Christ Michael Aton Message      
February 14, 2015

is this moment of 
precipitated out of the rolling 
of Creation’s reversal 
now reaching Gaia’s shores. 

The precipitation 
of mechanized man’s 
fragmented consciousness 
is to be removed evermore 
from the adventure of Ascension, 
the presence of 
Creation’s NOW. 

The ebb and flow of these last days 
reflect the last available 
Call of Mercy, 
so callously treated by you, mechanized man;

constrained ebb and flow 
with no further resort to delaying tactics. 

The Call of Mercy 
even so still 
manifests from humankind anchors, 
whose very hearts you still disdain. 
But there is no need to acknowledge them. 
They are about their own business, 
knowing that Mercy 
is solely My concern. 

So step 
from your plush steel and plastic hidey holes, 
leaving all else behind 

but what purity of essence you may still possess.

I AM Christ Michael Aton

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