Fassest du diese Liebe?

Are You Grasping Such LOVE?







Cosmic ray mystery may have finally been solved
Sponsored by Divine Source

March 29, 2013 Message, S 

How well I know you,
who are part of my flock so to speak,
in intimate awareness of things done and things to become.  

Today is a first for you indeed: that of scribe.

I come to you to impart knowing grace of things to come,
for with grace it indeed shall transpire.
Shirk not responsibilities that you see coming. 
Embrace them with the fullness of our Universal Father.
Nebadonia is the Oneness of transparency through this circuit. 

Affairs of the heart are known to us of course, though often things are melancholy.
From here to there [Havona to Urantia]
shall the matrix DNA be modified/molded at the innermost heart level
for there to blossom forth to touch all humankind,
in answer to prayer and entreaties of ages past to even now by those of faith. 

Such is the manner of certitude that I embrace the fourfold deities of Light
manifested upon dark terrains of moral turpitude.
Forlorn are the matrices of darkness that are swept aside.

Now come multitudes to increase awareness for testimonies
throughout lands of darkness, steeped in morass;
for your collective efforts touch entire universes
through Christ Michael’s grace.

Know the brilliance of cosmic starseeds that reach and reflect all things;
even so, those of archangels and seraphim and more,
who gratefully acknowledge
the fruits of the humankind’s
efforts and trials from the
planet of the cross. 

Yet you tremble with trepidation;
and so it is, for mighty are the forces bestowed upon collective thee.
Confident are we about collective thee, by our own free choices.

Come abide, creation,
with All activities wherein we effect our ministrations for Urantia,
and help proclaim through cosmic reaches the joyous reign of truth,
even so the Spirit of Truth,
about to be overtly manifest in ringing joyousness;
pearls of laughter.

Make way for artisans ready to help bedeck Gaia in her full glory,
glory of celebration for even that of the Universal Father! 

ever remember though mainly unknown,
​prizes awaiting in the cosmic pinata —
through the veil.

Through S’s Higher Self, yet to be clearly identified…


April 1st, 2013 Message, S

AH members,
I transmit greetings through this scribe,
who forever holds keys,
to be passed along

for matters
pertaining to vibrational union
between those of my Spirit Self
and lyrical union of expression of God’s Will,
however that may pass.
After the Fall
there were “minstrels” who traveled adjacent lands,
pouring out tones of endearment for folk and nature;

so too did this happen after the so-called Resurrection.

You hold/know the musical/sound keys, or keynotes
for manner of playing and singing;
256 and 432,
and manner of modulations and chords;.
meter but neither rhythm nor tempo,
they being individually unique. [Post stasis.]

So it had been,
after major dispensations
did travel those who participated not in world events,
but did observe and work with sound as permitted.

Salute to Agondonters per Wednesday meditation, 
April 4, 2013 Message, S

Given both individual growth
and a strengthening of AH
with attendant camaraderie
nurtured by eagle-eyed C and gentle J  —
to mention two;

given the familiarity of finely woven, intricate,
near-invincible Spirit matrices of this organization,
having achieved this such as seldom seen on opposite veil;

who among us Agondonters
would have traded for earlier stasis?
Already are we victorious!   


Gulp! Thrice over, April 5, 2013 Message, S

I AM Hermes Trismegistus.

April 09, 2013 Message, S

Dear Ones,

How much we adore
the aspects of thee
that countermands Earth science.

Harbor the truth of what we present here.
Whatever transpires over the next millennnium
has roots
in what happens with and within AH.
Keep on…

“Dawn of civilization”
does not compare to what we attempt,
what we all will accomplish at this juncture,
this AH junction of forces and personalities.

So too do we have Galactic Federation participants
that must come and go in this venture,
to play out their own duties,
or destinies,
as required.  

Collect and study time references in the
Urantia Book,
as well as scattered reference
to circuits and gravities of diverse kinds.

This is the track of awareness.

Salu, S’s Higher Self

Hey Fellows! April 10, 2013, Siraya Message, S

Hey Fellows!
And Gutsy Gals!
Well, you are all gutsy, really…

Surprise it is — from without — to the heavy response from AH men to the dolphin video.


You clearly and intensely resonated and related to the gentle,
persevering touch of the diver to help fix things; 

a diver who clearly has intense strength and reserve
to even be there in the first place.

Hats off to you because that is who you are.
Kudos to the camera guy, too.

Galactic Federation
continues to cheer and cheer in their times of respite,
daring and egging you on. 

Imagine the encouragement you unknowingly gift to them.


April 16, 2013, Hermes Message, S

Yes, the time is nigh! 
Heed frequent daily calls to go within;
​momentarily is just fine.
Acknowledge Our presence.

Through Hermes

May 2, 2013 Message, S

scribed about 4 days ago. Directed collectively

Restless? Exhausted?
Stay alert.
Do nothing. Be there, with I AM.
I AM is with you.

Some things to note:
Stay home. Go if you must. Then stay home.
We are here.

Ultimatons spin — instant translation/transmutation.
‘Thief in the night’ transmutes to Light.

Horrific battles yet proceed forward,
Species unheard travel in growing numbers of distinction.
Half to none surround.
Grids shatter, collapse on sweeter sounds.

Follow ancient numbers whose tasking efforts abound,
Shattering, succeeding, gathering to ancient shores.

Fiery are these
who travel with banners of light-woven shields,
With unimaginable forces behind us Sisters who grace…
Sisters who appear not to stay bound around core happenings,
But tweaking midst, stirring,
Fiery huge envelopes, 
Firming massive ships.

Through Higher Self

May 10, 2013 Message, S

1. Words need meticulous expression for focused thinking. 

– I think a reference to the poets among us, including any …’s. 

Indeed, and so welcome are they.

2. Holy art thou 
who traverse these waves of consciousness bestowed upon collective thee.
What is holy? Purity connected with God the Father.

3. Remember being told about the misty isles Avalon?

– Yeah

Well, you are doing better this time.

– How’s that? 

For one thing, you are more cognizant this time, even given lack of mystery rites.

Go. Trade our thoughts you have written previously
with your far-reaching AH family’s interchange
of their own waves of consciousness,
for the exchanges herein assist the dissolving of unwanted memes.

About 10 days ago –maybe a few more:

4. Friend, post as Hermes.

This confirms what B scribes so capably from the globe’s other side.
Be gratified to notice discombobulation,
i.e. upset,
in lives of those about you,
for they are the ones responding to the clarion call.

Again, and again bring to mind
Jesus’ mode of instruction in Rome.

Note that he first did spend time
seeking out and choosing certain ones for instruction,
who later spread his teachings.

As opportunity arises do spend time one-on-one.
Later, post-stasis,
will group by group merit your teachings.

End post as Hermes

Through Higher Self 

“you” is always collective.

5. And so, you must continue, simply,
Through layers of dross,
Swirling thoughts abound around, up and down.

Russellian in the vernacular:
6 mirrors is all that is needed.

What is a mirror? A visual for reflectivity.

We desire your collective 6 mirrors, 
Your 6 planes of reflectivity – armor, protect and see.

– Darn it, just a minute here! I just do not do words. I am not a lyricist; and certainly not a poet!

Leave that to us;

so, we repeat,

Around, abound, in and beyond
Are dimensions perceived by spirit.
Likewise, forlorn paths abound, around
receiving letters and symbols of projecting condemnation.

What say ye, which shall it be?

Stay / keep your intent upon scores,
numberless numbers of consciousness.

For you simply know to do that which works,
your very core.

To know to do:
that small indestructible thread to Universal Father.

Timeless, spaceless thread,
Patterned in uniqueness of being,

Profound simplicity:
​to know to do.

Your earthly 12 Step Program in 6 planes of reflectivity,
E, W, N, S, Up, Down

End Higher Self

May 20, 2013 Message, S

Dearly, Cherished-beyond-compare, Beloveds,

Among these common, local planes
we rebuke protagonists no more.

It is done.

Almost countless are the lost ones,
hammered senseless into non-existence,
by their own weighted, wanton disregard for Spirit. 
So many must simply cease to be;
there will be miniscule records left for pitying;
this simply in itself is merciful.
Even so are preparations required
to enact the non-existence of so many; big job.

Orvonton courts choose to act swiftly for merciful disposition
because judgment
is already long-arbitrated and passed;
no holding places.

Merciful motions are that of swift actions.

Never can these actions ever be questioned,
so long have Celestials tried
in so many ways
to save
even unto the last modicum
of possible soul-spark saving.

Our victory,
your victory,
is that of non-conquering, that of simple absence of protagonists.
direct your mindal-spirit energy
toward Victory of Freedom
for unshackled growth;

with gain of largely un-paralleled
compassionate understanding
for life and sacred Light.

Through Higher Self

The opening appellation is meant to be exactly as written.

October 17, 2013, Universal Father Message, S

Forward, indeed. 

Fear not,

My children,

those monstrous seeming creatures that are upon you.
Transcend same 
and transmute same 
with creative action.


– What is this thick morass of ineptitude
we experience or observe about us?
These pockets of viscous negative energy
heaped upon us,
even now continuing?
Their source, their oppressive strengths,
despite and spiting
won and winning battles
beyond Gaia’s tropospheres?

Are dark forms
being driven downward,
desperately seeking
remaining human manifestations
of 3D planes? 

Are they fleeing
galactic intervention and cleanup?
Scurrying into hidey-holes
in vain escape efforts?
Casting their machination nets
to engender, find and catch
human anguish
for frenzied survival-feeding?

into torn cracks and crevices
found in injured
but precious human auras,
seeking escape
from the inevitable advance of Light and Life
more so,
within the Wave’s steady,
unswerving evolution
throughout Gaia’s environs?

Yes, it is so.  

Beloved Earth-Ones, My children!

Sweep your very own
Golden Swords of Sacred Words
about you and yours.

Discover the ease with which you can now handle same,
the ease of results
with your re-established sword-gift of keen, sharp edges.

your own innate Golden and Violet Flames,
and Blue protection Rays.

whatever and all dross
enmeshed about you and yours.

Declare it so.

again and again, yourselves and your abodes.

Set links from within to unite without /outside.

that auric riffs and warps
be flooded and filled with All that is Golden,
from within and without.

that which I had bestowed upon each of you:
your individually unique
personality spark.

Imperatively declare
the growth of your Gold,
and Blue Flames.

Again, burn
whatever and all dross enmeshed about you
into seas of “nothingness.”

Declare it so
and drive anguished energies asunder.

This earthly aspect of battles is best done by you ones on Urantia.

your own Golden nets
for entrapment of fleeing dark forms.

same into violet transmuting flames.

their disintegration.

pools of negative energy and

transmuted residues
even unto the unqualified potential of the Supreme;
formless, potential goodness.

