Sophia Love: The Removal


Sophia Love
The Removal
October 1, 2018
October 1, 2018
Is there someone who wants to connect?
Yes. Hello Sophia.
Hello. Thank you for coming forward.
You are most accommodating. Coming forward is a simple thing.
To whom am I speaking?
I am Rx…
I do not know how to spell that (that which I was hearing, 
I had no string of letters that made any sense here). 
Is it okay to use these two letters, R x, to signify your name?
It is, yes. This is no problem for we do not put a great deal of 
stock in names. Short or long makes little difference.
Okay. Thank you. Hello Rx. Where are you from? I sense that you are male.
I am, yes. I am seeing another being interfering.
Yes. It is my cat. (We have a 3-year-old kitten, who typically sleeps 
until about dinner time.) He suddenly has become insistent. 
(Here I suspected my cat suddenly appeared due to the connection 
with Rx, but I can’t be sure. I began to send him a “not now” message. 
I also sensed that Rx was doing the same. It was a feeling I was getting 
and unconfirmed by Rx.)
Ah… he’s moving away. We can continue.
Yes. I will do so. I am from a galaxy beyond yours. 
I am here now 
because of the removal. It interests me.
The removal of what?
Of chains. 
These have massive weight to them 
and it is known that a herculean effort is being undertaken 
to remove them. 
Not by one man or woman, as in the Hercules legend, 
which by the way is more than legend, but led by one being.
Begun, and just about completed as of this point, 
by the actions of one being.
Your earth has waited many eons for such a being. 
It is one that was willing to endure slings and arrows 
and complete hatred, 
knowing he would be misunderstood. A being such as this 
appears to have gigantic aims in personal respects. 
Only, perhaps, in order to waylay those who would 
mistake him for weakened by ego.
This being is, of course, the USA President, 
who does so without payment. 
How much more of a sign is necessary?
He came to undue the slave system 
and to save the planet finally, once and for all, 
from its bondage by money. 
He does so without money as incentive. This is pure intent, 
which sends the strongest message to the “chain layers”. 
They do not know what to make of this being.
In the end there will be stories written of prophecies foretold 
that came to be with the placement of this being where he is now.
He is unstoppable 
because the Force to keep him in place 
until the chains are gone 
is so much greater than that of any other. 
Not even he is fully aware of this Force.
He will succeed.
I come forward now to get a feel for the place, through you, 
and also to encourage more unification.
In so many instances we see you divided. 
You must unite. 
This action alone 
will help your forces for good and accelerate their actions.
You must unite. 
As your awareness increases of who and what you are 
– ONE – 
your power does as well. 
It is first in awareness and then intentional removal 
that these chains are finally removed.
You must “get” that the bondage is only possible 
because you hang on to a belief that the chains are real.
That belief brings anger, sadness, separation, pain and despair. 
When you KNOW they are merely mental gymnastics, expertly played, 
you’ll see truth. 
Truth becomes than the solid object you hold on to, 
and the chains, 
which you believe right now are heavy and solid – 
will disappear. 
This is the herculean effort mentioned earlier.
The effort 
necessary to unite a populace of so many billions of souls 
is beyond human or (that of) a single being. 
Yet, it is a single “thought” if you catch the meaning of my words. 
That thought is Love. 
Love implies Unity and Oneness and the singularity.
What I want to tell you is that even love has been manipulated here. 
The passionate loyal human is a favorite to observe, 
due to his and her extreme passion. 
Love has been used as a tool against you.
So many thoughts are entering at once…
I will attempt to separate them 
but know, that it is the separation that has been used 
to keep you weak and in bondage, so I hesitate.
There are two thoughts you are simultaneously picking up.
The first is that love weakens you. 
In truth, the opposite is true. 
The power of your emotions and physical connection 
to another being to whom you are connected, 
magnifies your creative potential in the physical plane. 
You will see this in “sex magic” teachings. 
There is raw creative energy 
that once tapped into will manifest extraordinary things.
The second is that love has been wound 
into vows of obedience and separation and denial of its persistence. 
This, all at the hands of religion. 
These things are not indications of “true love” 
but displays of social conformity. 
What results is fear around love 
and other any potentially loving engagement. All of these separate.
What is extraordinary to watch, 
and one of the reasons I am here, 
is that despite all of this programming you are pulling it off!!!
This, dear, dear human, 
is astounding. 
I applaud you and will remain in awe of your super powers. 
I will remain, watching, until the final curtain.
What you can do to join hands throughout the show – do so. 
You have so much more power individually than you realize.
I will depart for now, 
but plan to meet me again for another joyful conversation 
once you’ve removed the chains.
Thank you.
Goodbye Rx.

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