The JOY to spread

  The JOY to Spread   The JOY to spread is not so light a mission! Creation Infinite we need to reach. This time is real Joy, and Truth and Wonder, not list and lies, all eons we were preached.   Descended He 2000 years prior, to bring all LOVE and Joy from Heavens spread. But we […]

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Deliverance Day

  Deliverance Day May 17, 2019, 13:11 . Today is Great Deliverance Day of FREEDOM.   By Christ of God, our Cherished One in Truth!   The One Divine God’s Gift in this New Spring.   Keep LOVE alive,  and Dance! Let our Hearts sing! . . . .

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Gaia Portal, May 17, 2019

Gaia Portal Message May 17, 2019     Sparklers erupt from the planetary fires. KauilaPele, Releasing the Fire on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Igniting New Lemuria. There are Beings of Great Light, and beautiful children, born now to illuminate us, people of Earth, and Starseeds and Angels of God, come now to really help us! Classifieds […]

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Universal Father 43

  Universal Father 43 May 16, 2019   Universal Father and Hosts Message, November 30, 2014Christ MichaelNebadoniaArchAngel of MichaelSt. GermainGaiaFleetDivine Dancing Daughters  We are assembled and continuously using your anchored offerings. It is Our desire that you be flexibly attuned to word phrases  and momentary scenes as they appear, no matter how bizarre  during meditations. It is OK,  preferred to some degree, to drift […]

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Universal Father 42

  Universal Father 42 May 16, 2019   Universal Father Message, November 29, 2014 STAY THE COURSE!       Effects are more  than discerned. The deductions in S’s missive  are totally correct  within the tenets of Urantia Book information.  Proceed  to review some points about  Solitary Messengers and  Inspired Trinity Spirits  as related to pattern resetting. There are no more Great Battles.  […]

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Universal Father 41

  Universal Father 41 May 15, 2019   Universal Father Message, November 27, 2014 Repeat Command Performance. *Ye have done it again. You two. Ye have proven yourselves  even in separation  again,  each in your own way. Important. — Why?Because  it is clear enough to cabal  that you cannot be broken apart. Today promises to be  the […]

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Universal Father 39

  Universal Father 39 May 15, 2019   Universal Father and Nebadonia Message,  November 26, 2014 The ‘last great battle’ is won. Victory is yours,  a quiet one indeed. Pine Gap is dismantled. Experience a release  in your daily life activities,  the activeness in your minds. There you will find  completeness and depth.  Listen to […]

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