You have no light, my Brother

  You Have No Light, My Brother   You have no light, my Brother, in this abyss of tears, to stand and fight the monster and all the monstrous fears.   A planet was infested and all the children, all, a glorious race of Father, of great ones and no small.   A planet was […]

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Spain protests

  Spain Protests  Madrid, February 10, 2019   Around 45,000 people attended the march, Madrid, February 10, 2019 An aerial view of Colón Square during Sunday’s protest. JAIME VILLANUEVA . . . .  

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  Remember   Remember, when far, far in time in the eons to come,  when people will ask you how were you ever able to survive these excruciating pains of duality, of separation from God and of prison, of monstrous lack of Truth, lack of justice, of torturing, of killing and murdering, sacrificing of babies, […]

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Yes. Now I Know

  Yes. Now I know. I Never Ever Liked It.   Yes. Now I know. I never ever liked it.   Deepest in Soul! Far deeper in my Heart! Deepest my very Being!   Any imprisonment. Any capture of Being. Denying of my Freedom. Any damn shackles,  the madness of a prison.   You realise, […]

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As I Stand Dignified

  As I Stand Dignified   As I stand dignified, straight in front of my Father, I guess, I am, in fact, a pretty good a human. What I don’t have – is patience! Here i’m weak. Oh, how my tears streaming, in sufferance!…   Remember of the eons… Shall we remember all the eons […]

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The Key to Q

  The Key To Q   The Key to Q is to expand your thinking. The Key to Q is to fly for the stars! The Key to Q is never stand your limits and never find Universe too far! The Key to Q is never slave to be! Accept no yoke! Brake all your […]

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For Why is Q often Repeating?

  For why is Q often repeating?   For why is Q often repeating “These people are stupid”?   Their mind has limits. The percentage of their robotic mind takes just that far. A 3D human-copy will miss – cannot access the Divine Superconsciousness of Father The Creator. Consequently, they cannot feel the LOVE that […]

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