Gaia Portal


Gaia Portal Message 

August 1, 2018



Participants in the Ascension become aware.

Most of us start understanding much deeper the Works of God. We all become aware more and more of this amazing process of Ascension and our own active participation in it!

Next levels are perceived and realized.

There is a rapid increase in frequencies, defining the higher dimensions we leap into.  It was the special, sacred wish of Gaia herself, the Spirit of our planet, to  ascend into the higher dimension, but only taking all her beloved humans with.

Novel modes of movement are unveiled.

New portals open right now for us. We are closely assisted by Christ Michael, His Celestial Fleet, His Galactic and Universal Healers, His Masters, Archangels and legions of God’s Angels, Inter-Dimensional Councils of Light in our transmutation to Light at a cellular level.

Eclipses are accepted.

Many astounding signs in the sky signal these our steps in the process of Ascension.


ÉirePort | August 1, 2018 at 09:09 |






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