This truly Greatest Moment of Non-Time


This Truly Greatest Moment Of Non-Time


This truly greatest moment of Non-Time,

when people flirt with life and eat and drink,

when politicians stage another mask ball,

while destruction, WorldWar3 they think…


In these dark times of chaos, pain and sufferance,

when many lost all decent faith and sense,

allow me, my sweet humans, brothers, sisters,

hand on my heart, confess to you my stance.


Stay strong in these so harsh conditions, moves!

Determined, gaze horizon with eyes bright!

Dark is defeated! We have won in Oneness,

we all with God, as One we won our fight!


‘Grandeur’ is called in West the mighty Trumpet.

‘Grandeur’ the strong blue eyed in East, as well.

The Son Creator of this wondrous planet,

with these two Sent will sound soon the bell.


Stay strong. And keep the course, my valiant brothers!

This Liberation Day Father decreed.

Bring Joy to streets, in Victory rejoicing, 

for Blessed we are, and healed, and loved, and freed!!!





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