage.
So, once in AH, we are all her slaves. No privacy.

– she made me look so dark, that even Eve looks whiter, in comparison.
– she asked me if I thought people would not tell her – OF COURSE!!!!
who could have ever thought, S will choose betrayal?

– but here, quite very interesting. I discern a few khasarian traits of character by S, very, very exciting:

I have written S to watch the big egos, for people change with the years, and might take decisions out of their inflated egos. Or from jealousy. That was why she was so miserably humiliated publicly, which I found unjust –
it was only a matter of interpretation!

please watch S: she was furthering to C my totally private and personal email, out of revenge!
In front of C/forum she was looking soooooo loyal — BUT IN FACT —
in fact she was taking revenge for her humiliation, which she never ever had the courage to articulate by herself.

Find that pretty amazing.


Thanks for your reflections. Changed the A.
I also corrected near the end:  

“…apart from any confusion sown about incorrect referencing to “Thought Adjusters.” 


WOW, I have seen it!
So PURE and so beautiful, just as Father says.
Corrections are fine.

— I would take out the St Germain message.
I would give power and total sovereignty to THIS VERY FIRST message from Christ Michael,
that takes a stand, and IS.

Besides, it definitely signals the VERY BEGINNING.

— Message from St Germain will come up chronologically in its own place.

I feel Christ Michael message should stand totally by itself – ya – as a Fundamental Stone.

In case you leave St Germain, please correct it to DEIN SOHN – while the brackets + ‘ya, even in German’,
not necessary to public, being our personal, intimate secrets.

OUR SACRED SITE is also a bit naive and is better not there.

This Site should inspire GREAT AUTHORITY.
As such, no little-blossoms necessary.

The great term


will stay at its rightful place at the right moment, for indeed it will expand into the


and will be known to all as


The pattern of the title, datum, font colour and writing will have to be kept all the way through.
Guess you told me that already – ok.

Much LOVE to you, beloved Sister of the Golden Straw.



I guess I was not clear. Only CM’s message should be on the site for now. The others were for us personally. Strong confirmation.
Thank you for the blue-lightning-swift reply!

It is kind of funny. St Germain really did want to sign off that way. Boot and store were a direct reference too.

I think I just might celebrate the receiving of your accolades with a little decreeing… with a singing heart.

Deine Stroh Schwester

February 10, 2015, evening, Universal Father, Nebadonia, Saint Germain, S:

These ones came more clearly, though a little strange, sort of.

Universal Father Message to M&S

My Ever Cherished Ones,

Free yourselves
from fetters of ambition
that would be imposed upon thee
by machinations of others. 

Abide with Me in the miracles of Life.

Mother Nebadonia Message to M&S

Dear Ones, 

How joyously
We await
your returning
to expanded levels of revelations,
to “Home.”

Grateful for thy rays
are We,
rays of steady flow in thought, word and deed.


Saint Germain Message to M&S


Down and dirty, nitty-gritty
are some of your heretofore companions,
​now alleged.

Spanking indeed,
and a little shaking up to boot is in store. 

The beauty of the Violet Flame decreeing
is that never can its use be compromised, 

but only effective
if used with proper intent,
as with all tools of spirit.

Always is it an individual,
personal accomplishment,
no matter from whom or where acquired.

In other words,
do not necessarily trust ones in teaching mode
who impart the Violet Flame and other tools.

God’s vehicles of transmission are His business.
The transmissions are both yours and God’s business.

My Precious, never-compromising, 

Your Sonnyboy


What a Joy, What a Joy!
Thank you so very much, my beautiful Sister!
They are all the time with us, even know what we said and written!!!!
The shake is coming. The Sonnyboy so humorous!

And are your messages a bit strange, the way they come?
Did you forget, we may expect Miracles? Maybe some ventils are OPEN!


Fair point on strange and ventils
With you in meditation soon.


So here I AM, minding my own business at 19:29, confirming that meditation is in the order of things, when this unexpected Guest comes charging across my consciousness, interrupting my thoughts and proceeding to spew words through the pencil.

Editing? Formatting before I post on FREEDOMsRAY?


Unexpected Guest to FREEDOMsRAY site


It is I!  

Michael, named Prince of Archangels,

Come to christen this site in Christ Michael Aton’s Name. 

I place
My Own Seal of protection
upon its persons, portals and patterns of content.

that you who would tamper here
will reap repercussions beyond what you may imagine,

simply by back-reflection of momentous energies, placed herein.

Blue Lightning Rays
dwell within the patterned framework of this endeavor.

Rays of My protection are gifted to you
who visit but for the pureness of asking
through the One God and Source,
known in Nebadon as Universal Father.

Hail to thee!

I AM Archangel of Michael



I had to cry and cry…



I AM laughing up a storm.


no edits – all perfect! thank you
I cry because of so much JOY – it always melts me


No, I really did not think your tears were other than joy, but I am still laughing.
Will post.

Phoenix Journal #21, regarding the ‘event’, February 11, 2015, from a forum fellow, S:

This certainly does seem to relate to our present day.

