With my sweet Messenger

  With My Sweet Messenger   With my sweet messenger I fell in love. What a falcon majestic flew from above!   In great, his sweetest wonder on roof he stand, lovely plumage he washing in perfect blend.   Who are you, wonder falcon, from where you come? What the message you carry, of ages […]

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Sometimes Your Beauty

  Sometimes Your Beauty   Sometimes Your Beauty goes that far, I cannot take. I am Your tiny butterfly fleeting the lake.   Your rays of Sun caressing me in gentle light, You beam me free and let me fly in full delight.   I do not fight You shining Light above the wind. It’s You, […]

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The Swallows! The swallows!

  The Swallows! The Swallows! May 1st, 2019, 22:22   The swallows, the swallows, those tiny, cute fellows, they fill all my skies yet again!   It’s May, blooming May, and the swallows are here, in high, round circles entrain!   I welcome the tiny creatures so funny, to give them a hug I would […]

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For This Is So

  For This Is So April 19, 2019, 13:13   For this is so, no matter how I try to shout my wonder and my Joy full might, it will not cover, never will it cover that fascinating butterfly in flight!   Oh, what a wonder, what a mighty wonder! In Sun I stayed, deep […]

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As Winter

  As Winter   As Winter has not yet decided to choose Spring, or go or to stay, those minuscule finches are playing and jumping and fly all the way!   It’s April, but winds are all friendly, yet fresh, and all buds are so green! All trees don now beautiful blossoms, like never a […]

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Green Butterfly again

  Green Butterfly Again   And when that wonder of a wondrous flyer of that so gorgeous  butterfly in flight,   When Sun is shining and the birds are chirping and tiny flowers blossom in the light,   I look in wonder and I hear him bumping with tender wings my window like the wind… […]

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That Green Butterfly

  That Green Butterfly March 17, 2019, 11:11   That green butterfly was just popping out of the blue, as a symbol of Love! In the rays of the Sun so translucent, like a most wondrous greet from above!   The courageous marvel creature strongly flying to me at all odds, in full sight of […]

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When Nebadonia

  When Nebadonia   When Nebadonia, the Heavens Mother is sending me a falcon in the skies, to let me fall in pure state of wonder, with my jaw dropped in watching, and big eyes;   When Mother NEB, in Her divine, sweet manner enchants me with a falcon in the skies, above my kitchen […]

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