Wondrous Sun Rainbow!

  Totally Amazing New Plasma Rainbow Around Sun   Brianna Craig  Japan on March 8th, 2019 Rosie Neal; “You Will See Rainbows Everywhere!” “We are living in the rainbow frequency that was brought in by the 12 rays. The purpose of the 12 rays was to anchor in the frequency on the planet. This opened […]

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New Sky Phenomenon

  New Sky Phenomenon   New upper atmospheric phenomenon: Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement (STEVE)  Steve was spotted on Sept. 7, 2017 over Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. (Photo: Northern Lights Graffiti/Flickr) The photographer notes Steve began as a fountain of white light in the west and stretched across the sky meeting a band of light from […]

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That Feeling

  That Feeling   That feeling of a world lost in tears; that feeling of a world turned to naught. Right behind the courtain a New Dawn shall appear, a New World, born of LOVE, pure Thought.   It is ours to rise from the ashes; It is ours to fly to new suns. All […]

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I wait for something

  I Wait For Something   I wait for something and I wait for some… I wait for wonders in the days to come.   I fall in tears and I feel alone, when Timeline Jumps is nothing writ in stone!   The worlds are changing and so do the skies, one Earth is here […]

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SUN Welcomes Us Home

  SUN Welcomes Us Home March 14, 2019, 11:11   NASA Gynormous spherical ships exiting sun, schrödingersothercat.com More biggies exiting the sun… A Bird Flew Out Of The Sun…schrödingersothercat.blog . . Sunset over Italy: . The gate is OPEN and the guests are arriving.  Another “bird” Another sphere Another (BIG) triangle . This is big! A […]

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One New Wondrous Morning

  One New Wondrous Morning   …And one new wondrous morning, when waking, see the Sun, a New Song of New Gaia in streaming waves will run.   All stars will glow in smiles, kisses from butterflies; sweet birds will touch my shoulders, rainbows will fill all skies…   Then I will see the meaning, […]

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