It shall be on earth as it is in heaven



This orb, however, shall not end 
until the Millennium is well passed, 
when once again the forces of darkness are released. 
Then shall the end come 
and this System disintegrateth in thought. 


All celestial bodies, 
whether star or world, 
are only the forms 
in which our Father Creator 
forms His Words. 

They are His Words 
that were spoken in the beginning 
that there should be Light 
and there should be substance. 

They are but His Words,
and some shall disintegrate in thought –
that which was only thought in the beginning. 
Some day, 

in thy contemplatable future, 
you shall look 
upon a great purple plain ahead, 
a Golden light 
that draws you to it by its heat and warmth. 

Imagine what awaits those of Earth 
who have proved themselves to be His children –
for the Soul is end­less, dear friends. 
They shall not want for Truth. 
For lo, 
these many centuries 
our Father has heard the words 
of the sincere call from Earth –
the petition 
is now to gain response 
in its glorious fullness.
It shall be on Earth as it is in Heaven

Man shall no longer want for anything. 
He shall shortly take his place 
within the God places 
as a Son of God 
for thy inheritance 
has been held in Truth 
for your acceptance. 
Ye will behold 
that which is beyond thy imaginings 
in thy present state. 
Even as you go 
about your mundane activities of the day, 
search those deep places 
of your heart place. 
that this is the time 
we have been awaiting. 

The Great Master Teacher 
will close of the circle 
and again come forth 
upon this place of Earth. 
We all await 
with great joy 
for you to come into your knowledge 
as the Truth 
goes forth upon the lands. 
Archangel of Michael,
from Phoenix Journal #7,

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