When the Words

  When The Words   When the words are all dancing in approaching heart, when in rhymes they arriving and to say truth they start,   when they flow into language, or they pop and go strict, when the life is too bitter in the words that constrict…   Watch your heart to be pure, […]

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Waiting to fly

  Waiting To Fly   The pressure is stronger and the breath quick and short. The ages, contracted, in new timelines resort.   The tension in planets,  the expansion in Sun, flitting rainbows in flashes, shift in poles seem all done.   In the North is too cold, in the South too hot. Butterflies to […]

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I really wish

  I Really Wish   I really wish Christ Michael land on the White House  roof, or on the front lawn, in His Light Space Ship, NOW. There, where our Trumpeter dwells, for the very JOY of Creation!   . . .    

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To my sleepy Brothers on Earth

  To My Sleepy Brothers On Earth     Would you, brothers on Earth, would you simply but see, just how much, how immensely we need him!   How he giving his life, how he giving his all, while you, monsters, would kill, in your dark dream!   Would American soul, would American man wake […]

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The Covenant of the Bow in the Sky

  …And when you all those delicate pastel colours will see in the sky…   soup fact‏ @soupfact_ 22 May 2018 . soup fact‏ @soupfact_ 22 Feb 2018 Lofoten Islands . . soup fact‏ @soupfact_ 16 Feb 2018 Northern lights in the sky over Murmansk, Russia . soup fact‏ @soupfact_ 15 Feb 2018 . soup fact‏ @soupfact_ 3 Feb 2018 Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland . […]

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Happy New Year 2019!

  January 1, 2019, 11:11 Happy New Year 2019! . Be Divine Blessed Unprecedented Joy Fill All Hearts In Creation!     Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . Hong Kong, China © Tyrone Siu / TPX / Reuters . Times Square, Manhattan, New York, North America © Jeenah Moon / Reuters . Times Square, Manhattan, New York, […]

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  Today,   a mighty move in Heavens has been done. Felt how sweet Father through His Holy Christ and still the power  of us all as One – Today we have accomplished the final big move of us, humans Ascension! I so thanked and so cried, for this His Holy, Sacred Divine Plan for […]

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