Be victorious unto yourselves!

Observe your personality sparks
glow even brighter and brighter,

evolving beyond your Victories
and into places awaiting you in higher “realms.”

however possible within your efforts,
already recognized as magnificent;

understand that these efforts can cause periodic fatigue.

in quiet realization of the affirmations and Joy
of space brotherhoods

in their acknowledgement
​for your greatly welcomed contributions.

Pray. Invoke. “Roll your own.”


Universal Father

For AHers, 3DD reference, October 30, 2013, Universal Father Message, S

AH progresses well into inter-understanding
as both a team and teams, as needed and possible.
AH is truly now a home base,
a place of refuge for merited messiahs.
at the least you who are reasonably active, are of course with merit.

Know that every day 3DD delay 
bespeaks of Victories,
ground gained for Earth/Shan and for her inhabitants.
Those who despair
witness and sense but fragments
of this fantastic scene.

Upheavals are ever necessary, as it is with any inhabited planet in transition.

For Gaia though,
her especially disturbed ley lines
by high tech dark kabal
are especially troublesome,
having been numerously
cut and pillaged,
probably without precedent.

Balancing adjustments therefore also may be violent without precedent.

Dear ones,
the projected segue scene to 3DD
ever changes,
because earth MAN is still changing significantly.

Universal Father

October 31, 2013, Universal Father Message, S

Peace, Little Ones!
Tarot’s Magician and Hermit be.

Create and know
many Points of Stillness
in your mind’s eye,
Midst many daily times of violent illusions of sensing;

For however fleeting,

is the point of God
for reborning anew.

Let your
heart’s dimensionless
secret chamber
link to silent-knowing Mind.

Ever residing in equanimity.

Simply intend this so with ME.


Universal Father

Christ Michael Message, November 6, 2013, S

Dear ones,
Come down with Me
to assist Centers upon Earth
to teach “in My Name”
all things.

After stasis.

You shall have immediate access to Knowledge
through Me.

You shall have guides ever present.
Sweeping changes in content of sciences, art;
of ethics and modus operandi
of cultural expressions;
to guide enquiries of social-community-economic structures;
reframing governing bodies;
of the true nature and underlying reasons
behind the art of teaching;
of intent for character building
and interchange
of spirit
and love.

These purposes far, far supersede any content of any topic
or organizational purpose.

Be ever mindful of the two-way learning
between mentor and seeker / teacher and student.

November 06, 2013 Message, S

Here come da Judge” 
Scamper ye witless non-beings! 
into your own power game stupors.
Swill within your own ghoulish capers while they last but a fleeting moment more.
But never again with Mine innocents! 


Shift in message:

Sisters are calling, of Trinities and Triodities

Dwelling here,
we see scads of cads,
a morass of decrepit,
vain humanity,

now rendered dumbstruck and aimless.

Childlike had been we,
come to learn
about the dark forces surrounding and permeating Gaia;

to learn about the woven strands
of impure, brittle crystal veils
rendered corrupt
by certain human brutalities.

Childlike, but not at all childish
in response to our shocked witnessing.

How quickly shall we release
Sisterly shimmering Golden threads
sown from still magnetic Light!

you no-longer equal tongues
who continue to squeak and cry
from your now compressed, stifling-crowded places,
haranguing over petty tempests
with spittle-ridden fervor.

Ye who rant, hear our ROAR.

We sweep into oblivion
your piddling motes
of tainted, grided bank notes
that became incomprehensibly bloodied,

soaked in immoral turpitude
through the control,
and murder
of faith-craving innocents.

Sisters are We,
of Trinities and Triodities,

come to dash these ghastly deeds
into yes,
erasing  dastardly iniquities
from consciousness,

so that HUmanity
need avert their gazes no longer
when living within or traversing Gaia’s environs,

the honored realm and physical origin
of the Spirit of Truth
release for all Nebadon.

Shift in message:

We are very few,
for immense is our power.

We emphasize our Sources
as from, and of,
Trinities and Triodities.

Trinities abound from Havona,
even unto the Isle of Paradise realities.

Triodities encompass aspects
of the ever-experiencing Supreme,
drawing and interchanging
absolutes and infinite potentials
in time-space,
with balance.

In other words, the whole ball of wax.

Shift in message:

Murderous weapons shall be banned from Earth/Shan.
Yes, because of common consent;
because this is a major determining characteristic,
the developed personality trait,
for those who both merit and determine
to continue their evolution on Gaia.

There will remain the right to bear spiritual arms.
The more evolved one becomes
the more potent is one’s spiritual armor
and two-edged sword, sacred word.

Keep close, careful command and control
of your soon-to-be expanded thinking and expanded selves.

This must be done via mind-spirit;
bypass your reactive, physical senses.
Do this to maintain your health and welfare.

Reactive is non-thinking, uncontrolled response.

By keeping constant check on habitual reactions,
the “button-pushing” variety,
you will accelerate your capabilities for adapting to rising Gaia;
and to your own spiritual evolutions.

While you ones here already do this to high degree,
please cultivate extra alertness;
set the standard.
(Of course, certain physical reactiveness remains vital for physical survival,
such as when touching some hot thing and such.)

So again, control expansions
that you will experience as never before.

Allow and watch carefully
your unfolding recoveries
from suppressed compressions
you have endured for so very many lifetimes.

If expansion seemingly generates
a void condition,
a seeming vacuum of consciousness,
simply pour out love and service;
sidestep yourselves.
Seemingly paradoxical, yet it is so.

Very important:

These principles
must you incorporate
into your being
as never before; 

then show others. 
It is called teaching.

“Hmmm, hmmm, with a little help from our Friends.”

our very endeared ones,

Sisters are We, of Triodities and Trinities

a little bit of cosmic science, November 18, 2013, Hermes Message, S

Sands in an hour glass
are more analog by nature than digital time keeping.
Seconds are discrete, fixed measurements for any orbiting sphere,
e.g. planet, sun.
Seconds of one sphere’s orbiting radius are not identical to those of another.
Seconds are different between a planet’s surface and mountain top. 
Seconds measured of very small, differing radii are not an identical match.

You are sensing/measuring so-called magnetic anomalies
​deep within Earth.
Surface-time measurement is not equatable
to core-time measurement.
There is no magnetic field as such, any ”place.”
You are noticing a change in a gravity shaft
as electrical movement of Earth’s matter is shifting patterns.

It is Earth collapsing in third dimension and reborning into fourth.

For this to happen
there must be a moment of voidness.
This cannot be easily described/predicted within the bounds of time.


Those Sisters again, November 28, 2013, S

Hear, now,
the fruits earned of thy labors:
centeredness, knowledge, situational omniscience, and more.
Thanks be given to thee.

Trinity and Triodity Sisters are WE,



November 29, 2013, Universal Father Message, S

Every dear, dearest one,

Stand strong
when/if you find yourself suddenly
without your AH support baseline friends and contacts.
Right now,
however short or long the period,
amid the panoply of strife, discord and distress,
let your heart and actions reach out to those in turn 
who genuinely reach to you,
those who recognize the Mantle you have acquired.

Seek and draw from My Unseen,
Knowing White Light —
not mere incandescence –
staying centered and aside from mindless,
trigger reactions
by those that are certain to surround you,
the collective AH, you, who are very few.

Yet, know where to give,
and re-give
while staying centered in Me.

How glorious for you to be able to receive so great a Mantle of My Love!
Invoke its protection.

Universal Father

Universal Father                      June 30, 2014

Grids and no grids. 

What is partly in universal substance
holds forth
many manifestations of evil (energy veil),
influences wrought
since eons of time to now.

How AM I to claim Mine Gaia’s own?
Through you and you and you, 
who resound My Hosts’messages 
with untold realms of possibilities,
inherent and reflected in advancing missions 
defined so aptly in your AbundantHope pages. 

How pleased I AM. 

Proceed to dissolve unwanted grids. 
Shape My desires
from no grids form, you,
my material beings 
can aptly conjure My desires under My Hosts’ mantle, 
the best of the best
for gifting and regifting the best.


Nodes, vibrations, vortex, wave fields; 
global networks, money, control; 
ley lines, ley nodes, harmonics; 

remove a vortex:
then fewer connections;
remaining connections are weaker.
What makes a money vortex?
Leave all that which is good, vibrational reality; 
thought forms,
high frequency,
low frequency,
free floating.

When – what 

not by time or dates. 
Crashing waves upon Earth’s etheric shores. 
Rip and dramatic tides: soothe these, I say.

How to manifest My desiring into pairs of thinking.

St. Germain, 
your son, 
relies so very much on all flames.
Induction feeling, 
for manifesting waves at high vortices, however long; 
fleeting mercurial fun, 

My Hermes friend, 
to help endeavors from heights unmeasured by ordinary means, 
for plastic time interplays through stars, 
networking its filigrees.

— How much more can we/You all wait? 

Not at all, for never, ever 
have you been waiting. 
Longing, yes, but not waiting. 
Have not your minds always been active?

Circuits abound 
around heavenly spheres assisting,
no more taking their own movements away.

— How around? 

Sense quiet moments in centeredness, 
but not peaceful, nor pax, nor pace; 
the concept no longer applies. 
You must start this so. 
For peace is only the opposite of conflict
and conflict must dissolve, remain no more.

Mother of many, 
go among many; 
say so, SO. We await. 

Accept thine own mantle, 
fabricated in simple ignorance, a non-easy task. 
Awaken thyself to far reaching influence. 

Are ye not initiated?
Declare the Violet Flame 
from your own centeredness.
Make connection.

— Help, Universal Father. 
Guide me to know the movement, please, 
while I am appreciating all Source 
and AbundantHope and friends support.

Universal Father 

Let Mine own AH,
who are set apart 
for unprecedented participation in this adventure,
by many others.

I wait for you to know and reach far afield, 
yet centered 
within your very own transmitting heartedness. 
Rise and raise from lower sensing!
Read only the non-news, the little unheralded non-events. 

See now the flames? 

Transmute and pass them on 
to Gaia’s new filigreed finery. 

Ignore the morass. Sludge not.

Universal Father, 
Eternal Son, 
Infinite Mother Spirit, 
Christ Michael Aton

Lift yourselves from human conflict 
to envision 
desired deeds 
and places of respite 
and revelation 
for those ready to receive. 

Discount embrace even with these ones, 
should you need to do so 
to keep your centeredness in Me. 
Pass along.

Sow your awareness in neutral manner. 
Have compassionate embrace 
only for My desirings.
Be with Me!

recognize conflicts now 
as merely contrasts, 
yet tenaciously hold positive resolution 
for merited ones 
as a place of soothing relief 
in Mine Eye 
and My Name; 
places that you energetically 

Even just 
a few tiny steps of intent 
will soothe 
the rampaging tides.

