Our Hearts are struck by the Fire of God



There is a new chord 
(actually old, but you have forgotten), 

that is most real. 

But it shall cause man 
to be enthused 
that he would even seek to themselves 
to apply feather and wax 
to de­velop wings 
with which they might fly up to that 
great music. 
and ’tis a tender tale of the youth 
who would fly to his 
with waxen wings. 

Yet he flew too close and without discernment 
and his waxen wings melted. 

He had thought that to reach the 
Golden Sun 

he might learn all the mysteries of mysteries –
for you see, 
those of your ancient ancestors 

understood the importance 
of that wondrous source of light –
they did not believe 
the orb was but heat and flames; 
they understood it 
to be the center 
and life 
of this system. 

but now that body is in great age, 
as celestial bodies do age 
in the sequence of universal movement, 

that ones might change their stations 

and progress 
and move ever onward 
in the journey back into Creator. 
Just as we know no Time nor Space, 
we are, however, 
connected inseparably 

from you of manifested format 

and thus we must count “time” as do you. 
This old Sun has now existed 
for over fifteen hundred billions of years. 
It will exist its allotted time 
and then it will explode as a star explodes –

but again, 
the end is only the beginning, 

for it has served us well 
and we all march onward. 
and we within this System 
will march on to other portions of the Father’s realms 
for they are infinite. 
Archangel of Michael,
from Phoenix Journal #7,

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