Blessed be you

  Blessed Be You   Blessed be you, minuscule Joy – messengers of sweet Mother NEB. So free do you dive through the clouds, so quick and so plain sing you Joy! Wheeeeeee!…whistle you at warp speedy flight through the air! You minuscule, swallows, expressions of Joy!    

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The fake gods

  The Fake Gods   See, they are not Creators! For they cannot create! All they can do is copy and fake a voice, a body, a clone, an identity. They steal it and replicate it. They take our human blood DNA and usurp it. They make a hologram of hrc, so what? Isn’t that […]

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Gaia Portal

  Gaia Portal Message July 9, 09;09 am by ÉirePort   Vortex alterations refine the alignments. The Vortex of our Ascension from 3D to 5D and beyond. To enact that Moment of No Time, Christ Michael, the Sovereign Creator Son of this Universe of Nebadon, is aligning the cosmic bodies into position. Essences of silence […]

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And you will not believe it

  And you will not believe it, but it is true! Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 6, 2018 7/06/2018 02:11:00 AM RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – July 6, 2018 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.) Zimbabwe […]

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The Spirit of 1776

  The Spirit of 1776:  How 13 Colonies Declared Themselves One Sovereign Nation     4th July 2018   “We think today that our political battles are so challenging, that our problems are so intractable and complex. You want to talk about complex? You want to talk about difficulty? You want to talk about seizing […]

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Saint Germain Message

  Saint Germain Message       July 4, 2015 Aho!Agreements of several communities  can form by assent into a federation.The strength and ethical validity of a federation have roots in sound reasoning, i.e. philosophy, and in non-denominational Spirit, e.g. Spirit of Truth.The endurance of a federation depends upon the practicing ethics and morality of its members, by honesty […]

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Fly, butterfly, fly!

  Fly, Butterfly, Fly!   Fly, butterfly, fly, on this 4th of July! Today the earth is dancing, all children of God cry…   We cry in joy and joyful, we celebrate the Peace! No other day in eons will breathe this Holy breeze…   Unique, this day of FREEDOM in Universe will be. The […]

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To this 4th of July

  To This 4th Of July   To this 4th of July a song of Joy we’ll sing! To Your infinite Glory all universe will ring!   You sent Your teams of Masters and Angels to think New. Two hundred forty years our FREEDOM soul grew.   Our Holy Brother sent You encourage us to […]

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The Butterfly

  The Butterfly   There is no rule to flying, no ruling to be Free, that butterfly in wonder is simply meant to be!   He’s Free to kiss the flowers, he’s Free to kiss the tree, the song he sings in Freedom is butterfly’s to be!   Wake up, you man, the wonder of […]

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