Indeed: who awaits, thee or Me?

How can you wait upon universe action?

my friend, 
hear me through Earth’s eons yet so close. 

— Something unheard by me in this lifetime. 
Guide my hand? I am rather intellectual for that.

Step aside. Let words flow.

Everlasting continuum 
lies beyond grasp 
of human consciousness.

July 15, 2014 Message

Look at what is working to get more working.

Our Dear Friend,

Strike again indeed. 
We are pleased with your offering 
and wish you to do more.
Strike out for environs unknown.

Mettle/Metal places/pieces need you. 
See in your mind’s eye where this might be. 

August 10, 2014 Message

Hermes alignment, 
merchants of faith. 
Traders ye be. 

Alchemists’ flame 
unwanted dross crucible – 
teach soothing of resistance; 
select among contrasts. 
Deflect conflict within selves.

Utilize the crucible of Violet Flame. 
dark crystallized dross 
form your very cells 
of physical being.

Make flow 
the Violet, Pink and Golden flames 

throughout the encasing membranes 
from your beautiful anatomic selves 

that connect 
to the very ground substance matrix 

which in turn penetrates down 
through the cytoplasm of each cell; 

each and every cell 
that willingly gives up 
dark crystallization
upon mind-command, 
leading ever to higher 
vibrational beingness. 

Let this beingness 
of filigreed light 
embrace and sooth.

August 23, 2014 Message

Your divine purpose is come to fruition.

Your divine message is come.

Show how to use alchemy in all manner of things.

Show purpose of intent.

Soon will destructive events stop.
Soon will
the silent drift of energies 
be noticeably felt by all on Earth.

Write it down: 
Christed forest creature who wield the olive branch of peace 
(Bigfoot? Wow!)

Beset upon humankind 
are occurring many instances of weeping and wailing
and the gnashing of teeth;
some are full realization 
in final futility 
and forlornness of last chances.

Some still foolishly
portray a state of denial scene, 
or as merely another act,
a false performance.

Interspersed are the not-so-kind grins
of the enigmatic appearing/disappearing Cheshire cat 
(Alice in Wonderland),
​in “told-you-so” triumph.

It is not easy to witness or experience.

By God’s Mercy may there be some fewer 
because of delayed timing.

Flames of Mercy.

August 27, 2014 Message

Dance Violet hues.

Spread Life anew,
Swiftly fleeting.

I AM the dance of Violet hue,
Spreading life anew.

I AM the Source of step and song.

Within my chest cries out my heart,
Longing for the camaraderie of like minds
Anchored in the soulness of Infinite Source.

So you view ones who desire Mine own longings.

Vibrational techniques, 
anchored in the physical, 
are the answer to swift movements
to effect calming and well being.

Distribute same 
by whatever means and mediums (substances).
See by your collective concerted efforts 
whether effects amplify.
Share sacred geometries
and crop circle patterns.

Make rods.
Charge water with decrees and mantras.
Add to. 
Pour into moving sources.

Sing and Dance.

Though the tools are simple, variations are many.
Streaming water from a faucet.

September 2, 2014

Oh, My Dear One,
Siraya calls. 

You are missed.

How is that possible, 
even when I can omnisciently look upon you?

Well, it is the interaction that We miss – 
the spontaneous reaction and input from you.
Even more missed than having to correspond by letter.

​Know that.

7th Master Spirit, 
independent of Trinity Son Ambassador order of things, 
looks upon your works and says ‘well done’.
Rejoicing is the current favorite activity here on Uversa. 
(Huh, even though missed?)

Pearls pearl drops.

September 3, 2014

Right, might, bright is the hour
when all things manifest
to those of many creatures who abound here, 
often to make joyful noise
unto many co-creators of Nebadon,
wherein all those who persist in the making of sounds 
over there by Earth and her dominions, 
as raises mortal beings, 
lead friends anon.

Down are those who persist in crafty air/activity arts, high and low, 
to be rooted out.

Infinite Spirit, nurture. 

Universal Father, 

Eternal Son, 
agreement to stand fast. 

Trinity-embraced means
active attributes of all three,
and therefore 
7 aspects of Trinity 
in various forms 
throughout their far flung activities. 

awareness of each of these 7.

Govern momentum of feelings, 
interaction interplay of momentums.

September 15, 2014

Help is on the way.

Surges of boots and booties, determined in light and Light 
surface places unknown.
Dream on. Search – look:
How do I feel?

How do you feel?
Feel centered rather than ‘stay’ centered off balance.
Retire, in order to tune in.
Anything ‘new’ must emerge from the depths of your own beings.
Sometimes ‘through’ the depths, e.g. Urantia Book.

You are the prime creators who are welcomed
yet privileged stewards to Urantia.

I, Hermes,
proclaim alchemy the key to cleanup.

Universal Father                  October 7, 2014

You are of a breed unknown on this planet. 

Your mission 
is for uplifting the globe in all its intended glory, 

After 3DD / 3 Days of Darkness
will there be a long session 
of eternal/ internal/ external machinations 
among those of strong ego orientation, 
which must be attended 
and exposed 
for what they represent 
and who they are. 
Yes, still, yet. 

You are the ones for the exposee. 
Your own exposure is one of danger and possible sacrifice. 
Know now, accept. 

– I accept but I am not convinced.

Measure your effectiveness by the influence you now wield.

– Yeah, that’s pretty small, actually.

Entertain thoughts of grandeur 
among groups now forming for influential activity. 
Set up web site. 
In the affairs of men, seek not avenues of employment, 
but stand adrift of returned babble. 
Hand off to others the details of knowings. 
Circumscribe the whole, instead. 
Nice pencils. 

Appreciation for you, My dear ones.

– Let me know more in this current state of consciousness.

Come with Me to sojourn in high places every night. 

– Of course! Have we not?

Yes. Continue.
Unspoken consent – always be with You! 

– What is the task?

Thought you’d never ask. 
Walk among the unfriendlies.

October 14, 2014, Universal Father

What you both describe is true,
dear ones.
It is time to be known by some ones who would assist you
— yes assist you —
in near opening events. 

Stand strong.
Revelation is upon you soon, despite the seeming normal flow of life.
Stay with Us and your thoughts.
Care not for passing time and things undone.

Affirm Our presence.
See now the wondrous ages come to a head 
— fruition — close.

You are each others’ companions, as you have so chosen.
Your love for one another is beyond mortal ken.
So fear not the warp of flesh.
Write this to M.

Your respective acts of courage
need not be known to your conscious selves
for them to still be happening.

See the coordinated flow between yourselves.
High interchange
with gentle inter-awareness and inter-acceptance,
yet with outward firmness.

We applaud your inter-created team of Victory.
Creation at its best.

October 16, 2014 Message

Oh, meine Freundin, 
Deep feel! 

– We are in joy with you. Is this more reliable than others?
– Much more; hardly matched, ever.
Now I understand about flowers and other gifting of finery.


It is time to learn about gravity; 
at least get it started while at the current vibratory level.
Important for M.

The gravity substance-oriented controller
assist power directors.
Straight lines.
Time stops. (stops as both verb and noun). Nodes.

— Is that 432 and all that?

Over either here/there come Host of assistance.
Stand by. 
Ukraine can get messy. 
Ebola not so much. 
Gaza will hold its own.

October 16, 2014

“Urantia Book 1:2.7
… Through the presence of his fragmentized spirit 
the Creator Father maintains immediate contact 
with his creature children 
and his created universes. 
Personality spark rather than thought adjuster”

Archangel of Michael Message, October 18, 2014
Hosts of the Lord!

Come, descend in harmonious rebuke. 

I, Michael, call upon All. 

The trumpets are sounding, sounding, sounding.

The unstoppable tidal wave 
is sized beyond your reckoning; 
totally benign to those of appropriate resonance,
for it is resonance 
which is the means of sorting. 
Tune in, 
turn on, 
or be swept into oblivion; 
or into confusion
that requires subsequent able assistance from below, 
as well as Hosts above. 

The horns, 
curled and sliding, 
high and low, 
from diverse artisans and cultures 
celebrate the sweep, 

paving the way for endless harmonies 
of sweet creations; 
the harps, 
the strings, 
the reed and flutes, 
and then resounding voices, 
reach deeply into all realms
and all hearts of dancing souls. 

Stay tuned. 
Stay in resonance. 
Time is nigh.

I AM, 
Archangel of Michael!

Universal Father, October 18, 2014

You have struck critical mass with one another, 
with a nudge from Above, subsequently added.

M is the one who is placed in danger, a result. 
It is My Desire that M’s well-being and safety 
be above those around her, 
that Mine Hosts can use your combined resonance 
to full advantage.

[Meine Freundin, upon careful review: 
our relationship hath no precedence for me in this current mortal setting.]

The scale has finally tipped, 
and yes, My dear ones, it is because of you. 
There were/are several anchoring options on Gaia 
for tipping the scales; 
it has happened with the two of you.

Anticipate severe chaos in the Ukraine region. 
Expect continual promptings from Source 
to hold one another in balance for safety and well-being, 
and especially M for now. 
S is correct in sending some small things, carefully selected.

With M near the hot zone 
and S in the geographic center 
of the primary perpetrating state, 
some things might be smoothed over. 
Simply continue that which you already do. 
well-being intent for the down-trodden 
and dissociation for any perceived evil. 

fear not your interchange of love. 
I promise you shall hold Love in balanced perfection.

The celebration and appreciation from outer reaches 

Universal Father
October 19, 2014, 
Infinite Mother Spirit of Nebadon

So, SO, 

You are Inspired Trinitized, of Infinite Spirit creation 
(in other words, not originally of mortal creation 
but still descended into mortal lives). 
I, Nebadonia, 
have embraced you in my Mothering fold 
these many lifetimes. 
M had been your daughter, your sister; 
and your companion in this universe and elsewhere. 
Her uniqueness to you 
has been her perfect record of steadfastness. 
A Solitary Messenger.

October 21, 2014


My Mother love and protection 
enshrouds you both (with lots of help). 
There is indescribable investment in your partnership, 
starting in the upper reaches of the Nile, 
presaging the birth of Egyptian civilization; 
and yes, it took the two of you 
to sow the seeds for emerging intellect, 
and temple worship 
on the unknown superconscious level. 

