Update: Incoming Waves

  Update: Incoming Waves May 20, 2019   IN5D by Amanda Lorence, Over these few years, I’ve explained Incoming Waves, and the patterns, pulses they emit from our Sun, to Gaia, and to humanity. I’ve drawn only some of these patterns and pulses, as experienced within our human physical vessel. I’ve explained the ascension path and […]

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There Is a Magic Moment

  There Is a Magic Moment   There is a Magic Moment, huge Thunder from afar. It comes across the Rainbow, across all worlds and star.   There is a Magic Moment, God’s Children know as Storm, when darkness burnt to ashes and Phoenix flies, reborn.   Today the Magic Moment is coming from afar, […]

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Solar Storm

  Solar Storm   Strong M7.5 Earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea,  more CoronalMassEjections from the Sun are Earthbound Galactic Connection | May 14, 2019    . . Schumann Resonance  . . . . Gregg Prescott, IN5D.COM . Grand Solar Minimum continues to mount, May 21, 2019     . The atmosphere is cranking right now with a high global wind anomaly […]

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El Sol in Action!

  El Sol In Action!   So much going on, so little being reported. The PTW are working overtime manufacturing sideshows to keep people from seeing what’s really going on around them, and within themselves. Oh, well. …but we ARE (now) monitoring what PTW eyeballs are watching (from inside their heads).  Our old solar region […]

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Universal Father 1

  Universal Father 1 Archangel of Michael Message     RE-presentingMarch 4/14, 2014 From whence come My charges,  those that I invoke to Earth Shan’s care?  Never in All of Supreme Creation  as you count time have there been such conglomerates  of forces and ships,  recently reconfirmed by your brothers.  Jealously  do they guard the home  of […]

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May Celebration 8

  May Celebration 8 1st of May, 2019   TRANSMUTATION PREPARATION  Therefore, you and your fellow-men  are being conditioned for a great transmutation —all who will come into the Light.  Then we can march on  to other worlds and universes  that cry out for help.  You who think you cease your work  by graduation cere­monies  […]

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May Celebration 7

May celebration 7 1st of May, 2019   EARTH IS SPECIAL  Here is  where Dharma will cringe, for what I will say  represents blasphemy  to the multitudes who have been victims  of the great lie.  The Earth is a classroom for GODHOOD —to raise the God Fragments in stature to again be one with that Source.  The Earth […]

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May Celebration 6

May Celebration 6 1st of May, 2019   THE CREATION CALLED EVER-NESS  Above all  The Creation IS –  the Omniverse –  the whole of The Creation is above ALL. ​There is the PERFECT ONE, THE INFINITE FATHER, THE ALL CREATOR AND BEYOND IS THE CREATION, HIS MANIFESTED SELF. What is behind the plan now unfolding upon the Earth? There IS a greater plan […]

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May Celebration 5

  May Celebration 5 1st of May, 2019   THOUGHT  This orb, however,  shall not end until the Millennium is well passed, when once again the forces of darkness are released.  Then shall the end come  and this System disintegrateth in thought.  FOR IT ALL IS ONLY THOUGHT!   All celestial bodies, whether star or world, are only the forms  in […]

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