Blossom of 28th April, 2019

Blossom of 28th April, 2019 by Blossom Goodchild | The Federation of Light   .   Hello. Back from holding my Bali retreat, in which we Brightened ourselves and the Planet enormously. Thank you to you for ‘popping in’ and sharing your knowledge and energetic activations. We were most delighted to do so. Are you feeling like you […]

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Now The Words Are All Void

  Now The Words Are All Void   Now the words are all void. Have you noticed that, too? Our words smell like sewage, run away like black goo…   We were kept in a mud hole. Pesticides our food. Such blah-blah, such hypnotic life, kept dark in a hood!   Thousand new syndromes found. […]

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Please, Father, Release

  Please, Father, Release April 17, 2019, 11:11   Please, Father, Release the Avalanche of Truth on our Earth Now!   Please, Father, shock us and shatter us all into Awakening!   Vanquished is the dark!   Please let Your Prince of Peace descend on Earth Now!   Let us receive in our hearts the […]

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The Day You Discover

  The Day You Discover   For the day you discover just how close He’s to you, and you put questions, many, of how LOVE is the glue,   That amazing, magnetic Father’s Power Supreme, that no one dare measure, from His heart, the deep beam,   When one day you’ll discover that to say […]

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While I cry on Your shoulder

  While I Cry On Your Shoulder April 14, 2019, 11:11 pm   And while I cry on Your shoulder my tears so bitterly flow… Yet, great is the change, in the daylight Sun shines now with radiant bow!   The pains and the worries are plenty. I look at my brothers and cry… The […]

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I Anchor Today

  I Anchor Today April 12, 2019, 11:11   I Anchor Today the ERA of TRUTH  and of LIGHT with the Power vested in me by my Father.   In the Name of The One Holy God, Creator and Father of Everything There IS, the Era of Truth and of Light is anchored Now in […]

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Unicorns Come Back Home

  Unicorns Come Back Home April 10, 2019, 11:11 Universal Father Message for FREEDOMsRAY        November 25, 2016Oh Sons of Morning!Those who anchor Freedom’s Ray with My Eternal Light,Spread your increased awareness into hearts of humankind with your continuing fervent intent for Gaia’s progressing Ascension; that which accelerates; that which is celebrated with boundless, unstoppable gala-streamers. Spontaneous, numerous rendez-vous manifest by ever-longing species who finally arrive to bask in […]

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Universal Father Message

  Universal Father Message June 1, 2015   Gaia          Explanation               It does occasionally happen,  that when human inhabitants of a world  wreak such havoc and destruction  of the planet’s natural resources,  causing climatic and geologic catastrophes — and most become bereft of soul-spirit,    that […]

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I Do Identify

I Do Identify April 3, 2019, 17:17   I Do Identify Myself with The Carrier of Your Divine LOVE forever!   YESSS.   . . . . . . Tabula Smaragdina . . . . Tutankhamun’s death mask contains the same blue glass that was found recently in Danish graves. Credit: Carsten Frenzl  . . . […]

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