Sophia Love: Urgent Message 1


Sophia Love
Urgent Message 1
October 18, 2018
October 18, 2018
I reach out now to connect. Is there someone available?
We are here, Sophia! Hello! We are pleased to once more “see” you!
Hello! Thank you for coming forward. 
Of course, we will! We are always available for your pipeline message.
Okay then, what is the message for right now?
It is to tell your fellow humans 
that these coming moments, 
the ones approaching you right now, 
will be the ones forever remembered.
We are so pleased to be a part of your journey and want you to know!
This current moment may appear troubling. 
You will find that you won’t know who to trust. 
This will occur, we suspect, not only in your media 
but in all sources of information – 
loved ones, friends & family will seem contradictory.
As will your body and mind, 
as thoughts, feelings and emotions come in from all places.
(Here, I was feeling they were referring to multi-dimensional places. 
We’d offer this.
Do not lose sight of things you’ve always known and loved. 
Think again only about beliefs. 
Examine where these beliefs originated from, 
the ones you find it necessary to challenge that is.
These are the ones that have origins 
you’ve never gone this deep to discover.
You will be learning once and finally 
who you are 
and why you are here. 
You’ll find out your friends; (your) true friends.
In the end, we believe 
that you’ll discover your friends are those who were unwavering. 
Those among you who can admit, 
those who are able to be transparent.
Know that this time you are in 
includes deception in unexplained places, 
unexpected arenas and close, so close to your heart. 
You will have to trust what 
(The words stopped…) What?
We struggle with words here. 
What is happening for you is that all things are becoming clear – 
personally, globally, galactically.
We exist for you on a level 
you’ve only recently come to believe exists. 
Many who speak to humanity take the process seriously and honestly, 
but some don’t.
How then do you discern between true information and fabrication?
You’ll have to take a chance on some, 
disregard some, 
and be ready to switch sides 
when you are given information that warrants a change.
You’ll have to be forgiving of others and forgiving of self.
We don’t pass judgment here. Yet we just wanted to mention this. 
You’ve entered the time of forgiveness.
That is all, Sophia. It is an honor and a privilege to speak.
Thank you. It is the same for me.

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