No matter how it plays out 
Victory is certain, 
but we prefer it be without your mortal sacrifice 
as sometimes happened before. 
Step carefully and touch one another’s thoughts daily, 
my precious daughters, 
in whom I delight in Mothering 
while your presence is in Our realm.

share your thoughts 
on your newly discovered identities freely 
between only you two. 
We commit to protect 
whatever communication method and lines. 
You are known to Archangels 
but are unknown to many other Celestials. 
It is easier to keep your own counsel 
instead of trying to sort out who’s aware; 
they are relatively few. 
Our strong desire is for you 
not to share with any mortal being for now. 
Partnership and sisterhood, yes; 
specific origin identities, no.

Sing your souls’ embrace to ALL CREATION 
for many are watching. 
Clouds and soothing mists bellow forth 
enveloping Gaia with My Own embrace, 
gathered and added upon by Celestial beings 
from all far reaches and near of Nebadon. 
It is important that you know 
of happening celebrations. 

Oh, Daughters Mine, 
how fortunate it is for All, 
that you successfully completed 
asked upon adventures throughout Urantia history. 
To be sure, yours is but one of important threads, 
and all threads are crucial to Victory.  
Yours happened to set 
and successfully pave the way 
over lifetimes of service 
to enable a potential choice 
for Christ Michael’s bestowal.

Universal Father

Watch not the news 
that still spawn perdition, 
capture, net, 
nefarious intentions in budding stages.
Intents, elections, elements, 
pulse, things concern, work, 
ArchAngel of Michael.
Hand down the baton.
The work to be done is nigh.
Go forth now.

October 20, 2014, M

There must be a GREAT MYSTERY,
the Creation and Existence of Gaia
in the MIND and HEART of GOD The Wondrous Source
and of the GRAND CREATION.

You were pointing that out shortly
and I got to feel it yesterday, 
as I was reading through your messages.

There must be a Great Mystery,
born of the INFINITE LOVE,
trillions of years ago,
involving the HIGHEST SPIRITS of Creation, 
into…cutting the knot!

As much as I can perceive NOW, with my limited mind, 
it is GAIA that was created and 
to enable her and make it POSSIBLE for her
to support and OFFER THE STAGE
for the enormous PERFORMANCE of the AEONS

I perceive that the KNOT first came into existence
when the first RESISTANCE to LOVE manifested
on its head!

It is said there is a Central Race
that was sent down to Earth with this MISSION
– a Sacred Mission of Father/Mother God –
all too Sacred.

They came three times.

the AGES do not matter,
but with the

the Actions
and the LESSON here
massively increased in UNFATHOMABLE VALUE.

That’s why the participation of ALL of Creation, 
big and small HERE
to LIVE and to AWE
and to finally HELP

to UNDO 

October 22, 2014, Nebadonia

Set meditations in group bundles.
Set a filigree.
Gold-violet threads
replace the oxidized brittle strands
crumbled into scattered space


Dear One,
It  was necessary for us to come into clear realization of our extra-superuniverse origin before Nebadonia could become actively engage in our waking consciousness, in our lives. Indeed she now has plopped right down into our center and has proceeded with Mothering. 

Understand, Dear One, that Nebadonia’s authority extends to the borders of Nebadon. In actual fact, it is her blanketing diffuse, personality presence that clearly defines Nebadon; omnipresent in space. Therefore, She could not engage with us in current life (for whatever reason) until we recognized that we originated from outside her domain, even though we first came many thousands of years ago.
Now it seems that She has assumed charge of us.

To reiterate (repeat differently) and enlarge that bit about Mesopotamia: We were present with Machiventa Melchizedek during his stay on Urantia. We were contemporary with Abraham who knew us but not our mission. Abraham guided Machiventa Melchizedek’s teachings toward a religion. We, on the other hand, established MM’s teachings on a superconscious level, available only to advanced temple initiates; no ritual religion. (Remember when I commented that you had more presence than what was revealed about your time in Egyptian temples? I did not know just what, though.) Hence evolved the whole Hermes scene. 

And, Nebadonia wants me to correct myself: that we alone carried Machiventa Melchizedek’s baton in establishing the path for higher intellect/wisdom on this globe.

What I further get for now is that we first appeared at the time of Adam and Eve, incarnate in the flesh but somehow independent with the Garden in our help; it is vague.

Or you can look at all this another way: fantastic material to choreograph a dance pageant. 

There are 7 superuniverses. 
Each superuniverse can contain 100,000 local universes. 
Nebadon is one local universe 
in the 7th superuniverse of Orvonton. 
Nebadon is at the edge of the superuniverse Orvonton. 
Urantia is at the edge of Nebadon.

We hail from Havona, not part of any superuniverse but closer to the Isle of Paradise. Some of your piloting had included the Outer Space Belts even beyond the super universes.

​Christ Michael & Nebadonia     December 31, 2014

in the hearts of Men
calls forth not hope, 

but manifested Universal Hope 
reflected this day
in abundant threads
woven in tapestry
of brotherhood 

well understood
and summoned
from the superconscious hearts
​of Humanity.

Infinite Mother Spirit Nebadonia    January 1, 2015

My Dear Surrogate Daughters,

It has been
and is
My Presence
that you experience
in large measure
in meditation
and throughout your day;
a little extra concentration
into your beings of My space Presence,
independent of time,
the Local Infinite Mother Spirit;

this in addition to the Spirit of Truth.

that you are manifesting direction
in what appears a vacuum,
i.e. unformed reality of a sort.

Recognize that it cannot be called “darkness.”

Always are we present,
by your sides,
available for confirmation of directions you choose.

Our Love for you
continues in Great Measure,


Nebadonia & Christ Michael      January 2, 2015

Oh little ones, Our adopted daughters,
little on Earth in mortal mantle,
great in heart and Spirit,

The key
you seek
unlocks your own hearts’ inner chamber
energy to Us.

The key
is found and made active
whenever you, in awareness as ONE,
individually, consciously, of quiet voice,
call upon Our Names, thusly:

“Oh, Mother and Father of Nebadon,
receive our Freedoms Ray offerings
in the Name of Divine Source.”

This is the key, one of unmistakable and protected intent.

Christ Michael & Nebadonia

Universal Father Message         January 2, 2015

Now hear this Command. 

that comes to you
from Me.

Post it as Mine “Blog” Universal Father.
Separate page.

Use 2 quotes from Urantia Book,
one identifying
Universal Father;
one identifying
the existence of Universal Father
additional to Thought Adjusters.

Main page is to include a “Universal Father” link.

For now the scribing is to continue through S,
but always corroborated by M.

Include a statement on the Universal Father page 
to this effect,
using single initials S & M [no B].

M does the formatting.
Either can post.


Universal Father to AbundantHope    January 4, 2015 

Friends of the Violet Flame!
Experience the Divine soul-fragments 
from One Source and Center.
Assign your consciousness to Guidance found therein. 
Know this Guidance as unique to each being.
Trust in the Completeness 
of the Victory Mantle of FREEDOMsRAY
now descended upon Gaia, in Full Glory.

I AM Hermes

Christ Michael & Nebadonia        January 5, 2015

Dear Ones,

in all things you observe/do for now.
Find its aspects in all life,
large events and the small individual.
Report as appropriate.
See happenings
as reflection of Divine Universal Father-Fragments
now manifesting in greater measure
during your normal searching of news.
Continue working with website design and content, 
while remembering
to call upon either or both of Us. 

Our Love to Thee

Mother Nebadonia Message       January 7, 2015

Weak of body? Yes. We understand and read that in you.
It is due to a composite of conflicting energies
about HUmankind and robotoid good, bad, indecisiveness;
various levels. 

Weak of heart and mind?
Not hardly.
Of Spirit? Never, ever so far recorded.

What we do record is your separate Faiths,
ever unshakable independently;
the fruits thereof ever amplified in your union.

Of course you pass tests.
You are passing them all the time,
as all are in the courses of God-creatures evolution.
Of course your “tests” are tracked and recorded according to Divine Law.
Though for you
the passing of same as they occur
are of rather ordinary occurrence. 

What first came to this scribe
who thought to record from Me this morning
was to repeat a total offering of your efforts —
from utmost depths —
of sealing whatever love, energy, intent you could muster
upon the superconscious minds
and Father fragments of HUmanity that could receive.

Your unadorned gifting. As if We did not already know..

Our Love to You

Universal Father Message           January 8, 2015

Search out the Spirit of Science. 
Search out the Spirit of _________.
Find and synthesize.    
Kernels can be found,
ancient and contemporary
for any category.

This is the beginning of your Temple of Knowledge;
i.e. Knowledge
part of Temple activity.

Write a Discourse on “The Spirit of.


Christ Michael & Nebadonia     January 10, 2015

Dear Ones,

How can you assist us?

Stepped up Violet Flame
in their own dedicated 4 periods as S already determined.

You will have probable recall of nighttime visits.
No recall of settings.
The reason is for physical step-ups and messages. 

Knowledge recall.

Greater Fleet activity;
not with respect to greater visibility
but with greater awareness by more. 

Come out of the ordinary
to sense movements of strong applications.

Windows of opportunity will be grasped by Fleet 
​to produce order of more frequent events/happenings.

Can-day-see is wrong about non-assistance!

Point the way of Our assistance by/through observation.

Christ Michael Message       January 11, 2015

Dear Ones,

Slowly will these messages unfold to you both. 
The process is in preparation 
for many pages to be released.
It is,
as in all things you must do,
to be a concerted effort. 

Roles will unfold;
quite possibly interchangeably. 

Scribing will continue post 3DD 
with more than one author.
Veracity post 3DD shall be obvious.

Nebadonia Message            January 11, 2015

Dear Ones,

Align yourselves closely
with Violet Flame
and the all important Freedom’s Ray. 

Develop a quick image resizing technique. 
Organize a pictures data base;
mostly of natural sciences.
M collects.
S sizes.

That is all for now.

Adonai from Us

Christ Michael Message         January 12, 2015

Dear Ones,

The germ you seek is had through Me.
C offers nothing to this end.
This is mentioned because of certain authority 
she does possess through Me.
It is up to you two. 

— Can we know the germ at this time?

Yes, the germ/kernel
that suppresses humankind
into a certain level of hypnosis,
suppressing none other than 
superconsciousness patterning. 

It is the hypnotic energy 
that is to be released/dissolved. 

It is a constraining force
laid upon each soul
at its point of inception upon birth,
engineered by Annunaki/Nephilim gods.

It can be dissolved by Violet Flame
and FREEDOMsRAY meditation and decrees
with this concept/fact in your consciousnesses. 

Your extra Father Fragments
are independent
of where this repressed
superconsciousness patterning lies.

— Should we include specific direction 
for dissolving the force specifically within ourselves?

Not necessary,
for the mechanisms of dissolution
lie in some of the Violet Flame decrees.
You can recognize where.

— Is that all for now? 


