New Sky Phenomenon

  New Sky Phenomenon   New upper atmospheric phenomenon: Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement (STEVE)  Steve was spotted on Sept. 7, 2017 over Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. (Photo: Northern Lights Graffiti/Flickr) The photographer notes Steve began as a fountain of white light in the west and stretched across the sky meeting a band of light from […]

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That Feeling

  That Feeling   That feeling of a world lost in tears; that feeling of a world turned to naught. Right behind the courtain a New Dawn shall appear, a New World, born of LOVE, pure Thought.   It is ours to rise from the ashes; It is ours to fly to new suns. All […]

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The Glorioso Torero

  The Glorioso Torero   The Glorioso Torero missed his glorious entrance. Full is the stage with fool folk, lost in waiting. Hypnotized they still look to the clouds in vain hope, yet again of their making.   . . .

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Your Artistry

  YOUR Artistry   It is Your Artistry. “Expand your thinking!”, You told my Lion Brothers. “Just show Me you can dance!” For all to SEE, that there is Love and Wonders.   YESSS, You have done it!   . . .

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It Is Done!

    It Is Done!   March 19, 2019, 11:11 Urantia/Shan/Gaia Milky Way Galaxy Nebadon Universe Orvonton Superuniverse Grand Creation In this Perfect Moment of NOW   In the Name of God, It Is Done. Ascension Accomplished.   Trumpet across Creation the Joy of Liberation!   . . .  

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Gaia Portal, March 18, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message March 18, 2019     Mellorites are handled as challenges arise. Mellorites, in Blackburn, Lancashire, was a branch of weavers. May be a hint to the weavers of a false dossier. Maybe the Military Tribunals are officially starting. Maybe true Justice is coming. Ecstatics are unveiled for the hu-beings to grasp. Truth […]

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With such a Messenger

With Such A Messenger   With such a Messenger on wings so magic in full force flying through the cold spring, to my amazement and surprise determined to give straight in my face a KEY to sing…   O, what a sweet creature through the air aiming at me without doubt all! How can I […]

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