Universal Father, Archangel of Michael

  Universal Father, Archangel of Michael Messages       May 17, 2015RE-presentingMarch 4/14, 2014 From whence come my charges,  those that I invoke to Earth Shan’s care?  Never in All of Supreme Creation  as you count time have there been such conglomerates  of forces and ships,  recently reconfirmed by your brothers. Jealously  do they guard the […]

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Gaia Portal, January 18, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message  January 18, 2019     Premonitions of darkness are illuminated, and dissolved. Gone are the times of darkness. Dark is dissolved. Larks of Spirit collaborate in Love. There were some funny names for Presidents, First Ladies. Lark was for JFK Jr. . . . Exquisites are recognized. We are discovering them […]

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Beautiful Hyacinths

  Beautiful Hyacinths   Beautiful hyacinths, guess just thinking, now, that the Sun shines so brightly, off common onion hearts sleeping deep, popped have they green tendrils slightly.   I kissed them and blessed them, so pretty, so shy and so cute were they glowing… It didn’t take long; with scent gorgeous, in grace did […]

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Some Sun acts

  Some Sun Acts, January 9, 2019   schrodingersothercat.org, posted on January 13, 2019 Note that little black dot to the right of the sun’s corona? Notice how NASA fudged that spot to the right of the sun’s corona. schrodingersothercat.org, posted January 19, 2019 . . .

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Heavenletter 6560: Stand Up!

  Heavenletter 6560: Stand Up January 11, 2019   God said: Beloved, there are times when you have to represent yourself, even pull yourself up by your bootstraps. When you have to, you have to. The world isn’t always fair. Unless the world speaks up on your behalf, stand up. When something has to be […]

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You do not need to cry

  You Do Not Need To Cry   You do not need to cry when you tell Me you love Me. Let Joy be in the heavens, in resounding glee!   If your heart for Me longing, from the end of all skies, don’t you know I will grab you, as soon My child tries? […]

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When the Words

  When The Words   When the words are all dancing in approaching heart, when in rhymes they arriving and to say truth they start,   when they flow into language, or they pop and go strict, when the life is too bitter in the words that constrict…   Watch your heart to be pure, […]

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Waiting to fly

  Waiting To Fly   The pressure is stronger and the breath quick and short. The ages, contracted, in new timelines resort.   The tension in planets,  the expansion in Sun, flitting rainbows in flashes, shift in poles seem all done.   In the North is too cold, in the South too hot. Butterflies to […]

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Gaia Portal, January 9, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message January 9, 2019     Severance elements are brought to bear. Cosmic, Universal, Galactic, Planetary Cycles adjust to the Era of Light. Alignments change. Courageous moves are created. Rotatory partners combine. New Brotherhoods are born. Flurries are viewed. JOY conquers God’s Creation. ÉirePort | January 9, 2019 at 10:10 | . . […]

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