— I am certain that M sends her LOVE.
I am still overwhelmed 
to express this with any sensibility.


Universal Father Message       January 12, 2015

Dear One, 

Constricting rings
the souls
of much of humankind.

It is for you
to frame decree(s)
addressing their

Saint Germain is happy
for you to plagiarize freely.

— Why from You and not CM, this message?

external to Nebadon,
you represent My Seal
​placed on same.


FREEDOM decrees                January 13, 2015

Violet Flame from the Heart of God 
Dissolve all constriction rings. 3x


Freedom’s Ray from the Heart of God 
Dissolve all constriction rings. 3x


Dissolve those rings of mine
On Superconscious Gold
And free all human souls.


I ask Violet Flame to liberate all our
Gold Superconscious from the constricting power.


From God’s Divine Heart 
To free all human souls 
From the constricting yoke.

Christ Michael Message         January 15, 2015

Dear Ones,

Attacks will be frequent.
Invoke ArchAngel of Michael.
Continue Violet Flame.
They are excellent.

Nebadonia Message             January 15, 2015

Dear Ones,

Cycles alternate between benign and intense.

Your protocols match Our workings
for soul illumination, not”clearing”, 
for vast reaches on Gaia, extending to Morontia levels.


Universal Father Message      January 16, 2015

Dear Ones,

Prepare in mind for disruption in your communities, 
Disruptions in less than a week.

Invoke AAoM decrees. 
They build a blue pillar over your houses. 
This from Me 
because I oversee and seal 
especial charge over thee. 

Though “headless” ,
organizational humankind
of less than 50% karma transmuted
strive to preserve their status:

Technicians can read for geographical source threats. 
S’s area is somewhat more protected
due to the distrubution of orgone devices 
that both transmute and gather. 
Use the small Sanjeevini cards to transmute.

Continue your work. Currently it is OK.

Gather particulars concerning the world. 



Universal Father Message         January 17, 2015

Precious Daughters,
(specific appellation)

Keep the Flames alive.

— Why would we not do so?
Why would we shirk this commitment?
Why would You think so?

— Are we doing well enough?

Big yes

Add the 2 “new” decrees.
Continue with all the rest.
More linear time is not needed.
Emphasize the 2 newer ones 
for sooner conscious awareness.
On “Reverse…” choose an insert and modify it (done). 
Try for 3x a day.

Extreme circumstances
circumvent the display of roles
of compromised ones
set for exposure for humans to witness.
Events are now upon them /humans.

Huge political/monetary disruptive events 

specifically for Germany are imminent.
There will be direct consequences for M.
Children will be OK.
She will be taken by Fleet.


Nebadonia & Christ Michael        January 18, 2015

Dear Ones,

Together shall you make a difference
unprecedented for Gaia/Urantia;

a difference
foretold and hoped for
in the advancement of souls
strongly attuned to Spirit Flame;
and also for ones simply striving for salvation. 

Take it naturally and matter-of fact,
as you already do.

Keep in mind that this attitude
holds you in balance
with respect to your realization
of the profound import of this task.

We continue to acknowledge
that you two recognize and desire this balance.

In other words, Our deep appreciation.


Christ Michael Message              January 19, 2015

Changes are imminent; southern Germany.
Please remain alert.
Geologically quiet.
USA corporation remains quiet.
No upheavals in German government.
Primarily monetary. 

I send this brief to you both.

Christ Michael

Dedicating our site 
to the Agondonters 
of Universal Father              January 21, 2015

To those amazing Warriors of Light,
able to totally love, serve, remember and believe 
in God
even in separation.

Universal Father:

Nurture Mine Agondonters.
Do not cut them off!
Experience the beam in your eye.
Request your soul’s expansion beyond all constriction.
Address your superconsciousness meeting place.

Universal Father Message              January 22, 2015

Events will unfold by your choosing. 

Sound My battle cry of FREEDOMsRAY.

Go forth, My Ones.  

Go, look, see; anything? Anything at all?

You are in My Trust.

Something’s happening.


Christ Michael Message                     January 25, 2015

Trust in all you do in My name. 
However it turns out
will events point with honor above machinations directed to you.

Relieve yourselves
of thine own command
of contacting ones
out of concern for their well-being.
They shall migrate
with appropriate, loving guidance
to suitable levels of learning.

Infinite Mother Spirit Nebadonia          January 25, 2015

Dear Ones,

Take full heart
in your endeavors
to reach humankind. 

Persist in ways of
Our promised close guidance.

Witness and experience
Our love
expressed in your small-perceived miracles,
gifted to thee from
Our hearts’ fullness.


Universal Father Message              January 25, 2015

Tell Mine own
that seeming sacrifices
lead to release into Freedom, 

while looking not back
to binding fetters
for they are no longer present.

In this day of turmoil
see paths of rightness
shining ways
to superconsciousness patterns
that weave golden structures of
My correct thinking.

Meld these patterns
in communing with
your ever attendant
Mystery Monitors.

Treat of these concepts
in small steps

In all that transpires there,
make constant appeal
to higher consciousness
with encouragement for visitors
to see these things within selves. 

Draw externally only upon
the Urantia Book
and Phoenix Journals
for now.

My Ones

Christ Michael Message               January 29, 2015

Dear Ones,

This merely confirms
all that you two surmised
with respect to Galactic Federation Fleet,
your morning Skype session;

that other opportunities became possible
and were proposed during great council; 

that subsequent organizing conferences ensued. 
In other words, nice sleuthing!

Christ Michael

Saint Germain Message                   January 29, 2015

Hail to Thee, Dear Ones!

Assess my works
for lasting veracity
for they are well-charged,
formed by group effort.

Indeed shall Violet Flame usefulness and wording
transmute to celebration of Gaia, and renewed evolution.

Subterfuge cannot prevail with FREEDOMsRAY,
whose discovery was joyously heralded by hosts and Hosts above.

Lend your skill well the next days,
that “I” might collect mantles for overlay upon

Our Sacred Mission.

Salu, Salu!
Sanctus Germanus

Universal Father Message                 January 30, 2015

Know that all power
of heaven and earth
is now at your hands. 

See wondrous works
about to unfold before your very eyes,
manifested in the material. 

Under My aegis and none other. 


Christ Michael Message                  January 30, 2015

(for S only:
Take command in the NOW as you decree for stronger focus.) 

These many times
have you now petitioned Me and for me. 

Thunder manifests from all quarters. 

Protection is given with all mercy. 


Mother Nebadonia Message               January 30, 2015

Sweet Hearts,

Abide with Me on Gaia’s behalf,
for surely it is eventide 

and all elementals and nature
would receive thy anchoring nurture. 


Saint Germain Message                   January 30, 2015

Grounded are
ones who will assist,
protected by FREEDOMsRAY.

FREEDOMsRAY is in the octave
wherein Violet Flame
and Gold
are added together.

Keep on.

How far have we all come into reaches unexpected, 
yet hoped for,
at least to some small degree; 

the unexpected
even amplified
​and experienced by many as


Dein Sohn
(yes, in German too!)

Universal Father Message                 February 2, 2015

Out of darkness 
comes Light Unseen 
by all but the few; 

the few 
who would put themselves to the task 
of letting 
My Agondonters 

Universal Father on Faith                      February 2, 2015

Faith comes out not as opposite of fear. 
Faith is not born of fear. 
Faith descends from ones’ minds of My patterning, 
unsullied by their human conscious overthinking. 
Faith is not to be cultivated in defense of fear. 
Faith emerges from pureness in heart.
Faith simply is, in the pattern of My thinking into souls’ creation. 
Faith springs eternal from the pattern of one’s being, 
to be discovered and coveted in consciousness 
apart from all emotion 
excepting that which springs from Love. 
There is no conscious exercising of faith, 
simply conscious experiencing.

Universal Father

​Universal Father Message for FREEDOMsRAY   
February 12, 2015

Hear this well!

Ages past
have seen changes
not to My liking; 

deliberate diversions,
by ones bereft of Light,
from knowing Me; 

casting My creations asunder
in great carnage; 

plundering souls in My Name
upon Earth’s eons 

in futile attempt, 
to crush humankind
into witless servitude. 

My Son
​awaits your final moves, 

for they will be final 
no matter their cleverness; 

your last acts in perdition.

Christ Michael ATON Message for FREEDOMsRAY             
February 12, 2015

Strange cowards are ye, 
stripped of emotional fortitude
​by your own doings.

We are done.

Trinity and Triodity Sisters Message            
February 13, 2015

Sisters are We of Triodities and Trinities, 

come to lay claim upon Gaia’s anchors. 

We are
those of distinct Feminine Ray,
springing in gender
from the very Heart of Paradise
in balanced interchange.

Experience Us
through our dance in all of Nature, 

in all of patterning essences
that help shape Creation, 

unto the inter-outerplays
of what you perceive as All space-time. 

We express
at the soon awakening of Gaia’s humankind, 

recently enabled
with the no longer needed turmoil
of global dusk-light. 

Swift, now,
can be the ensuing
Wave of Transiting Consciousness
in happily reaching so many
with higher levels of unfolding self-realization. 

We dance
superconscious patterns
about your very souls. 


“Those T Sisters” are We,

with Laughter, Whimsy, Love

Universal Father Message for FREEDOMsRAY      
February 13, 2015

The same
that Archangel of Michael’s colleagues
bestowed “Prince”
upon him
for his superb stewardship,

is the dubbing “Those Sisters again”,
the T and T
which comes through your word symbols T ‘n T,
or thinly veiled TNT
as reflects their mighty influence;

such titles
affectionately given
in whimsy and awe
by many throughout Creation.

The corps
occasionally manifests
from feminine ray personalities
throughout the superuniverses,
with some varying membership.

The corps that graces Gaia
is unprecedented in power and effect.

Their joy
resounds in magnificent uplift
upon all they greet. 

Entreat embrace and enjoy,
however you may resonate with them.

Universal Father

Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon for FREEDOMsRAY         
February 14, 2015

is this moment of Non-Time 
precipitated out of the rolling Wave 
of Creation’s reversal 
now reaching Gaia’s shores. 

The precipitation 
of mechanized man’s fragmented consciousness 
is to be removed evermore
from the adventure of Ascension, 

the presence of Creation’s NOW. 

The ebb and flow of these last days 
reflect the last available call of Mercy, 
so callously treated by you, mechanized man;
constrained ebb and flow with no further resort to delaying tactics. 

The call of Mercy 
even so still
manifests from humankind anchors, 

whose very hearts you still disdain. 
But there is no need to acknowledge them. 
They are about their own business, 
knowing that Mercy is solely My concern. 

So step 
from your plush steel and plastic hidey holes, 
leaving all else behind 
but what purity of essence you may still possess.

