See this adorable?


See This Adorable?


See this adorable dance in the air

of two butterflies so lovely and nice?

Is this a surprise of my Mother so kind,

with no asking me pay any price?


There they are, my two so graceful dancers

of NEB – but just how did She know,

that right now I was stepping the gate to my garden

in this Lion’s Gate August in glow?


Lovely and sweet, this two dancing creatures,

in the silk finest shine their wings!

How the glorious Sun, dancing with in the textures,

such a charming delight to me brings!


They danced me for Solstice, now in Lion’s Gate power,

my Mother so generous sent,

inviting me join, spinning walz with the flower,

all over the trees am I bent!


Feather light swing they in their pas-de-deux pair,

with a fine dos-à-dos do they turn,

as I watch in delight, with no breath and no murmur,

of high spheres, this dance wish to learn!


Oh, what fresh inspiration, and with what loving heart

Nebadonia sent me this present,

to enchant all my soul and enchant all my heart,

on the Earth, in these days of a torment!





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