The JOY to spread

  The JOY to Spread   The JOY to spread is not so light a mission! Creation Infinite we need to reach. This time is real Joy, and Truth and Wonder, not list and lies, all eons we were preached.   Descended He 2000 years prior, to bring all LOVE and Joy from Heavens spread. But we […]

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Deliverance Day

  Deliverance Day May 17, 2019, 13:11 . Today is Great Deliverance Day of FREEDOM.   By Christ of God, our Cherished One in Truth!   The One Divine God’s Gift in this New Spring.   Keep LOVE alive,  and Dance! Let our Hearts sing! . . . .

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Blossom of 28th April, 2019

Blossom of 28th April, 2019 by Blossom Goodchild | The Federation of Light   .   Hello. Back from holding my Bali retreat, in which we Brightened ourselves and the Planet enormously. Thank you to you for ‘popping in’ and sharing your knowledge and energetic activations. We were most delighted to do so. Are you feeling like you […]

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Now The Words Are All Void

  Now The Words Are All Void   Now the words are all void. Have you noticed that, too? Our words smell like sewage, run away like black goo…   We were kept in a mud hole. Pesticides our food. Such blah-blah, such hypnotic life, kept dark in a hood!   Thousand new syndromes found. […]

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Nobody Knows The Hour

  Nobody Knows The Hour April 22, 2019, 19:19   Nobody knows the hour, but the Father. Yet, this is that great day, in all days row. Christ Michael of this Universe decided the Light Ignition of the Mighty Bow.   This is a movement of Divine proportions. Today we all as One ejected Earth. […]

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Let Joy Flood Earth

  Let Universal Joy Flood All Earth Now! April 22, 2019, 11:22, Free Easter Time   The perfect day to eject Gaia up.   Free are we now in Father’s loving arms!   Ejected we in higher up dimensions!   The Child of God is now re-born and free.   Let Universal Joy flood the Earth […]

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Please, Father, Release

  Please, Father, Release April 17, 2019, 11:11   Please, Father, Release the Avalanche of Truth on our Earth Now!   Please, Father, shock us and shatter us all into Awakening!   Vanquished is the dark!   Please let Your Prince of Peace descend on Earth Now!   Let us receive in our hearts the […]

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While I cry on Your shoulder

  While I Cry On Your Shoulder April 14, 2019, 11:11 pm   And while I cry on Your shoulder my tears so bitterly flow… Yet, great is the change, in the daylight Sun shines now with radiant bow!   The pains and the worries are plenty. I look at my brothers and cry… The […]

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Message from Thor

Conversation with Thor April 13, 2019 . Terran: Talk to Thor? Denice: Ready when you are Terran: Hi Thor! Thor: TERRAN. BROTHER. AMIGO. GLORIOUS MOMENTS. NOW. THOR. Terran: Can you share the news? Thor: TERRAN. INDEED. FEEL THIS? THOR. Terran: I feel a quickening pulse and exhilaration… Thor: …AND A VISUAL. HEART TO HEART. THOR. Thor: TERRAN. YES. AND […]

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