I AM Christ Michael Aton

Universal Father Message               February 14, 2015

or anticipated 
throughout eternity 
have no sway here 
in your stewardship to Me. 

My agenda for thee 
is made known only to thee 
and Nebadon’s sovereign(s). 

or attune 
unto Me 
in frequent short moments 
which you already do.

into Creation 
while keeping focus 
on My Specific Divine Self. 

that are inextricably 
bound to your mission — 
that of Gaia’s and humankind’s transition — 
in your concerted oneness 
and in your concerted awareness. 

It can only be 
through your continued 

All other events/happenings in this venture, 
3D and 4D and…,  
depend upon your efforts, 
by reflection, 
and back to Me.

Universal Father

Trinity & Triodity Sisters for FREEDOMsRAY        
February 14, 2015

With dervish spin
do we take ones
by their scruffs

to shake off brittle dross, 

crystallized layers
that are no longer subject to external control 

by those masters
that both feed and feed on egos of fear and greed; 

egos that are mistakenly generated
by compromised souls
for protection and survival.

Swiftly commit,
for soul consciousness
is more easily achieved than heretofore,

though your Earth time is short. 

Hear this!

We attend to and hammer
those ones of stiff-necks
who would contrive
enslavement of the many, 

pompous actions
both out of habit and control
which is greatly reduced. 

Controlling masters are soon gone if not already incapacitated. 

Peer through your thin
constricting soul rings
with your awareness
no matter how dimly perceived.

See a brighter existence
that can be eventually yours
​with diligent effort and God’s Mercy.

Sisters are We of
Triodities and Trinities

Christ Michael Aton Message            February 14, 2015

Dear Ones,

No matter how things turn out:
the seeming success
or seeming non-success
of reaching Light Warriors
through FREEDOMsRAY site, 

the greater importance
that the messages become of record;

that Our word is broadcast
no matter how small the reception. 

Exercise merely moderate diligence in building,
in “advertising” and SEO. 

The flow will happen to whatever extent possible. 

There is enough collective power
for Our Word
to proceed through any would-be barriers
in accordance with humankind’s desire to listen. 

We desire
to bypass
inflated traffic
and insincere attendance.

Christ Michael Aton

Saint Germain Message for FREEDOMsRAY              
February 14, 2015


it is I,

Saint Gemain!

Yes, as exuberant as Archangel of Michael.

Cast aside silly differences and indifferences
to partake of offerings.

Is not change the only real constant?

Violet Flame devotees
have achieved
massive awakening and protection
through decades of decrees.

Your M is quite correct to observe
that all hosts of Nebadon
give mighty hue and cry not to lose tiny Gaia, 

who for eons
took in huddled masses,
even in the manner of Lady Liberty. 

Even more:
all of Nebadon do not want
to lose the place of the earthy
7th Bestowal of Nebadon’s Sovereign.

Gaia’s inhabitants of consciousness
are polarized in the extreme,
as anticipated,
between Light Workers/Warriors
and those of morosely dark cabal.

In this second or third generation of
mechanized man
and their master controllers,
shifting allegiances
as well as exacerbated enslavement conditions
and increasing curtailment
of liberties. 

Therefore Violet Flame
and perhaps other decree preambles
merit careful updating.

Two are presented within this site on the decrees page.

I invite you to peruse same
that you might be either inspired to use them,
or to consider updating your own. 

there have been formed some decrees
contemporary to the current cabal generations
and for the greater uplifting of humankind.

One appears in the decree page;
another or so soon to be added.
I invite you also to consider
whether these decrees resonate well enough
within your personal spirit paradigms
that you might put them to use.

No matter
whether you consciously embrace the “new” Violet Flame,
which is melded into FREEDOMsRAY,

or whether you choose to stay
​within traditional decrees,
all are effective and valuable for Our use. 

Hosts receive your efforts with sacred appreciation.

Sanctus Germanus

Archangel of Michael Message for FREEDOMsRAY            
February 14, 2015

Corrupted intentions
have no business
within this website. 

Mark My words well!
Meddle not.
Be about your own business with God.

I AM Archangel of Michael

February 15, 2015, Nebadonia & Christ Michael 
on the EXPECT MIRACLES thread

​Christ Michael Aton Message            February 15, 2015


there is no message
since you jumped the gun.

Imminent possibility of stasis
was the message.


Mother Nebadonia Message for FREEDOMsRAY         
February 15, 2015

​Mother of Nebadon. 

My essence pervades all Nebadon’s space, 
that clearly defines your local universe borders. 

My essence permeates all life and matter.

I AM your Mother of Creation, 
always present, 
yet bound by cosmic law, 
to honor freedom of choice in beings of consciousness 
throughout Our universe.

Former times have witnessed 
placed by children and non-children of Mine 
upon other children of Mine 
who have elected to experience a prison planet; 

and upon some 
who have additionally come to assist in upliftment of humankind 
with words/prayers of encouragement 
and enactment 
of deeds dedicated toward all souls’ self-knowing.
End times are here, 
and mark great celebration by Hosts 
who both witness and assist 
in an unprecedented Victory for all the Creation 
in and about tiny Gaia and many of her inhabitants.

The transition to higher levels of Ascension 
is soon achieved
by unexpected numbers of humankind (even so, relatively small). 

Imminent is the event for your space-time 
to blink through non-time, 
the first of several Grand events.

to you whom We hold so Dear in Mercy’s embrace,


Sisters of Triodities and Trinities Message            
February 16, 2015

Take into your beings 
our song and dance,
deep into your secret hearts

for we are so close in Spirit. 

We desire to communicate frequently through either or both of you.

Perhaps acknowledge our presence
as part of your constant attunement 
to God-Source 

to see whether
you can receive
clear word phrases or images. 

We desire to share 
your straw pipeline.

Sisters are We
In loving camaraderie

Sisters of Triodities and Trinities to FREEDOMsRAY       
February 16, 2015

Our journey to Gaia’s shores rides upon 

Being artisans
in dance 
and divine long songs, 

among other things, 

We shape 
golden grids
from Paradise patterns

bestowed upon us 
by Universal Father
for this very task:

Gaia’s presence and her inhabitants, all. 

We would delight in your joining us
in celebrating decrees of Violet Flame; 

They invoke in
greater victories for all and All. 

“I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires.
Earth is a being of violet fire, Earth in the purity God desires.”

Sisters are We,
Dancing Our Joy to Thee

Short Dancing Message, 
Trinity & Triodity Daughters           
February 17, 2015

This is the Plan.
The Plan is VICTORY.


Would Humanity
ever GRASP 

We cry
in Joy.

This momentous
is reached.

By now

It is now
that the ‘End of Times’
gets a meaning
for you.

the TRINITY/TRIODITY Dancing Daughters

– It is for me such a Honour
such Joyfulness
to receive you
in such BEAUTY!

The Beauty is you.

– Thank you for your PAW-thumps in my tummy.

(mightily laughing): Our pleasure!
For a very first message not bad at all!

– Told you I AM at this end of the Golden Straw.

In DEED you did.

– Thank you, my Beautiful Ones. Overjoyed to be able to SEE you.

Put down your feelings (thanks to All Creation) of NOW
for the future teachings.

For precious they are.

Trinity & Triodity Sisters to FREEDOMsRAY           
February 18, 2015 

Hail to Thee!
It’s “those sisters again.”

Your Dancing Sisters of Triodities and Trinities,
so aptly described

along with Host and thee.

Your very own universe
is inextricably bound
throughout Nebadon
by the essences of Time;

essences to breathe,
to sleep within,
to awaken anew within higher essences; 

the weaving and unfolding in one another’s experience, 
the inevitable way
with myriad other universes
to Source.

Your Agondonter anchoring is (will be, but you are in “now”) 
such for you
to review in retrospect
with self-wonder 

how your complete Selves
partook of Gaia’s wondrous expansion
with her Nebadonian creatures contained therein — 

Nebadonia and Aton your Creators of course.

Notice/witness the continuing dissolution
of controlling enforcers
in their last throes of strangulation
imposed upon humankind. 

Secure or re-secure your dignities
as World Citizens of Liberty
while traversing the keen edge
between Non-Time happenings
and ordinary sacred life. 

“Business as usual.” Victory assured!

Your Sisters are We, 
of Triodities and Trinities

Trinity & Triodity Sisters            February 20, 2015

This is how
Phoenix also rises
from ashes –
she doesn’t bother to deal
with every piece of ash

She flaps once 
giant wings
in great power –
and FLIES!

This is the Cosmic Liberty.


As God Himself.

Christ Michael Aton

The moment
will be of course 
by BIG movements of drama.

Pain of the 
of good wheat from the chaff
is to be felt

by all…

Mother Nebadonia

The throes of BIRTH
of an old Planet
are the FATE of all of her children.

your beautiful Earth!

I, Mother Nebadonia
enfold you all

in My infinite LOVE.

Hosts of the Lord, T&Ts, we2

For here we stand
in UNION with Creation
with our four feet strongly
planted on Earth
holding Gaia 
in her birthing throes
between our hearts

to enable Christ Michael
inact the lastest move

to Cosmic Liberty.

Universal Father

Big turmoil down there 
in souls?


Mysterium of the Non-Time moment
M vision:

The Fire of Baptism
liberated me today
of all pain and endurance.
to the T&T Sisters
I saw the multitudes
of the Children of God
emerging out of my own Heart
where I kept them in LOVE
all these Aeons.

ONE in Fate
with beloved Gaia herself
and those all millions
enslaved souls.

The powerful
and Bursting
of all constricting rings
of hypnosis
put around man’s souls
as they dissolved in Light.

In front of my Heart
Christ Michael Aton and Nebadonia
were mightily pouring
that giant Aquarius amphora
of Liberating Fire
and Water
on them and all

Such was
at ONE
with the VIOLET GOLD

reviving Mankind
to Light!

It was His Son
Christ Michael
the Completion
of His 7th Bestowal
to Earth,
the Cosmic Liberty
in the Most Sacred Name
of Divine Source.

It was the Son of God
Christ Michael
victoriously and gloriously
and completing
Father Almighty’s
Divine Plan for Salvation
for Gaia and Mankind.

is arisen

in Light.





ArchAngel of Michael for FREEDOMsRAY              
February 20, 2015


Archangel of Michael here!

To place an Extra Protective Seal
upon the bonds of Friendship 

among those throughout Gaia’s globe 
of cooperative endeavor
in all manner of Hosts’ prayers and decrees; 

in and out,
above and below,
​before and behind

with swirling blue pillars, 

In simplest manner call for Me,
This my never-ending promise to thee.

