Universal Father, Archangel of Michael

  Universal Father, Archangel of Michael Messages       May 17, 2015RE-presentingMarch 4/14, 2014 From whence come my charges,  those that I invoke to Earth Shan’s care?  Never in All of Supreme Creation  as you count time have there been such conglomerates  of forces and ships,  recently reconfirmed by your brothers. Jealously  do they guard the […]

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Gaia Portal, January 4, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message January 4, 2019, 11:11     Forces of Light are seen and felt by all humanity. Here they are, the Forces of Light, our brothers! They descend on Gaia and shine for us all to see! HERE & NOW! H_E_R_E  &  N_O_W! Bestiaries are relinquished. Courageous word for the human flesh […]

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We Manifest Now

  We Manifest Now   We Manifest Now in Full Force, We The People, in Complete Oneness, the Absolute Fulfillment of our Sacred FREEDOM from all dark slavery and imprisonment,  through Christ, our Sovereign, Completing the Divine Plan for Salvation of Our Father in Fullness, in all of Gaia and all of Nebadon under the […]

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Happening now

  Happening Now   “Mayan Sovereigns land on Terran Plane. Indians welcome first arrival.” Pleiades 1 Messages, Gabriel Raio Lunar, November 12, 2018   –   2.bp.blogspot.com . .

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