Hi S,
I came across Phoenix Journal #21 ‘An interval of non-time’. It’s about the ‘event’. As Christ Michael (as Hatonn) points out

“We hope it will not be necessary to shake you out of your exclusive past-future oriented focus on form through any of the cataclysmic events foretold in your various prophecies

We will use these if we must in order to protect the biosphere of this planet but if you follow through on the information we are clarifying, there is no reason why we should have to resort to such extreme measures.”

This would support your notion that the 3DDs are no longer necessary. As I know there are now technologies available on earth that could neutralize nuclear radiation, clean contamination of water and soil and could turn the desert green, it might be very well  possible that no Magnetic Pole Reversal is needed to cleanse the planet. 
But somehow a sort of stasis will take place – according to what CM calls an interval of non time. Here is the whole article:

Phoenix Journal #21, by Hatonn through Dharma


When the universe reaches a point of maximum expansion, a unique phenomenon will take place.

There will be a moment when all laws necessary for the creative maintenance of physical matter and all materializing processes become suspended. 

Due to the relative velocities of the various star systems. this event will not be experienced simultaneously in all parts of the universe, but will travel as a wave across the sea of creation. 

Existing within this ripple of non-time will be the focused conscious attention of the Creator.

As it passes through the material realms, it will stay and take up residence in all life forms with circuitry capable of mirroring its essence.

This is the moment when the Creator will slip inside Creation; the moment for which we are attempting to prepare you. 

This is the much misunderstood “Second Coming” of Christianity. 

It is the event that primitive civilizations have looked forward to as “the return of the gods”. 

The Mayans went so far as to pinpoint its actual occurrence in what you would call the year 2011 A.D.

Yet while many of your traditions hint at what is about to transpire, none of them have adequately conveyed the magnitude of impact such an event will have. 

Indeed, no single conceptual structure is capable of conveying the enormity of what is soon to take place. 

Those familiar with the scriptures of your various peoples should be in position to understand what is occurring for these are the times spoken of. 

Yet you must realize that God did not invent the words used in scripture. 

He merely arranged them In the order most approximating His meaning. 

Further, He only presented them in mental pictures and through the years of translation and deliberate tampering most meaning is distorted and damaged. 

What is actually happening requires all of biological life to convey its meaning.

Words can symbolize this but hardly portray it fully enough to stand alone. 

If you would know the deepest Truth of scripture, look not to words alone but to the great momentum of spirit within your own soul. 

This is where the living history is being made. 

In a way that would be impossible for your rational intellect to comprehend, this forthcoming event is human history. 

The sum total of all that has happened on your planet is but the shadow cast before.

In a very real sense, you have not yet been born. 

You are still in an embryonic stale. 

You have yet to receive the touch of God’s total definition. 

Through the long years of human history on Earth, your species has been forming the cells that are to comprise the directive aspect of the physical body of the Creator within Creation. 

Gestation upon this planet has but set the stage for the emergence of the Planetary Being now taking definite form. 

This Planetary Being is actually “who you are”. 

Has it occurred to you that the mathematical probability of your being here is infinitesimal? 

Were you not here, living proof of the impossible, an excellent case could be made for your non-existence–and still can prevail in conceptual reasoning. 

Within the framework of law that was of necessity instituted to create and govern these material realms, the existence of biological life would not have been possible, except were it to enter through that one moment when that law was suspended. 

Ponder this carefully. 

Such is the origin of biology; the fusion of Spirit and Matter. 

The impact of this single creative moment is so vast, so far-reaching, that the shock waves sent out before it have given rise to all of the biological life that now exists upon your planet.

You are living in the shadow of an event not yet taken place. 

Yet it is you, yourself, under all your layers of false identity that cause this event as you approach ever nearer to the Earth. 

From within the context of history, it appears that there has been, on this planet, a progression of increasingly complex life forms evolving toward ever higher levels of consciousness. 

It appears that there has been an evolutionary process. 

But this is not the case. 

What is actually occurring Is that the matter of Earth is falling under the influence of your vibrational body. 

This influence naturally increases as you draw nearer. 

Only when the center of your spirit touches the center of the Earth will Life on this planet be fully manifest in form. 


This is not difficult to understand. 

What you have considered to be history or in other terms, the evolution of the species, is only what you have been able to observe through the distorted medium of a fragmented and quite subjective intelligence, trapped within the past-future orientation of linear time. 

From such a perspective, the act of Creation could appear as a progressive, sequential process. 

To the extent that you are able to identify with the spirit that gives you consciousness however, it becomes a much simpler matter: you have yet to arrive. 

You are still on your way, so to speak. 

Sitting there reading these words is only a reflection of your unconscious totality as it prepares to become fully revealed on the day of awakening. 

Your real life will begin when the Creator gives you His definition in form.

Within the womb of history, your species has been primarily defined by the 
Earth-Mother who is helping to prepare the clay. 

She is only interested in getting the form arranged according to specification. 

Her only knowledge of Spirit is that It brings forth her potential.

When the Father’s center merges with the center of the Faith, the collectivity of human consciousness will awaken to a unified field identity. 

You will be born. 

After that, the influence of Matter will not affect your consciousness as dominantly as it did during the historical gestation period.