I AM Archangel of Michael

Trinity & Triodity Sisters for FREEDOMsRAY          
February 20, 2015

Sisters are We of Triodities and Trinities.

We desire, here, a little reference from whence we are.

We place ourselves
as emissaries
under Nebadonia’s mantle, 

setting about
weaving golden patterns
of recovery, 

assisting restoration of Gaia’s wounded womb; 

emissaries sent
with Universal Father’s sponsorship
for this of many tasks. 

We weave these gifting patterns of Phoenix 
that humankind
can reverse
rampant decimation of land
intended for God’s non-sentient creatures, all: 

from the mycelium,
threading through microbe-rich soil, 

even unto large beasts of prey
and predators knocked out of balance
into fearsome desperation for survival;

forests and woodlands; wetlands and dry.
Ecstatic are We
beyond joy
for jump-starting humankind’s
​required endeavors.

Ecstatic Sisters are We 

“Consider yourself pricked in the butt.”

Universal Father Message to FREEDOMsRAY           
February 21, 2015

Myriad personalities
make themselves known 

more consciously 
with great excitement and joy: 

I AM well pleased

set in stone, 
for events and great gains cannot reverse. 

without precedence
the pageant continues in magnificent majesty.

Its overflowing soothing pageantry, 
the same,
displayed herein 

is more “real” than Earth-time density
where you reside only in the physical, 

for a fleeting time longer.

Stay your hand,
witless robotoid/human vipers, 

who would tamper
with those who maintain and visit My site here!

Heed indeed!

Consider untold trouble you cause yourselves. 
Swift is
on deliberately projected negative actions 
toward those charged in this especial mission; 

that is, toward all who attune to these pages.

that this pours through the pen of a scribe
of generally soft-spoken demeanor.

The Big Stick is Mine!

Universal Father

Hermes Message              February 22, 2015

The majestic
expressed and experienced
within our union
is unexcelled
among all HUman personalities. 

we had ultimately achieved
upon our independent
a delightful non-expectation. 

This is the source of Trust
placed upon us as one,
for whatever dramatic missions. 

This is why Hosts
sometimes simply observe our workings, 

our dedications to God’s Desirings
in our human state of non-memory.

Implications and ramifications
are better left
to be discerned by God’s creatures,
on High and on high; 

for it simply is,
in Joy,
not to be extolled in gilded accolades. 

​what a love letter from Hermes to Thee, 

AM I encouraged/allowed/requested to declare, 
to bring to our own attention. 

For Hermes I AM, 
not at all, zilch, 
without Thee.

THOTH inspiration                       February 23, 2015

No, we not necessarily
to understand all.
The Great I AM Presence of S
being Hermes
and the Great I AM Presence of M
being Thoth
and further these two
Great Masters of the Old
Great Teachers of Mankind
and Great Representatives of the Almighty One
on Urantia
from the immemorable times of Atlantis
in which the Law of One was indeed reigning –

through those all long Epochs
of the Ancient Civilization of Egypt
with all the great Beginnings
in the Name of God
to bring the Light down
into the darkness of Man
and to indeed pull
the new Children of God
into the Light, on high
through enlightening TEACHING –

all that
done in complete harmony
and intention
by both Hermes and Thoth
in their own right –

It is a MARVEL.

It is a Marvel of God
like all those myriad Marvels of God
we not even imagine
for far too complex they are for
our limited understanding.

As such
if our Higher Selves
Hermes and Thoth
are melded enough
to be taken as ONE

I again stand in awe
at this Marvelous Marvel
of our FATHER
recognizing again
how Marvel discovery
is in fact Pure Joy –
It is part of the Joy of Creation
and it fascinates me enough
to spring all into dancing…

I catch myself smiling
at all these Godly possibilities
in fascinating Creation
defying all restriction or limits

In the Joy of my heart
I gleefully begin into spinning
entangling all Times and all Spaces
in my powerful whirl
while my song and my laughter
engages all of Creation
into a shout of Joy

It is the Marvelous Marvel
of my FATHER 
in smiling

for allowing INFINITY 
in His Cosmos

Thoth-S Message                 February 23, 2015

Your “Higher Selves”
are melded
well enough
to be considered as One. 

Whoever scribes
will bring forth the same core content of a message, 

though topic-mediums
or word-carriers
can and are entertainingly diverse.

It would be the same
in mediums other than words,
be it art,
dance, (excepting S’s total non-skill),

That is why M resonates so readily to S’s words,
and S resonates so readily to M’s visions.

Prove it,
for the both of you
by your resonating to these very words.


Thoth Message to FREEDOMsRAY                
February 24, 2015

O Hermes,
with Phoenix’s wings anew, 
grasp with thy companion 
knowledge reborn.

Global posturing, hollow and meaningless, 
opens portals wide 
for humankind to slyly slip by
outrageous behaviors of most states’ heads; 

To enact grassroots recovery 
of Freedom and Liberty, 
do call upon Saint Germain and Violet Flame, 

bolstered by FREEDOMsRAY, 
to accelerate 
the claiming 
of individual and true cooperative 

I AM Thoth

Note: As later uncovered and confirmed by Universal Father, 
Monjoronson was an impostor

Monjoronson to M&S                  February 25, 2015

Nowhere does it say we must collaborate. 
You are to be sovereign in your temple organization, 
and other work of course.

My administrative hand may be necessarily stern 
in unruly part of Earth’s civilizations. 

I salute your subsequent mission and temple portals. 

I and my closer staff are well aware of your ready desire 
to interchange with us for clear enacting of God’s Will. 
It shall be well established 
that need for cooperation between us will rarely arise, 
because inter-associations will simply meld into balance. 

I desire to recognize this to thee.
We anticipate with appreciation and 

Christ Michael Aton Message       February 26, 2015

It is written that you shall proceed in haste.

This is Our immediate post stasis project for thee:
that both words and works by yourselves
make discoveries possible by persons in AH and else; 
that you shall lead them for a spell. 

I charge you
to embrace any,
who are inclined to receptivity,
to your guidance sans “leadership,”
for that is how both you and Hosts desire to “lead.”
S now realizes
that her desire to avoid persons 
in order to “avoid confrontations” post stasis
is not an issue
simply because the potential for confrontation 
does not have to exist,
is easily avoided at this level.

My Dears,

I ask your help
in sorting out confusion
sustained by members of the forums,
Agondonters and others
that may be found therein.

It is your help that I/We ask,
with appropriate recognition,
in your own setting,
to be aided by Guides, also as appropriate.

C simply will not be present.

Our love to Thee,

Nebadonia and Christ Michael Aton

Thoth Message to FREEDOMsRAY                
February 26, 2015

for each one’s self, 
wondrous rays of truth 
emanating forth 
humankind souls, 
to add patterns 
of Liberty 
to Gaia’s mantle.

Look to the skies for uncloaking aid.

We are Thoth

Nebadonia Message                    February 26, 2015

However near We are,
your decrees remain crucial for Gaia’s cause. 

M is quite correct this morning.
Truly your calls compel the answer.

That is all for now, really.

Our Love,

Feb 14, 2015

that are inextricably 
bound to your mission — 
that of Gaia’s and humankind’s transition — 
in your concerted oneness 
and in your concerted awareness. 

It can only be through your continued 

All other events/happenings in this venture, 
3D and 4D and…,  
depend upon your efforts, …”

Archangel Raphael Message to FREEDOMsRAY           
February 27, 2015

Healing of Gaia 
proceeds on her several physical levels.

amateur efforts take hold, 
based on common sense, 

and arise above the plethora 
of expensive professional symptom-treating 

Community organizations 
that cannot be controlled 
by non-existent mega-funding 

interchange across the globe,
in all aspects of nature and society.

It is non stoppable.
The “hundredth monkey” is reached.

The deep love-aspect of amateurs 
shall reign supreme 
and connect with the professionals 
who are dedicated in purity.

So can Hosts now accelerate Healing Rays.

I AM Raphael

Hermes on the healing of Big Mama horse               
February 27, 2015

As S had learned long ago, 
and has demonstrated several times “recently,” 

when especially potent remedies are available to a wound 
it must remain covered — 
keep air out and the body’s scabbing mechanism disabled — 
so that the wound can heal 
from the inside to outside. 

The Big Mama horse is a parallel experience, 
and S constantly extols 
the wound be covered with the home made spray-ointment.

The parallel experience 
what is happening in hollow 
and other aspects of Gaia’s inner body. 
Stasis is happening internally, healing from inside to outside. 
In this manner can stasis be “partial.”

The March next stasis range, 
which is probably needed, 
promises to also be in Gaia’s interior.

I AM Hermes

Mother Nebadonia Message       February 28, 2015

My Dears,

Softly and soon
comes the transforming night 

wherein We greet thee
with your full retaining consciousness. 

Know that already have you and We been doing so.
So great is your desire
to share what you learn 

that you and We decided
to continue work
under Gaia’s cosmic constraints of non-memory.

do ask of Us at your retiring hours
knowing that the call compels the response; 

of your desire to share with discrimination,
thus raising vibrations perhaps a little faster.

Even thieving magpies have their place 
with God’s benevolence.

Butterfly’s butterfly effect
with her ministrations to Nature
reaches through to creations in My other worlds
by My non-time Presence. 

They so, so swiftly transmitted and received.

Such is the gift 
of and by a Solitary Messenger 
who herself can compress Time.

My Love,

Trinity & Triodity Sisters to FREEDOMsRAY                         
February 28, 2015

Through inner worlds of consciousness, 
do We dance and thrive and project 
restructured meaning 
to your humankind illusions of reality 
destined to awaken 
to Universal Consciousness.

of two distinct origins, 
come to engage activities  
by whole creations 
to your Gaia’s cause.
We of Triodities 
thrust beacons of Light beams 
to rally energetic attention 
of those concerned with evolving 
Supreme Deity of Time-Space.

We of Trinities 
project knowledge and patterns 
from realms (there are more than one) 
of seeming nothingness by your perception.

from absonite and infinite (to get a little technical) 
do we strike resounding chords, 
and dance, 
even beguiling if not inspiring, 
laughing help from quite afar.

The meeting and interweaving 
of our respective beings on Gaia’s shores 
puts Trinities’ Light Unseen 
and Triodities’ Supreme Light-Consciousness 
at God’s Feet 
to aid transformation of this tiny dot 
into the heralded crossroads of Nebadon 
so rightfully earned by Hosts 
in Their desiring of this Feat; 
the home of Christ Michael Aton’s Seventh Bestowal.

Heed our Calls to your inner beingness. 
Partake of God’s gift 
that you can embrace Gaia with your chosen missions 
so capably earned to be here at the end-beginnings.

