Gaia Portal, December 8, 2018


Gaia Portal Message,

December 8, 2018



Stereotypes of harmonics are cleared.

Because new, fresh Harmonics are pulsed into life.

Clarities are accepted by all hu-manity.

For Truth – finally – wipes off all lies.

Calcifieds are deconstructed and realigned.

For the Era of Light to take hold, all those souls calcified in their dark deeds and resisting the Light have to be deconstructed, molded anew, so realigned for their – later – returning Home.

Fears are confronted and held by the Light BEings.

This is that tremendous, unprecedented, amazingly complex, massive and intensive and highly dedicated work, initiated by the Divine Plan for Salvation of God Himself, ages ago! Work done by the Light BEings, in complete ONEness, on Earth, above Earth, Galaxies and whole Universe, most on Earth never even heard of. Work done in Universal LOVE, for the Liberation of us, humans from the imposed misery of fears and dark hypnosis. 

Release comes with Opened Eyes.

Yes, with the Great Awakening comes our release, known as FREEDOM.


ÉirePort | December 8, 2018 at 08:08





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