So sweet is my Father!


So Sweet Is My Father!


I was talking with Father

about ladybug.

Simply mentioned, that sweetheart

is a wondrous creature.

It is tiny and has some longer wings,

but her coat is quite heavy.

Yet, does she fly like a master,

I said.

And so, I thanked Father for that

lil’ wondrous creature.

Father gave me a thump.

And we just laughed together,

like two children in play.


I then remembered, how Father,

in His dictating to Jakob Lorber,

once said:

” I always just wished

to create a perfect, nice human”.

I remember, He said,

“In that one tiny cell of a spermatozoid

all of man is contained”.


I was so laughing!

For Father gave me a thump!

Of course, in that one single cell

is the perfect one human being!

What a wondrous Father I have!

One must be pretty creative,

to give life to such wonders!


” A Wonderful Wonder You are,

I told Him.

I delight in Your Wonder!

What a Delightful Wonderful Wonder You are!”

And I laughed in delight.

Father was laughing already.


So sweet is my Father!

July 27, 2018






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