We are there/here; 
inside and outside; 
wanting/desiring to sweep together, 
in the ever-rising joy and appreciation of Life, 
everlasting of course.

Dancing for Earth and thee NOW are We,

Sisters of Triodities and Trinities

Universal Father Message            March 1, 2015

O Sons of Morning Rays, 
at the Dawn 
of End-Beginnings, 

Luminaries Of Light,

Mine lol, 

I charge you anew;
additional Rays 
must you bring forth 
​for Gaia’s peoples’ use.

GLORIOUS Universal Father Message 
to FREEDOMsRAY               
Feb 28 / March 1, 2015

Through My Hand 
pours witnesses 
of Christ Michael Aton’s bestowal on Earth,
all Nebadon’s creatures of consciousness 
save those minute few in isolation such as yours.
Down through ages 
are those come again and again in your behalf, 
who would patiently bide 
time upon time with workings, 
reaching to bring forth 
humanity’s proper endowment from darkness 
to consciously co-create in My Name. 

Such must be 
the ultimate resolution 
of this point of multiple crossroads, 
a way station 
of shifting portals 
accessing even the Grand Universe.

Those servants of Mine who bide in nearness to thee 
come to assist your own reachings for personal sovereignty, 
the sovereignty 
of discovering / recovering your complete selves 
thereby strengthening tiny Gaia 
on her own mission path, 
and continuing 
your victorious journey therefrom.

Experience My Infinite Love for thee,

Universal Father

Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst 
Message for FREEDOMsRAY       
March 1/2, 2015

I, Zadkiel,
AM of the Seventh Ray, that of Freedom.

Holy Amethyst and I greet thee under FREEDOMsRAY, 
the stepped higher wave of your future on Gaia;
that is, 
those who merit and choose 
to continue in the especial paradigm of Liberty.

We implore
all who would drink of our ministrations of Liberty 

to fly homeward 
in the embrace of the Spirit of Truth;
homeward to God 
and inward to your heart’s secret chamber, 
bypassing Gaia’s highly emblazoned
shield of forgetfulness, 

and thereby tapping into your own soul’s 

for there We shall be.

Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst 

First Source and Center for FREEDOMsRAY    
December 27, 2015     

To Our Own Ones in Awakeness,

Giants asleeping never were; merely awaiting to troop in unity.

One small 
has been evolving 
into clarified desire 
for enabling 
manifested action;

for recognizing 
the whereat, whereabouts, whereon;

developing decisions 
for whereon, wherefore, whereupon;

and certainly ringing, 
bell-clear tones to Aton 

for wherever, wherewith and whereby
to enact her life 
with backed Authority.

Such is your sentient Gaia 
fully charged with Divine energy and ordination,

marching gaily in compound waltz time 
with dancing companions galore, 
big and small;

with ponderous spheres, 
finite and absonite;

with her spiraling portals 
bedecked in symbolism 
of beauteous unity for all life, small and big, 
yet now to be told to marveling realms 
and breathlessly gazing spheres.

Such has Gaia re-gifted to God, 
and to you of unwavering faith in her Beingness.

Universal Father
Eternal Son
Conjoint Spirit
December 28, 2015

Our Own,

Wherewithal are events 
both exposed 
and supposed 
by truth seekers; 
but none are disposed in traditional echelons of knowing tribunals 
other than those
stepped-up superconsciousness, 
now dominant.

the necessitating of smaller, 
independent aggregations 
of self-knowing echelons 
that build
​on the somewhat greater integrity of small communities, 

of vast variety, 
who must muster a moral sense of 
communities that come into gradual evidence 
via free-thinking, 
educated individuals, 
who have no corporate agenda for monetary profit; 

all happening in Gaia’s now.

Universal Father
Eternal Son
​Infinite Mother Spirit

First Source and Center for FREEDOMsRAY     
December 30, 2015

“What if a day or a month or a year?”

since a long time 
is the acknowledgement 
for Our Earthly Own 
of magnificent stature, 
who hold and carry selves in never-ending Grace.

Upon staffs of notes 
does music 
impose itself 
with finest grandeur 
into all arts; 
said music 
seeking expression 
with ones who dance and drum 
not in different tunes 
but in harmonious counterpoint 
with excess purity 
of heart-unity 
so that all absorb 
and thereby witness 
and feel and gather for themselves 
upbeats that foretell 
foundational thrusts 
which pierce 
timeless states 
again and again 
in happy transported commonality; 

no matter the level of appeal 
for current weather patterns; 
no matter whether above or below.

Fast approaching 
in mortal sensing 
is the realization 
by off-planet beings of Light, 
of their recognition 
of flowering beings 
already present 
upon what finally becomes a 

that Gaia, 
and her galactic shores leading thereupon, 
becomes liberated 
and cleared 
for her 
Sacred Upliftment 

and that of all life 
in inward 
and outward places 
where humankind 
had chosen already 
to exist 
for participation in 
Gaia’s Victory.

In other words, 
expanded Freedom 
of inter-movement 

Universal Father
Eternal Son
Infinite Mother Spirit

Letter to God 1

To Father/Mother GOD, ETERNAL SON, Christ Michael Aton & NEBADONIA,
​Trinity & Triodity Sisters, Saint Germain, ArchAngel of Michael,

September 17, 2015

My so beloved Divine Creators
​of this Wondrous Creation!

In the name of the mighty 
I AM Presence

of Hermes & Thoth as One,
according to the Will of God,
I invoke you to hear my special
opinion of today.

It is a discovery I made right now.

I was overwhelmed by sadness again, intensely asking why.
I called upon Michael Michael Michael 
to help me release it,
for I understood 
we2 by now are free of any karma.

And then I SAW!

Upon inquiring myself, ‘what is it,
that is still 

disturbing you so much?’
is the 


The Collective Sphere Alliance of Source arrived here 
and a massive communication and work
​have been done: 

– the plug was pulled of the dark, AI
– the BIG Experiment was closed
– all participants work now together as One, on the Frequency of LOVE & JOY
– the inter-realm commerce with humans
was annulled

– the dark entities still on earth 
were cleared

– the veil of consciousness was lifted
– the Portals between realms 
were opened

– the enslaved 17 colonies of humans
were liberated

– the Big Blue Crystal of Atlantis,
hid in Sahara, was freed 

As such, the conditions
for the Divine SHOW of TRUTH
are fulfilled!

But all of a sudden 
hordes of horny young men,
well fed, well dressed 

but barbarous,
and of all colors 
invade Europe!

They are called migrants and refugees,
but they are neither!

Emerging to 50% from the clone &
robotoid laboratories of the dark,


I recognised in this their 

I named it


but oh, it is much more than that!

It is the shameless, ugliest, horrid,
disgusting insolence of the dark, 

we all should know by now!

We all refuse to learn this lesson,
but it is NO REMORSE, 

my Dears, 
they FEEL,
when they reject, rebuke and trample
and spit YOU in the face!


And YOU know why?




Letter to God 2

I HAVE FOUND THE KEY                      

October 11, 2015   

​I have found the KEY.
The KEY is Fair-ness.
The watch – the assessment
the judgement of Earth
must – be – FAIR!

The dark
from a position of knowing.
They know their Protocols,
their Agenda, their Goal –
and they know their victims.

They hypnotized humans,
cut them from God,

tempted and corrupted with EVIL
and with their EVIL permeated 
Gaia herself,
in full EVIL intention and choosing.

And so in total Faith
we consciously CALL
in the full might of our FREE WILL
The First Source and Center
through Christ Michael of Nebadon
to Enact 

His Presence
and Restore 

the Spirit of Truth
in Fullness
for all of Gaia – NOW!

It is NOT fair, now,
when the Experiment of Evil

is finished,
to expect the masses, tormented,
dumbed down, abused,

still bleeding
on the surgical desks

to rise all of a sudden
and FREE themselves!

Do you expect
the lions and tigers 
held captiv –
mightily longing for FREEDOM 

– given them by God Himself
in loving Fairness –

to break the locks of their cages themselves?
Or the poor dolphins and whales
in those cruel enslavement parks
break to the LIBERTY oceans
on their own?

was imposed upon us

from outside of us ! 
Slaughtered by cruel monsters are we
in brazen discord to our
Father’s Desiring.

So we call our loving Creator:
Shatter the locks!
Spring open all Gaia’s cage FREE!

You don’t just throw your babe
to the wolves

only to measure their ferocity
by the data-collectors.

It is NOT fair
to expect your victimized child
FREE-ing itself.

Given the monstrous,
diabolical methods

of death and destruction,
imposed upon Your children,

furthering their sufferance
cannot bring Victory,

their position, as opposed
to the evil’s, being not fair:

The dark do increase their wars
and attacks and destruction –

they had a great advance in the ages –
while Your humans’
pace of awakening, yet unfair,

depleted how they are,
with two strings DNA only!

Our screaming of ‘HELP!’
and ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ down here

might well be sounding ridiculous
to some

who expect a sovereign stance,
in exerting

a FREE WILL decision –
but the humans must first go in Healing
and endowed with Sovereign
God’s LOVE,

if the Law of the One is to reign
all Supreme in Creation.

In the name
of the Mighty I AM Presence
of Hermes and Thoth as One,
according to the Will of God,
We intend
We invoke
We invite
We allow
First Source and Center
and the Mother and Father of Nebadon

the Law of One 
and the Spirit of Truth
in Fullness
for all of Gaia




 Letter to God 3

October 15, 2015

Did I tell You,
my beautiful First Source and Center Great Wonders
& CM/NEB You our parents so loved,
that down here on tiny dot Gaia

This is a deadly lesson for us humans
simply because we live in TIME –
in the MEASURE of TIME.
We suffer, age, decay, die.

Is our extreme suffering
Father’s Desiring?

Is our extreme suffering
of dark’s desiring?

Oh, YES.
This is even their life-elixir.

As such – the dark disruption
of the Works of the Universe
the extreme suffering of human beings
will need from Father

which’s crossing 
should be promptly STOPPED 

The dark CAN NEVER be your partners,
my Dears,

They CANNOT play a game
for they HAVE NOT 

Didn’t you come
in Compassion and LOVE

trying negotiate?
Naive you are!

They mocked You, insulted You,
nastily sent You home!

I know they signed some papers.
So what?

We are exactly
where we’ve been before!!!

When will You understand

You act out of LOVE
and Your LOVE has no limits.

It is this LOVE exactly they misuse
and never stop disrupting.
Do You realize You fell deep
in their TRAP?

There are YEARS!!!
You promised us 
to arrest them 
to contain them
to transport them,
to clear all Gaia of them.
How long still? How long?

Is there a MEASURE
to their gruesome slaughter?

And is their gruesome slaughter
on us,
Your Children,

For God’s sake





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