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July 22, 2018


Predecessors of Light movements are risen above.

Predecessors of the Light, our brothers and sisters from the Pleiades Constellation arrive on Earth. Together with the Pleiadians already here, in Agartha of the Inner Earth, they make their appearance on the surface, to complete their support in this last phase of our Liberation.

Cleansing of the systems is accelerated.

All structures of Gaia, the mineral kingdom and Flora and Fauna are now thoroughly cleansed of our terrible waste and bad treatment. Our human bodily systems are cleansed as well, through an unprecedented intensive Light energy. This process is absolutely necessary. Only in a state of elevated frequency, can man and planet enter Ascension.

Consequences are felt by all.

Many symptoms are deadly. Sol’s light and fire intensify. Changes are observed in the plant kingdom. A rise in consciousness is seen in animals. Tiredness. Phenomena of light. Time itself feels accelerating.

Furtiveness is abandoned.

The Era opens for the Spirit of Truth.

Directness is accepted.

We all, all long for the Light.


ÉirePort | July 22, 2018 at 10:10





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