The day of the Great Telling


Universal Father / Archangel of Michael Messages      


March 4/14, 2014

From whence come My charges, 
those that I invoke to Earth Shan’s care? 
Never in All of Supreme Creation 
as you count time 
have there been such conglomerates of forces and ships, 
recently reconfirmed by your brothers. 

Jealously do they guard 
the home of Michael’s Spirit of Truth.

And Michael’s 12 Dancers, 
protectively weaving the very 
Cube of Creation, 
the 6 pyramidal forms 
about Earth Shan; 
also unprecedented.

So precious is this orb, 

this original source 
of Michael’s bestowing the Spirit of Truth 
for all Nebadon; 
so determined are they who come 
from all 7 Superuniverses, 
that even Ashtar’s Command is challenged 
(with gratitude) 
to sort All interchanges into equal, dynamic balances.

Any origin 

of any Michaels’ Spirits of Truth 
are to be preserved 
for any local universe. 

All are special. 

Many, many more forces 
external to this world’s local universe 
would jump to the opportunity 
of dissolving negative interferences 
attached to so sacred an origin, 
if I were to allow it.

Herein my scribe is requested to re-present, 
for you my representers, 
an entire Chapter from Phoenix Journal No. 7, 
The Rainbow Masters, 
“The Magnificent Seven.”

Universal Father

REC  #3          

TUE., SEP 26, 1989    3:30 P.M.    YEAR 3, DAY 041


if you could but know the glory that exceeds creation’s Light 
as the Heavens rejoice 
at this time of wondrous Ascension. 
As the brothers of thy Cosmic fleets 
fill the spaces about thy Earth, 
we know that this is the time when man, looking up at starlit night, 
shall begin to see and understand 
and the great “knowing” shall enter into his heart. 
We are there, friends, 
we are all here awaiting the commencement. 
The evil ones cower for they know it is all but finished, 
but they shall go most formidably –­ but they, too, 
must serve in the time of cleansing and sorting 
for ones must be “caused” to choose. 
Amen and Amen.  


The Day of the Great “Telling” 
that has been prophesied 
now becomes imminent 
when your affairs shall become more chaotic. 
You must now avail yourselves of your full armor, 
for the time of lighted protection is at hand. 
Do not fear the brilliance of the armor 
for it shall also serve 
as passport into the higher places — 
your shield. 
must also know you 
that he might have a place to seek his shelter. 
The Twenty-four Elders are awaiting you, 

and the Father 
speaks of you as His beloved sons 
in whom He is rejoicing for service well done. 
You are now approaching a time 
when it is of vast importance 
that you speak out 
so that many souls might be lifted 
in their final stage of development. 

Shortly, all secrets shall be revealed 
in the Light of the new day 
when nothing can stand that is hidden, 
nothing that is dark 
shall not be exposed to the Light. 

It must be done in such a way that man, 
who has become cynical and superstitious, 
shall be guided within rather than turned away. 

Some of the secret myths will wither and fall to decay; 
others shall spring forth 
in response to the new energy 
but all shall be set to Truth. 
Man has attained 
a summit of his creation upon Earth. 
It has served its age-long purpose, 
and now he stands atop a mountain. 
Man on Earth 
does not even recognize his circumstance 
nor his gifts. 

Listen most carefully during these most 
stressful times 
that you discern the Black Dragon bellows 
from the Light and voice of the Angels. 
The Dragon is as your Mockingbird 
who mimics 
the calls of Truth 
to bring upon you destruction. 
There shall come 
a great and blinding light 
and a crash of the thunders through the heavens. 
Then man shall be naked before his Creator 
and man will know, 
for all of history has only been lived and written 
that man may then know. 
Man has scaled the heights and depth 
of his experience on Earth 
to attain this po­sition of knowledge and wisdom. 

Out of the rumblings and dust of the past 
he will hear his own voice which will command him. 
Some day soon, 
after the “Great Telling”, 
a multitude shall wit­ness 
and hear 
the voice that speaks to them, 
the voice that swells as a thousand voices, 
yet only one, 
that says, 
“Come home, Earth, come home.” 

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