The Day You Discover

  The Day You Discover   For the day you discover just how close He’s to you, and you put questions, many, of how LOVE is the glue,   That amazing, magnetic Father’s Power Supreme, that no one dare measure, from His heart, the deep beam,   When one day you’ll discover that to say […]

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Rain On Sun

  Unexpected rain on Sun links two solar mysteries   Galactic Connection | April 10, 2019 . April 12, 2019, A huge active region…/schrö . . April 13, 2019, Galacticconnection . . .

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Philippines President Duterte

  Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte defends Thitu Island April 9, 2019     It was a tactic of World War II: soldiers, sailors and pilots flinging themselves at their enemies in suicide attacks. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has warned of the return of the ‘kamikaze’ — or ‘divine wind’ — tactics of the Japanese. Describing […]

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Space alive

  Space Alive   A quasar nicknamed the Teacup is causing a storm in a distant galaxy. Nasa: Space Butterfly, a giant cloud of gas and dust in which new stars form. 1,400 light-years from the Sun, March 27, 2019 . .

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Your Artistry

  YOUR Artistry   It is Your Artistry. “Expand your thinking!”, You told my Lion Brothers. “Just show Me you can dance!” For all to SEE, that there is Love and Wonders.   YESSS, You have done it!   . . .

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Never More Wondrous

  Never More Wondrous   Never will be more wondrous, more beautiful in Light, than in Your arms to travel, by You to sleep all night!   There are riches and wonders, there are words fine and bright, but the most wondrous feeling is to sleep by You tight.   I take my little children, […]

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Black Hole

  MICHAEL D’ESTRIES  February 4, 2019   At the center of our Milky Way galaxy, near the border of the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius, exists a supermassive black hole. A distant view of Sagittarius A* captured using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. (Photo: NASA)   Milky Way Galaxy . . SagittariusA blackhole at the Milky Way […]

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