Sophia Love: Urgent Message 2


Sophia Love
Urgent Message 2
October 20, 2018
October 20, 2018
I was woken up several times last night and did not connect. 
Are the beings who did so available now?
We are here Sophia, yes.
Hello. Thank you for becoming available once again to connect.
You are welcome. We would like to begin.
Please, go ahead.
Our information regarding your planet and its journey 
has changed. 
No longer are you proceeding 
on a slow meandering path 
towards Ascension and a major shift – 
but a rapid one.
This is the reason for the disruption of sleep. 
We are feeling a sense of urgency 
and wanted that to be included in the words.
There are typically days 
in between our messages and when it is shared. (Ouch!) 
We feel it needs to be put out now.
You are the Pleiadians? From the Pipeline?
Yes, although this is a slightly different voice.
Yes, I feel that. I would describe your voice 
as slightly more masculine and/or scientific.
Why yes. It is from this area of observation and knowledge 
that newer intel is received and shared. 
The timeline has shifted.
For everyone?
I felt 2 days ago that it had done so personally.
It has done so globally.
you are a messenger 
and your message is spreading to more than you know.
Today you are asked to share this message. 
People need time to see it and prepare.
Become serious about this message 
and the urgency of its timing. 
It will help if it is seen. 
It will help if it is shared.
So, yes, of course it will be shared. 
Please specify precisely what you want to be known.
Things have sped up. 
This new timeline 
asks you to take action right away 
in all areas that require preparation – 
spiritual, personal, emotional and physical. 
Be sure that you are synchronized in your relationships 
and also where you are.
I am not clear what that last sentence means.
It means that if you feel, 
after deep and humble introspection 
that changes are needed, 
don’t wait to make them. 
Those who need to heed this message 
will know and respond appropriately.
We have such great love for humanity 
and aim now 
to afford the majority of awakened and un-awakened ones 
every opportunity to choose their most favored path in the process. 
When the shift (meaning here the recent timeline shift
we wanted to relay our interpretation of what it means for you.
We do not wish to cause alarm. 
Only a reinforcement, if you will, of encouragement and insight. 
We can only be of assistance to you in this way – 
with sharing what is seen. 
We see things rapidly approach.
We are pleased you sense the urgency 
of our contact and of this message.
Are there any specifics you can offer to us?
Not at this time. That is not our purpose. Yet, overall, as a process, 
“sooner” rather than “later” would be accurate.
The urgency is felt. 
I’ll share this today. 
Please reach out again if you sense more changes.
We are pleased. 
It is an honor to participate. 
This is a joyous message! 
We hope that it is received that way and felt with only love and admiration.
Thank you. Goodbye now.
Goodbye Sophia and company.
Note – 
as a visual there were 3 beings there, all of them male. This was not the usual smiling and waving exit, but a quiet and gentle goodbye with a sort of serious demeanor; 
the “and company” is not a phrase I’ve heard before. 
This explains why I was woken up. 
I’ve not spoken before to this group. 

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