The Messenger of Truth

  The Messenger Of Truth   The Messenger of Truth, the Dove of Wonder has touched the shores of Earth and has arrived. In white immaculate its feathers shineth in this New Sun, this New Earth like a bride.   The Messenger of Truth, in pure wonder, so gently hovers blessings from above. Gone are […]

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The Avalanche of Truth

  The Avalanche Of Truth   The Avalanche of Truth has been released. Your time has come for you to face your actions. Did you, in full your purity of heart, respect and honoured Truth on all your stations?   You came from God to fulfill Love and Beauty. To be His full expression in […]

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Never More Wondrous

  Never More Wondrous   Never will be more wondrous, more beautiful in Light, than in Your arms to travel, by You to sleep all night!   There are riches and wonders, there are words fine and bright, but the most wondrous feeling is to sleep by You tight.   I take my little children, […]

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For The Work

  For The Work   For the work is all done, and the dark is all gone, and the LOVE  from the Highest is raining…   And we all fill the streets, celebrate  our feats, dancing happy  in Freedom and playing… . . .

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You Master All the Rhyming

  You Master All The Rhyming   You master all the rhyming in the world, You master tunes and rhymes in such a Grace, and all the Stars and Spheres and Your children that sing and dance and laugh in Your Embrace!…   In vain I think I just made a great poem. The Greatness […]

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Like Two Children

  Like Two Children   Mar-a-Lago, Feb 29, 1996. . Like two children from Heavens, from His hands now descended. Have you noticed how gentle, gentle hearts, comprehended?   Have you noticed the sweetness, have you noticed the Love they exude, in their looking at this world, from above?   How so pure, their souls, […]

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You have no light, my Brother

  You Have No Light, My Brother   You have no light, my Brother, in this abyss of tears, to stand and fight the monster and all the monstrous fears.   A planet was infested and all the children, all, a glorious race of Father, of great ones and no small.   A planet was […]

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Do not give room to anger

  Do Not Give Room To Anger   Do not give room to anger, you, child of God the Highest! In LOVE were you created, all smiles and laughter brightest!   Your Godly spirit fires a Light when you descending! Stand your dignity, child,  and bless that spark of living!   They told you, you […]

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To all our Liberation flew

  To All Our Liberation Flew   To all our Liberation flew and flooded all the spaces, on all the wings was taken forth and carried on all paces.   Masters of Flight were flooding realms and stars and universes. Great Mother NEB was giving sign to spread and start the races.   The cosmos […]

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Would You but know, my Father

  Would You but know, my Father   Would You but know, my sweet and loving Father what a delight these flakes of snow they are, how each and every crystal of its own a message brings to our hearts, from far…   Like tiny butterflies they fall so gently, each, mighty messengers of Love […]

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