Beautiful Hyacinths

  Beautiful Hyacinths   Beautiful hyacinths, guess just thinking, now, that the Sun shines so brightly, off common onion hearts sleeping deep, popped have they green tendrils slightly.   I kissed them and blessed them, so pretty, so shy and so cute were they glowing… It didn’t take long; with scent gorgeous, in grace did […]

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You do not need to cry

  You Do Not Need To Cry   You do not need to cry when you tell Me you love Me. Let Joy be in the heavens, in resounding glee!   If your heart for Me longing, from the end of all skies, don’t you know I will grab you, as soon My child tries? […]

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For someone has to say it!

  For Someone Has To Say It!   For someone has to say it, to put the records straight! Or, do you tell me, brother, you still can wait and wait?…   Who robbed our stance, our courage, who made us all so frail? Who stole life-force we’re born with and thrown us all in […]

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What a scent

  What A Scent   What a scent in the air, so amazing, so sweet! Do the Light sparkles hit you, hit the flashes your feet?   Did we jump into wonder? Do we ride a new wave? Are these colors a messageĀ  of the FREEDOM we crave?   We all laugh, like small children, […]

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And You will not believe it…

  And You Will Not Believe It…   And you will not believe it, in the prison of shattered hopes, and dreams, and cut off wings!… Shall we expand our heart, our mind and thinking, see what this Mighty FREEDOM Day us brings?   Come in my arms, my brother, mighty fighter, you mighty warrior […]

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This Greatness so Great!

  This Greatness So Great!   This Greatness is so great, is overwhelming! Are we, children of God, too small for it? This avalanche of Truth makes us all trembling… Are our chests too small for mighty hit?   How long the eons we were herded cattle, how long the centuries of tortured slaves? How […]

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The Cycles

  The Cycles   The Cycles, they roll out, the Cycles go to dust… Gone is the past, to nothing, to nothing went the past.   The Cycles, they drown down, tsunamis wash them slight. The Timelines sink in waters, all is lose, lose no tight.   The Cycles die an Era, the Dark Age […]

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The Ankh

  The Ankh   There is a key of magic of ancient ages gone, a key of wisdom, mighty, in highest knowledge done.   That magic key, for eons is waiting for its Lord, to send Home man and planet, to God, by Golden Chord. . .      

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Trumpet Message

  Trumpet Message   It’s right in the air it just stays to drop! Or even from Earth, from her core, has to pop!   The Message is here, the Message is live! Big buzz in the air from thousands bee hive!   Stay up, or you’ll miss it, prop eyes, hear well! Resounding MessageĀ  […]

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