Gaia Portal, October 19, 2018


Gaia Portal Message,

October 19, 2018



Tsunami elements carry the load for humanity.

These are those glorious days of Liberation.

In the last while, the Éire Portal Group speaks pretty clearly, and concise.

To do the big jump into the 5th Dimension, humanity must definitely leave behind its heavy past. Water being always the element of cleansing, it seems that a tsunami of water is needed to wash away all load of humanity. The chains of slavery, all those constricting rings and seals and insane fetters and shackles in the insane prisons and underground tunnels, must be a giant load, a tsunami must carry! So, by the Grace of the Nebadonia Mother, the Water Goddess, humanity is free and able to easily leap into Ascension.

Eliminations of silent partners is complete.

These were the puppet-masters of the dark kind, who worked in silence over the centuries, to hide their evil deeds. Like an octopus, they were sucking the blood of the humans, their life-force and the life-force of Gaia. Our wondrous planet was their Prison Planet, we humans their slaves.

Starting with Adam and Eve 38,000 years ago, and through ferocious holy wars and martyr sacrifices of Angels and Masters, the efforts of Heaven culminated 2000 years ago with the coming of the Christ of God on this planet. Facing the evil directly, Christ was able to contain in his Divine Being all the unimaginable evil monstrosity of the dark. Through this act of supreme sacrifice, He was able to dissolve, and to heal, once and forever, the dark kind from Creation.

Salivary effects are pronounced, as depths are reached.

Probably a humorous observation: the dark vampires are taken by Christ’s Fleet down to the depths of 2nd and 3rd dimensions, where the dark can further live, given their very low frequency. It is possible they salivate, hoping to suck the blood of their new victims.

Farsights are called in for Light support.

There was and is tremendous work being done for decades, by unprecedented numbers of brothers of ours in space, Beings of Light from Angelic, Galactic, Universal realms for our salvation. It was a massive response of support from these advanced, Farseeing Beings, which ultimately lead, in an unprecedented Oneness, to this unprecedented Victory.


ÉirePort | October 19, 2018 at 10:10



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