Universal Father, Archangel of Michael

  Universal Father, Archangel of Michael Messages       May 17, 2015RE-presentingMarch 4/14, 2014 From whence come my charges,  those that I invoke to Earth Shan’s care?  Never in All of Supreme Creation  as you count time have there been such conglomerates  of forces and ships,  recently reconfirmed by your brothers. Jealously  do they guard the […]

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Heavenletter 6560: Stand Up!

  Heavenletter 6560: Stand Up January 11, 2019   God said: Beloved, there are times when you have to represent yourself, even pull yourself up by your bootstraps. When you have to, you have to. The world isn’t always fair. Unless the world speaks up on your behalf, stand up. When something has to be […]

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To my sleepy Brothers on Earth

  To My Sleepy Brothers On Earth     Would you, brothers on Earth, would you simply but see, just how much, how immensely we need him!   How he giving his life, how he giving his all, while you, monsters, would kill, in your dark dream!   Would American soul, would American man wake […]

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The Flame is Ignited

  The Flame Is Ignited December 5, 2018 11:22   The Flame  of LOVE & TRUTH & LIGHT have we ignited NOW in the center of Earth. In the Name of the Almighty Sacred Trinity of the Father & Mother & Eternal Son in the Highest of Highest, of His Sovereign Christ Creator of Gaia […]

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We Manifest Now

  We Manifest Now   We Manifest Now in Full Force, We The People, in Complete Oneness, the Absolute Fulfillment of our Sacred FREEDOM from all dark slavery and imprisonment,  through Christ, our Sovereign, Completing the Divine Plan for Salvation of Our Father in Fullness, in all of Gaia and all of Nebadon under the […]

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